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  1. Mimicking real life, players at your club in-game, particularly those that are unprofessional or unhappy at the club, should sometimes report back late for preseason or from international duty. The distance they're travelling should also play a role. For example, a player who plays for a club in England and a far-flung country internationally like New Zealand would be more likely to report back late due to the amount or connections required and distance being travelled. You should be allowed to discipline, fine or criticise players if you feel that their reason for reporting back late is invalid.
  2. The weight of your players should be more important in the game. If a player is underweight or overweight it should affect their performance and players should be given a body type in the database to help ascertain this in conjunction with their height. A more unprofessional player or one who's unhappy at the club might report for preseason overweight. A player who's been demoted to the reserves and is unhappy at the club might also put on weight which will negatively impact his performance. On the other hand, your sport scientists and fitness coaches in-game players could advise you whether you should tell a player to work on their body by getting leaner or more muscular for example. This could affect attributes such as speed, agility, strength and more. Your sports scientists might tell you a particular player needs to lose or put on weight in a specific area. Or maybe they need to increase their elasticity to help their jumping reach. Alternatively, motivated and professional players might decide to work on these things independently and benefit from it. Certain players opt to work with a personal trainer or skills coach in between seasons or during a seasons break while some just go on holiday.
  3. Player Liaison Officers are very important in the modern game in terms of helping players to settle in at a new club and assisting them with various day-to-day tasks too. Therefore, they should be included in FM. A good player liaison officer could make it easier for players to hit the ground running straight away at your club, particularly those from a different country. One who knows multiple languages is even more beneficial. Additionally, the location of a particular club should have a bigger role in FM in terms of both players joining a club and settling in. If a player is from a big city and has almost always played for clubs in big cities then it will be hard for them to settle in at a rural club, especially one in a different country, and thus less appealing. In the database each town or city should have particular traits assigned that help dictate whether a player would want to move there in conjunction with that player's mentality and their past. A player who is more focused and reserved might enjoy being somewhere more subdued and quiet, while a player who enjoys media attention and a lavish lifestyle might prefer to play in a big city where lots is happening.
  4. At the moment club facilities don't have much depth to them in game yet they hold so much importance. To add more specificity and skill to improving training facilities, youth facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching, there should be different types of them and options of improving them. Training & Youth Facilities: In the modern game managers hold more influence over the training ground and the philosophy it can help nurture. Ralph Hasenhüttl at Southampton is a great example of this. In FM, you should be able to speak to your board to shape certain features of your club's training ground in line with the club philosophy you've agreed. For example, you might want the first team and youth team facilities to be more integrated or more separate dependent on your philosophy. In real life, at certain clubs the seniors and youths eat at the same canteen, use the same pitches etc. while at other clubs they don't. What you choose will have some impact on your club and the mentality of its players. Furthermore, there could be additional features to your training ground you can ask the board for such as certain rooms or departments relating to rehabilitation or recruitment, for example. What type of recruitment facilities you opt for will shape your recruitment method: will your scouts and analysts operate by video mainly or in-person? And how might that affect your recruitment? Junior Coaching: You can decide, in conjunction with your club board, how closely you want young players coming through to be coached to a specific philosophy and formation. If you intend to keep your formation and tactics long-term and are a strong believer in it, then you would want your junior coaching to relate more specifically to that. But if you're quite flexible with your tactics and constantly changing them over the years then you might be more relaxed about the specificity. You should also be able to dictate the coaching focus similarly to how you can control team training in-game. If speed and work-rate are two of your key focuses for junior coaching, it would help you play a high pressing game when they progress into the first team, for example. Obviously, as in real life, there will be many exceptions to the type of player you're trying to sculpt, but the majority of players coming through your academy will be heavily influenced by the focuses of your junior coaching. Youth Recruitment: Elite clubs have satellite academies in different parts of their country and even abroad. Even lower league clubs in the UK will have development centres across a few counties. Your budget and decisions should help you shape where yours are based. A particular country might be attractive to set-up an academy in because they've got a high youth rating and the common traits of players from that country fit your philosophy and playing