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  1. I know this is an old zombie thread, but I've given up all hope of this ever being fixed, it's been present in many many iterations of the game and I am just about ready to throw my laptop out of the window. It is so frustrating!
  2. Cheers for all of the feedback, I did a lot of what was said above and smashed Bordeaux 4-0 away from home. First half was cagey and Bordeaux probably edged it, but when I looked through the first half analysis, I noticed that Monreal was losing the ball quite a lot (only 75% passing completion) and most of my play was coming through to him via De Ligt on the left side of the CB, so I switch De Ligt and Kos around, with my BPD now on the right and everything just came together better. I also noticed that Lacazette wasn't as involved in the first half, so I swapped him to be the AF but this probably was counter intuitive as with most of my play coming down the right now, maybe I should have left him at DLF. Auba was not fit enough to start (he looks quite jaded actually, probably a shoulder injury from carrying my entire team) However, that is all just one game.... Edit: A few games on, including a second string team beating Bordeaux 2:1 in the second leg, a 2:0 derby win against Spurs and a magnificent 2:0 win in Anfield against current league leaders Liverpool, only conceding 1 shot on target in the 94th minute and having nearly 70% of the possession, this new tweak on the tactic is looking good. Two 6-pointers coming up for 4th place now though, the real acid test.
  3. In all honesty, most of the goals I concede generally come from a spell of pressure from the opponent followed by a cross into the box. I'm not being counterattacked very often, although I might engage a notch higher and see if I put the opposition under some pressure earlier. I did have a CAR at one point covering for the right WB but quite often he was just covering space that wasn't being exploited by the opponent, so I thought a MEZ(S) might enable him to go forward a little. Yeah, Ozil comes very deep, which is a bit of a pain (especially when he comes and stands next to my CM(D). I'll try him as a Treq and see how he changes (I have tried Enganche to get him to hold his position but he held it a little too much, even in attack and when marked). Most of Auba's goals have come when I had him on the same role but flipped.
  4. Howdy. I made a previous post regarding utilising a libero in a 3 man defence (32212 I suppose), but tbh it really wasn't working (the two remaining CBs never came together to close the space when the Lib marauded forward and single strikers were revelling in the acres left behind) so I switched to a more traditional BPD instead, but quite often I had wasted defenders when playing against lower teams, so I have reverted to a back 4 but tried to retain a similar top end. But suddenly, my goals have disappeared and despite hammering bottom of the league teams, I am struggling to get more than a 0-0 draw. Apart from a torrid game against Everton, I'm not conceding many though. I've attached the Match Stats from my most recent 0-0, in which I dominated the game, but no goals. My formation and style is attached. I have tried switching the CF(S) and P to opposite sides, as well as trying Auba as an AF. I occasionally get really annoyed at Ozil's drop deep PPM and switch him out for Mkhi as an AM(S), which enables me to switch Torreira to a DLP(D). My midfield trio is centred around the two Mezz's as I have an attacking trio higher up the pitch so I wanted to gain some width (particularly as my FB/WB constantly have their crosses blocked so some support has meant that occasionally they pass instead of just blasting the ball at the nearest defender). Lots of my attacks do end up going down the wings however. Apart from a 3-0 win against Burnley and a good couple of games against Galatasary, I've really struggled this month. Any pointers on anything obviously going wrong? I'm 4th atm the moment, but with a handful of games left and Chelsea breathing down my neck, now is not the time to stumble (especially against Brighton and West Ham). Muchas gracias in advance.
  5. Try adding a PI to play riskier passes and make sure you have a striker (or someone) running through those lines as an option.
  6. I feel like I need CBs with dwell on ball or similar to try and entice the opposition at least, but this can have its own consequences.
  7. I'll try to answer your questions, which might be logical in my head but may translate into something entirely different in game 1) I really want to push up and squeeze the opposition, having WBs starting from a much higher position means I get more attacking width (in my head at least). Admittedly, my outer CBs are typically my older, less speedy defenders so this might become an issue at some point. This leads into Q2. 2) Leno is my usual keeper, Cech was just rotated in for a dead rubber Europa game as I already qualified. I could have put him on normal GK duties but I didn't want to create a huge gap between my backline and the keeper in case of balls over the top 3) All my best players are in the centre of the park and I have little width up front. Weirdly, this actually creates a lot of space for my marauding WBs who are often unmarked and play switches out wide to them regularly. I was annoyed by this at first but I've grown to love it 4) Not really sure tbh, I just left it out to stop it being overly complicated. 5) It was a rotated squad in the screenshot, trying to give everyone a little game time. I could have changed the roles subtly but I felt Xhaka could perform well enough as the CM(S). My usual/strong CM pairing is Ramsey and Torreira. I lose Ramsey to Juve at the end of the season though, so things will need a subtle change then (depending on recruitment as well). I felt Guendouzi was better BWM than Xhaka but Xhaka was more visionary so played the more attacking option in this game. With regards to your other comments, I had Work Ball Into Box for a while at the start of the season, but I found my players playing around the box to much instead of taking chances, without it I am noticing more crosses from deep into my front two (possibly confirmation bias) where a Bellerin cross to Auba is deadly.
  8. So to update, I've changed Lac to a CF(S). I've shored up the midfield somewhat by making the Treq into a AP(S) almost permanently and changing the middle two into a BWM(D) and CM(S) (with PI to move into channels and get further forward when we have the ball). I've also trimmed back the TI to what you can see I've played 5 games since, won all 5 with a aggregate 13:2, albeit they were poor European teams or midtable Prem. I did lose 2:1 to Southampton prior to that (which prompted this post) so that's still a good start. Downsides? My Lib is still a useless part of the setup, not really contributing to anything. Cahill is a ball magnet in the back three though and is acting quite well as a unofficial ball player Few goals are coming from outside my front two. Hopefully they wont get injured.
