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  1. After hours of thinking, he rejects their contract offer anyway :\
  2. Sell? Keep? I have Tonali in rotation with him and another promising 18yo on loan.
  3. The next match I had four penalties. No idea what changed from last season. Milan v Lazio.pkm
  4. First time I have multiple penalty calls in one game on this save, all penalty calls look the same. Novara v Milan.pkm
  5. I know many people mentioned it but I gotta say the attributes bug is a game killer for me.
  6. I thought that's the problem, but the board restricting one year, therefore 2021. No?
  7. I used to be the same, FM19 is the first one that I stopped playing before March. I'm not complaining about it and can't pinpoint the reason for it but it just didn't happen there for me. I tend to agree with how overwhelming the feature announcments on Miles' twitter is, I just stopped bothering about it. I'll buy the game anyway so it makes no difference,
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