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  1. TWO YEARS ON Another season which saw a lot of players leaving. Brian Kerr DC got shipped out to Celtic which had the side benefit of giving Banbridge Town a lot of money which turned them pro. Juan Carlos DC seems a reasonable replacement for Skopljanac DC but the failure to replace Owino AML looks like a big mistake They did however do quite well in the Champions League although they were scraping through the knockout rounds. Another missed opportunity here I feel and this could be the miss which costs them the most as I can't see them making another final next season given how much of a struggle it was this season They lost a game but no other team is anywhere close to challenging them So close to a clean sweep in the domestic cups, Douglas was manager of the year once again. Crusaders bounced back from the Championship rather easily although they were challenged throughout by surprise package Immaculata. The DBP recovered its position in 8th in the competition rankings which was aided by the better than average season of the other N. Irish teams in Europe. This season saw Linfield, Cliftonville & Portadown make the EL group stage although all 3 finished rock bottom of their groups. Ballymena United had their group stage dreams destroyed by a rampant Fiorentina who battered them 5-1 on aggregate in the 3rd qualifying round. Glentoran have reverted back to semi-pro status which means that next season 7/12 of the teams in the top flight will be professional. Man Utd won the UEFA Super Cup beating FC Metz 3-2 after extra time in a closely fought encounter The UEFA Europa League was hosted in Turkey by Trabzonspor and won by Man City after an absolute trouncing of FC Porto in the final, 5-1 it ended The English Premier League was retained by Chelsea with Man City, Man Utd & Arsenal completing the top 4 in that order. Middlesbrough managed an impressive 6th place finish and Europa League football while Tottenham languished in mid-table and finished 12th. Southampton, Leicester & Millwall got relegated and next season will see Nottingham Forest, Leeds and winners of the playoffs QPR join the EPL. As expected, Real Madrid once again topped La Liga but the shock was that Valladolid finished 2nd showing that they aren't just a flash in the pan and continuing what has been a superb period in the clubs history which is remarkable considering how wealthy their competitors are in comparison Ligue 1 was retained by PSG but it was a really exciting title battle this season with them only winning it on goal difference by one goal. Troyes who finished 2nd and Lille who finished 3rd really gave PSG a run for their money this season and had they not had to play each other on the final day which saw them draw maybe the result would have been different. Lyon were appalling this season finishing in 15th Serie A was an open and shut case this season with Juventus running away early and finishing the season with a whopping 12 point lead over 2nd placed Fiorentina. Dortmund reclaimed their title as top dogs in Germany and Bayern Munich did well after last seasons debacle to finish in 3rd and claim a Champions League spot. Benfica won the title in Portugal easily with Sporting in 2nd some way back and FC Porto even further back in 3rd. The other teams in Portugal must be despairing given that 4th placed Braga finished 20 points behind Porto, the gap at this point appears to be insurmountable Celtic made it 15 in a row and absolutely demolished the SPL this season finishing 13 points clear of 2nd placed Dundee. Rangers had another abysmal season finishing 5th behind both Dundee clubs and this time Hearts. I think their crushing debt burden from building a 98,000 capacity ground may be the cause of the them performing so badly In the Republic of Ireland, Dundalk won the title again and look likely to do so again having a 14 point lead at the half way point. They too suffer from a serious debt burden caused by building a 38,000 capacity stadium but the rest of the teams are so poor they have no chance of capitalizing on any weakness Newtown won the title in Wales with last seasons champions Afan Lido not even capable of making the top 6. TNS came back and finished 9th only two points clear of relegation. I find what is happening in Wales quite strange as all the teams are professional. How is it that a league which is 86th in the rankings and has much worse prize money than the DBP has all the teams professional where as the DBP isn't fully professional when its 8th in the rankings. Something is incredibly unbalanced here INTERNATIONAL TEAM TOURNAMENTS Italy managed to win Euro 2084 beating England in the final. There hasn't been many shocks in the European Championship over the years with perhaps Croatia winning in 2040 and Norway and Ukraine making finals coming closest to a surprise. I complained about Nigeria and them not winning the African Cup of Nations since the career started and then they go and win it on penalties against Ivory Coast in 2085. The Gold Cup will start in July but this season the roster of teams competing seems disappointing given that both the USA and Costa Rica will be fielding B teams. Given that's the case I'd be very surprised if we didn't see a Mexico win. CLUB TEAM TOURNAMENTS The FIFA World Club Cup was unsurprisingly won by Man Utd beating Palmeiras 3-1 in the final I must be blind!!...That stupid bug with the Copa Libatadores has occured in my save game too. The last tournament