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  1. Can't wait for the onslaught of people saying this is just like real life and makes total sense. In all honesty it's something they probably won't change. SI has enough problems trying to fix all the bugs, the majority of which will remain until the this game is abandoned for the next one.
  2. Honestly that seems to be where tactics are this year. Most of my goals are on the counter or due to a turnover from pressing. A good corner tactic as well. Corner conversion seems really high this year.
  3. If you struggle you could take a look at the tactics that are proven and don't struggle. Compare them to your own. There are other factors as well. Players that don't play well in big matches, inconsistent players and of course rubbing their belly the wrong way before the game or at halftime.
  4. Wow that's some serious BS. I have been constantly attacked in this thread and instead of moderating you move shut down thread. What else is new.
  5. I would say the issue is probably more than potential. It's at the very least cosmetic. Three years in a row my board offered to raise the youth level and it still says four. My biggest problem right now is I never get Wingbacks. Not one natural wingback. If my tactic has them and my HoYD. You would think I would get some.
  6. If you have this stupid belief that clubs wouldn't look for players that suit their clubs tactics and formations, I really can't help you. I'm not sure anyone can.
  7. I probably answered this question 6 times already.
  8. Yawn. Thank you for your education. It was most enlightening. Viva la revolution.
  9. Not really? The positions are just basic 442. My tactic isn't 442.
  10. Ideally players that suit my tactics. You do say that the player can influence but the only method I have heard that will effect it doesn't seem to. (HoYD Preferred) Could you also help me figure out if my youth level is a cosmetic bug or an functional bug. If you don't mind. My youth level says 4 even though it was supposed to have been raised multiple times. Does the Youth level effect what league my u18 play in?
  11. That's not what I'm saying. what I'm saying is playing the top leagues you are used to a different caliber of player. The kind of player that can be retrained in multiple positions. Hence people mentioning Messi.
  12. I think you just hit the problem. The majority of you only play the top leagues.
  13. I know that but they generally perform terribly. Poor ratings, cost me games, waste of time.
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