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  1. Oh hell yes. Don't know anyone anywhere with an actual PC who thinks Stadia via the internet is a viable alternative when XBL/PSN/General ISP outages are considered, not withstanding it's primarily Google trying to be a console player and is only ever going to be as good as your ISP's service capability speeds, local demand, ports on the PCP, contention ratio's, peak time bandwidth throttling, demand, external network issues etc.... Heck, I've got a 1GB connection and I'm still not fussed on server side gaming, can see why most others aren't either.
  2. Would just like to see CA/PA replaced with plain old attributes. Players should improve based on a collection of factors including performance. That top striker with 140 PA mentioned above, is no different to Jamie Vardy. Literally nobody ever thought he was a 160+ until he became so. Clearly as a result of opportunity, coaching, determination, team mates, fitness during the period, management. Not because he's always had a number he can reach.
  3. Alas it's not the way to go. FM isn't some GPU intensive AAA FPS, it's practically a glossy, if CPU intensive, spreadsheet for the most part. There are thousands of people who probably enjoy FM because it runs on a laptop, I dare say even a fair few work laptops. I've got a high end rig, an Xbox One X, a redundant PS4 and a Surface Book 2.... FM get's more use on SB2 than the desktop because it's the kind of thing I can do while the little one needs watching, or I'm travelling, or away, or just sat in bed of a morning. Pretty certain SI are not going to alienate the raft of peop
  4. 2D was famously 03/04 not 01/02, that was very much a text based match. (iirc)
  5. Ah, yes. So licensing will be a lock on Stadia hosted title.
  6. Yup. 280 looks great. Worked a treat thanks.
  7. Thankyou @keysi. Much appreciated. Think it's your skin I'm using.... thanks for the beautiful skin. I wanted to achieve this, as well as swapping kits and stadium pics around, I managed the latter, but made a hash of overview
  8. Hey all, Can someone tell me how to make o these two align side by side? I seem to have kit's overlaying logos. Was trying to achieve Logo, Kit, Name.... but I'm not a skinner, as can be seen. Any help appreciated, can't even recall which XML i edited Thank you
  9. To be fair I'm running the game just fine on a Surface Book 2 with no DGPU, Graphics are 1 star, I'm still running graphics on medium and it's just fine during 3D games. Crowds are turned off, but then crowds are a steaming pile of turd on max settings with my 2080 in the desktop, so no loss there. Also, GE Force Experience has some terrible exploits in it at the moment, lots of analysts recommending removal. It's not like it does much anyway besides automate driver downloads, certainly has no notable graphical improvements over adjusting your own settings to suit beyond pandering to gim
  10. I thought there was one with future transfers added? Failing that Hazard is at Madrid but loaned back until transfer date. You can do that in the in game editor, move someone, but loan them back until real life date.
  11. There are updates on steam and a number of fansites where this is ready prepared for easy download. Might save you a lot of bother. sortitoutsi, passion4fm and the steam workshop for that matter all have database updates with regular changes added. Think the ingame editor allows you to make transfers in real time, but the downside is it also reduces the game to an exercise in victory through editing on a whim rather than ever having to sign or sell or build anything.
  12. It's also fugly. I'd love to know how this can be skinned out.
  13. Hmm.. I'm pretty much there with a 4213 (2DM/1CM). I've got Draxler, Firmino and Salah raking in around 30-35 a season... each. Albeit it's 2022, my team is not changed in two seasons and they've developed some monster interplay. Problem is, rest of league isn't competitive, even with Man City buying 3 x £70-100m players a season
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