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  1. Thought I'd update this thread. It was a setting that was being triggered by my FMexe on my BitDefender client. It would change to a profile and the profile would change the sleep settings on my PC. What a headache! Hope this helps anyone else in the future.
  2. That is ok my fellow bear, thanks for the valiant effort though.
  3. We need an example for each instruction/mentality to see what they represent in terms of implementation on the match engine. Not everyone has the same perception of a text description, however, visual representations are universal in any descriptive form of language. Whether that be viewing training sessions in positional movement, with and without the ball. Or sample screens, much like the tactical blueprints in tactic creator. My other suggestion is that you have a role like the central midfielder, were any instruction can be applied but for every position that a player can be placed. To
  4. No other game does this, i've reinstalled nvidia drivers it still does this. Looked on the specific FM settings in the NVIDIA control panel, still does it. Re-installed the game, still. Did all of this before reaching out, I reached out because Im actually stumped and no longer know what to do. Such a crazy thing.
  5. I have narrowed this down, it isn't exactly when the application is launched. It seems to be when my save is loaded it changes my monitor sleep mode to 15 minutes. Its really weird as I didn't think you could have access to this kind of function. Anyway to give you my save to see if it reproduces there? also is it something to do with the fact "Games Status" says current power scheme balanced, when before its on high performance. Also, Im using a desktop I dont understand why the power scheme is even a thing for me? isnt that a laptop feature? EDIT - Does FM try and read the system
  6. Hi, the application is doing such a weird thing which is driving me crazy. Before launching FM, I have my display settings screen mode set to never and after launching FM20 it changes it to 15 minutes. Sometimes I forget that it does this and then say, go to make dinner. Come back my screens are off and sometimes after moving the mouse or clicking my displays wont return. Now, I know the screens not coming back on isn't your issue but if I can prevent the application from changing my personal desktop settings, then you know, fixed. Can you shed some light into why your application is doing th
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