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  1. It depends on the clubs status and obviously the money situation. I play as caerau Ely which started as amateur in the Welsh second division. It took a promotion to the top division to turn semi pro. I still couldn't offer part time contracts for a few seasons which I thought was a bug and panic signed non contracts to keep my best players which usually chose to stay. When the club reached a certain rep I was able to offer part time contracts to staff then I could offer players part time for a year only. I was so chuffed I thought I won the league. Its a hell of a hump to get
  2. In my Caerau Ely save my old captain Paul Connolly had all the err good ppms so when he retired he became my hoyd. The youth intake had resolute dive tacking ref arguing wind up merchants. If he's still knocking about there's some DNA for Cardiff.
  3. i have really enjoyed reading this save so far. i have taken inspiration and im trying to take caerau ely to the top. my biggest problem is turning semi pro and only being able to offer n/c which led me to keep having to offer n/c contracts to keep the core of my team.
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