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  1. Fantastic write ups! My favourite FM20 thread so far!
  2. I'm just putting some feelers out at this point. My budget is probably £600 max. For a little context, my current laptop is bearable running say 5 or 6 leagues for 5 or 6 seasons before the processing just grinds to a halt. I play mainly in 2D because it doesn't handle the 3D engine very well. What I'd like is a machine capable of handling 4 or 5 nations with all leagues loaded, so I can do some journeyman saves or be able to play on past 5 or 6 seasons in general without it becoming a grind and for the 3D engine to be at least smooth and watchable. I'll still probably play the majority in 2D but highlights and the odd 3D game would be nice, but the processing speed for multiple nations/leagues is of more importance to me. I don't mind going down the route of a reconditioned machine if it means more bang for my buck but I'm looking for some recommendations in this price range to keep an eye on for Black Friday. EDIT: And anything in the £400 range as that might be more realistic. Thanks in advance guys.
  3. This thread is one of the highlights every time a new FM is released. I keep promising myself that this year will be the year when I will give a Bilbao save a shot. Maybe this year I will! I'll certainly be keeping an eye on here for updates regardless.
  4. Have you turned on 'Work Ball Into Box' that should help a little and you can always use PI's too to tell players/positions to shoot less often.
  5. I got a son once in FM14 or FM15 I think, whilst managing AS Roma. I actually got him in the first intake, second one at most. Not had one since though.
  6. Wow, just amazing the last few seasons since getting into the league!
  7. Wow. Very solid start! You should be able to grow the club pretty quickly now?
  8. A quick question for anyone playing as Falkirk: There's no U19s? Do they still get a youth intake?
  9. This is just my two cents but I think there's a lot of different factors to consider. Your training/youth facilities and quality of youth coaching staff and HoYD. The individual player's personality. Unfavourable ones might mean they don't train/absorb coaching as well as they should and thus, don't realise potential. The general consensus is that you should concentrate on training them up until they are 18 and then expose them to first team football, to maximise development. The star rating system: This is relative, I believe, to the players currently at your club and obviously influenced by how good your staff are at judging ability/potential too. So you may not always get a truly accurate reading of a player, depending on the quality of your staff. From personal experience, personality is really key. You need to get kids with good potential mentored until they have a favourable personality and then once they are 18, give them games or loan them out to clubs who'll give them first team/valuable status. EDIT: Also... Players may not hit their full potential until they are 22, 23, 24 or 25 or so, depending on position and all the factors above, so there's always a chance that you might give up on someone too early.
  10. Yeah, your DoF and scouting strategy have worked out there for sure!
  11. You have greater willpower than me I'm thinking about Flamengo or Gremio or Sporting Lisbon at the moment. Or maybe load up Portugal, Brazil and Argentina and just flit about between them all. Hopefully one of them can hold my attention.
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