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  1. Someone on these forums taught me about continue game timeout, and ever since I have FM constantly processing in one screen and an ebook open in the other.
  2. I do the 19 thing too, but start with 30..just like Messi did :P
  3. I want to join in how do you unlock the lower leagues?
  4. Ah man the "overly wonderkid newgens amount' is something that had a serious debate on this thread before. For me, the amount of players that spawn at 150+ PA is so high that you can just load your U23s and U18s with them for CHEAP and makes the game far too easy at times. In my current save, its all forwards and AMCs and a lack of LB/RBs
  5. For 181 million I'd sell almost any player and get a replacement in. That's so much money you can rebuild the entire team. Now if you're a PSG, City or someone who doesn't need money just tell them to bugger off.
  6. In FM17 I had about 20-25 attempts at reloading and Barca B with the highest rep never got promoted up to a playable league
  7. Hehe all is f air. I'm in the middle of a "teams I hate" save, after winning everything with United I'm at Madrid hahahha
  8. You're a Betis fan how can you even think about being Sevilla?!
  9. Tell me more? I hate w hen t he game processes for 1-2 irrelevant inbox items. I just w ant to press advance, and go forward days, unless something PERTINENT needs addressing. The rest can wait. How do you do this?
  10. Yeah the clearance thing is beyond annoying. A ball over the top for no one, your defender drops back to play it... and he does. Under no pressure, he heads it forward. 10 meters, and onto the onrushing forward who was waiting in space. It's so bonkers.
  11. Nah, stick to 19! The demo will come out with bugs, t hen the full version will have minor patches. The game is never fully ready till the final patch in February anyways.
  12. Yeah, this gets me every single time. It also happens often with accepting player bids. But the contracts are far worse, and it kills me. The game sometimes forces you to be financially irresponsible to get your man.
  13. I've actually booted up a United save on 19 this month and i'm walking the league with just one draw and its march. Barely any additiosn as well, some seriously over rated players there.
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