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  1. So I am not the only one with this problem them. Good to know. Because I was trying myself to view recent posts made in the football forum thread however when I go on last page it directs me back to posts from over 5 years ago...
  2. Have not been impressed in the tournament as a whole with Joao Mario but he was excellent tonight. Guerriero very impressive too. Dortmund have a very good LB there. Can't wait to see how Sanchez fits in at Bayern this season. I wonder after all these years if a big team finally comes in for Carvalho.
  3. TBF, before this final most his changes have worked. Luck or not, who knows...
  4. Martial was so pissed off when he came on. No not just because Portugal scored but it was as if to say it has only taken the other team to score to bring me on for **** sake. That is what he was thinking Excellent credit to Portugal if they win. Got a nice blend of experience and very exciting young players.
  5. That was a clear foul on Eder.
  6. The way Eder held off Koscielny there Made a big difference
  7. So annoying that is. Prob his best chance to win something with Portugal. I just hope it is nothing serious. You never know with knee injuries.
  8. France and Ireland for me.
  9. He rarely played tbh. He had an injury that kept him out for a while and when he came back he was behind in the pecking order. A bit too flamboyant sometimes but he has got everything you want from a CB.
  10. Has Pogba got a touch today?
  11. Boateng is so good. Best CB around for me. Him and Hummels are going to be a force for Bayern next season. Can't see how teams will find a way past them two and the obvious Neuer in goal.
  12. Joe Allen has been poor tonight.
  13. United have been linked with him for a while. Today he has been decent though.
  14. Bale's kick was very similar to Alves in the friendly, yes friendly. Lucky to not be red tbh but would of been harsh.