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  1. First game after the update and I had: Goal from a corner VAR review foul on the edge of the box that came to nothing VAR Penalty inside the box No goals or chances from open play at all. No central play.
  2. So he likes to keep reminding everyone about. A lot of coaches start their careers at senior level clubs and they don't have to sell a quarter of their squad because the players feel they can demand whatever they want.
  3. Why are you telling me to calm down? Was I yelling? All I'm saying is that squad status doesn't matter, especially when you factor in champions league games into the equation. Rotation players expect to start far more than they do at big clubs. And you can't go to players at the start of the season and tell them they won't start many games. You can't go below rotation in squad status with a senior player, which is what Jones status is I think. And if Romero is so happy to start so few games why did he come demanding to be sold because he isn't starting? And you are off about cup games. Your squad treats the champions league like it's the carabou cup. They don't factor in the start percentages, only league games count for that. I know because I have rotated squads for league matches to rest them for champions league games midweek and they will come to you saying they aren't starting enough games even though they have started every champions league match. Even the press conferences seem to indicate champions league matches aren't important. Every time I get asked are you planning to rotate because you have a game on the weekend. Like I'm going to rest my top players against Juventus to save them for Cardiff on the weekend.
  4. While these figures may be true at some clubs, it is not at the bigger clubs. You can look at any big club and see tons of exemptions to this rule. Let's just pick Man United. If this season was an FM save, Phil Jones would b transfer listed by now because he would have gone to Mourinho and demanded to start more league games or to let him move on. The same can be said of Fred. He would have done the same. Romero I don't think has started one game this season. He would again demand to be transfer listed. I know because I have done a Man United save, and while I have played Fred more than he has so far this season, the other two did just what I said. You can go through the roster of any big club and these figures don't hold up. So maybe at an average club you could make a case, at the bigger clubs players sit on the bench and don't threaten to overthrow the locker room. Let's not even bring up the issue of players not caring about playing in the champions league. Apparently it's also only league starts they care about.
  5. To be fair it's just not Guardiola. Barcelona finished 4th in the league in my first season, Bayern 4th, PSG were knocked out of the CL by Inter. It's pretty much every big club doesn't play anywhere near what their real life counterparts do. I don't know how anyone can claim the ME doesn't favor more direct play over short patient possession.
  6. The frustration comes because every year you expect things to change, but they don't really. Little things change, but teh core of the game stays the same. Every save I did last year Guardiola was fired befor Christmas. So I think, ok this might be the year things are different. Especially with the new tactical overhaul, maybe this is the year the big clubs start playing like big clubs. But what happens my first save this year? Guardiola fired midway through. Once again, possession based formations struggle, especially with the ai. And once again, everyone jumps on it's your tactics fault. Well not really, because if that were true, Guardiola would get his tactics right. So would Barcelona, so would psg, so would bayern. There's a fundamental fault with possession based play and teams that remains year after year. That's why there is frustration.
  7. Why did you leave the last part of my quote out? Where is your possession tactic that can produce ccc's since obviously there is nothing wrong with the ME and it's our fault with bad tactics as quoted by you. Surely someone with your tactical guru can come up with something? Or can you only criticize everyone else for bad tactics and and hide behind your computer while not supplying any of us plebs with your tactical genius? Right winner?
  8. So you took issue from everyone saying there are too many goals from corners, set pieces, and crosses and took out two of them and only show us corners to try to get your point across? Im still waiting for you to show a tactic based on possession that can create ccc's since apparently it's everyone's fault with their own tactics.
  9. I couldn't disagree with a post any more strongly so I'll just leave it at that.
  10. It's probably pretty good if you like to gegenpress or play counter attacking football. The problem is not everyone likes those styles. It's not so great if you want to play possession football and care what your players are doing.
  11. Here's some statistics from my first season: Man City -4th with 73 points. Guardiola fired. 66 team goals scored. Bayern - 4th with 58 points. Kovac fired. 46 team goals scored. Leipzig won the Bundesliga Barcelona - 3rd with 85 points. Valverde fired. Lowest league finish in 10 years. Messi finished with 21 goals. His lowest tally since he was 20. Griezeman, Moreno, Iglesias and Rodrigo all scored more. 72 team goals scored. Psg- coasted to leage1 title but knocked out by Inter in first knockout round of the CL who went on to win the competition. All top leagues were in full detail. releasing the game like this is honestly a disservice to the community.
