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  1. Well, it doesn't seem be part of SI strategy but you can join and raise your thoughts here:
  2. Couldn't reinforce this enough. Please have widgets and split view back in the game.
  3. Got there now. I do have some pictures associated with the club ID instead of using the stadium ID. Really frustrating how FM matchday experience is moving each year away from the good old days. And having the split screen was so simple, still don't understand why was removed. Anyway, thanks to your help the game is now playable for me :-D So thank you!
  4. It feels much better now. I would like to ask if anyone can help. The stadium picture shown below does correspond to an FMT miniature picture pack. Does anyone if this code can read the actual "backgrounds" folder instead? I have tried to remove the miniature stadium pack, but no joy
  5. Will give it a go Thank you for all the efforts
  6. Yes, that is correct. A new thread has been started to check if we can get this working.
  7. Yes, at least having one of those two options. Not having that background picture really kills all the imersion from the game
  8. Hey, Please let me know which thread. I have already left a new thread on the suggestions for future FM versions. Also, during the beta testing, reported the removal of the split view as a glitch in the UI feedback thread. Unfortunetly never had a response. I don't quite understand why such a simple feature as the split view has been removed. Thank you.
  9. Hello, My feature request for FM is very simple. Having the split screen view back on the game (3D matches) and the widgets customisation. Thank you.
  10. It does remove 2d also. Anyway, it makes it much better than how it was. Thank you so much
  11. Thank you so much I used to play in split view. I realize by doing this it does remove the 2d/3d overall. Do you know if there's a way to maintain 2d/3d only on the key moments?
  12. How did you managed to have that background picture showing?
  13. Same for me but I was looking to have that background during the 3d match (as in previous versions) but it looks like it's not possible anymore. Thank you.
  14. Hey. does anyone know how to have the stadium image in between highlights, in one of those panels? Thank you.
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