that was scheduled was in 2049 with the winners being Atletico Mineiro since then nothing. The same with the Copa Sudamericana as it also has not been scheduled since 2049, no wonder the South American player market has become so weak as they don't get to play any top quality games The African Champions League was won yet again by Zamalek making it 41 times now. How any team can be so utterly dominant says something really bad about the quality of the rest of the club teams in Africa Bidvest Wits won the Confederation Cup with the title alternating between North & South African winners. They couldn't however overcome Zamalek in the Super Cup losing 2-1 In a replay of the Asian Champions League final of last season this time Guangzhou came out on top winning 3-2 on aggregate over Kuwait SC. I'm really disappointed with the Australian representation though, they didn't even have a team make the Quarter Finals with Brisbane Roar getting battered 5-0 by Shandong in the 2nd Round The Asian Confederations Cup was won by Myanmar outfit Yangon United. They have also made the quarter final stage again so they might win it which will make it 3 times in 4 years and start a mini domination of the tournament which has been really unpredictable. The North American Champions League was won by Tigres of Mexico and has once again been dominated by the American and Mexican sides. The Oceania Champions League was won by Hawke's Bay over Auckland City continuing the unshakable dominance of the New Zealand sides in the competition.
  2. Hall of fame points

    I feel this could do with some revision as how it works currently is broken in my opinion. If you have a long term save and have improved the stature of a low reputation league dramatically you'll still get the same points for winning the league as you would had the reputation of the league remained exactly the same which isn't right. I feel it needs to be linked into the competitions reputation as otherwise it doesn't really make sense. Additionally, why is it that points are only awarded to winners of the cups? If the Hall of Fame is to have any meaning in determining who is the greatest manager of all time it should reflect the difficulty of certain achievements. For e.g. if Eddie Howe was to reach the Champions League semi-final with Bournemouth next season that would be seen as an exceptional job where as Zidane winning the Champions League last season isn't seen that way given the vast resources and players he has at his disposal, some could even argue that it was expected that he'd win it. The system how it currently works rewards managers at 'big' clubs for not doing anything out of the ordinary while it penalizes vastly overachieving managers at smaller clubs.
  3. ONE YEAR ON My successor was Brazilian manager Michael Douglas He arrived from Atletico Madrid and I thought he was a good choice given his management career up to that point which is shown below. I was left slightly less comfortable when I saw what he did with transfers He basically gutted the entire squad and sold players at a great loss for the club financially, I have to give him credit though as he wasn't afraid to reinvest the money and get in some quality As for the season, well it was a lot better than I thought it would be, he almost guided them to a perfect season in the DBP at the first time of asking drawing only away at Portadown He didn't manage to win either the UEFA Super Cup or FIFA Club World Cup but did get all the way to the Champions League Final losing 3-1 to Man United. They won all the domestic cups and Douglas was awarded manager of the year. As for the other N. Irish clubs, on the domestic front the nation witnessed the shock relegation of professional outfit Crusaders from the DBP. The DBP also fell slightly in the rankings from 8th to 9th. It was another disappointing season for the N. Irish contingent in Europe with only two participants in the group stage of the Europa League, Cliftonville and Linfield who both finished in 3rd in their respective groups. Stade de Reims won the UEFA Super Cup defeating Chimney Corner 1-0 The UEFA Europa League was won by FC Metz continuing a recent French resurgence in the tournament defeating Bordeaux 2-0 in the final which bizarrely was held in Lyon The English Premier League was won by Chelsea in what has emerged as one of the most predictable leagues in all of Europe with the teams which were dominant at the very start of the career continuing to be dominant Real Madrid remained kings of La Liga finishing 4 points clear of deadly rivals Barcelona with surprise outfit Valladolid finishing 4th after last seasons 2nd placed finish Once again Ligue 1 was won by PSG who have totally dominated French football since the beginning finishing 5 points clear of Bordeaux Serie A has however remained competitive with a range of different teams winning the competition since the start of the 2070s. This year the winner was Roma with Juventus in 2nd The Bundesliga was narrowly won by Schalke 04 breaking Dortmunds mini domination of the league. The shock came with Bayern Munich who finished in a lowly 11th place while Borussia MGB were relegated in 17th after flirting with relegation for the last few seasons No real surprises in Portgual with a closely fought title battle between the big 3 resulting in Sporting emerging victorious. No team outside the Big 3 has finished in the top 3 since season 50/51 when Braga broke through to claim a Champions League place The Scottish Premier League