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  1. I've been able to do this with my B team. Just hit the tab on the left that says B team, go up top to tactics tab. The formation will now show. now just drag the player you want to the position on the tactics page. He will now be selected to start in that position during B team matches. You can't control if he will be subbed off during the match, but at least he will start for you.
  2. So far this year he has started 16 games, 0 sub appearances out of 19 league matches. 3 champions league appearances.
  3. Actually the parallel with Neymar is nothing like it is in real life. Neymar didn't even tell anyone at Barcelona he wanted to leave until he walked in with the buyout fee. He didn't go to Valverde and say he wanted to leave and get turned down, then say please, I really want to and oh, by the way, I demand you sell me for far less than my buyout. He then didn't storm out of the talk and say you will have a riot on your hands now coach. He also didn't talk to his teammates and demand Valverde hold a team meeting. The rest of the Barcelona squad then didn't say hey, we don't like how you are handling Neymar. We demand you sell him to PSG. We don't think it's fair that you're holding back his career like this. Then Valverde didn't say, well I can see how much his means to you guys, so I'll let Neymar go to PSG. I'm sure they will now send in a low-ball non-negotiable offer that I promise I will accept. Totally like how it really happened. By the way, we have won two treble's in my four years so far, won the league all four years, copa every year. Greatest club success in history probably, but the slightest interest from other clubs and my players want to leave like we're a mid table team. Alba and Semedo have both wanted to leave for Chelsea. Totally realistic situations here.
  4. I'm managing Barcelona and man city have been scouting Dembele. He has come to a private chat with me saying he wants to leave to join city as they would make him a more valuable member of their squad, but he is already on a key player contract with me. So how can they make him more valuable than key player? Currently, LaLiga is ranked first in European competitions, and Barcelona are ranked first in club rankings, so why would my player want to leave? It makes no sense to me. It seems like ai clubs can automatically unsettle my players just to make the game more difficult for me. Another question is why can I not say to my players that want to leave that they can pay your release clause. The player reacts to this the same way they would if I would say no I'm not selling you. Each player agreed to his release clause when he signed his contract, so why can I not use that option when selling a player?
  5. The reverse of this is true also in that good sides keep hold of the ball a lot better than they do in the game. We have a situation where weaker sides keep hold of the ball far more than they should while at the same time stronger sides lose the ball far more than they should. It's probably why when I pick a side like Barcelona and play a weak team like las Palmas they end the match attempting as many passes as I do. When in reality the passes in a game between these two sides would look something like 750 to 130.
  6. I'll leave my 2 cents on this since I recently returned to the game to give it another go. I wanted to give Barcelona a go, which I probably shouldn't have done, but I've been wanting to do a save with them for a while. Ive seen Messi, the best player in the world, far too often shoot from inside the box, only to have this shot be closer to the corner flag than the goal. Time and time again. Or make a simple straight line dribble right into 3 defenders and lose the ball. Or make a wide run to the corner flag and cross the ball over the goal line. ive seen Iniesta, one of he most technically gifted, intelligent midfielders of all time pass a ball into the heels of his teammates. Or pass the ball right to the other team. Or make a pass to a teammate but not see a defender right in his passing lane. Ive seen Suarez pick up the ball in midfield and turn and run straight into 4 defenders and shoot half way to the corner flag when he had options joining the attack behind him on multiple mentalities and shapes. when the best players in the world play like absolute morons, what incentive do I have to keep playing this game? I want to do a LL save in England, but why should I when apparently the top of the mountain is to play like this? What incentive do I have to develop a club and increase their academy to be one of the best in the world, when the outcome is to develop world class players that play like they belong in the lower leagues? Now on to the TC. You mean to tell me that I need to go do research on outside sources to tell me that when I select a counter mentality that it doesn't actually make my team play on the counter? Or when I select control, that it doesn't make my team play a posession based attacking football? I mean, the description says it right here, my team will aim to move the ball around the park and patiently probe the final third. You mean to say I need to go do research from outside parties to find out that is totally wrong? or that work ball into box doesn't mean my team will patiently probe the final third waiting for an opening, but really means we will cross less often? These descriptions would take SI all of five seconds to rewrite them and would save so many people countless hours of frustration, yet they remain as they are for how many years now? I don't even want to begin on team shape. I mean, fluid says high creativity and structured says less creative freedom, but is that a description like control and counter that is totally wrong, or is that one actually true? What is high creative freedom? What is take more risks? If someone predominately watches SerieA their definition of takes more risks is going to be very different from someone who watches LaLiga. What is the SI definition of takes more risks? The game will tell you none of these. Football is a simple game. We've all heard that right. So what about the TC is simple? FM is taking a simple game and requiring you to obtain a PhD in football management simulator to be successful. The problem to me with the TC is that you can create a tactic that is totally perfectly correct and still struggle, and at the same time create a tactic that is totally at odds within itself and still get enough good results that leads you to think it's not me it's the game.
