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  1. 4 hours ago, mack4ever said:

    When have you ever heard of a 27 year old having a testimonial game in real life?

    I wasn't saying he should be able to have one, I was asking when he would be able to. As the only condition i know of is the ten year rule, do you know what the other condition is ie over 30 years old (or 32/24 etc

  2. What are the FM conditions to be able to offer a testimonial, i know about the ten year thing, but there must be others involved (see example below)


    I am Aston Villa and still have Jack Grealish with me in year 2023/24

    According to his career history he

    Joined the club in 2011/12

    made his first appearance for the club in 2013/14

    spent some time out on loan in 2013/14

    Is currently 27 year old

    So he has been at the club over ten years, and it has also been over 10 years since his first appearance, yet i still cannot offer him a testimonial. When will I be able to do this?

  3. Hi All,


    I have created a very large cup featuring every english team, starting off with a number of group stages. 300 teams join at round 1, 300 teams at round 2 and 66 teams at round 3. I have changed the settings on seedings to random instead of divisional reputation, however for some reason the big teams all always join at round 3, and it seems to be teams joining in divisional order. How can i make it random (or all 666 teams at round 1)

  4. 16 hours ago, PaulHartman71 said:

    Oscar Borg is a Maltese international (I know right, an international player!!)

    He is an english player (Malta and Turkey are his other nationalites. Starts out at Villa, could be a good signing for you, I managed to develop him into a decent back-up player for villa in the lower reaches of the premier league. Ended up declaring for Turkey in my game, although currently only got U21 caps

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