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  1. honestly I got very bored with this and atm I'm playing a more tryhard save again, maybe if I'm bored again I'll finish this season but you could see that even without any midfielder capable of defending and having a million games due to Europa League I won the league and now with Ndidi in the squad I was walking the league. Only question is if you can win the CL which for me I'd doubt since I'm not very good in these knockout ties but with the right luck it's probably feasible when playing with Messi and Ndidi Double DM.
  2. Okay I was pretty stupid not to talk about tactics but I've tweaked it a fair bit, for example in the beginning I was set on lower tempo, now I've gone for Shorter Passing and Normal or Higher Tempo and it didn't hurt Messi a lot. I have put an overload on the left side with CM Support, WB Auto and the IW with Dembele as W Attack on the right to release, Against the good teams I mostly play 4-2DM-1-3 with Ndidi as simple DM Defend. The original tactics maybe could be just fine with Ndidi in midfield instead of Pjanic, Frenkie, Busquets as well. In the new save I've also played Roberto as CM and Dest as RB more. I've tried playing Ndidi as simple CM Defend in the normal 4-3-3 as well but 2DM just seems to work better. In the first save in the CL the issue really was losing against Atalanta twice, who of course punched through our middle with Messi, De Jong, Pjanic with their 3-4-1-2. I've had an easy group and got Leipzig in R16 this time but with new tactics and Ndidi I feel like I'm equipped for the better teams as well.
  3. So in case someone is interested in seeing the results especially after the other opinions from the users on here. I finished the first season in this save, unfortunately I didn't notice that I had loaded a transfer update that for the other top leagues already added the teams of 21/22 to 20/21 season so I won't continue this save. We were able to win the title, unfortunately lost the EL final to an Odegaard freekick, though Messi didn't even play until the last 20 minutes due to small injuries and crazy fixture congestion. I started a new save now and played until the end of December but this time I sold Braithwaite and Umtiti so I could get the guy from Leicester called Ndidi, so someone who's actually willing to tackle and run at people. Results are a lot better now especially against better teams with someone covering for Leo Messi. If there is some interest I'll continue to play, seeing if I can win the CL with Messi as REGISTA and what will happen when he loses his physical attributes like ACC and PACE if he'll still be able to play crazy amount of Key Passes.
  4. Why top 6 team playing Lower LOE? Why Balanced? Why Countering into deep set blocks? Why AF when you have no space? You'll need to adjust based on opponent but don't play so defensive against weaker teams. I like this better than playing 6 attack duties and being surprised but at some point you can't expect to play with a good team a tactic reliant on space. This is seen in real life as well.
  5. Zealand is the worst, look at his streams he's shouting and praying for 5 minutes at a video game. Unbearable. BustTheNet is the goat, i don't know if English isn't your first language or why you don't understand him?
  6. Please show your progress here, first year is easy with a well designed quick transition system but second year teams will start playing deeper and you need to find solutions on the ball while your players aren't really that great yet.
  7. Yes you are right the issue is Barca have nobody like this Frenkie is somewhat okay due to being a good allrounder but no specialist or truly aggressive strong player and of course I don't have money to go buy Fabinho or Kante or at least some Bentancur or Sander Berge. I will see if I can even get this kind of money until Messi is retired, maybe try get Neymar or Kane then and play this role.
  8. Why do you want to play 3-4-2-1 with Poland? Keeping your best player on support? No holding midfielder? Playing on possession in Division A Nations League with Poland doesn't seem reliable as well.
  9. Thank you for your points, I don't really want Messi to just hoof long balls it's just more like the Pirlo role the Regista is based on, it's just a thing I said to explain why I do this and that there is real life examples of players like Rooney playing a role like this at old age. I can try High/High defensive lines/LOE, but I like this combination a lot and it somewhat feels mandatory with the Regista especially with Messi I don't want to fall back into the defensive formation so much, that's why I was going for extreme low passes and tempo at first but it didn't work obviously. Going away from these artificially extreme instructions and some of your suggestions the tactic seems good enough to beat most mid-table and worse LaLiga teams, I'm just struggling against the bigger teams going out of the CL losing to Atalanta twice, now with the 2DM system I won the Supercopa against Real at least, but for it to really work consistently I probably need a type like Kante or Fabinho as all the guys like Frenkie, Pedri, Ilaix, Pjanic aren't good physical defenders as well.
  10. I've just seen I've Pjanic on CM Attack, I can use him as MEZ as well in this 4-3-3 system but I have the IW on Stay Wider anyway and that's what I more like with the IWB than just the Winger I have to say.
  11. Hello guys thank you for all the help unforunately I was very stupid with the very short passing and all that as I artificially wanted to have about 70% possession but that's not happening first season I guess. I don't understand why people say it's unrealistic, Messi already plays passes like a Regista for Argentina right now when dropping from the false 9 and I think everybody know the videos of very old Beckham or Rooney playing 60m passes perfectly into a runner. In the game he has perfect attributes for the role as well, only that he is useless against the ball, but I was punished with this against Real, Liverpool, Atalanta straight away, so that's good from the game I'd say. I switched to this tactic for most games now, against teams like Bilbao, Villarreal or away games I'll put either Sergi or Frenkie on defend as well. For teams against better teams like Real or next season in Champions League I've created this with double DM system, but Idk since this is very defensive but otherwise you'll get totally run over with Messi on the 6. Here you can see his stats, he is struggling against good teams unfortunately as I said.
  12. I want to play Leo Messi in the role Regista but it doesn't work no matter what I do even though he has PERFECT attributes for being a Regista, I get DESTROYED in EL Clasico and by Liverpool. Even lose to bad team like Betis and not with 2 shots 2 goals they have more xG than we. I want this to work badly but it doesn't please help. I used this tactic first but I've never seen a tactic be so bad with MESSI and BARCA can't score any goals with this so switched to OP TACTIC with roles like IWB and MEZ so there's a million players in the middle blocking other guys from MESSI the Goat so he can do his work but still nothing works, I create no chances and concede stupid goals to bad teams and get destroyed by good teams. You can say it's too extreme but you need to play with this low tempo so the REGISTA can even do his work and not be useless I know I can get 100 points with normal 4231 with Barca so don't say that please. Okay yes I can remove distribute to playmaker but I never used this in one of these games anyway but otherwise this tactic should not be this bad you know.
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