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  1. That is something I found really interesting, the fact that even the big clubs have really low youth recruitment, relatively. So it should be fairly easy for a team outside the big clubs to build a very solid youth recruitment and academy based team and for Turkey to be a decent place for a build the nation type save. Bursaspor do look quite interesting with that in mind.
  2. How are you guys finding the youth intakes in Turkey? I'm tempted to start a Turkish save with an emphasis on developing home grown players. I notice that the Turkish nation rating is relatively high, suggesting that decent newgens should appear but then the youth recruitment ratings for Turkish teams is surprisingly really low, even for the top clubs. How are you guys finding it?
  3. I actually settled on a 4312 last night too. Mane and Salah starting where they essentially finish, starting central and drifting into the channels as Advanced Forwards with roaming instructions, as opposed to starting wider and cutting in. I had Bobby as an AP(s) which i later changed to an attacking duty, in the AM strata. Two Car(s) either side of DLP(s) in midfield and WB(a) with Ball Playing Defenders. My 433 does replicate patterns of play more accurately to how we play IRL but often lacks the cutting edge, whilst the 4312 is providing the goals. I actually asked about LFC book reco
  4. @Kharza_FM thanks for sharing. It does seem that wide midfielder and multi striker systems work well this year. There are different ways to get to the 2-3-5 and mixing up the attacking and supporting duties in those 5 advanced positions, I'm just finding it a little frustrating trying to get it working the way I want. Lots of possession and Xg and chances and not putting teams away at the moment. Food for thought though, thank you sir!
  5. Loving this thread on the whole but really love this concept. I always try to get that 2-3-5 attacking shape, usually out of a 4-3-3 DM, being a Liverpool fan. Overloading the back 4 and having an advanced player in each gap. I have struggled a little getting the middle 3 to gel, F9 or CF(s) flanked by IF, I think more central strikers might be favoured by this ME than guys cutting in, so interesting to see your use of Shadow Strikers. Are you still using this system after the recent patch?
  6. I thought this would probably be the case but thanks for confirming.
  7. Has anyone played past the first season with Atalanta? I know budgets in general go up season two, after the covid affected season one budgets and Atalanta have £50m+ of future transfers already arranged going out, so I wondered if this was reflected in the season two budget for anyone who has got that far. I'm only 3 games in on my save.
  8. To be fair, in the majority of saves, I've seen Klopp get sacked within the first 1-3 seasons, with maybe 1 league or UCL win in that time. Though, in my current Benfica save, they have won the league 4 out of 5 years and the UCL 3 out of 5.
  9. This is the one I went for and I can't recommend it enough for the price. 3D is a bazillion times better than anything I've ever had previously and where running 4 divisions from England would have given me half a star performance in the past, 6 countries with 16 divisions is 4 stars. Granted, I've always had a laptop with the bare minimum specs to run FM previously, but still very happy with this laptop.
  10. Does the processor cache size make a difference mate? That's the only difference as far as i can tell. This is the spec: Product Description Lenovo V155-15API - 15.6" - Ryzen 5 3500U - 8 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD - QWERTY UK Product Type Notebook Operating System Win 10 Home 64-bit - English Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500U / 2.1 GHz (3.7 GHz) / 2 MB Cache Memory 8 GB DDR4 (1 x 4 GB + 4 GB (soldered)) Storage 256 GB SSD NVMe Optical Drive
  11. @kevhamster would this one be the same? https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/lenovo-v155-15api-amd-ryzen-5-3500u-8gb-256gb-ssd-15.6-inch-radeon-vega-8-w-81v50008uk/version.asp#/specs I can collect locally and it's a bit cheaper. Only 2mb cache compared to 6mb on the one you quoted?
  12. @Smurf @kevhamster or anyone else! £400 budget give or take a little. Looking for something to run FM20. Happy to forgo graphics in return for processing. I rarely play in 3D. Hopefully something that can run multiple divisions from multiple countries for multiple years. Reconditioned is fine too. Cheers!
  13. Just got caught up with this. I started an FMT19 save, to try it out before purchasing FM20, which will probably be after christmas, I might even wait until the Jan update. Anyway, I've done a couple of seasons with Atalanta and I'm enjoying it so far but it was interesting to see how you're getting on. I fell for the 'Apply design a son' or whatever too. I thought, cool, clicked on it and then groaned as the steam store loaded up. I thought that was cheeky. I'm trying/looking at different saves in FMT19 to keep me going. South America is on my radar but I need to get the right
  14. KUTGW mate. I do love a Bundesliga save and I've often been tempted by FMT but the few times I've tried it, it hasn't really stuck. Can you import faces and kits and badges? I'd be playing it on a laptop as opposed to tablet.
  15. Fantastic write ups! My favourite FM20 thread so far!
  16. I'm just putting some feelers out at this point. My budget is probably £600 max. For a little context, my current laptop is bearable running say 5 or 6 leagues for 5 or 6 seasons before the processing just grinds to a halt. I play mainly in 2D because it doesn't handle the 3D engine very well. What I'd like is a machine capable of handling 4 or 5 nations with all leagues loaded, so I can do some journeyman saves or be able to play on past 5 or 6 seasons in general without it becoming a grind and for the 3D engine to be at least smooth and watchable. I'll still probably play the major
  17. This thread is one of the highlights every time a new FM is released. I keep promising myself that this year will be the year when I will give a Bilbao save a shot. Maybe this year I will! I'll certainly be keeping an eye on here for updates regardless.
  18. Have you turned on 'Work Ball Into Box' that should help a little and you can always use PI's too to tell players/positions to shoot less often.
  19. I got a son once in FM14 or FM15 I think, whilst managing AS Roma. I actually got him in the first intake, second one at most. Not had one since though.
  20. Wow, just amazing the last few seasons since getting into the league!
  21. Wow. Very solid start! You should be able to grow the club pretty quickly now?
  22. A quick question for anyone playing as Falkirk: There's no U19s? Do they still get a youth intake?
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