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  1. I do it in every save. Just ruined a Southampton save like that.
  2. How do I get my AMR to play as central as I can? I want his average position when team in possession nearly a shadow striker.
  3. Can someone explain a bit about the difference between a dlp(d) and a dm(d)?
  4. Roma. I'll finish the first season with Olsen but he is average at best.
  5. If money is not an issue who would you buy? Meret? Plizzari or Audero?
  6. Anyone can recommend an Italian DC to play next to Romangoli?
  7. It was surprsingly easy, qualified with 5 games in hand. Now the real hard work begins. My keeper is pretty bad and I'd be happy to find a CM and a DC for next year
  8. Struggling with motivation for this year's game, I was looking for a challenge in the lower leagues and found Blyth Spartans. Picked them only for the name and the logo. I'm hoping to get into the playoffs this year and maybe promote through. After 10 games, it's going better than I thought.
  9. I know the rivalry between Fiorentina and Juventus but they accepted an offer of $110 million from Arsenal. I offered $200 million and got rejected.
  10. Any reason Fiorentina rejecting any offer I make on Chiesa and accepting an offer from Arsenal for $50 million less? I'm managing Juve.
  11. Not sure if it's the right place but what is the story with Adalberto Peñaranda? Isn't he "a bit" over rated?
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