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  1. I've accidentally deleted one of my save files in FM20 that was saved to the cloud. Is there a way I can recover it?
  2. Hi, Is there a way to change the colours of the team for the top bar in the game? I've just started a level 10 save with a team called Deportivo Galicia but the colours are light blue and white so I can't really read the writing. All I want to do is change the blue to something a little darker. I've added my own kits and thought maybe it if I change the kit colour in the editor it might work but it doesn't. I've added a picture of the bit I want changing and the bit in the editor I thought might change it. Thanks in advance, Bert
  3. Hi,I signed an 18 year old Gibraltar player called Jayce Olivero for my Lincoln City save. It's the first season so I'm in the Vanarama National but he's ineligible for my first, U23 and U18 teams.I can't see it saying anywhere why he can't play. I know they have odd rules for internationals in Gibraltar so is it something similar?Ta
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