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  1. Don't need tits like you to take me seriously at all. I've not said they'll obstruct a 2nd vote, I've said they'll obstruct Brexit. Which they've admitted, live on the BBC as well as on virtually every media outlet in Scotland in recent years. Again, the idea that the SNP is going to play nice with any party in Westminster that plans to leave is just daft.
  2. Labours majorities almost always got carried by the 56 seats the likes of Blair could win in Scotland. At the last Election, the SNP's 59 seats, many of which having been taken from Labour previously, fell to the Tories. Labour internally still feels that those seats, almost all 59 of them could or should still be Labour. Alas, post the pair of referendum Labour will not regain those seats in the event of the Tories losing seats, they'll lose them all to the SNP. There are 30 seats up here that always made a massive difference to Labour, those seats are no longer in play.
  3. Wake up. The SNP made it clear no less than 5 mins ago on live TV that they don't want to leave and will obstruct in any way they can. Naive, in the extreme, to think they'll cup Comrade Jezza's balls just because he's in the hotseat. Little Cranky has one objective only, it's not leaving the EU at all.
  4. Well exactly. All this No Deal Off The Table Bluster from that dithering old feck in the red tie fails to acknowledge the reality that we are still stuck in this nightmare because the EU can keep us trapped, or kick us out naked - regardless of motions in parliament.
  5. Labour won't have the required majority to make a difference there. They're about to lose 30 odd seats to the SNP (again )
  6. Which will be fun. Because the SNP and Tories will then whilst opposing eachother both be opposing anything Labour put on the table for entirely different reasons. The very question of Brexit, having torn both parties and their traditional voters asunder, prevents anyone from ever having the kind of majority that will drive a deal through parliament. We must therefore at this point consider withdrawing article 50 lest this mess continue to cripple the country for another 3 years.
  7. Which is odd considering Wales voted Leave and most of it's MP's are opposing the electorates mandate. Lots of people not getting reelected in both major parties.
  8. They have already stipulated that they see no point unless the government has plans to pass a bill. No such deal will make it through parliament. Ergo, we are hamstrung. Nothing will ever pass because the SNP and other Remain MP's will continue to oppose in the hopes it will go away.
  9. On the basis that we won't give any such confidence or supply without a fixed referendum agreement anyone seeking a deal will be hamstrung. Might as well be leading, because noone else will be. lol.
  10. Worth noting that this has been the case for two whole years, and will continue to be regardless of leader or position. The EU is obstructing Brexit in every way it can, lest it spread. Britain has never had a negotiating position only a deal that's been made as awkward as possible by 27 other nations who collectively has us by the balls.
  11. Understandable really. In the circumstances, and in the manner in which he has carried an increasingly remain bias, it's exactly what Labour would do in their shoes. Indeed any party.
  12. Yet if the EU denies an extension tomorrow, as indicated, the UK will crash out regardless per article 50 which supercedes all these attempts to block the outcome of an international agreement. Likewise the EU could insist on a 2yr extension to pull the rug from under Britain. Both outcomes will lead to a hung parliament for years and the only winners are going to be the SNP. Scotland will de facto be ruling England (and irrelevant Wales) by proxy on account of how each leader will need a coalition with Nicola Sturgeon and that chubby twit up the benches from Comrade Jezza.
  13. Government knows the rebels will vote to prevent Brexit for another 3 months, hence prepping to call and election and or potentially invoking other measures. Tonight isn't nearly the surprise Corbyn thinks it is. It's just playing into a November GE.
  14. SNP loving this. Ditching England will be so much easier once 50+ seats are restored due to an election and whoever wants to form a government will have to agree to IndiRef2. Easy 60% win this time round.
  15. Problem is, he still has a little petit mal every 2 minutes where it's not clear if he's adjusting his dentures or trying not to shriek like a maniac as he does so often at despatch box Though he is winding up, painfully slowly, to a predictable crescendo of faux rage.
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