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  1. I'm not saying that I am a major disciplinarian, but apparently I can rate 21/20 for it
  2. Just to expand on point 3 a little. A single tactic is often geared for a specific balance between attacking and defending (even if it is one extreme of that balance). For the majority of teams, they are going to come across a mixture of teams that are better or worse than them, so you might want to adjust the tactic a little to compensate (maybe as simple as switching from Positive to Cautious). Obvious exceptions to this are if you are expected to beat (e.g. Celtic or PSG) or be beaten (e.g. Championship club promoted by chance into the Prem) by everyone in your league, where one tactic migh
  3. I don't know how this would work in FM, but in real life I used to play for a Sunday league side that was all "physical attributes", I am pretty strong and play CB, we had a bunch of super pacey 18 year olds on the wings and up front. We once played a semi-pro team that had a few "retired" pros in there, including a 50 year old CM who once played in what is now the Championship. They blew us away, they intercepted every past, they pinged the ball around like it was FIFA, no matter how strong or fast we were, we couldn't get close. I'd imagine the same should apply in FM.
  4. Awesome, thank you. Still a bit buried away and a couple of clicks from the profile page, but at least I don't have to load up a comparison to another player.
  5. Maybe I'm being very blind, but I can't find the strength of a players weaker foot anywhere (using standard skin). I can see this information if I compare two players under the Positions and Roles tab (given me the relative strength of both feet) but on a players own profile I can only see the preferred foot on the player profile. Any ideas where I should be looking? Thank you.
  6. I think I have seen more issues with regens than genuine players, but I do recall having a winger once who had Pace 18 but Acceleration of 7. I always thought of him as a juggernaut, takes a while to get going but once he is up to top speed, he is uncatchable.
  7. What would be an alternative to CA/PA? How would it work differently?
  8. I feel like this is a bit of an over-the-top reaction from a moderator... Your only contribution to the thread was a screenshot (when we all know screenshots mean nothing as everything is so dependant on players/tactics/opponent and even when exactly you press Print Screen) and a comment that yours behaves differently. You may have gone out of your way to explain Libero's elsewhere (you mention your stream for instance) but the obvious thing to do would be to link to the streams or just ignore the thread if you are fed up going over old ground. Not to complain that OP isn't paying attentio
  9. The blurb that accompanies the role does state that on Support, the Lib only steps up once possession is secured, so maybe that is the key point.
  10. Cheers. All the dissatisfied players have different personalities, ranging from resolute to perfectionist and model citizen, and the "squad" personality is Determined. I'm not overly worried about it at the moment, but when the inevitable losing streak and morale plummet arrives, it might be more of an issue
  11. Just to check, Laporte hasn't been given any man-marking instructions or anything? He is awfully close to that man. In previous versions of FM, I've had issues with a Libero that they left a huge gap in the back 3 as the other 2 CDs didn't move in to cover the space, often leaving a sole striker totally unmarked in the middle. Maybe this version of the game has done something to stop the Lib vacating space if there is a striker there (notice in Rashidi's post that the opposition have no-one up front and there are still three other players in defence).
  12. I've not tried this, but maybe set the Knowledge level to Less than 0 or something (I know from past experience that Scouted doesn't seem to have a No option).
  13. I don't understand this. The ability of a skill is easy to see without an editor, and has a range 1-20. Using your logic, you could never get above 10 as an attribute (CA/PA is never over 1). Plus, a 100CA is blatantly worse than a 150CA player at the current moment, but if the 100CA player has 120PA and the 150CA player has 190PA, you are saying that the attributes of the 120CA player would be around 8.3 and the attributes of the 150CA would only be around 7.9. The only thing you are correct on is that over time, with the right setup, gametime and luck, the CA might reach the PA (but no
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