was once again won by Celtic who are on a run of 14 straight title victories and are completely dominant. Perhaps the shock of the season is that Rangers finished 4th behind both Dundee clubs In the Republic of Ireland, Dundalk have won the title every season since the start bar one when Derry City beat them to it by a point in season 2022 In Wales, Afan Lido won the title but most shocking of all it was a title won without the presence of TNS in the league who had been relegated the season before and have become somewhat of a yo-yo team over the last decade. All the more surprising given how utterly dominant they were up until the early 2030s On the international scene, Euro 2084 is taking place in Poland & Ukraine and has reached the 2nd Round with the following fixtures, With no real surprises except N. Ireland who had to navigate a relatively easy group to get there The World Cup history is as follows, England still haven't been able to end their wait for a World Cup win although they have come close and hosted the tournament a century after their one and only victory. Mexico have emerged as a new powerhouse in international football winning the tournament 3 times. Austria broke their World Cup cherry in 2030, all the sweeter for beating Germany in the final. The story of the career however is the Spanish dominance that has taken place with them winning 5 world cups. The next tournament will be held in the land of Uncle Sam in 2086 The African Cup of nations has been a largely predictable tournament with the African powerhouses dominant but there has been the occasional upset with Guinea-Bissau winning in 2075 and Guinea winning in 2025. It has however been really poor from Nigeria who haven't won it at all Nothing too out of the ordinary with the Asian Nations Cup although it appears that China might be emerging as a new force in Asian international football I'm not really sure what to make of this to be honest. The Gold Cup has seen some upsets along the way but been largely won by the big nations in North America. I'm stunned to see that Mexico B has won it 3 times but also pleased to see Jamaica, Canada, Panama & El Salvador have their moments of glory. In Oceania, well New Zealand are just running the show there hammering teams and winning the Nations Cup and qualifying place for the World Cup with complete ease The Copa America has been eventful with the B teams from nations outside South America actually faring pretty well As for club tournaments around the world, The Copa Libatadores was won by Atletico Mineiro of Brazil continuing their utter domination of the competition The Copa Sudamericana was won by Estudiantes of Argentina although they went on to lose the South American version of the Super Cup The African Champions League was won by Egyptian side Zamalek adding to their record 40 times of lifting the trophy. The Northern African clubs have been dominant here with only fleeting wins from South African sides Kaiser Chiefs and Bidvest Wits. There has been no winners from clubs based in Western, Eastern or Central Africa which is a shame Things haven't been much better in the African Confederation Cup for non Northern / Southern African clubs sides either. ES Sahel from Tunisia won it this time around and in all the years the career has been running only two teams have won the title that aren't from Northern or Southern Africa. They have been TP Mazembe who have won it 4 times for DR Congo & Angola based Desportivo Primeiro who have won it twice. The Asian Champions League was won by Kuwait SC beating perennial challengers Guangzhou in the final. This is probably one of the most balanced continental club tournaments as no team really dominates it and the winners come from a range of different countries. It is however disappointing that there hasn't been at least 1 Australian team win it, there hasn't really been an shocks of note although Binh Duong of Vietnam reached the final in 2064 losing to Qadsia and Teraktor of Iran reached the final in 2045 losing to S. Korean Jeonbuk. The Asian Confederations Cup has been a different story however with a whole host of different nations in Asia providing winners. This seasons trophy was won by Uzbek side Lokomotiv Toshkent beating U.A.E. based Al Ahli in the final. Among the nations which have produced winners, Myanmar, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Vietnam, India, Iran, Lebanon, Indonesia & Thailand which makes it really competitive and unpredictable. The North American Champions League was won by Toluca of Mexico and has been bossed by the Mexican teams the whole time. In the fleeting seasons (few and far between that they are) where a non-Mexican team has won it the team has been from the U.S.A. If anybody wants an idea for an almost impossible challenge for FM18 try being a club side from any nation outside Mexico or the U.S.A. and win the North American Champions League...good luck with that!! Finally, for the Oceania Champions League, well, much like the national side the New Zealand teams have completely taken over and the winner of the tournament is usually the winners of the New Zealand Premier League. It was Auckland City's turn this time around but Hawke's Bay have won the trophy often also. It's a bleak picture for the other teams but there has been the odd shock when the Amateur side have bested their Semi-Pro opponent from New Zealand. It has happened twice with Hekari United in 2058 who come from Papua New Guinea and with Ba FC from Fiji in 2028.
