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  1. @LPQR thanks for clarifying the HB's positioning. The 'formation' seems to resemble that of a very famous VfB Stuttgart team, as I remember. Looking forward to your squad building follow up.
  2. @LPQR wonderful stuff as always mate. I often wonder how an offset HB positions himself when in the defensive phase, how the back three fan out and position themselves and if they actually become a back four. It's not something I've tried... Yet. How do you find it plays out for you? EDIT: Looking at the pics, it seems the HB shields in front of the back three as opposed to joining it.
  3. I've started so many saves at so many clubs in so many countries but these are the guys I've enjoyed managing the most. 1. Dybala - This year's man crush, last year it was Vietto. 2. Pavon - Just Amazing as an IF(a) on the right in a couple of different saves for me. 3. Lemar - As above but on the left. Goals and assists galore. 4. Donnarumma - Rock solid keeper for the next 15-20 years. 5. Andre Silva - Goal Machine.
  4. @bestbrother and anyone else, are you guys still playing in Argentina? Is the Copa Libertadores bug sorted now? Are there any other issues that arise with a long-ish term save in Argentina?
  5. Yes, yes, a zillion times yes, let us have the option to upload an actual photo once more. Pleeeeeaaaasssseee!
  6. Yep, I think I suggested this a little while back too. Would love to see this option in game.
  7. If fixtures allow, arrange a friendly or two against weak opposition. maybe during an international break or something.
  8. As a fan, I rarely manage LFC but I've just completed my first season, winning the league with a game to spare. I set up a 4-3-3 system based on @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!'s Universality thread, as I thought we had the ideal personnel to pull it off and it worked out pretty well. The only major signing was Donnarumma. Apart from him, it was the existing squad. Correa from Sevilla and Gabigol from Inter, were added at the end of the winter window but were only bit part players. We lost 3 times in the league. 2-1 away to Stoke in the final day dead rubber, at home to City 4-1 and away to Arsenal 6-1. A rotated side lost 3-1 to Spurs in the EFL Cup and 1-0 to Preston in the FA Cup. Apart from the thumpings against City and Arsenal (both games instant resulted), the defence was very solid. Phil was on fire with 18 league goals and 12 assists, winning the PoY, PPoY and YPoY.
  9. Great thread! I haven't watched enough of Sevilla this season to comment more but it's a great read. How are you finding the HB working, with him being offset to one side? There seems to be an uneven spread of the back 3 when he drops in. Are you finding that space gets exploited by the opposition?
  10. I feel sorry for the NT manager, with you lurking in the shadows mate. The guy must be constantly looking over his shoulder.
  11. I can honestly say that I don't think I have heard of a single one of those teams... Still a great read though.
  12. Before the game, I wondered if Barca's 5 central defensive players would stifle our front 3 and whether MSN would terrorize our back 4 but in the end, I think it was our midfield that swung it in our favour.
  13. Kick Off! 90 - This game has swung one way and then the next. Will it go to penalties? 92 – Bakayoko! Wide… 104 – LEMINA!!!! 4-3 Juventus! Fekir breaks down the right and Lemina meets his cross with a powerful header! Juve’s best two players combining for what could be the winning goal! 105 + 1 – Ter Stegen keeps Barca in it with a wonderful save from Fekir. Half Time – Can Juve hang on? 108 – Fingertips from Donnarumma to deny Iniesta. 109 – Berardi fires over. 111– PJANIC! 5-3! That must seal it! Alves cuts back a cross from the right to pick out Pjanic’s run from deep and he smashes home! 112 – Donnarumma with another full stretch save. This time from Sergio Roberto. 115 – Neymar! Wide… All Barcelona now, as Juve sit back. 120 + 1 -That’s it! The final whistle! Unbelievable game and unbelievable win for Juventus. A second treble! And without Bonucci Marchisio and Dybala against Conte's Barcelona. The group showed incredible character there.
  14. Kick off! 46 – Ter Stegen saves again from Berardi. He really should have scored. 62 – Fekir fires tamely at Ter Stegen from 18 yards. It’s not been one of his better games. 63 – Fekir then plays in Berardi… Ter Stegen’s outstretched leg deflects the shot away from a narrow angle. Juventus are definitely on top. Barcelona seem shell shocked after bossing the game early on. 66 – Gaps emerging at the back now as Barcelona push forward but Bakayoko, on for the injured Khedira, blazes over disappointingly. 69 – 2-2! Suarez! Barcelona picked Juventus apart right there! 70 – UNBELIEVABLE!!! 3-2… JUVENTUS!!! Fekir slides in Alex Sandro and his shot across the keeper finds the far corner! All of a sudden, Fekir is pulling the strings for Juventus. Barcelona fell asleep from the kickoff there. 71 – Wonderful block by Bentancur from Sergio Roberto. 75 – Juventus start to drop deeper. 87 – Lemina fires straight at Ter Stegen from 12 yards. That could have clinched it! 88 – SUAREZZZZ!!! 3-3! Alba beats Alves again down the Barcelona's left and Suarez applies the finish from close range! Heartbreak for Juventus! 90 – Great save by Donnarumma to deny Messi. 90 + 3 -Extra Time! Amazing game. Messi could have snatched it there right at the death.
  15. Congrats on the title mate!