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  1. I noticed I've got 24 leagues running on large database... this thing powers thought the game... The Fans do spin up, But not at a crazy level, and it doesn't seem to get as hot as my old MBP.. It's warm, but not hot. As for the 13 or 15 inch, if you need the quad core then the 15 inch is the only option, and the dGPU in the 15 inch seems pretty good in this latest MBP. Windows laptop will always be cheaper, but im happy to pay for OSX, as its bloody good operating system without all the issues that windows have... can't ever see myself going back to windows in the near future... Once you use it, its hard to go back.
  2. The SSD speeds are a heap faster, the Ram is faster, the CPU seems about the same, The Graphics card is heaps better than last years. Im updating from my mid 2010 MBP, which was a Duo Core, so for me, huge upgrade for all of the above With the prices you have to pay, now that Brexit has stuffed the UK pound, it wouldn't be worth it if you already had a late model Quad Core MBP.
  3. It would be great to see a mod pack for stadiums... the current stadiums let the game down, stadium graphics are stuck in the 90's
  4. Well I've played a bit on the new MBP, It is pretty good for a laptop. Have the graphics on Medium, the 3D games look great. it also works at Heavy.. But Medium looks good enough at Medium with the dGPU switched on. Got a Large Database and all the big leagues running... It is so much faster than my old MBP. Not sure if the game is utilising the 4 Cores, but the game is fast on this thing. 2.9GHz Quad Core has a single core boost up to 3.8GHz 16Gb LPDDR3 2133Mhz Ram 512Gb SSD AMD 460 with 4Gb Ram The Retina Screen looks amazing. i have it set at 175% zoom and its quite clear.
  5. I see that some of you mac guys have been having issues with the 3D Match OSX turns of the Dedicated Video card for better battery life, by default, if you can't see your Video Card and only the Intel Video Card is showing you will have to go to the Energy saving tab and switch of the automatic graphics switching. I've been caught out a few times, as when you update the OSX, i have found it reinstates the automatic graphics card... Hopefully this may help some of you guys. Cheers
  6. Will do, Im expecting my new MacBook Pro to arrive today, so i should get to use it over the weekend.
  7. Yeah i was, until my MacBook started to play up. Go the mighty Brisbane Roar, It's hard to retain players with the salary cap in place. Im just going to use it as a managerial stepping stone and move onto a bigger league... Once my new MBP arrives.
  8. Thats good to hear, that it access more RAM, as on my old MacBook pro it is really slow now, its basically been a full time FM workhorse for the last 5 Years. Surprised it lasted so long, although you cook cook on it with the heat from running the game, lol Does the game now utilise all the Cores, or is just still only use one core.... thats were i'd see the big difference when its processing other Leagues.
  9. Any Mods out there that might know the answer about the Multicore and 64 bit on the Mac???
  10. Sorry if this has been answered before, i did a search but couldn't find a the answer i was looking for. Now that the Mac Version is 64 Bit, will we see it utilising more power from the cores. Im assuming it is running 100% on all the Cores at the moment, it is 2016 after all and one would assume it would maximise the power of the CPU to speed up the game. I'm expecting my new 2016 MBP 2.9GHz, AMD 460 GPU and 16 Gb Ram and SSD before the weekend, it should be faster than my old 2010 macbook pro with its Duo Core 2.66GHz, 8 Gb Ram. So I'm hoping top see an improvement overall and hopefully the Graphics will be less laggy on this Laptop.
  11. I wish you guys had spend a little more time Testing the Mac version before releasing it to the General Public, to resolve the bugs. Been playing the game since Championship manager 93, and this year i've really noticed it. I have to save every few days, so i don't get caught with "closed unexpectedly" as it suck having to go back and replay games that I've won or signed players. Plus that fact a lot of mac users aren't able to install straight off the disc, due to an issue, sure it can be downloaded.. but who checked it before you released it... I think ill wait until the next update, so you can fix the issues, but they really they should have been mostly resolved before final release. I'm Disappointed. The game is great this year, liking the new features over last years edition, but due to in game issues on mac, its not worth playing until its resolved... The Retina screen issues should have been resolved, its been on Macbook Pros since 2012...there is no excuse for this, the OS is a closed system with an limited amount of available GPU's. So its not like you have to account for hundreds of different GPU drivers like the PC versions. Looking forwards to the fixes
  12. It only a known issue, if you go to install it after buying the disc... then find out it doesn't install and do a web search.... surely you guys should have tested this before releasing the disc.... I only bumped it, so it when to the top, so mac users can read it and download from stream. Im liking the improvements in the game this year
  13. I should point out, that with a mac and having the dock at the bottom of the screen, it hides the "Add Game" icon on stream. For those with Mac's, you may have to move your window to see the icon, so you can activate the game. I spent 30 minutes last night looking for the damm icon, and then realising this, and then realising that i had that issue last year hopefully this helps out Mac users
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