  12. Who said I am looking for a tactic that will win every game? All I asked for was for the user above me to show a tactic based on possession play that can routinely provide ccc's and hc's, that doesn't involve more direct passing or set pieces, since he said if you are having problems with that it is not a bad ME, but your problem with tactics. So far Ive seen no one able to show a tactic that can do that. And looking at the tactics sharing forum, no one has done that. There may be certain kinds of meta, but in the history of FM there has been one playing style consistently very powerful (more direct passing), and one style consistently underperforming (short passing). I don't think its out of the question for those who love to jump at blaming it on your tactics to then provide a tactic that counters that point. If you disagree, then by all means prove me wrong.
  13. If that's true than I would love to see you make a possession based tactic with a low tempo that plays through the middle using a 4-3-3 formation. I would love to see how you can not make your front 3 completely static in the box and create ccc's and hc's without using more direct passing. If you think it's so easy why not show us one, because until you do I'm going to say it's not possible in the current match engine. Everyone who likes to blame everything on other people's tactics convieniently never provide a tactic themselves. So if there aren't glaring issues with the ME then go ahead and show us one?
  14. The ME forces you out wide because players are completely static in the box when the ball is central. Watch your striker and wide men when you have the ball in central areas. They don't make runs until the ball goes out wide.
  15. One thing that contributes to this is that th clubs outside of the PL don't earn enough money than they should with sponsorships and other means besides the PL tv income. Real, Barca, psg, etc. can basically buy to the limit of FFP if they want to in real life, but in previous FM's they don't have th cash. I too get tired of every save starting LaLiga is the highest ranked country but the PL soon overtakes them every time. Also seeing clubs like arseenal and Tottenham knock out Barca is tiresome. Last year I did a Barca save and every window my players wanted to leave for the PL. it was very unrealistic.
  16. The issue wasn't strikers don't score, the issue was strikers and other forward players like IF are too static in the box which hinders possession based tactics that play through the middle, especially playing with short passsing.
  17. Just saying your striker has scored goals is really a cop out for the issues we are talking about. Maybe you could go and break them down and compare how many are coming from penalties, set pieces, and corners vs how many are coming from open play. And in open play, how many came from side to side passing while pulling the opposition out of position follows by a nice pass through the middle? Most of your examples are from more direct passing also, which is not the issue. More direct passing has always been op in terms of the match engine. If you want to try to discredit everyone and say it's their tactics that are the problem then show a tactic that is based on short patient passing with a low tempo that focuses play through the middle and show how many goals are coming from open play that aren't crosses.
  18. I'll give your tactic a go also, but I gotta say it goes against every instruction I would think to include in a possession based tactic. I'm not sure if that is what you were going for when you created it but no play out of defense, no work ball into box, no playmaker at all, be more disciplined. The only thing that would seem more counterintuitive to me would be if you ticked play for set pieces lol.
  19. The "it's your tactics" guy. Knew it wouldn't be long before you arrived.
  20. I don't select any of those options and I can't solve the long ball direct play. I don't have counter, be more expressive, play with shorter passing and a low tempo and I still can't achieve what I want. I can control the match, and even dominate with many shots on goal, but I can't create any ccc or hc. I also can't get success playing through the middle. The dominance of my goals comes from crosses, set pices, and corners.
  21. This has been an issue for several years now. Players not just strikers remain so static inside the box when play is central. My IF's act similar when I am central near the box.
  22. Anything that happens in FM you can point to a real life occurrence of it. Sure Barcelona will play the occasional direct over the top ball. The unrealistic part is the frequency of which it happens. The ME right now is way too direct than a team that sets up to play a short possession game.
  23. This match engine is incredibly frustrating. I didn't mean to buy hoofball manager 2019 but apparently that's what I got. Long direct passes when I instruct short passing with low tempo. Also anyone with shoots from distance PPM will shot anytime they get anywhere near the box even with instructions to work into box. The game is just not enjoyable right now.
  24. One of the worst PPM's is shoots from distance. Any time a player with that trait gets anywhere near the box they shoot even though I instruct to work into box. It's incredibly frustrating.
  25. Iniesta came with that PPM so I wouldn't say you want to stay away from it at all. His role is almost impossible to replicate on FM however. That trait needs very high decision making, vision, and composure to pull off, but it is nice to have when it works.
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