  4. This is the N. Irish national team when I retired. I'll also attach the career history of the 3 most highly valued players in the squad. He has the accolade of being the record goal scorer for N. Ireland Banbridge Town must be absolutely gutted to have missed out on so much money, in a sense this just highlights the problem with the N. Irish teams. Selling their best players for peanuts and missing out on a fortune which they could use to build up their respective clubs. Banbridge Town seem to have a great habit of producing high potential youngsters which is surprising given there isn't anything special with their facilities or coaching. The national team are currently 29th in the World Rankings and have been as high as 15th during the career which they achieved in September 2080. They have made the Euros in 2084 and topped a group containing Poland, Serbia & Georgia. They will play England in the 2nd Round who they have a terrible record against having at best only managed draws against and often succumbing to heavy defeats. The quality of the team has definitely improved but given that the team have only made 2 world cups since the save started in 2034 & 2078, 4 Euros in 2020, 2068, 2080 & 2084 and only occasionally graced the top league of the international league (Group A) they haven't really emerged as a force in international football.
  5. Cheers, I'll do it then, first review coming up
  6. If anybody has any requests for screenshots (previous World Cup winners, Ball d'Or winners etc..) I'll be happy to post them. I am curious about how the club will cope now that I've retired so I'm giving serious thought to adding another manager and holidaying forward to see how things develop and say providing a mini review of the game world as a whole after 1, 2, 5 & 10 seasons. I'm not 100% sold on the idea but it might be interesting...would anyone want to see that?
  7. Chimney Corner F.C. Season 2082 / 2083 Season Expectations Finish the career in style and attempt a clean sweep along with a perfect league season League Table - I guess the perfect season just wasn't meant to be. We did however break the goals scored record again FIFA Club World Cup - One of the easiest victories the teams had in this competition UEFA Super Cup - It was a narrow win but never really looked in doubt UEFA Champions League - A fitting end with our 20th Champions League win Domestic Cups - We couldn't clean sweep as the Challenge Cup campaign again suffered from international call-ups, the Irish Cup Final penalty shootout loss was disappointing Reserves - A fairly good season for the backup team Under 18s - I thought they were on the way to winning the UEFA Youth League to provide a great ending for them but had their dreams crushed by a quality Dortmund U19s team in the semi final Squad – I kept the spine of the team intact although I did sell some of the best players which may come as a surprise. The squad is however in fantastic shape and has a good blend of youth and experience Cash Transfers – Even with our status as the most reputable team in the world we still find it very difficult to hold onto players as the DBP is still way below the standard of the top leagues in Europe. As a result, to avoid any tantrums with players wanting leave I let them go for a reasonable price. I had to spend big in order to replace the quality lost but I think I did well and the signings all performed well Free Transfers – Nothing too much of note here except the departure of Dodig GK who insisted on a ridiculous £98Kp/w to be a 2nd choice goalkeeper which in no way was I willing to pay, when he refused to leave after his contract expired I released him Player Of The Season Santi Sierra – ST - Average Rating : 7.93 He came to the club for a big fee but he has been sensational. I never thought that Imanol Martin and his record would ever be broken, well he did it and averaged better than a goal per game in the league Young Player Of The Season Pieter van Dijk – MC - Average Rating : 7.82 If I have any regrets about ending the career now is that I won't see this guy develop. I had to break the clubs record transfer fee paid to land him but he is an exceptional talent who is considered world class at 21 Finances – The board injected in £21.5M after the screenshot giving my successor at least a reasonable chance of being able to hold onto players. These really have been a see-saw throughout this whole career and I dread to think how much of a balance I would have accumulated had the career been played in England with the same penny pinching style that I had to use here. I think this is an area of the game that needs work as even though the club is restricted in some sense by playing in N. Ireland given the level of continental & international success, I would expect to able to generate significantly more revenue through private sponsorship deals that aren't tied to the league Facilities – I think that is a really good legacy to leave for the club and should provide a level of sustainability going forwards Youth Intake – I did the same as the previous two seasons with the intake. I feel this is another area of the game that could do with some work. I've spent a fortune on improving all the aspects which influence the quality of the youth