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  1. Contemplating a Frankfurt save and I think that's the clincher.
  2. I don't have game access at the moment but does anyone know if Frankfurt have a buy clause in Jovic's loan deal?
  3. I'm currently managing Lyon. I started with the winter update and Rabiot did pop up with the FRT icon before the close of the first transfer window and I was able to bring him in for around £25m. If he doesn't start out as an FRT then it isn't hardwired but it might be difficult to get him to re-sign. Let us know if you manage it though, as I've been tempted to start at PSG and he's definitely a player I would want to keep around. Oh... PSG finished 3rd in my first season, behind ourselves and Marseille in 2nd place. :P
  4. Genk is one of the teams I'm considering for FM19 as something like an 'Ajax type' save. Brescia too but I wonder just how long they'll be able to keep hold of Tonali.
  5. I love managing in Germany. I had a fun St Pauli save a few years back, an RB Leipzig one too and going even further back, a really cool Hoffenheim save, where Bayern went bankrupt at the end of season 1 and I was able to snaffle a very yound Toni Kroos and a couple of the bigger stars too. I usually do a BVB save and I also had BMG, Leverkusen and HSV saves in FM18. HSV is an obvious choice for FM19 but i'm also pondering Dynamo Dresden, Magdeburg and Kaiserslautern. Weird that the 3. Liga isn't playable, given it always has been previously but part of the licensing agreement I reckon.
  6. Thanks man. I don't know if you remember, it might have been FM17 or maybe FM16 but I tried a Bilbao save and PMd you about Yeray and Kepa I think, as they were just breaking through. Anyway, Benat is playing Regista for me and doing great, he is 30 though and Garcia fills in when I rest him but Pardo would be perfect with Dictates Tempo, Switches Play and Long Passes PPMs. I'm enjoying things so far, so hopefully my ****** attention span will last a little bit longer.
  7. Late to the party but I've fired up a Bilbao save with one of the recent transfer update files, thankfully Kepa was still at the club though. I've struggled in the past to immerse myself with the Cantera restrictions but so far, so good. The winter window is approaching and I'm unbeaten in 16 league and cup games, sitting top of the La Liga. I doubt that will last but the goal is Champions League qualification, which we'll hopefully achieve. Pardo was listed from the start and is an ideal long term replacement for Benat as Regista for me but even though he's been declared our top target and has been scouted 6 or 7 times, he still has no interest. If we can't persuade him in the winter window, maybe we can at the end of the season if he's still listed and we have secured ECL football. No ins or outs so far, other than a newgen my scouts found. Though we have 3 left backs and 3 right backs in the first team squad, so 1 of each of those might go.
  8. @westy8chimp Sorry mate, no screenies but a quick update: With BMG I am unbeaten in the league at the winter break and equaled the club record 19 games unbeaten before losing to Hertha away in the Pokal in the last match before christmas. I also started a Athletic Bilbao save too, won my first 9 games. Cuisance and Benat are doing pretty well as the Registas in the deep 442. A few little position tweaks up top to accommodate players but it's obviously going pretty well. Strangely though, I struggle to keep clean sheets with BMG but keep plenty with Bilbao. All in all though, I've never been one to use the fancier roles and such, so seeing the Regista spraying Hollywood passes and switching play is really entertaining.
  9. @westy8chimp great series of threads mate! I've been keeping close tabs on them all without commenting but they've certainly given me some ideas and inspiration to try things out. I especially love the Regista experiment with my season 3-4 Bayern save. Currently on a 45 game unbeaten run in the league, had a run of 9 games without conceding and dominated, as you'd expect at Bayern, even if I have revamped most of the squad. I do love the range of passing from the Regista, I have Rabiot (long range pass, dictates tempo, switches ball) backed up by Cuisance with the same PPMs. In fact, I started up a BMG save last night so that I can give it a go with a weaker team and mould Cuisance and Benes into Registas and have Zakaria and Kramer as the muscle alongside them. Really enjoyable threads. I hope there'll be more!
  10. @LPQR I am just so wary of 3 at the back systems. That said, my 4-3-1-2 is basically 2 at the back, with a DLP-D shield, because my wingbacks bomb forward so much. I just feel that 3 CBs is a waste of a 'skill' player further forward.
  11. It's funny that this thread got a bump, as the last few weeks, I really wanted to develop a tactic that utilised a fantasista and have got a 4-3-1-2 working decently whilst testing it with PSG and Juve. But then again, they do have Neymar and Dybala. :D And I signed Fekir in both saves too. :D
  12. Fantastic updates Looking forward to the next ones
  13. @Ji-Sung Park great thread mate. Any updates? How has the system fared? has it evolved further?
  14. Great career! I've been following along but I don't think I've commented yet. A really fun read.
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