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  1. @LPQR I am just so wary of 3 at the back systems. That said, my 4-3-1-2 is basically 2 at the back, with a DLP-D shield, because my wingbacks bomb forward so much. I just feel that 3 CBs is a waste of a 'skill' player further forward.
  2. It's funny that this thread got a bump, as the last few weeks, I really wanted to develop a tactic that utilised a fantasista and have got a 4-3-1-2 working decently whilst testing it with PSG and Juve. But then again, they do have Neymar and Dybala. :D And I signed Fekir in both saves too. :D
  3. Fantastic updates Looking forward to the next ones
  4. davehibb

    Menotti y Bilardo

    @Ji-Sung Park great thread mate. Any updates? How has the system fared? has it evolved further?
  5. Great career! I've been following along but I don't think I've commented yet. A really fun read.
  6. Nice to see some more updates mate! Any ideas where the next step of the journey might be, if you do leave at the end of the season?
  7. davehibb

    I love FM

    I had typed a really long reply in the ME Loophole thread but yeah, short version, I've played CM/FM from the start. Before that I played every sports management sim I could get my hands on dating back to my trusty old Commodore VIC20 and for me, in terms of a football management sim, FM is by far and away the best. Sure it has it's flaws. Yes there are 'exploits' whether they be super tactics, external editors and scouting tools or the in game editor and unlockables. People can either choose to use these or not. They pay their money to SI every year and can play the game how they see fit. But yeah, for me, the best management sim around.
  8. Amazing work at Brescia and a nice new chapter in the story!
  9. davehibb

    Brazilian Kits Not Working

    I've discovered what is causing the issue, so a mod can delete this.
  10. davehibb

    Brazilian Kits Not Working

    I've had a quick search on here and I'm guessing it can't be discussed due to licencing but if someone can PM me and point me in the right direction to get this sorted I would appreciate it. Badges/facepacks are working fine for Brazil and kits etc. for all other leagues are working great but the kits wont display for the Brazilian leagues. I rarely, if ever manage in Brazil so haven't experienced this before I don't think. Thanks in advance.
  11. He didn't appear to have terrible stats for a HoYD for a club of your stature. Maybe his lack of scouting knowledge in Italy hurt him and your intakes?
  12. davehibb

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    I've just started an Ajax save with pretty much this philosophy. I'm only allowing myself to purchase former players who originally came through the Ajax academy and I'm giving myself 4 transfer windows to ship out current players who did not come through the youth set up.
  13. Really enjoying this! KUTGW
  14. I got all excited when I saw you'd posted mate. Was hoping for updates, articles and careers from your good self!
  15. @BlairNo.1 Like Keyzer I don't see a whole lot terribly wrong with what you have set up or your thought process. It's very similar to the system I use in my BVB save, that said though, when I tried to plug and play that system into my Liverpool save, it didn't play out anywhere near as well. I think the best thing to do is to persevere with it, watch some games on comprehensive or full highlights and see how everything comes together, how players interact, where play breaks down and where your system gets exploited by the opposition and adjust it accordingly. Same goes for your players, do they work in the roles you are playing them? Not judging them by their suitability but by actually seeing how they perform. Are you using Salah on the right for example? I think he might struggle as a W(s) on the right as he's left footed and if memory serves, he doesn't have the cuts inside PPM. Does the W(s) have support in general, given the FB is on defend and the Mez(a) will be pushing forward? Does the W(s) have anyone to aim for in the middle with your striker being a CF who tends to roam around a lot? My system used an AF(a) who was always in the box, always looking to break the lines and really was the focal point of the attack, with my IF(a) and MEZ(a) as secondary goalscoring threats. Hope that helps. If it's any consolation, in my Liverpool save, although I wont the league comfortably, I struggled to create a style I liked and was never happy how my front 3 or 4 worked together. One other thing to try is maybe going Structured, instead of Fluid. Fluid ups players creative freedom I think and do you really wants the likes of Moreno, Lovren and Hendo overthinking things and trying to be too fancy?