intake and have received very little back League Reputation – Nice to end with the league on an upward trajectory. I'm a bit disappointed to see how little the other N. Irish teams have improved in Europe in all these years. Only Cliftonville has ever made it to the group stages of the Champions League which really ruined any chance of the league rising any further. Why hasn't the league developed further? The short answer is money, the longer answer is that it is some combination of a lack of money, lack of ability of the AI to look beyond the UK & Ireland for players, poor management, lack of ambition and inability to develop young N. Irish talent Club Domestic Reputation – Donegal Celtic survived but nothing else of note happened Club European Reputation – The perfect end to a remarkable career
  8. Thanks guys, it's been an adventure that's for sure . It's extraordinary to think that it took until 2054 to win the first champions league trophy. Last season review coming up
  9. Winning the UEFA Super Cup in the second competitive game of the new season done it which ensures that season 82/83 will be the last of the career. After checking the trophies screen I've come to see that winning the DBP for season 82/83 will make us the team with the highest number of title wins surpassing Linfield's incredible 58 which is a result I would have never thought possible. I'm going to try really hard to get the perfect season in the DBP as that is the only thing which we haven't managed, beating Linfield 4-0 at Windsor Park on the opening day is a great start.
  10. Chimney Corner F.C. Season 2081 / 2082 Season Expectations After two failed attempts I want to avoid the hat trick and become World Champions in addition to remaining kings of Europe League Table - An unbeaten season which saw the club break the goals scored in a season record FIFA Club World Cup - It was a harder draw than last time but we won the title relatively comfortably in China UEFA Super Cup - A game which could have gone either way went to Liverpool. McMinn hit a wonderful 30 yard shot to give us the lead but our shooting overall was poor. Profligacy proved to be our downfall UEFA Champions League - A steady campaign with a few scares along the way. When Chelsea scored in the 1st minute of the final I thought we might struggle but we came back brilliantly and deserved the win Domestic Cups - International call-ups scuppered our attempt at getting a clean sweep but I was pleased to see the weakened side take professional outfit Ballymena all the way to penalties Reserves - Runners up and a cup, not bad considering that the team was mainly grey players Under 18s - Not the best of seasons for the youth team, the lack of talent coming into the club in recent seasons appears to be taking its toll Squad – I'm contented with the state of the first team at the moment as I feel that we have good options for all positions. I'll always look for improvements but as it stands the quality of player available is sufficient. If moves are to be made in the transfer market next season then a goalkeeper would be a priority with any other signings more than likely being a result of sales and the need to sign replacements Cash Transfers – My only major signing was Lopez DC who was rock solid at the heart of the defence and represented good value for money. The majority of the other signings were from N. Irish clubs youth teams who had high potential. As soon as I signed them I put them into the youth team and I'm hoping that when given the chance to train at world class facilities it will have a beneficial effect on them and help the national team. I also included percentage of next fee clauses (even though I didn't need to) in the hope that if I develop them well enough the selling team will get further income down the line. The club made a nice little profit, especially nice considering that all transfers out (with perhaps the exception of Martinez) I wanted to leave Free Transfers – Hasledin DC leaving was a great loss both financially and for the quality of the team but on the flip side Izquierdo MC was a superb acquisition. The clear out of low ability players continued but pleasingly they all found clubs at a more suitable level. It's somewhat odd to see a bunch of Mexicans and Argentinians plying their trade at non league N. Irish league sides but good on them for sticking at it Player Of The Season Dominic Beste – ST - Average Rating : 7.84 "You're simply the Beste, better than all the rest...better than anyone...anyone I've ever met". Any striker that can score 44 goals in a season is fine by me, a free wonderkid, can't ask for more than that Young Player Of The Season Sami Derbali – AMR - Average Rating : 7.98 The selling of Salas opened the door for him and he really grasped the opportunity. A superb season from the youngster who has been attracting interest from EPL sides. I've given him a pay rise so hopefully that'll keep prying eyes away Finances – The balance looks quite healthy and as a result instead of pumping money in the board decided to pay themselves £7.5M in dividends. At least I have the security of knowing that if I need to buy a player the money is available Facilities – The training facilities needed an upgrade and that was done immediately Youth Intake – I terminated the trials of players which didn't have at least 2 black stars which gave us 7 players in this intake. Nothing special here hopefully I'll be able to poach some higher potential youngsters from other N. Irish teams League Reputation – Very nice indeed, not only did the league improve its position in the table the nations coefficient also improved meaning slightly later entry for one of the teams in the Europa League qualifiers. This was facilitated by the fact that we had 3 teams compete in the group stage of the Europa League this season. 