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  1. Many thanks for the response @Experienced Defender, I'm happy to try out the go with the BBM>CM(a) switch. Longstaff is a bit of a blank slate with no PPMs if I remember correctly, would you recommend trying to train any in particular? I'm thinking Shoots from Distance would be useful. On the DM/DLP switch, would you still go for it even though I'm a tad worried about Shelvey? He is an absolute oil tanker of a player. I guess I was hoping that the setup I had would turn these two into a double shield against counter-attacks whenever we have possession up the pitch with Hayden drifting upfield in-line with Shelvey. I could up the riskiness for Shelvey to compensate for the Defend duty. I've made a quick attempt to create this second base tactic which if I would be happy for you to feedback on if you're not too busy? Changes are bolded. PF(s) IF(a) W(a) DLP(s) CM(a) DMde WB(s) CDde CDde FBsu SKde Mentality - PositiveIn Possession: Shorter Passing, Play out of DefenceIn Transition: None/defaultOut of Possession: None/default Split block of the front 4
  2. Hello I started a new save as Newcastle yesterday and an initial decent start just descended into a terminal decline losing game after game with me sacked by January, so I want to have a second go at this with Newcastle. Apologies that it's text format - I can post screenshots later if it's more convenient once I'm into the game but I was hoping to get feedback on my proposed tactic so that I can crack straight on later. The below tactic isn't the same as the one I was previously using as I think there are obvious improvements which I've tried to make (i.e. I was using Joelinton as a DLF but he doesn't really have the technical skills for this role I think) and it is also using the existing Newcastle squad; but with an okay budget and plenty of dead weight that can be sold I could make a few signings as needed. In terms of how I want to play: I'm expecting to be the underdog in the majority of matches, therefore I'm looking to absorb pressure and play direct counter-attacking football to utilise the pace of Newcastle's front three. I appreciate that a second version of this tactic will need developing for home games against similar/weaker teams and also because all being well our reputation will improve and teams will adapt to us accordingly. PF(a) Joelinton IF(s) W(s) Almiron* Saint-Maximin DLP(d) BBM(s) Shelvey** S Longstaff DM(s) Hayden** FB(a) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) Willems Schar Lascelles Krafth SK(d) Dubravka * - I'm not 100% convinced on this as Almiron is left-footed, advisable just to keep him as a winger? I would be worried then about lack of variety on the flanks. Alternatively, as an Inverted Winger since Almiron is a poor finisher? ** - I would have the DLP on Support however I'm worried about Shelvey's lack of dynamism exposing me here. I've switched Hayden to Support therefore to try and ensure greater support behind the front three when we are attacking. Mentality - Balanced In Possession: More Direct Passing In Transition: Counter Out of Possession: Lower LoE I may also do a mild split block with the PF by default and the BBM if this is considered sensible. One issue I noticed is that even when playing on a Balanced or Cautious mentality, my two wide forwards seemed to be reluctant to track back with adventurous wing backs. Would a counter to this be to set the AML/AMR to mark the DR/DL respectively?
  3. Is there enough attacking width in my team to try and either play around or disrupt narrow, defensive teams? I'm playing a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide/4-1-2-3/4-3-3 with an IF(a)/Mez(s)/FB(s)* in the AML/LCM/LB spots and an IW(s)/DLP(s)/FB(a) in the AMR/RCM/RB slots. I appreciate a tactic should be considered as a whole so I can upload a picture later and/or create a separate thread or update one I previously created but the other key elements are that I'm also using a DLF(s) and play on Positive, Shorter Passing at Standard Tempo and Play out of Defence. Would a Mezzala(s) overlap an IF to create width** since I don't have an overlapping FB/WB or are they likely to be getting in each other's way in the same space detrimentally with the Mezzala occupying the space an IF would want to drive through? Would it be more optimal to have two overlapping FBs/WBs and change the Mezzala into a different role [CM(s)?/BWM(d)?] so that we have an attacking front 5 spread across the width of the pitch; supported by 2 CMs recycling possession, attempting through balls when the opportunity arises and being the first line of defence against counters? My DM(d) behind would then be changed to a HB(d). Alternatively - would another option be to swap the IF to a Winger and the Mezzala to a direct attacking CM(a)? I've been inspired by Michael Cox's recent article on The Athletic to try and have an attacking shape resembling a 2-3-5 so this is what I'm hoping to achieve. *I would use an IWB on defend to occupy the space the Mezzala vacates but I don't have a good enough player for this role yet I think at season one Arsenal. ** I appreciate one off/random overlaps may happen naturally during the course of matches but I suppose would this be a routine movement expected?
  4. On Switch here but any chance of PPMs/traits being added somehow to the player's profile (even as an option from the drop-down sections like transfer info, contract info etc.)? PPMs can have a profound impact on how tactics work, so it is slightly frustrating that to see them for you own players you have to go into one of the their Development pages or for other teams' players you to have to go into their profile - Information page.
