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  1. I think it would be good to be able to have separate club captains and team captains in the game, as this is something that is becoming increasingly popular in the footballing world. The club captain is often a well-liked figure in the squad who has been at the club for many years (and may not be playing many first team games anymore), with his purpose being to maintain squad harmony and provide a way of communicating certain things between the squad and the backroom staff, whereas the team captain fulfils their role on the pitch commanding, motivating and instructing their teammates during games as a captain typically would.
  2. Really enjoyed reading this so far! Keep up the good work. Good choice of country too
  3. Brilliant news! Can't wait to play this. Really want to start a long-term save with either Edinburgh City or Fort William, but I'm waiting until the final version of this is released.
  4. When will the above features be introduced? I've had the game since the Early Access was first released, but haven't played it in a long while because I've been waiting for these 2 features.
  5. I think it's a bit silly how scouts and physios can be offered bonuses related to the team's performance because surely that's irrelevant to to them?7 In my opinion scouts should be offered bonuses relevant to their role, such as a bonus if the manager decides to sign one of their recommendations or a bonus if one of their recommendation is sold by the manager for a healthy profit. Physios, on the other hand, could be offered bonuses if a certain percentage of the team stays injury-free for the duration of the season or if they help a certain amount of players recover from injury sooner than expected, for example.
  6. Please can Pinheiro become Monterrey manager? Bit of a change of scene
  7. Bambang Pinheiro will return to his former club, Manchester United, as manager please
  8. Please can Bambang Pinheiro become Evian TG manager?
  9. Surprised, but also pleased, to see that Pinheiro is finding his feet as a manager despite his not-so-great attributes! Would he be allowed to have an international job alongside his club job? Quite fancy the idea of him managing Australia Under-23s to Olympic glory!
  10. Please can Bambang Pinheiro become Malaga manager? Hopefully he'll last longer than he did at Nantes!
  11. Yeah but I want to know the best way to make it seem like a team covers several nations, like how can I make the team get regens from everywhere in the Caribbean?
  12. Please can Bambang Pinheiro become FC Nantes manager? & have his main role set as 'manager' rather than coach
  13. I want to make an MLS team called 'West Indies Hurricanes' that represents the whole of the region. Whilst I realise that I must set only one 'Based Nation', which I chose as Jamaica, what's the best way to make it seem as if the team is based in several islands in the game? I tried looking into using several different stadiums but unfortunately you can only set 1 stadium per competition. I also wanted to make a 'Pacific Islanders' team in the Australian A-League. What's the best way to ensure that these 2 teams regularly get newgens from a variety of countries?
  14. Disappointed that Pinheiro retired from international football, but hopefully it will allow him to lengthen his club career. Do you reckon any of the players will become managers? Will be interesting to see who gets relegated as a manager to divide up the 'winners'.
  15. Bambang Pinheiro is really starting to push on now! Delighted that he's the runner up for Asian Player of the Year. Just hoping he can achieve even some small success with East Timor