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  1. 8 minutes ago, MrPompey said:

    I want bigger goals, 4 quarters in a match instead of 2 halves and a defensive or offensive team coming on for free kicks, corners, penalties  :)

    I think the Brexit element in FM will give 3 potential variations of the Brexit impact. No doubt when all has been made clear future FMs will have a more accurate Brexit impact

    There are also some other elements to discover in the game. One new one for this year is quite revolutionary but if/when it happens will only be for a regen player (s)

    Future Enhancement - I wonder if the Bit Coin virtual currency will become a usable currency in future FMs :D


    I want a circular pitch with 20 goals spaced equally around the outside.  We could then have all 20 teams playing at once. Only question is should there be 1 ball, 10 balls or 20 balls?

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