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  1. Sometimes going on holiday for a day solves "game stuck" style bugs, might be worth a go. Incidentally, bug or intentional, it shouldn't stop you from playing if your training is at 110% of a typical match. It is possible that you could train your team for more than a 90 minute game in a day, even if it isn't a good idea to do so.
  2. What a ridiculous requirement. No manager has direct responsibility for the level of training facilities, the best they can do is ask the board to improve them. If the board want the best in the world, they should just improve them without having to be asked...
  3. Hmm, this gives me some ideas for my 36 yr old Messi on FM19...
  4. I'm still on FM19 at the moment, but my most recent save started as a 3412 with Arsenal as an experiment to play with 2 strikers whilst still squeezing Ozil in. Over the 5 seasons at Arsenal, as I improved the squad and youths came through, this morphed into a narrow 4312 then into a 433 for the last two seasons, during which I would 3 back to back league titles, a Europa league trophy and a Champions league trophy, plus a smattering of domestic cups. I then moved to Barcelona, where I am still using a 433 as a base tactic in my first season with them, but I have changed a few roles to better suit the players I now have (who are all old and almost past it - the AI recruitment leaves a lot to be desired). I do also tweak roles according to the players sometimes (e.g. I have a great right winger, pacey and strong, but when I play a 36 year old Messi in the same spot, I can't expect the same results, so I tweak the role to an AP and adjust the players around slightly to accommodate Messi's lack of mobility). Throughout the game, I do occasionally freshening things up with a second tactic, normally something hyper-aggressive like a 442 diamond with CWBs but I rarely play more than a couple of games a season with it.
  5. These are my thoughts, which may be well off the mark, but are what I would personally do with your tactic and my understanding of the game. All of these thoughts come from my own fairly successful 433 with Arsenal/Barca in my current save, but it depends a lot on the players you have as well. With a Winger on the Left, the Wingback is a little redundant as they will end up in the same space. Either change the WB to FB or the W to IF. I personally always alternate the two attack/support duties rather than duplicate (e.g. W(A) with FB(S)) You say that your IF(S) on the right doesn't seem to defend much, so nothing really to lose in changing to IF(A) You want to play out from the back but I personally find the BPDs tend to make crazy long passes rather than building from the back, often making a great pass but to an isolated striker who loses the ball before they get support. Maybe try CD but retain the play out from the back TI and see how you like it With a player with the right stats, the A could be changed to a DLP which will have several effects. Firstly, I find my CDs are more likely to look to this player as an outball from defence, encouraging playing out from the back, but also it adds a spark of creativity in midfield. BBM and RPM are both roaming roles, which is fine with A behind, but if you switch A to a DLP, consider changing the RPM role to something a little more stable (CM(S) are underrated I think, and I often use CM(A) in my formations as well). If you are happy with two playmakers in the middle (I'm not against that myself and often utilise it), then an AP(A) could be an interesting option. CF try to do everything in attack, often dropping too deep in the build up for my liking personally, so I typically use a AF or PF up front, and try to get players around them rather than vice versa. Might be worth trying a switch. High tempo/Pass into space is great for counterattacks, but I don't feel it is suited to better teams who are expected to dominate games. It can work wonders and open up opposition defences occasionally, but I feel it is more likely to just lose position against teams sitting back and defending.
  6. Howdy. Technically, I'm still playing FM19 atm, but I imagine this is applicable to pretty much any recent FM. After 5 glorious years at Arsenal, culminating in 3 back-to-back titles and my last game being a 5:1 demolition of Man U in the Champions League final, I took a new challenge of managing Barcelona (they headhunted me). Unfortunately though, whilst they have a few big name players, the key players are the wrong side of 35. Messi (36), Suarez (36), Busquets (35) and Alba (34 and retiring in a month anyway) all still possess amazing stats but have all understandably had major reductions in the physical side of the game. Throw into the mix a relatively poor transfer budget and De Jong getting injured looking the wrong way in the wind, and it is a wonder that I am 2nd in the league at the moment. Admittedly, that 2nd place is from playing other players (blew my budget on Tierney at LB and signed a couple of younger players on loan, like Haaland) yet those first 3 of those players above eat up 900k a week of my wage budget, so it would be nice to get them involved (preferably before they start moaning too much). I did manage to get Messi happy with less playing time, but Suarez and Busquets both complained, and all three are the highest influences in the dressing room so probably not a great idea to annoy them too much so early in my Barcelona stint. Whilst at Arsenal, I went through a few successful tactics over the years, but my last two seasons had a lot of success with a 433 high energy pressing game. Taking these ideas and tweaking them for Barcelona, I've come up with the following, which has given me good results up to yet (opening day loss led to some tweaking). How would you approach tweaking this to get the best out of some ageing superstars who can't run or press without overhauling the entirety of the tactics?
  7. I'm on v19.3.6-1242975 (m.e v1931) and it still happened last night. Don't expect anything to change now that FM20 is out though.
  8. Shame this doesn't work for things like the Champions League final (FM19), where I am currently playing Man U who have 9 first teamers away on international duty and I have 7, including every CB option I have...
  9. Have you checked your freekick routines and seeing who is set where? Sounds to me like you have your GK set in an outfield position as part of the routine.
  10. Hey, I'm still on FM19 at the moment, and I have a query regarding my FFP for Wages. I am predicted to fail with a projected £6m spend, but I haven't actually spent over £4.8m at any point, probably averaging closer to £4m. Current wage is £4.3m, considerably lower than the projected. I failed last year as well (can't recall the number) and was fined, which I don't mind too much, but I am keen to avoid a points deduction. Last year, I ended up offloading some high earners and gave youth a chance (and still won the league but no cups) and I don't want to gamble again. I have 4 16 yr olds joining in a couple of years time for time wages each, but no others. I am currently paying around £50k in total in wages to players who I have sold which all finish at the end of the year. Any ideas? Is there some sort of weird algorithm calculating this?
  11. In my current save, I've evolved through three different formations in three seasons. I started with 2 great forwards and a great AP, so to get them all the play together, I went with a 3412* but I wasn't getting much success, so it switched to a narrow 4312 which was very successful and won me the league. However, ageing players and some good prospects coming through meant that I wanted to get more wing play involved (particularly as I had struggled in some games against narrow defences as well), so I am currently storming the league with a more traditional 433. It's been fun developing the different tactics, but it has hit my transfer budget a little getting playing staff in for the various differences in roles, and I have had a few issues where I've got three great strikers vying for places in my 2 striker formations suddenly having to try and squeeze into 1 striker formations. *back three to allow the WB to get high and provide width
  12. To my eyes, it kind of looks like a usual back 4 (with effectively both CB on stopper) with a sweeper behind them, just with an extremely high line. How are offsides managed?
  13. There are also traits like "argues with officials", which can be very far from beneficial in certain circumstances. In real life as well, it makes it far easier to defend against someone who always does the same thing, defender can read it like a book or force the player onto their other foot if they can't start a dribble on their weaker left. Whether this is replicated in the ME is a different matter obviously.
  14. I have a great FM19 save at the moment with Arsenal that I am really enjoying, plus I generally wait until after Xmas for the sales and Jan update (+ obvious bug fixes).
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