style. Perhaps a common language is a beneficial factor too. In your home country and abroad though the quality of players you're able to recruit for your academy should be affected by catchment area. If you're a lower league club in London, there will be much more talent available to you than clubs in other parts of the country, but the competition to secure that talent might be too much. The diversity of the area should mean you're more likely to get players with 2nd nationalities too. If you're a club in Devon for example like Exeter or Plymouth and a big club decides to set up a satellite academy in your area then you might notice an adverse effect on the quality of players coming through your academy. To prevent it from being unrealistic, there should be limits on how many clubs can have and it should be something it's hard to convince the board to do due to a large impact on your budget.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! It's always my preference to buy electronics from John Lewis because of their 2-year guarantee and good customer service, but I'm open-minded if there's a bargain to be found elsewhere. And yes, it's specifically a 13" machine I'm looking for. I hear what you're saying, they both sound like good options. The HP seems to have a great processor for its price. If I were to go for the Mac, how much would it cost in theory to get a new charger and possibly a new battery too for my Dell Inspiron? I've worked for the said company 15 times since the start of October for a few hours at a time - it's a journalism role. Even though the role accounts for a lot of my income, it only takes a fraction of the amount of time I spend on my laptop overall. So would that be a worthwhile option? Particularly as the Dell still runs quite fast for me.
  6. With the rise of City Football Group, Red Bull and other similar groups of football clubs, I believe the affiliated club system in FM needs updating. There should be a type of affiliation specific to football groups. This would allow for more fluidity between clubs in terms of finances for starters. You should also be allowed to hire staff members for your feeder clubs, which reflects the movement of coaches and staff between football groups. You should also have more access to scouts, sports scientists and analysts within your football group, thus widening your scouting knowledge and improving your ability to deal with injuries for example. Additionally, much like your reserves and youth teams in FM already, you should be able to influence the tactics, playing style and transfer policy of the feeder clubs within your group to benefit the one you're managing. Current football groups should exist in the game at the start and on rare occasions during the game certain consortiums who take over a club could do so with the intention of making your club part of a group. Lastly, this type of agreement should be reflected in the contracts you can give players when signing them. For example, if you're Man City or RB Leipzig signing an ageing star you should be able to sign them on a one or two-year deal with a club option to either to extend your contract there or send you to their MLS feeder. Alternatively, you could sign a young player for RB Bragantino or Montevideo City Torque with the promise of 'moving' them to RB Leipzig or Man City in a few years time. To further help reflect this and movements between clubs within the same group, signing a player from a club in the same group should affect your budget in a different way.
  7. Hi all, I'm currently looking for a new laptop to buy after my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 (Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 13.3" Full HD) basically packed it in. Only bought it in March 2018 but the battery had long stopped working on its own so had to keep it plugged in the whole time and often when it went into sleep I would have to restart the laptop completely - issues Dell failed to solve when I sent it for repairs last year. I spent £800 on it at the time and liked it for its processor, portability and light weight. Been looking to spend around £600-800, but might be tempted to spend up to £1000 and I've researched laptops for the past couple weeks. These two impressed me the most: https://www.johnlewis.com/hp-envy-x360-13-ay0008na-convertible-laptop-amd-ryzen-5-processor-8gb-ram-256gb-ssd-13-3-inch-full-hd-nightfall-black/p5061070 https://www.johnlewis.com/2020-apple-macbook-air-13-3-inch-retina-display-m1-processor-8gb-ram-256gb-ssd/gold/p5233984?sku=239246778&colour=Gold&irclickid=UQowgpxVIxyLR4KwUx0Mo3YlUkE1KR1f4SxyXc0&irgwc=1&tmcampid=99&s_afcid=af_221109 What do you guys think about those? I've never bought an Apple product before - almost went for a Macbook Air back in 2018 but wasn't a fan of the processor & display nor the price. However, the introduction of the M1 has caught my attention and it seems really good from reviews and benchmark tests online and here on the forums. The portability, design and likelihood that it will last longer also attract me to it. But the lack of Boot Camp is a big concern for me because a program specific to one of the companies I work freelance for is only avaliable on Windows. I really like the HP and it seems to be highly rated amongst Ultrabooks this year, but I'm very unsure about a 2-in-1 laptop. It'd be nice to have a touchscreen device bigger than my phone to watch things on and play games while travelling but that would preferably be a bit smaller like a tablet, so I doubt I'd use the touchscreen of a 2-in-1. I'm also worried it'll only last me 2 or 3 years like my two laptops before it. I use my laptop a lot and often have lots of tabs and windows open, play Football Manager on it and use a few programs such as FL Studio, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition too. Sorry for the essay. What would you guys recommend?
