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  1. I don't think I have seen anything from SI about it. I may have missed it, but the fact that it's nearly Match and there is no fix shows the lack of attention. There is a thread about it on the bugs forum but I can't find it and I don't remember if there is a comment from their staff about it. I just they are aware of it and it will be addressed (in one way or another) on FM 2022. If they can't fix it, at least get rid of it. I see that you opened a thread, I'm sure I commented in another one about the same thing. Apparently it's a known issue since November.
  2. Embarrassing, they could hide it or something but going into the passmap and seeing this is just embarrassing.
  3. Exactly! How am I meant to fix tactical issues? watch full games?
  4. I am not one who cries, and I really enjoy the game this year. But the new fullback ratings situation is a killer!
  5. I am playing with a friend online and his game always shows 90 mins. Is that on purpose?
  6. Is there any source for the prize money of the new Conference League?
  7. That's terrible by them. Specially when this feature worked pretty smooth for few years now.
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