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  1. In FM: In other places: I really hope this will get an overhaul asap
  2. Can I get back to the prize money thing? Where's money come from in this league? only TV rights?
  3. Yes. And it's the same xG map in both my old laptop and my pc at home.
  4. I can only decrease to 95% or 85%. Both show the same thing.
  5. I'll try that. I suppose you mean to reduce it?
  6. I do use a third party skin right now but I get the same outcome with the default skin as you can see below. No zoom settings changed.
  7. I think you just changed my life
  8. Trying to play 442 but turn to 433 with the ball. At the moment it's: GK (A) FB(S) DC(D) DC(D) FB(S) WM(S) DLP(S) CM(D) IW(A) CF(S) AF(A) My idea is the WM has Sit Narrower, the IW has sit narrower. So the WM will create a midfield trio and the IW will be the third striker. Could that work?
  9. Got it. Meanwhile, Declan Rice slapping me with two headers.
  10. I am currently playing with West Ham but it's a generic thing that drives me crazy. This is my midfield trio: On corners (and attacking set pieces) I have Soucek the left central midfielder attacking the near post. If I need to take off any of the other midfielder (usually to bring in Mark Noble) it makes more sense to move Soucek to be the BBM on the right which causes Rice or Noble to be the player who attack the near post and Soucek to be the one who lurk outside the area. I know I can change the corner settings after the substitution, but it just makes no sense. Soucek has to be the in the box on croners and it doesnt matter if he's playing MCR, MCL or Poacher. The set pieces should be set for a player and not a position.
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