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  1. My brother and I are currently in our game against each other and it has decided to freeze. It's 2-0 in the 50th minute and my screen has the match stats saying "waiting for next highlight" with the circle continually going round. We have both tried clicking out the match and changing it to only commentary etc but the match is still frozen. Any help please?
  2. What would you do in this situation!? Should I sell or keep him?
  3. NICK BLACKMAN - Reading FC Hell of a player
  4. My current injured players So Frustrating.
  5. Game jolts before "event"

    Mine does the same. Why is this SI?
  6. Second this! Would love to see SI agreeing with the problem and saying they will try and fix this! Problem is I have never seen them say it and feel they can't fix it because it's been going on for years now
  7. In my opinion FM hasn't been as good since the new ME was put in place but whenever I make this claim I'm looked down on. I like to see improvement in games and do feel Sports Interactive have done this when it comes to transfers, contracts, training and tactics etc but when it comes down to the most important part "Match day" I feel let down and all the hard work you put in is just a waste of time. Yes FM is the best Football Management game in the world but it really does need improving and could do with another competitor to rival it. When you are top dog it's easy to sit there and not do much because "you are the best" and no one will knock you off your perch.
  8. I'm sitting here playing FM right now and feel like I'm wasting my time. Started one with Man City and 4 games in I have witnessed keepers on both sides making HUGE mistakes which lead to goals. Sadly Joe Hart has been an absolute ****** at times and given the ball away 4/5 times in these games. It doesn't help when the defenders boot it back to him though! I really can't be bothered uploading these goals (yes call me lazy) because many people have done so already and I can't believe after installing this new patch it has made the game worse. I'm going to play a few more games now and I'll be back to let you know if any other crazy annoying crap happens.
  9. FM14: The Skrill Premier, North & South thread

    Nice job doing well. How was it after your first season when the contract bug was there?
  10. FM14: The Skrill Premier, North & South thread

    Thank god. I was wondering why no one was entering negotiations, thought I had done something wrong!
  11. Lower league player contracts.

    Same problem for me also. 1st season with Maidenhead and almost half way through now. Hopefully the update is out soon
  12. FM14: The Skrill Premier, North & South thread

    Nice! I really like that formation and have always wanted to try it. When Watford started using it under Zola in the Championship it was interesting watching them play, it seems to cover all areas of the pitch and you can create a strike partnership which I miss HUGELY with only 1 upfront. I like to see 4-4-2 is one of your favourites in real life, I'm also a huge fan of this and I hate how it's "gone out of fashion" in the Premier League and other top European leagues. I know football changes all the time but it's a great formation which still works. Look at Newcastle, since changing to a 4-4-2 of late they have won 3 on the bounce.
  13. FM14: The Skrill Premier, North & South thread

    Sitting 18th in the salary per annum which is nice to see when you are doing quite well. Amazing when you look at the likes of Eastleigh. £1.05M !!!
  14. FM14: The Skrill Premier, North & South thread

    Yh I have thought about playing two defensive midfielders in the past but the gap between midfield and attack looks too big. I'll have to try it in the future! What is your favourite formation on FM and real life? Daniel Brown has been frustrating! Like you mentioned his stats are very good but he always seems to put an average performance in which is annoying. I am going to try a different role for him and I will let you know how he gets on. Actually thinking about it on a lot of my saves, CM's have always seemed to get the lowest average ratings at the end of the match. Maybe it's my formation.
  15. FM14: The Skrill Premier, North & South thread

    I normally play a Ball winning midfielder and a Box to Box but I played an FA trophy game against a weak side and for some reason played 2 box to box and I noticed the difference! Like you said both of them were pushing forward and left it open defensively but luckily I won the game 2-1. In general I haven't been conceding too many goals. I have always feared with this formation that 2 central midfielders may not work because the 2 wingers, CAM and ST will not track back leaving the 2 CM's having to do all the work defensively but it has worked so I wont change for now. Maybe having "hassle opponents" as a team instruction helps out a lot because I'm able to win the ball further up the field ?