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  1. Nice to see that all my players still would rather shoot from an impossible again rather than square it 100% of the time. This has been in the match engine for years now. Would have thought SI would have fixed this by now......
  2. Incorrect. IRL, a third party will determine the value of the player(s) involved in the deal.
  3. This is my 3rd time starting as Reading . I just can't get into a save at all this year. Not really moved along much further since that opening post for this save. I sold Norwood though as I plan on playing Kuhl in midfield. Barrett looks like he's going to become an absolute star though. The only problem I have is that I don't play with an AM (haven't been able to get one to work this FM). I am currently retraining him as a CM (AP) but I don't want to limit him too much.
  4. Started a new Reading save last night with Whizzkid's transfer update (no Tshibola do have Norwood though..?). I didn't get very far because I started it at like 10pm and needed to go to bed so I just did all the general set up. Just read through the thread and I might do something similar to GylfiAsCharged and get some of the youngsters developed at a cost of promotion for a couple of years. I don't think I'll be as strict as only youth players though because I get impatient but I want the core to be the youth since there are a number of players in the youth team that can turn into capable players. I will try to post any progress.
  5. What do you need to know about the game? Not going to lie, I wouldn't care if it had no massive new features and they just improved the stuff that currently needs improving. In fact i'd spend £50 on it if they just got rid of sh*t press conferences.
  6. I voted for Gary Neville because, despite his stint at Valencia, I think he will be become the best manager out of the mentioned. It's hardly an inspiring list though. It would never happen but I would absolutely love Slaven Bilic. He talks so much sense and is the right amount of crazy. I think I love him.
  7. Ahh yes! I just re-read the email. I will stop worrying for a bit then.
  8. Has anyone that sold their tickets through the re-sale actually had the money go onto their credit card yet? I've had 2 confirmation emails now but still haven't actually got the money
  9. Is there any information on the re-sale window yet? Only thing I can see is March. My friends didn't get any tickets and are now not bothered about even going to France .
  10. I agree with Bliss in the fact that a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 formation could be better for us. I think Shaw being fit will be vital to a formation like this though. I can't see Baines having the energy to bomb up and down the left flank for 90 minutes. It would solve our problem of lack of quality wingers though.
  11. Season has started pretty well, and I currently sit 14th after 10 games after just playing Man City and Arsenal. Adam Clayton has been brilliant for me. Here he is:
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