2 teams finished bottom of their group and another 3rd so they didn't do much once there but their presence was helpful for the coefficient. If we could get teams in the Champions League that would really see the country skyrocket up the rankings Club Domestic Reputation – Donegal Celtic will participate in the final season of the career after getting promotion but the Mac couldn't bounce back Club European Reputation – I so badly want that top spot, I don't feel it would be fitting to retire with us not at the summit hopefully next season we can grab it from Chelsea
  11. If I was not able to bring in Beste as a replacement on a free then I wouldn't have sold him as he has truly exceptional attributes for the Complete Forward role I play him in. In the next season update you'll see how well Beste has developed and be able to compare the two. I'd also add that my next season review will be the penultimate one of the career as I now sit only 50 points behind the leader of the Hall of Fame which should mean I hit the summit at some point in season 82/83.
  12. Chimney Corner F.C. Season 2080 / 2081 Season Expectations Retain the Champions League and reclaim our world champion status League Table - A dominant season with only Cliftonville able to provide any challenge FIFA Club World Cup - Credit must go to the Moroccan team for keeping us out in regulation time. Their goalkeeper pulled off some fine saves and their game plan of holding on to possession and congesting the middle of the pitch worked really well against us. It was a great learning experience though as I discovered more about my team and tactic in defeat than I would have done had we sneaked through on penalties. Taking what I learned into the playoff saw a dramatic turn around for us as we beat much stronger opposition in a convincing manner UEFA Super Cup - An evenly matched encounter which was settled by an indirect free kick UEFA Champions League - A very satisfactory campaign which saw us top our group and lose only once. This time the penalty shootout went in our favour for the semi final as our goalkeeper pulled off some great saves Domestic Cups - A well deserved clean sweep with the performances in the finals being the most impressive Reserves - A very good season for the backup team Under 18s - They performed largely in line with expectations given that for the majority of the season they didn't have a goalkeeper in their ranks Squad – A plethora of new faces came into the club which I felt we needed to give us the level of depth required to compete on all fronts. Guyot ST unfortunately suffered a broken ankle in December which makes it two serious long term injuries in a calendar year even though he isn't considered injury prone. As bad as losing him was it meant I was forced to give playing time to new signing Beste ST who took full advantage of the opportunity to become top scorer and has developed magnificently. Haseldin DC looks like he wants to leave on a free transfer for Arsenal but outside of that it looks like we will be able to retain all of our best players for next season. I will still be looking to improve the squad next season though, if I can find that quality DMC who can play the defensive midfielder role well then I think we have a good chance of having another great season Cash Transfers – This season I decided to splash the cash a bit and try to bring in high potential young players to give the squad a bit of a refresh. The signings which I felt had the most positive impact were Skopljanac DC, Toussaint DR & Avramovic MC. Kerr DC was a youth player who my scouts think has great potential so I'll be looking forward to see how I can accommodate him next season once he returns from his loan to Banbridge Town. The rest of the signings either didn't feature much, weren't in the first team or went out on loan Free Transfers – The emptying out of players which didn't have a future here continued with a lot of players which I couldn't get work permits for also being released, expect more of the same next season. Without question the signings of the season came from the free transfer market, Owino AML & Beste ST were brilliant with Salas AMR doing well in patches also. Quite a few players signed for free however didn't impress and will most likely be leaving, Dodic GK was unable to displace Agnaldo GK which wasn't great considering that he is the 2nd highest paid player at the club, however there is also the benefit that any fee I can generate by selling him will be profit Player Of The Season Chris Owino – AML - Average Rating : 7.80 What a great player he is, I played him through the middle a lot through the season given that I had to give games