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  1. Belgium might not have reached the final, however Modric was not better than Hazard this tournament. Modric was very good, however Hazard was excellent in virtually every game. And whether it be a third play off or not, Belgium still played yesterday in again which Hazard was the best player on the pitch. Modric was not excellent in every game. Mbappe and Hazard were the best players. Well pretty obvious that Modric was given player of tournament because Mbappe got young player of tournament. Hazard and Mbappe have lit up this tournament to another level. If Belgium won final, pretty sure Haz
  2. I seen so much mixed reviews on him. Going forward, I thought he was a big threat and caused problems. Especially second half onwards.
  3. Lovren gets his critics but he was immense tonight.
  4. Strinic has had a fantastic game. Good for England he is off. Looked very threatening down that left hand side.
  5. Mina has scored three games in a row. Had he played against Japan, that would probably have been 4. This guy is a CB. Can't believe he is only 23.
  6. This Colombia team are aggressive and hyped up to another level. Losing control. Shame about the game because all the tussles and play-acting is stopping the game being free-flowing.
  7. Surely that is a red. Yeah, Jorgensen made attempt for ball however realistically he was never going to win the tackle so he got away with that. Saying that Rebic took too long and should of just tapped it in rather than dilly-daddling on the ball.
  8. Why do Portugal keep doing short corners rather than actually crossing it in? The one time they actually crossed it in instead of playing it short it, they scored...
  9. Surprising that Etebo agreed to join Stoke so early. He has been impressive this WC and you would think top tier teams would be in for him, had he not joined Stoke. Wonder if he has little regrets. Also crazy how Argentina makes an attacking sub and again Dybala is not the first choice to come on. Bizarre.
  10. Colombia were excellent but weird to think they are still currently going out. Last day going to be interesting. Japan playing against Poland who have nothing to play for but on otherhand don't want to go home empty-handed. Last day should be a cracker.
  11. Barrios is literally a non-stop engine. Next Kante in making.
  12. Poland getting completely outplayed. Lewa has been handled easily. Mina and Sanchez look much more of an imposing partnership. Strength, height and pace. Don't know why Murillo started the first game over Mina in the first place.
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