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  1. Guys, I truly appreciate all the nice comments. However I wanted to stress the fact that my original post wasn't about "copying" Bayern, it was about using it as an inspiration. That is because, well, I'm not managing Bayern and I'm in 2027. =/ In my 4-2-3-1, my right full back is on attack because he's my Davies. He's the most gifted on attack so I've mirrored the duties. And although Muller is not an ideal AP, my player there is. And finally, I did watch Tifo's video when it was released (love the channel, btw), but the formation explained there is different from the Barça's match. I've tried to take that one as more of a reference. Anyways, my point was more about the TI's and mentality, and how those interact with the roles and duties for this. I'm sure using an AP instead of an AM in this case will be a bit less relevant in the grand scheme of things. As said, I'd never played a high tempo formation.
  2. Nothing? Apart from being 4-3-3 in this match instead of 4-2-3-1, would you mind sharing your thoughts on how far this is in your opinion?
  3. Hi all, Following the "I'd 8-2 to be a Barça fan" last night, I was fairly eager to see what would be said here about the match and the way Bayern plays. I've always been a fan of Cruyffism and the tiki-taka, both in real life and in FM, so I wanted to take a stab at trying this in the game. Although some people might disagree, I see Bayern's tactic as a form of Gegenpressing, which I'm well aware that has been very successful in FM20. So I decided to scrape my "Fluid, control possession" tactics and tried to create my version of the Flick tactic. In order to do that, I matched what the tactic creator recommendations for a Gegenpress with what I saw last night. I'm currently managing Barcelona (ironically), but well into the future. The following match was at home against Benfica and my guess using my regular formation would be anywhere between 0-0 to 2-0 as result. Using my custom Flick tactic, the match ended 4-0. But my main surprise, and the reason for the topic, was the match stats. It's incredible to see such a small possession with so many goal chances (and vice-versa for Benfica). What's your take on this? Note: I used the 4-3-3, but I also prepared a 4-2-3-1.
  4. OP, Without taking the care of replying point by point, the formation that jumps to my mind would be the 5-3-2 (with wingbacks and with flat or both triangular midfields). I personally like using 3 CBs and the libero after FM19 gives us more flexibility in achieving it. Obviously, you need skilled and more all around wingbacks. Regarding the team, I personally am a Valencia fan and think not using wingers is a terrible idea with them. You’ll always find a more fertile land in Italy for the 5-3-2. And finally, I don’t really see the other common narrow 4-defender formations as fit for how you want to play. 4-1-3-2 and 4-3-1-2 are great formations, but not immediately fit fot that. But then again, we can always be surprised by the ME and/or people’s creativity.
  5. Now the second test. From the OP, changed the supporting CM to defensive role, left FB to attack role, striker to AF, and removed PoD (instead of removing Short Passing). I got the exact same result (losing 2-0), but one goal was out of set pieces and the other an own goal. Up until 30, 35', each team had 2 shots on goal and 1 ccc. Yes, we had 1 ccc. =) And it was out of a very nice and patient play. The possession did lower a bit, but I think it is still acceptable for this kind of match. What did concern me is that the striker is still pretty far from the AM, and that 4% of my attacks came from central areas. Thoughts?
  6. Okay, guys. After thinking about the comments, I wanted to run the same test with 2 alternatives. Granted, this is a very difficult match, but I'm not really worrying about the result and actually more about the data and the way the team plays. I've gone with 4-2DM-3-1, changed the left FB to attack role, Positive mentality and some other changes. The stats that you see below are all from the 1st half of the match. We failed to create a single shot on goal, while they had 8 (7 on target, 2 half chances and 2 goals). The passing rate decreased to some 85%, and number of passes and possession are pretty much even. The heat map shows the DMs closer to the AM than the ST. And we can see that the opposition had most of their attacks behind the FB-a.
  7. That all makes a lot of sense. Mostly counter, I'd say. Especially in matches that I have the majority of possession. Balls over the top as well. In matches where the possession is more even, pretty much in anyway and always more opportunities than my team.
