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  1. I can't find any muse for playing
  2. Seeing Milan's line up from the 2005 champions league final made me feel like starting with them. Anybody playing with them and can tell is they have one or two interesting prospects?
  3. None of my regens came through the academy. It's the only thing I can't get to work in this save.
  4. Haven't posted in a long time. 2023/2024 was pretty good, won a fifth league title, second coppa italia and fourth consecutive supercup. Mason Greenwood and Vlahovic were insane scoring 14 and 21 in the league. Greenwood won the Champions League Golden boot with 10 goals, knocked out PSG in the semis and came to the final with my chest stretched, ready to put Liverpool to bed. Unfortunately, that didn't go as I planned. Massive disappointment! Specially Donnarumma. 2024/2025 started really well! My regens are taking over the league and the only L came after a red card in the 8th minute. This is the current squad, if anyone wants to see a certain profile let me know.
  5. Advice anyone? I went to compare Gollini with Donnarumma and to my surprise found that he is transfer listed only for 29 million. The problem is that he asking wage of 15.8 million a year. My most expemsive player in the squad is Tonali on 8.8 million. (mind you, I rejected so many offers on him that he might ask for a wage bump soon. To buy Donnarumma or not to buy? There are offers on Gollini from many teams.
  6. I had him as well, only for one season I think. How is Carnesecchi going? Mazzini is a big surprise for me.
  7. Greenwood joined and helped winning the fourth in a row The problem now is that Tonali, Torreira and Vlahovic are all wanted by the biggest teams. I really want to keep the midfielders but I don't know if it will be possible. Also, we are building a new 40,000 seats stadium.
  8. Urgent! What happens to the player I DON'T sign?
  9. Yeah I'm surprised how mediocre the big teams are. My first title I won with 83 points, then 91 and now 84.
  10. Three in a row. Got knocked out by Liverpool in the quarter final of the champions league. Lost to Juve in the cup final. Will need to fix the offence in the summer.
  11. Playing with Atalanta, won two championships in a row and going to win a third. My keeper Gollini was worth about 20 million in the last summer and since then the value is falling down, every week a 200k or so. Surely a bug, isn't it?
  12. Just a quick update and apologies to Amad Traore, this loan does wonders: As for my keeper, he hasn't conceded in the last five games, his value keep going down and currently on 5 million.
  13. I won the league in the past two years. Pretty sure he won awards in both seasons. I was going to cash in him and let that young keeper play.
  14. Anyone understand what impact the value of a player? There is a big drop with some of my players and I don't understand why. Gollini is one of the best keepers in the league and dropped for nearly 30 in the summer to 6.
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