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  1. Just the £172m to spend then? Your journey to the dark side is complete. I actually started a Dresden save last night, with the idea to get them firmly established as a top Bundesliga side and then moving onto another East German team and doing the same and so on and so on.
  2. Thanks for the info. Having a bug crop up a few years into a save is something that puts me off using custom dbs at times. I had one bug out in Eastern Europe a couple of FMs ago and it put me off a little bit.
  3. Just got caught up with this. Great story so far. Hopefully the Europa League thing was just due to the World Cup, or does it seem to be a bug? Also, I may have missed it but how are you working out the attrition values?
  4. Aim crosses to far post PI maybe? I do love the actual PPM though, especially on a central midfielder, spraying the ball around. Another way might be to have your wingers more advanced and your central striker dropping off deep?
  5. Cengiz Under has been a player that I seem to buy on most saves this year, so I decided to actually give managing AS Roma a whirl. Loving it so far, unbeaten in the league after 31 games and a cup final against Sampdoria to look forward to too. At. Madrid knocked us out of the UCL though. Only bought Tonali and Rajkovic. Rest of the transfer kitty got converted into wages to extend Under, De Rossi, Pellegrini and Fazio. We have a good young core of players, most on long term deals so hopefully we can keep hold of them and this can turn into a medium to long term save.
  6. Yep! It's been a fun journey to follow. Hopefully you can find the enjoyment in it again soon!
  7. Well... I actually took at look at the projections in game and according to them, the transfer kitty at the end of season 2 should be £100m+ To be fair though, I have offloaded £125m in players and got 70% of Costa's wages off the wage bill too. There's certainly enough talent to challenge for those first two seasons at the club, if you can suppliment the squad with a loan or two and a couple of cheap squad rotation signings. I'm only going off the projection though, so hopefully it becomes reality. The fact that the percentage of transfer revenue has now been raised to 100% is encouraging though.
  8. @lblanc Oblak was top class for me in my Atleti save.
  9. Literally no budget I don't think in season 1. I won La Liga and UCL and the budget for season 2 was . Player sales have brought in over £70m, of which I was given about £14m. I managed to loan out Costa and get most of his wages picked up, so that's helped too. I've spent £5m on Vallejo and Llorente, who were listed by Real, Munir on a free and Foden and Malcom on loan. So I have a squad good enough to challenge once more but managing elsewhere, I've seen Atletico splashing cash, so I was hoping for a little more in terms of a transfer kitty, especially given the success in season 1.
  10. A quick question for anyone doing an Atletico Madrid save or who might know the answer anyway. I've picked my save back up, going into season two. The finances, in terms of transfer budget and wages seem incredibly tight and I'm only getting about 10% of transfer revenue brought in. I'm guessing this is due to the new stadium and any debt attached? Does anyone have an idea how long it is before the purse strings are loosened a bit?
  11. Contemplating a Frankfurt save and I think that's the clincher.
  12. I don't have game access at the moment but does anyone know if Frankfurt have a buy clause in Jovic's loan deal?
  13. I'm currently managing Lyon. I started with the winter update and Rabiot did pop up with the FRT icon before the close of the first transfer window and I was able to bring him in for around £25m. If he doesn't start out as an FRT then it isn't hardwired but it might be difficult to get him to re-sign. Let us know if you manage it though, as I've been tempted to start at PSG and he's definitely a player I would want to keep around. Oh... PSG finished 3rd in my first season, behind ourselves and Marseille in 2nd place. :P
  14. Genk is one of the teams I'm considering for FM19 as something like an 'Ajax type' save. Brescia too but I wonder just how long they'll be able to keep hold of Tonali.
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