  8. Hi there, Well, as I said, I'm open to changing pretty much anything (so no real need to keep it intact). How would your suggestions allow the team to control possession? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this moves the team to playing in a neutral manner. This is what people call split block? I'm not obsessed with it. Actually, I think the better the team, the more players are capable of handling playmaking. If you concentrate all of it at one players, you are wasting others' skill to do so. And you create this by pretty much "spacing out" as far as possible every adjacent role, right? It makes sense. It's a shame that we cannot have 4 equally spaced strati. The 4 different 4-2-3-1s will always be a point of discussion here... =)
  9. Hey there, I mainly use 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. The funny part is that I was having a lot of success with a similar tactic in the same Engine (last patch). Do you think I should? This is the main reason for using a DLP-d paired with CM-d and also pushing the defense line higher. I've never had a good experience with PF and maybe my striker isn't fit for it, but doesn't hurt to give it a try. The Treq, on the other hand, has been better than the AM-s the times I've used it. I do this when I move up to Positive, but... This is an interesting take on it. If I'm managing Barcelona, shouldn't I play different mentalities when playing Oviedo at home or Real Madrid away? Perhaps the "right" mentality for me should be Positive with the left FB-a, but I cannot see myself playing Real Madrid away like that. How do you do it? Keep the mentality and tweak positions and duties? Edit: also, interesting bit on removing Short Passes. I never thought of it that way and it doesn't happen with 4-3-3. I start to wonder if I shouldn't move to a 4-2DM-3-1, 4-4-1-1 or 4-2DM-2-1-1 with higher mentality. Do "top heavy formations" and "control possession" make sense together? Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, I'm currently finishing the 25/26 season, my first with a top a flight club in Europe. Before that, I had a very successful (and long) run in South America. The formation that I was using there was a fluid 4-2-3-1. The goals were high possession and high passing rate, with plenty of shots and restricting the opposition as simple outcomes from this. All of this was achieved there and that's how I got this job. The problem is that I simply cannot get the formation to work in the new club. I've done a lot of tweaking to get to the one you see attached, but I still see the following: Current problems: - The front 4 under perform in general and also don't really score a lot. (Note, depending on the player, the left winger can be an IW); - Not too many chances created (we either get a lot of shots but not many chances against smaller clubs and not many shots against top clubs. (Note: I tend to vary from Balanced, Positive and Attacking depending on the opposition and home or away); - The keeper gets too many touches. The keeper, the CBs and the CMs get more or less the same number of passes throughout a match. I constantly see the ball being sent back all the way from the midfield; - The opposition is getting too many chances and shots; - The team feels unreliable on attack and unsafe on defense. Old problems (not happening now): - Too many crosses (60-80 per match), even with WBiB; Successes: - It depends on the opposition, but in general we get high possession and high passing rates; - The CMs generally perform well; Questions: - Do you see anything being done wrong or have any kind of suggestion? - Are my comments compatible to what would be expected of this formation? - Is there something that obviously have to be changed in my mindset when I move from a top south american club to a top european club? Note: please don't say 4-2-3-1 or AMC is flawed in FM2020. I'm aware of this but I did have success before with it. Note2: I'm open to any suggestion, granted I keep the 4-2-3-1 shape, including changing the formation. Note3: the goal with having too many support duties was to increase possession and "fluidity". When I move up to Positive, I add one att duty and when I move up Attacking, I add another one. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks. This is just said. Last week (or two weeks ago) I was ranting about this being my first FM (or CM) ever that I had to report a bug. Now there's another one.
  12. Hi everyone, I've tried looking for similar topics here, but didn't find any. So, when you play in a league like the Brazilian one, we can have domestic (mandatory) and foreign minimum fee release clause (optional). Some agents limit the foreign one, completely f*cking you up as you won't be able to hold your wonderkid when literally any European club bid 20MM€ for him. However, I've just realised that while you are offering the contract and you reach an agreement (the square turns green), the limit on the MFRC goes away, actually allowing you to set it higher and re-proposing the contract to the agent. I've just gotten to push one from 21MM€ to 36MM€. Is this normal or a lucky bug? (By the way, the fact that you simply cannot discuss this is ridiculous in my opinion. It can be directly related to the player's wage, but come on: would an agent really prefer for a player to keep a small salary waiting for Hannover to bid for him when he could be earning literally the same wage in a big south american club? Neymar is a very good example of a wonderkid having the league's highest wage before leaving.)
  13. Hello, I have the same bug reported below. Months after the player was happy, but still refusing to hear my offer, he came to me again saying that he was unhappy and when I told him I'd offer him a new contract, it changed his expectation I was able to offer the extension. Happy ending, but it's rather unfortunate that you cannot offer a new contract to a player who is unhappy with his.
  14. Hello, I'm happy to report that once the player came became unsatisfied with his contract again and offered me the chance to tell him that he would get a new contract, I was able to offer him a new one. Still, it's rather unfortunate that you cannot offer a new contract to a player who is unhappy with his.
  15. Hi all, I'm experiencing a similar thing and posted this under General Discussion. And I also have a separate bug report for a contract issue. I won't bother uploading my save for this and whoever (probably not the SI staff) wants to take a read, go ahead. I'd just like to repeat (stress) what I said in my last post: I'll try to gather more info and if so, I might report it. Sadly, my aforementioned bug report got news today: "it's a known issue and we are looking into it". Basically, this (and that) are messing my save and there will be no way of solving it. I've been playing CM/FM for more than 20 years and this is the first time that I looked forward to a patch (because of the 1on1s) and had to report a bug (perhaps now 2). I know this isn't Ben's or Francis' fault, they are just doing their jobs. But it's very disappointing to have these things messing up a save (especially when the player tries to have 1 file per edition, which is my case).
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