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  1. Yeah I've been playing long enough to know that. This time I have played properly since December or so.
  2. Same here. Something about this year's game is just a bit lame :/
  3. I don't think I have seen anything from SI about it. I may have missed it, but the fact that it's nearly Match and there is no fix shows the lack of attention. There is a thread about it on the bugs forum but I can't find it and I don't remember if there is a comment from their staff about it. I just they are aware of it and it will be addressed (in one way or another) on FM 2022. If they can't fix it, at least get rid of it. I see that you opened a thread, I'm sure I commented in another one about the same thing. Apparently it's a known issue since November.
  4. Embarrassing, they could hide it or something but going into the passmap and seeing this is just embarrassing.
  5. Exactly! How am I meant to fix tactical issues? watch full games?
  6. I am not one who cries, and I really enjoy the game this year. But the new fullback ratings situation is a killer!
  7. I am playing with a friend online and his game always shows 90 mins. Is that on purpose?
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