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  1. Yeah, it's always fun with the prospects and having a few players that can be offloaded pretty easily to fund a new signing or two. Burki definitely needs replacing and a better DC bringing in. I'm not sure about Passlack as a DR though. I think I'd try and train him as an IF or maybe even the SV? :o Haven't got FM18 yet, so I'm only going off his FM17 attributes from memory.
  2. Ah, if they are behaving like that anyway then there's no need to change I don't think. Looking forward to further updates. I usually have a BVB save at some point and I doubt this year will be any different.
  3. Looking forward to seeing how you get on and with the 4-3-3 too. Though I suppose your current system must morph into a 4-3-3 of sorts anyway? How do the fullbacks contribute? Maybe have the one on the opposite side of the IF that you put on Attack, on Attack too? To offer a little variety in the play?
  4. @Gegenklaus I'd be interested to hear how putting one of the IFs on Attack or at least giving one of them the Gets Further Forward PI and keeping them on Support works out. I'd be tempted to keep the AF as he pushes the line back and creates space in behind for the IFs and CM. Plus of course, he did bag a ton of goals. KUTGW
  5. @Gegenklaus Great update and fantastic to see the system working well. Who are the main scorers and assisters? I'm guessing the vast majority of goals are funneled to the AF and assists coming from the IFs? And what is the typical goal your side scores? A fast breakaway from deep with Auba on the end of it?
  6. @Gegenklaus great thread I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on and your analysis and any tweaks you might make. I used Bophonet's Tuchel system almost exclusively in my FM17 saves and on the whole I thought they worked very well, so if his work along with the other guys you mentioned here are your inspiration, I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing.
  7. @Lucas Weatherby managed to get it working by clicking the link in a web browser as opposed to the store page in Steam.
  8. @Lucas Weatherby when I click on the download demo link in steam nothing happens, any ideas?
  9. Is the demo the full game but for a limited time? I'm asking as my laptop isn't the greatest. I usually get by with 5 or 6 nations, top divisions but all in the nation I play in and a large db in FM17. So would like to see how it handles FM18.
  10. Fm 18 no regen faces

    It's little consolation but at least the silhouettes do look better this year. But yeah, why we can't have decent regens without having to use mods, when it's obviously possible to do so is a little bit of a turn off.
  11. Fm 18 no regen faces

    I always find it baffling that FM is rolled out with such crappy facegens, when guys in the FM community can put together hair packs or whatever of a more appealing nature. Why can't SI incorporate this from the get go? Is it laziness? Apathy? It just niggles (along with the manager facepic vs. facegen). Considering that a similar sports sim in the OOTP series, which I would imagine has a smaller market (baseball vs 'soccer'), can get the facegen so right in comparison.
  12. Awesome work! Just wondering what the average height and weight is in the SPL in 2057?
  13. Video careers, should they be allowed?

    I think in terms of video careers, as long as the thread isn't constantly spammed by the owner to watch his videos, then they should be allowed. As @Jimbokav1971 said, they will soon drop out of view and I guess most viewer comments will be on YT as opposed to here. As for blogs, again I don't have much of a problem, though I guess their content can be copied and pasted here, as opposed to just an external link. i'm all for seeing new and varied career save content, so I don't think accommodating it here can be much of a bad thing?
  14. He's only gone and done it! Amazing season mate and just reward for toughing it out.