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  1. I have a Lyon save on FM19 where I play such a similar formation and it's absolutely wild. The wide CBs struggle to close down so if the opposition can get it to the flanks fast and overload they do well. But it rains goals and I feel like it's the only formation where I've ever gotten wingers to play like out and out wingers and just kill a game. My last CL final we won 6-1! I keep the back 3 but use a W/A-CM/D-DLP/S-W/A midfield line. AMC/A, and then two separate forwards. It was mostly out of necessity, I had so many CBs and no good fullbacks, and many great wide players and forwards. It's massive.I use very attacking tho, with the theory that the wingers would sit high on the fullbacks in build up anyways, and that we would just try to overpower them with players in their midfield attack.
  2. Wow that's so frustrating. I'm still on 19 and this is my favorite thing to look at and adjust my tactics from.
  3. Is this for real? I had no idea...so now tempo means two different things based on the mentality?
  4. I don't even go that far, if they're driven I leave them as is. Only time I would touch them is if someone had Driven and an even higher DET rating.
  5. I've got a pretty big setup going, I think I'll have to move my saved game folder to my SSD or just outright buy a new one. Built my rig in like 2013 and the SSD is only 64 GB, but I feel like that'll make the days go faster right? I have an i7 so that should be decent enough, just need to upgrade the ram. Currently doing a save in Austria.
  6. This has convinced me to switch from FIFA to PES haha this sounds incredible.
  7. Huge problem I have as well, caused me to drop my MLs to WBLRs just to give it a chance. Otherwise an AMLR can absolutley rinse you.
  8. How does everyone like the ME of 19 compared to 20? I like 19 a fair bit, but there's some obvious issues. It's difficult to get wide players to track back, wingers playing unnaturally, and unintelligent play as well. Anyone have a preference between the two?
  9. With my OL team I settled on a similar structure but had to drop the AML/R to ML/R to get them to even come back on defense. I find this is better, they get more space, can be put on attack as well and get forward and backwards with ease. I always find an AML/R on A is lazy.
  10. Hmm wonder how you'd set this up. I could see FB/S Libero/S (is that possible alone?) if not BPD. HB for the DM role, but I feel like he'd sit on top of the CB. AMR is a W/s, same with AML, shadow striker at AMC, with BTB mids in the midfield, or possibly Carrillero/BTB? Then the forward probably a poacher, or advanced? Curious what you would think?
  11. Does anyone know if there's a way to change the home grown rules for the CL? For example, I love buying the 18 year old and younger players and I know it takes 3 years for them to become home grown at club BUT is there a way to achieve this with loans? I know one of the nations (I think Italy) has the registration for Serie A. I want to have full home grown club players but I want to be able to loan them as well during that three years, so I don't stop their growth. Any help would be appreciated.
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