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  1. It's also fugly. I'd love to know how this can be skinned out.
  2. Hmm.. I'm pretty much there with a 4213 (2DM/1CM). I've got Draxler, Firmino and Salah raking in around 30-35 a season... each. Albeit it's 2022, my team is not changed in two seasons and they've developed some monster interplay. Problem is, rest of league isn't competitive, even with Man City buying 3 x £70-100m players a season
  3. Also inherently terrible cooling which is useless under loads.
  4. It's widely regarded as an exploit, but you play the way you want. That said, clean sweeps in this version are two a penny, no real sense of achievement in this version. Easiest FM in years. Disappointingly so. Makes me wonder why people need an exploit in the first place.
  5. Bigger issue remains the complete inability of AI clubs to keep it's homegrown players. The Manchester clubs have sold their English players like Rashford, Lingaard, Denayer in the first season for some reason and replaced them with mid-table 29-30yr old junk. Basically walking the EPL every season with a bang-average Bristol Rovers squad and a few youngsters coming through because the AI team building is so fundamentally broken.
  6. Another reason, aside from three narrow strikers on a pitch being completely unrealistic, is that almost everything else on the forum is subject to the taint of editing. Whether it be score-lines, tactics, records or even player performances and best regens, it's been a long time since such examples or shares were free from a strong suspicion of manipulation.
  7. The IF & WB thing is interesting though. I would prefer FB over WB, but FB fail miserably to provide width and overlap even with a byline instruction.
  8. It's broken tbf. I've got Divock Origi playing as a CF with perfect role rating, he's positionally natural now at LW too as an inside forward and has the same attributes for IF as my other IF's at LW or RW yet he's less than Herein lies the crux of the shambles. I've got players with perfect stats for BWM and SV who are natural at DM, SV rating is spot on, BWM rating is half, but other players with same BWM stats are perfect BWM's. Almost as if to be a BWM you need non-BWM stats to be ****. If you've got attributes that suit two roles one role is deemed unsuitable. Annoying as hell. Wish t god there was a skin without role ratings, or duty ratings at all. Attributes at 16 and above in all key area's should suit all roles covered, not just one of them.
  9. Yeah, Utd overpowered as usual, Pep sacked in 12 separate games by xmas, Man City basically awful.
  10. Disturbingly, it does? (I've had nothing better to do today) The opposition literally man marks, even the 2nd striker hangs back.
  11. England. Twice. The only thing less realistic were the opponents being Mexico and Australia.
  12. I've not read the whole thread, so if you're warning me, then fair enough. Between this and the endless lobbed passes and floated crosses it's been an poor year for FM.
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