to Mellqvist AML & Altrichter AML who are also world class players in his position. You wouldn't have been able to tell though as he played in the central midfield as well as he does on the left wing Young Player Of The Season Rogelio Capelo – AMR - Average Rating : 7.89 Deportivo must be kicking themselves that they sent him to us as a youth player. He came of age this season and has matured into a fantastic player. He created the most assists and scored a fair few goals himself in addition to scoring the highest average rating at the club. My coaches feel that he has peaked but even if that is the case he could be brilliant as he is for the club for many years to come Finances – I feel that I have a reasonable handle on these now and even after the spending spree we are still comfortable. An Asian soft drinks manufacturer gave us around £20M which was great and the board pumped in £12.5M then another £21.5M after the screenshot was taken. This all means that next season I have some flexibility in the transfer market and be able to sign a few reinforcements if needed Facilities – No changes Youth Intake – I decided to give youth contracts to all the players with 2* (including black stars) or greater potential who had good personalities. I made the exception of signing the unambitious Grant GK as I needed a goalkeeper in the youth team, the rest of the players had their trials terminated League Reputation – A slight fall which hopefully can be made up next season with a little help from the other teams. I feel that I may need to change my tactic if I ever want to help the league develop. I'm going to stop loaning players out and instead start selling them players, that way at least they can get the resale value once they develop them which should help them build their stockpiles of money up and hopefully make it possible for them to invest in infrastructure Club Domestic Reputation – Donegal Celtic came close to getting promoted but were beaten by Banbridge in the playoff final. Immaculata didn't fare too badly in the DBP even though they finished bottom and my affiliate Distillery survived in the Championship Club European Reputation – Getting close to the summit again
  13. @borivoje213 I have no problem with a degree of mystery but it's where you draw the line. That is why the Civilopedia from the Civilization series would be a good template for FM to copy as every game concept that exists in the game is explained. The concern I see expressed here is that it will make the game easier when in the Civilization series it doesn't at all, reading the Civilopedia won't make you a great player but it at least allows the player to pinpoint where they might be going wrong and what they have misunderstood. Given that the information is coming from the makers of the game (who should know their game better than anybody else) it can be seen as reliable where as subjective opinions of those which aren't involved in that way can never be as reliable which is the point the OP was trying to make. As it stands in FM entire concepts introduced in the game aren't explained at all. Team shape probably being one of the worst culprits where understanding it has to be obtained from pain staking watching of matches which for some is way too much work or reading the opinions of those which have which is what you appear to be advocating. In my opinion, that is a wholly unsatisfactory solution because the player isn't learning for themselves rather they are just parroting what others have done which doesn't actually make them any better at the game and aid their understanding in anyway. I don't think it is reasonable to expect players of a series which is released annually to have to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out core game topics which in some cases change. I'd also dispute the point that things such as how well a player crosses the ball are unknown in real life and because of this knowing the attributes which influence this in FM should be kept a mystery. These things are easily learned through watching a player on the training pitch. I'd also argue that there isn't a subjective answer to whether a player can cross the ball well, they either can or they can't. Alex Ferguson certainly didn't need a consensus from other managers in order to decide whether David Beckham could cross a ball or not which (if I've understood correctly) you seem to be saying about how it should be in FM. I do however agree with your point about the need to veer away from quantifying everything in FM with numbers. It'd be very interesting if they created a mode out of the box where attributes were hidden in a save and would make for some really interesting play and feel more natural in the respect that you would then be forced to make judgements on players like a real manager who has to depend on scouts / watching the player. Without knowing that a player has say crossing attribute 18, it'd force you to watch matches to see whether the player is a good crosser of the ball or not. It'd be an exceptionally difficult version of the game for sure but it would be far closer to reality. @pukfm I agree there should be a guide but given that isn't going to happen for FM17 (probably not FM18 either) why don't you help make one? You