  5. Agreed on this. On the Switch, at the very least it should be one of the selectable sub-sections on the player's profile (i.e. the Transfer Info, Contract Info, Attributes Analysis subsections which can be selected by a drop-down arrow)
  6. A few thoughts I've had (but I'm looking forward to @Experienced Defender 's full analysis as there are many things which could be worked on in this tactic): In general, there are just too many TIs - many of which aren't complementary. Narrow attacking with a focus through the middle but also wingbacks and overlaps? Instructing IFs to Stay Wider while also looking to force overloads down the flanks (rather than letting them occur naturally) seems odd - aren't they going to be getting in each other's way/occupying the same space? I would leave crosses on default to bring Wesley's aerial strength into play more High lines with a top-heavy attacking formation; yet Pass into space is active. There will be typically be minimal space for players to actually pass into with this and you'll just end up losing the ball. This is a very aggressive tactic, with an attacking mentality plus exceptionally aggressive pressing and high defensive lines. Have you been playing this approach away from home in big matches (I see you've lost away to Tottenham, Leicester & Man City)? If so, I'm not surprised you're struggling as there are going to be absolute acres of space on the flanks (with two attacking IFs and positive WB roles) which any team who can beat or by-pass your pressing will be able to exploit. I imagine your only saving grace so far has been that you have a more solid 4-2-3-1 DM rather than 4-2-3-1 CM and that your CBs are at least fairly quick so balls over the top will be less effective. Even at home you're generally struggling and these have been matches against weaker teams. Fundamentally, I think this is far too aggressively attacking a tactic for a team like a newly-promoted Villa but the formation itself is suitable. I managed decent top six/seven finishes with Norwich in the first couple of seasons with a 4-2-3-1 DM, albeit focused more on patient possession at home and counter-attacking away. With regards to @Experienced Defender's suggested setup above - it might also be worth checking which of Trezeguet or Bowen has the better wrong-foot and making that player the winger. I know Bowen is a great IF from AMR but if I remember correctly his right foot isn't great; so if Trezeguet is left footed or has a stronger left foot than Bowen's right foot and his crossing isn't dire then I would make him the Winger and flip the suggested setup.
  7. As always, you have gone above and beyond and the help is much appreciated. I will try out switching the Mez/DLP and AML/AMR roles then bumping the DLF to attack duty with the changes in TI discussed. I like the other two setups also so I can see me using these in harder & much harder games. Luckily I've kept both Torreira and Guendouzi so will use them. For a BWM, would you say Torreira's lack of strength limits him even if his defensive technical are better than Guendouzi?
  8. Thank you for the advice. I had thought the same thing a few minutes ago but considered switching Mezz and DLP, would you have a preferred option to re-balance the flanks? My thinking is that Bellerin is a more gifted attacking full back and I think his PPMs reflect that (off the top of my head I'm fairly certain he at least has "get further forward whenever possible") - so he might end up buccaneering up the flank anyhow. I've never tried a split block before but I will find some implementation advice on the forums and give it a crack and same with the defensive line/LoE. Say you're playing a Liverpool or Barcelona (especially away from home) - would you tweak the mentality/TIs/roles & duties but stick to basic defensive formation? For example, I would hope an IF(s) would be more inclined to track back and avoid the catastrophic situation of say Trent Alexander-Arnold completely unmarked and pinging in deadly crosses where the IF(a) is lingering up field as basically a second striker.
  9. I score plenty, primarily the IF at AML (Aubameyang got over 30 last season and was injured for a bit of it and has made a solid start this season), and then the DLF, IW and Mezzala all chip in with a few too. Its goal conceded that is a bit of an issue, looking at the tactic I'm thinking the right flank is very exposed so it might be worth swapping the Mezz and DLP around. Or having the RB as an IWB and the LB as the aggressively overlapping full back. Others though might know whether there are optimal interactions of Mezz/IW or Mezz/IF that could impact this. My dream would be to apply the principle of a front 5 spread across the width of the pitch and thinking of it in that way it would seem imbalanced with too many players on the right and not enough attacking width on the left
  10. If anyone had any thoughts particularly on the defensive tactic it would be greatly appreciated ...
  11. I'm hoping for feedback on my trio of tactics below. I'm mid-way through pre-season in the second season as Arsenal. The first season was satisfactory (6th place and losses in the Europa League and FA Cup finals) but there were inconsistencies and we really struggled against better teams so I'm hoping to push on this season. Some of this may have been my own tactical inconsistency in the bigger matches, struggling to find an effective defensive, counter-attacking formation that I could settle on. I appreciate that tactics need to suit the players you have (and I think generally mine do) but I have plenty of room financially to sign any players you would particularly recommend to suit the developed tactics. I appreciate tactics aren't plug and play so will need revisiting/refreshing and can't cover off all opponents, but these are the three bases I am thinking of building from. If you also think the basic visions or aims of these tactics aren't appropriate then I would be happy to hear about this. I play on the Switch and I don't think there are any major differences tactically in the match engine but let me know if that's wrong. Tactic 1a Aim: Positive possession play aiming to control home matches against similar and weaker standard opposition. Ball retention and control are the priorities but I want to allow for a degree of riskier, speculative attacking to breakthrough well-organised, low pressure defences. If I can buy a top-tier F9 then I might switch the DLF role for that. Tactic 1b Aim: Possession play away from home against weaker teams where I am expecting they will attempt to put us under more pressure. In transition we will look to try quickly counter into the presumed greater space available otherwise we will build up play similar to 1a. Tactic 2 Aim: Defensive solidity against stronger opposition (e.g. Liverpool) home or away, or where a degree of defensive solidity is prudent (e.g. going into a 2nd leg with a lead against similar standard opposition); however counter-attacking with purpose when possible. I want to invite pressure onto a low block and then counter-attack the spaces left behind quickly, but I don't want to be so passive and accept such sustained pressure that conceding is nearly inevitable. Of course, against a stronger team even the best defensive tactic is no guarantee of success but hopefully if we lose it's a close 1-0/2-0 rather than a 4-0 tonking.
  12. I hope other much wiser people than myself will comment but having Counter active with Shorter passing, Roll it-out (to CBs and FBs) seems unlikely to produce quick counter-attacks?
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