  9. My understanding of Sarriball pivots a lot on playing out from the back, inviting the opposition to press, then hitting them on the counter in the space they leave. I'm not sure how to do this on FM.
  10. Cheers for all of the replies everyone, apologies for the delay in getting back to you but I've been away at a music festival. Since I posted, I have seen this link which has also given me a lot of food for thought (https://www.footballmanager.com/the-byline/how-utilise-libero-wednesday-wisdom) I'm too shattered to load up my save tonight but hopefully I can have a look at it tomorrow.
  11. Hey guys Bit of background. I've only just got FM19, really behind the times now. I started a game as Arsenal, and as I wanted to play 2 up front but still retain a 3 man midfield, I've settled on a 32212 formation (see below). This necessitated some recruitment in defence, but I managed to nab De Ligt for £31m and Cahill for (relative) pennies. De Ligt seemed like a perfect Ball-Playing CB, but I thought it was a perfect time to experiment with a new role, the Libero My logic behind my formation (see attached): I wanted to fit my best three attacking players in (Lac, Auba and Ozil). Ozil moves between a Treq or a AP(s) depending on the opposition (weaker/teams with a DM = former, stronger/teams I want to pressure their DM = latter) A back three, incorporating a Libero(S) as a new role I've never really used before. He's on Support as I don't want to abandon his fellow CBs too much WBs to provide some width, with Bellerin a more natural attacking option on CWB and Monreal a little more conservative on WB(S) This leaves a pair of CM. I've gone for a BWM on the CWB side to help cover the CWB bombing forward. A BBM on the other side. Now, the obvious change is to make the BBM a DLP(D) or something similar, but I once read somewhere that it wasn't a great idea to have ball attracting CMs in front of the Libero and instead to have players as passing options from the Libero. Definitely don't want anyone in the DM strata at the very least. Logic behing my style: High defensive line and low block to congest the middle, where my best players are. No point engaging too high as I don't have any pressure on the opposite FBs and I want my Libero to be close to the midfield, so I pushed the line higher Play out from the back, distribute to CBs and through the middle, where my best players are and to encourage using the Libero Regroup but counter when getting possession. See point one. Defend wider and stay on feet, as I have 5 defenders at times, so I don't have as much space in the backline and I can get my WBs to press the opposition wingers instead of tucking in next to my CBs (see my issues later) I move from cautious/standard/positive depending on the opposition and home/away Things going well: Auba is league top scorer with 7, with Laca on 3 (both just league, altogether it's 8 and 5) Torreira is one of the top tacklers in the league 6th in league for goals scored Things I am having issue with: Firstly, I'm not getting great results. (10th in the league after 8 games, For 15/Against 14) Conceding quite a lot, with a lot of goals coming from outside the box with my players sitting in the box. I'm not really being hit on the counter or letting shots get away within the box, but I would expect my keeper to have saved more of the shots from outside the area (a low Expected Goals area) My WBs still drop into to a tight back 5, giving the opposition wingers loads of room My Libero doesn't seem to be doing anything that I wouldn't just expect a standard ball-playing CB to be doing. He rarely steps out of the back line and has attempted not many more passes than his CB compadres (31/90mins c.f. 28 and 29 for Cahill and Socratis) -albeit more of them are successful. Similar tackles as well. My WB see an awful lot of the ball. They do seem to be in space quite a lot admittedly, but I was expecting to funnel the ball more through the middle and my team isn't really set up for crossing. My top two assisters are Bellerin (3) and Monreal (2) Ozil is playing relatively poor, no assists and generally looks disinterested or other poor body language in games (albeit has three goals) Anyone got any pointers or major flaws in my tactic? Anything too contradictory? How can I get my Libero to be more of a playmaker and actually get involved in the game? (Just to note, I'm off to Download Festival early tomorrow morning, so apologies if I don't reply until I get back on Monday but I thought I'd get my thoughts down on paper whilst they are in my head)
  12. What is the on-pitch detriment for playing players out of position? Just decisions? Reason I ask is that I am playing a 32212 with Arsenal with a back three and two wingbacks. I find that quite often my wingbacks drop into a back 5 despite being on WB(A), even when defending against a narrow, single striker formation. This leaves the opposition wingers plenty of space to attack and get a run on my defence, and I'd rather my WB sat further up the pitch when defending (with the CB covering the space behind if the opposition get past). I'm thinking of moving them into the midfield strata against more defensive teams (effectively a 3412) but I'm not sure whether to ditch them and just play poor wingers in that case (when I don't have any real options as I don't use them) or push the WBs up.
  13. Once tactical familiarity is nigh-on-perfect, is there any point in having training sessions dedicated to Match Preview and Review or will they stay nigh-on-perfect just by playing matches and I can utilise the sessions more efficiently on something else? Cheers.
  14. The biggest giveaway to me is that, in threads like this, the OP has repeatedly tried to win the "unwinnable" game by multiple save-repeats. This implies to me that they have qualms with this technique, therefore I am forever dubious to the fact that they are actually a good team with good tactics and setup, and instead believe that they are probably top of the league because they have done the same save-repeat whenever results haven't gone their way. This has worked for them in the past, and got them to the top of the league, through trial and error, but now they are actually facing a difficult match, their only flawed logic is that game is obviously rigged.
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