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  1. Doku was Belgium's best player. Was a constant menace but Italy thoroughly deserved that. Dominated throughout.
  2. Donnaruma looks commanding in goal. Belgium should take off Hazard and bring on Carrasco. He not been as effective today.
  3. Ronaldo got a goal and assist but generally he was rather poor. Fernandes was virtually invisible. But yeah when Ronaldo plays, again everything is about him. Fernandes is a better set piece taker but who takes it? Ronaldo.. lol Havertz, Gnabry and Muller looked brilliant in that trio. All interchanging. Sanches was excellent when he came on. You just think, if only he started.
  4. Ronaldo has been dire, same as Fernandes. Ronaldo scored but has offered **** all. Ronaldo is a top player but the way he plays doesn't help Portugal. He waits there and just goal-hangs. Germany fluidity just too much for them.
  5. Isak been really good but really selfish there. Very similar type of player to Haaland isn't he?...
  6. Ouch sorry. too much too read, can't keep up That is a shame. I think that will teach me to give him pro contract from the start. Great read though mate.
  7. Good read Draakon. Surprised to see Nunnely not in your first team yet. He looks a real talent. Looking to start a save soon. Just a shame my laptop has a lot of problems. Looking to get Ziyech for £8m which is a steal imo. Looks absolutely fantastic.
  8. Can I have the go ahead to creat an Atletico Madrid thread if there is not one? Will be my first ever 1 so give me a bit of time.
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