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  1. Haha had an 18 game /win/ streak and lost I think it ended 6-1 to United? We had 4 CCC, 2 HC. They had about 1 CCC, and 3 HC. Love this game
  2. The guy has 3 posts, all asking for tactics. He doesn't care what you have to say, how you built your tactic, he just wants to download and win the game.
  3. Really good post, gonna follow it. I also find on the opposite side to the case. I'll have 33-34-35 year old club legends, and I don't even play them for a full season because I want them to retire with the team, but they refuse and would rather wait out free agency for 6 months then announce it. So annoying! I actually personally love a really old player still showing up for me, 35-36 is brilliant. Talking them out of retirement never works does it?
  4. On the other side, has anyone EVER had a bid like this accepted? I've seen players listed for 1-2 years and when i ask them to pay the wages 0% of the time is it accepted..
  5. Try it! I usually do it to auto-decline loan offers (I'm obsessed with making my players HG at the club) but you can have it decline offers below a certain amount, etc. Play around with it, and yes it pops up as normal but shows the screen in your inbox as already declined. Its like if you put someone on the DOF Transfer list and they don't match the bid you've asked for-auto declined.
  6. @Chef Raekwon You mention declining all those bids, and its annoying, why not just go int othe transfer options page and click decline ALL offers? I usually do that for players I don't want to loan out and they never stop bidding. It auto-rejects.
  7. Haha sorry had to cover the basics. There's gotta be SOME reason you can't do it, hopefully someone can come along and help you out cuz I can't see it.
  8. I know at least on fM17 its like this. Had a kid in my Barca b team get 1-2 appearances for Barca, and before end of the season was in the first team squad but not really featuring..and he won.
  9. Er..do you have the french league loaded as playable?
  10. Mourinho stayed at United till 2034 on my FM17 save when he finally retired, so good luck..
  11. Ah, fair play. I'll probably bite the bullet near the end, I like starting my big save after the final patch comes out so I don't have to restart. I've actually just revisited my first FM17 save and i'm in season 2034 and just took over at Arsenal, this should bide me over. HAppy holidays!
  12. It's on sale currently on steam but only 25% still steep for me to pay USD here in Indonesia. Is this the average sale price? I think I picked up FM17 last christmas but then again I guess that was a year dated version..
  13. From random academies, so they're seriously cheap and/or free. Always worth picking up simply because the profit is infinte haha.
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