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  1. Yes I have been connected to an external monitor but I have also had the same results when disconnected, using my laptop screen. Just reinstalled my Nvidia card (latest update) and deleted the cache/preferences folder but unfortunately still no luck.
  2. Apologies for the delay, I have been away and only returned home today. Please find the file attached. If you can have a look at this, I'd be grateful. DxDiag.txt
  3. I recently got a new laptop with G-sync but unfortunately I'm having issues myself. The graphics card is an NVIDIA GTX 1070 and I can confirm I have not encountered problems on other games. This laptop should easily be capable of playing on High graphics quality. Turning off G-sync has not made a difference. The only way I can stop the flickering is by changing the render quality to "very low". If this is set any higher the problem occurs right away. Please find attached 2 images of before and after. 2020-07-04.png (Render quality - Very Low) 2020-07-04 (1).png (Render quality - Low) Any suggestions or answers on how I can fix this would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Am I able to view a brief explanation of certain settings within tactics, like you can do on the PC version? For instance, in the picture below I am hovering over defensive line but it does not explain how this actually works.
  5. I have started an online save with my mate but didn't select Wednesday and Saturday matches before setting up the game. 2 games into the season I found and changed it to this but nothing has happened. Will this eventually come into play (i.e 2nd season) or do we have to start a new game?
  6. Keep trying 3D but just can't get on with the animations For the time being it's 2D all the way
  7. Would love a definite answer on this. I have to admit its not clear
  8. Good shout, I set my three scouts to assignments in England so that's probably it? Can't believe how much it costs Predicted to finish last and have a poor team for the National league. Man, this is tough
  9. The majority of my expenditure comes under the category "other" This is extremely frustrating as I'm currently managing Maidenhead in the National league and need all the money I can. Need to be making a profit every month, not a 60k loss due to "other" expenditures!!
  10. What update is this on? I'm managing my hometown Maidenhead and he's contracted to Aarschot
  11. Thank you I will give some of these a go !
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