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  1. I looked quite well all over bugs forum and post there too and there are just common answers from SI about 11.3.0f178533 crashes. I found statement "Aside from the 19th June crash (quite a big bug!) there doesn't seem to be much wrong specifically with 11.3, aside from the missing stats and odd transfer history viewing." a little to much misleading because this 11.3.0f178533 crashes are quite big problem and there should be some hotfix to repair this issue and all other issues. As customer I'm entitled at least to get info about the product which is not as it should be as it is advertised. And I have state of the art brand new computer and game just doesn't work properly. I re-installed my Windows 7 two times and made all other reccomended arrangements with this 11.3.0f178533 crashes issue and I still can't watch game in 3D mode because of this 11.3.0f178533 crashes.
  2. There is a major problem with 11.3.0f178533 crashes as you can see on forum if you would browse a little and no reponse from SI for a long time about this problem.
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