could start a thread in the tactics section and list what you think the attribute combinations are for each action that a player can perform and then have others chime in. It's not ideal but is a far more proactive way of trying to resolve the issue with poor documentation in the game. @Rashidi I've looked at the manual and it doesn't explain very much that you couldn't get from just playing the game and learning as you go along. I don't think people want a step by step guide in how to play but rather all the important concepts explained so they can decide how they want to play. When you mention the fact that emulating Conte and his 3-4-3 didn't work for teams in real life, yes that is true in some cases but the failure wasn't down to not knowing how the system worked but the fact that the players are completely different. The 3-4-3 works for Conte because it gets the best out of the players he has available to him which he himself only discovered after a few games. Explaining concepts such as team shape, mentalities etc. shouldn't be left to guys like you rather you should be the icing on the cake rather than the cake itself. A player should be able to pick up the game and from the in-game documentation be able to understand precisely what changing team shape does to their tactic, currently they can't which is the problem.
  14. This discussion has certainly taken an interesting turn. While I agree that there should be a degree of mystery with regards to discovering aspects of the game, where do you draw the line? Should a player really have to dig around so much to find out which attributes influence crossing ability? I don't feel you can really draw parallels with reality (unless you're Elon Musk and believe we live in a simulation) for the reason that there are numbers attached to things in FM where as there aren't in reality. Facts don't exist in reality where as they do in FM. In reality there is no such thing as a perfect player in FM theoretically there is. Could it be the case that the reason why things aren't explained well be that it would break the simulation and make the game easily exploitable? If so, then how deep a simulation can it really be when even simple things like attribute combinations could be seen as troublesome? The reason why I use chess as the analogy is because I feel that is exactly how FM should model itself. Easy to pick up and difficult to master. The difficulty of the game shouldn't arise from the players inability to grasp the fundamentals because of poor communication of how real world football translates into the FM world. The difficulty should come from the AI which understandably is limited due to current technology. A well thought out guide wouldn't make the game easier as has been suggested, all it would do is reveal how difficult the game actually is. Nobody wants a guide which gives a template for the perfect player but knowing which attributes influence set pieces surely isn't too much to ask.
  15. Why is it that anytime somebody posts about how some aspects of the game are poorly explained (which they undeniably are) that they seem to get told that it's their fault for not understanding it properly? It's impossible for them to understand certain aspects because the information available through official SI channels is either misleading or simply isn't there. How can it be reasonable that a player should have to go searching all over the place to get the correct information about core game principles? I didn't know that the finishing attribute had no bearing on penalties. I think at one point it was an in game tip for a previous version that it was a relevant attribute but it appears to have been changed. That pretty much sums up the problem. FM at the moment is a bit like playing a game of chess against a grand master who taught you how to play. You're playing and midway through the game the grand master decides to change the rules so that bishops behave like knights while leaving you out of the loop but still expecting you to accept their moves which go against everything you've been told from them about how the game works. Even when in game and the UI tries to help it ends up causing more confusion than it resolves. For e.g. take the player attribute screen, you can select a role and duty and the game will highlight attributes both primary and secondary. On the face of it, it appears to be a simplification that would help the user but really isn't because the attributes highlighted aren't affected by the actual tactic you play. Therefore say I'm playing a Very Fluid shape, that means that I would expect my players to be more complete footballers but this will not be reflected at all in the highlighted attributes or suitability for the role presented on the tactic screen which means that the UI would be presenting misleading information. That's just one example among a whole host of things which aren't explained properly such as youth recruitment, new stadiums, chairman attributes, youth rating, staff attributes, player attribute combinations, team instructions and their affect on other team instructions and so on...Seeing as penalty taking is not linked to the finishing attribute is the free kick taking attribute also not linked to the long shot attribute?