  7. What gets me about that post is that it's stated free kicks are set up like that on purpose as they don't want the game to be too easy. Like seriously...who is in charge that makes these decisions. No wonder the ME is such a mess.
  8. I don't get what you mean by increasing your mentality of their striker gets a long pass and threatens your keeper. Wouldn't increasing your mentality at that point push your d-line up even more and make you more vulnerable to long balls?
  9. A few things with the ME are really turning me off from the game and making me consider giving it up completely as the fun factor has virtually dissapeared for me this year. The game strongly favors direct long ball play. It was like this last year also and I'm wondering if it's a case of the devs who work on the game favor this style of football or just simply a ME limitation. How many times I've seen a defender play an inch perfect long ball right over the top of my defense to a mediocre striker who makes a world class first touch right into a one on one vs my keeper is so very frustrating. It makes me want to never play this game again. The amount of turnovers leading into a scoring chance against me happens way to often. Especially off of a simple thing like a throw in in the opponents final third. The throw goes right to the AI who then turn it into a counter attack. My team also make really puzzling decisions leading to turnovers. Other passing options exist, but a pass is played right to the AI. My team also don't know how to protect the ball. They will simply dribble slowly and let the defender walk right up to them and tackle it away. Aggressive slide tackles are all over the place. Perfectly timed slide tackles mind you. The amount of back and forth change of possession is really bad to watch. The final few minutes of every match I am winning the AI goes into berserk mode and constantly wins the ball off turnovers and get scoring chance after chance. My team forgets how to protect the ball even more at this point and gifts the ball back repeatedly. My team can't press. I select a higher line and more closing down and the opposition still has all kinds of time on the ball. Why? Shooting is atrocious this year. So many shots inside the box that go no where near the goal. Except for the AI of course, who regularly score on their first shot on goal against me. The amount of equalizers or game winners in the final ten minutes of the match makes me want to pull my hair out. Not every team in the game has to be coached my Sir Alex. Incredibly frustrating. Overall, I am very dissapointed in the game this year. So much so that I have basically lost interest already and have no desire at this point to keep playing. I'm also considering making this year my last purchase of the franchise.
  10. This is a great post. I've found it pretty frustrating and I kind of think it was done like this on purpose to add more difficulty to the game. I feel like the ME is trying to keep everyone relatively equal, but it makes me feel like the very strong teams aren't as good as they should be, and the not so good teams play a lot better than they should.
  11. I think the official phrase is you got FM'd.
  12. After the first youth intake managing liverpool I looked around England for the top youth regens. I made offers to City and Man United's top prospect and both clubs were willing to sell them to me for just slightly over market value. Both players actually turned me down because they just signed a contract recently but I found it very odd behavior that the clubs were not only willing to sell their top prospect for almost market value, but to a league rival no less.
  13. Then how can the AI repeatedly have free kicks with a man totally unmarked at the top of the box that leads to scoring chances but I can't replicate this strategy?
  14. Except you don't only play weaker teams away from home. Why then is it so much easier to break teams down who sit deep while playing at home, but away the results just don't match? the same is true for the bigger clubs. My wins against them were at home, and away I mostly lost those matches. There seems to be a huge gap in difficulty for no other reason than to make things difficult for you.