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  1. Yeah, this gets me every single time. It also happens often with accepting player bids. But the contracts are far worse, and it kills me. The game sometimes forces you to be financially irresponsible to get your man.
  2. I've actually booted up a United save on 19 this month and i'm walking the league with just one draw and its march. Barely any additiosn as well, some seriously over rated players there.
  3. Yeah I'm onn season two and have started doing that but going to move away from that soon. Was needed. I had money saved from selling Inaki for 60m, and it was going nowhere so I needed to replenish the academy. Feels cheap, but we'll see.
  4. I still liked 17 more, besides I have huge issues with the ME on 19 and I've gone plenty of seasons undefeated but never finding a tactic to actually play decent looking football.
  5. I actually prefer FM17 but FM19 runs so mjuch smoother on my Macbook so I use that. FM17 had a really good feel, the interface is so perfect you can get into a game. Sometimes I boot up fM19 and then just turn it off after a few minutes cuz I'm not feeling into it.
  6. It's not the most important thing but I really do enjoy having it be available. Really helps the conveyor belt of talent I build up in years 3 and onward. 1-2 years at U19s, final year at the B Side becoming home grown at the club, and then a loan and a spot in the first team whenn ready.
  7. Sitting in second with Aduritz bannging them in and the January window about to close. A cheeky 60M+ Bid from Barca with sell on fee for Williams, who hadn't been overperforming or anything so I bit. Aduritz picks up a 3 month injury and starts a club wide revolt after I sold Inaki. Brought in merino for his release clause but failed on Oyarzabal.
  8. I took some time off from this save, and FM, and decided to boot back up again. Was struggling to get some performers in my 4141, but the last few days I've gotten some quality results. Aduritz scoring two in a win versus Betis, going up 2-0 in 23 minutes before a 24th minute red card (awful call by the ref!!) saw me finish 2-2 versus Atletico. It's a fun save.
  9. God that bug is so frustrating. Seriously, having to check the training page every few weeks. I hate it.
  10. I actually agree with this but 19 runs better on my Macbook so I play that now
  11. Ah good shout. I did a Benfica save on FM17 and it becomes a bit too easy maybe, and in my current save they actually make deep runs in the CL too. I wanted to do an Ajax save but seeing as theyre so good (and you dont get the FDJ money) I might skip. In all my time playing I've actually never done a Germany save so that might be the one. That or going back to Portugal and picking a lower side. Cheers!
  12. I want to do a full on youth save, meaning home grown at club. It's typically a goal of mine, but managing in England after Brexit it makes it so hard to sign 18 year olds and hold them for 3 years cuz of work permits. Which country would allow for this to be assimilated the easiest? I'd assume Spain, as you can sign from every EU country, easily from SA, and Africa and you can route them from U19s, to B team, to first team quite easily. Anywhere else? I don't want to have to worry about work permits on 18 and younger signings and I want to snap up tons.
  13. I'm in season like... 2026. going all home grown, Stones and B Silva are getting ready to leave the club on a free and after that its all home grown at club or players getting the status soon. The fullbacks are the hardest to fill and my starting LB is an MC playing IWB, so is my backup RB
  14. For me, especially in a post-Brexit save, I buy as many 18 year olds as I can a lot of the time early in the game. My U23 is usually full for a first season as I keep them 3 years to get everyone hGC at club (the goal of most of my saves). Usually only a few of these players can make the first team, but most can be moved on for profit. After Brexit hits I try to thin out my club a lot and move out non-HG players in favor of HG. And then, I'll try to keep a near full U23 and U18 of players that can became HG. And a first team squad of maybe 28 players with 5-6 of them being U21, and available for Reserves. IT usually serves me well over all the competitions, and injuries of the 3 sides.
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