  8. So if I use your Canadian Megapatch 2.2 file with your continental file, your voyageurs cup file and Uncle Sam's US expansion DB there will be no dynamic league rep for any of the Canadian leagues, including the Canadian PL? If so, why is that? Because I'm wanting to start a save with Mont-Royal Outremont and try to win the Canadian Championship with them, so I can play continental football with them, and then potentially leave to manage a team in the Canadian PL and try to go as far as possible with them, but if the reputation of the Canadian PL is unable to increase (and make it compete with the Mexican and US leagues one day) and if the reputation of the PLSQ is unable to increase then this save seems less possible or enjoyable.
  9. So if I use your Canadian Megapatch 2.2 file with your continental file, your voyageurs cup file and Uncle Sam's US expansion DB there will be no dynamic league rep for any of the Canadian leagues, including the Canadian PL? If so, why is that? Because I'm wanting to start a save with Mont-Royal Outremont and try to win the Canadian Championship with them, so I can play continental football with them, and then potentially leave to manage a team in the Canadian PL and try to go as far as possible with them, but if the reputation of the Canadian PL is unable to increase (and make it compete with the Mexican and US leagues one day) and if the reputation of the PLSQ is unable to increase then this save seems less possible or enjoyable.
  10. Eyyy thank you so much for this! Quick question though: if the CFU Club Championship winner doesn't automatically qualify for the CONCACAF League or Champions League, then how do teams from certain countries get into the CONCACAF Champions League otherwise?
  11. Please can Pinheiro become Monterrey manager? Bit of a change of scene
  12. Bambang Pinheiro will return to his former club, Manchester United, as manager please
  13. Surprised, but also pleased, to see that Pinheiro is finding his feet as a manager despite his not-so-great attributes! Would he be allowed to have an international job alongside his club job? Quite fancy the idea of him managing Australia Under-23s to Olympic glory!
  14. Please can Bambang Pinheiro become Malaga manager? Hopefully he'll last longer than he did at Nantes!
  15. Please can Bambang Pinheiro become FC Nantes manager? & have his main role set as 'manager' rather than coach
  16. Disappointed that Pinheiro retired from international football, but hopefully it will allow him to lengthen his club career. Do you reckon any of the players will become managers? Will be interesting to see who gets relegated as a manager to divide up the 'winners'.
  17. Bambang Pinheiro is really starting to push on now! Delighted that he's the runner up for Asian Player of the Year. Just hoping he can achieve even some small success with East Timor
  18. How are the East Timor national team doing? Please can I see their squad and their results from the past couple of years?
  19. So what makes a quad core processor better than a dual core processor if a dual core can still be faster? I'm so confused
  20. But I have "Only Commentary" on for matches so I'm counting the graphics card as a bonus, which of those laptops has the best processor? And which has the quickest processor?
  21. Which out of the following would be best for running FM14 and last me the longest?: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ACER-E1-571-NX.M09EK.032_1431695.html#DetailTop http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/LENOVO-G500-59371101_1492695.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/LENOVO-G580-MBB4HUK_1385696.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ACER-E1-571-NX.M09EK.037_1478219.html http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/acer-aspire-e1-571-15-6-laptop-21286170-pdt.html http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/laptops-netbooks/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-15-e078sa-15-6-laptop-red-21525511-pdt.html Please bear in mind that Football Manager is the only game I play. Many thanks in advance
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