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  1. They wouldn't do it in the Champions League matches though and this achievement is competitive matches not just league.
  2. Yes, because calling someone an Idiot is really going to get people on side when you've just been accused of (clearly) copying someone else's work.
  3. Sancho and Bellingham left for fee's not because they were poached before signing a professional contract. You can still buy young players, you just can't go through and offer contracts to an army of them before they've signed a deal anymore. Hope this helps.
  4. Anyone having an issue with midfielders (DM's and CM's) having quite low match ratings? Unless they score or assist it seems impossible for my midfielders to get above a 7.0.
  5. Graphics still look like they're from the 90's, there's genuinely no excuse for this now. It's something that should have been upgraded years ago and I still don't know why they can't be bothered. The graphics are a joke for a game in 2022. It's being released weeks (days?) before the World Cup and International management is still going to be the same stale experience. Just looks like another reskin.
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