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  1. If it came across as hostile then that wasn't my intention but then again all I did was ask what specifically the OP wanted help with. The problem is that there isn't enough information in the OP to know. Posting results and a tactic which he stated he frequently changed isn't really much to go on. The best advice I can think of for the OP is to strip back some of the complexity of the tactic and define a vision of how you want your team to play. Then observe until you have a better understanding of how it translates onto the pitch. Once you have a good understanding of your system then you will be more able to identify issues and resolve them. As it stands you're just changing things and hoping for the best which understandably has left you feeling frustrated.
  2. What exactly do you want help with? You have 11 Team instructions + those associated with the Control mentality + PIs. I'd be absolutely amazed if you knew exactly what you are telling your team to do. Which is the fundamental point, if you don't know what you're trying to achieve then how can anybody else help you to achieve it? What is the vision behind the tactic? What are you observing in the away matches that differ from the home games? I think you need to be able to answer those questions before anybody will be able to help.
  3. pheelf

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    The problem with the system you posted is that it's too one-dimensional and that could be the reason why you are struggling for consistency. I think you need to figure out how to get support to your lone striker on a consistent basis as he looks completely isolated in this setup. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the role of the DM for the moment as you have bigger issues that need to be addressed first. When you say that you want to play an attacking system what do you mean by this? Attacking mentality? A system focused on attacking? Why would you want a stopper in a flat back 4 when adopting a defensive midfielder? I personally wouldn't use a stopper as part of a 2 man central defence as I think they are better utilized as part of a 3 man central defence in a system without a defensive midfielder. In a 2 man central defence if the stopper comes charging out of position he is not only breaking the defensive line he is vacating his position meaning that you are putting an extra burden on your other central defender to cover which is exacerbated if the opposition fields two strikers as the other central defender can't mark both which means that you are going to have a man free in a dangerous area. The best way to avoid conceding penalties is to prevent the opposition from getting into your box which can be done in a number of ways. I don't think you would have many issues with players attacking you centrally as you have good cover in that area. I sense that you are more than likely conceding penalties from crosses into the box. The problem is that you are going to find it very difficult to prevent those crosses with only your fullbacks defending and even then if the fullbacks have committed forward and you lose the ball you may often find opposition wide players completely unmarked and able to deliver uncontested crosses into the box. You need to find a way to defend your flanks better and prevent crosses at source especially in Ireland where the 4-4-x shape is dominant and your fullbacks can easily be outnumbered.
  4. pheelf

    Opinions on Minimal TI's

    I don't think you can win 7 consecutive titles as a result of luck. I personally feel that minimal instructions are better. If you're having to add loads of TIs to get your team playing the way you want I'd argue that you are building your tactic on the wrong foundations. Formation, mentality, shape and player duties/roles are the foundations which should enable you to get close to the style of play you want with minimal additional TIs required.
  5. pheelf

    Rising stars in Portugal - Lusitano FC

    An incredible career with a fitting end. I've never seen an AI managed team spend that much money in one season.
  6. pheelf

    Dilly-dallying with the Dollybirds

    Linfield F.C. Season 2057 / 2058 Season Expectations Win the Champions League, everything else would be nice to have but not essential. League Table - Dollingstown claimed 2nd and were the only team to trouble us but we're still miles ahead. The chasm between the top 6 and bottom 6 is huge, the fact that the entire top 6 qualified for Europe will only expand that gap further. UEFA Champions League - After the 1st leg defeat in the quarter final, I thought our goose was cooked but what followed in the 2nd leg was one of the most incredible performances I've ever seen. Once that happened I knew it was going to be our year although we needed to win a penalty shootout to clinch it. FIFA Club World Cup - Off to freezing cold Canada this time but the result was the same. UEFA Super Cup - When our former player Marambio scored a penalty against us in the 2nd minute I knew we were on a hiding to nothing, a very poor performance. Domestic Cups - We won absolutely nothing this time around. Reserves - Another record-breaking attendance in the Steel & Sons Cup but they end the season trophyless. Under 18s - Dominant domestically, perhaps a bit unlucky to lose in the UEFA Youth League. Squad – A number of surplus to requirements players will be leaving at the end of the season so I will be adding some depth to the squad next season. I'm fairly satisfied with the balance of the squad and feel that we could remain dominant for some time if we can keep our best players. Transfers – The club made a whopping great profit in the transfer market this season with Plachot DC attracting a record-breaking fee for the club. I'm very pleased with my incoming transfers especially Diaz MC & Kysela DC who both came from South American clubs for a total of £8.25M which looks like a bargain at this point. Elliott GK and Gabriel MC added to the homegrown contingent at the club with Bournemouth and Rennes showing a liking of our players signing 5/8 of the outgoing players between them. Player Of The Season Andreas Salapatas – MR - Average Rating: 7.97 A quality signing who was very productive in Europe. Young Player Of The Season (U21) Adam Kysela – DC - Average Rating: 7.48 The replacement for Plachot who did a great job and still has a lot of room for further development. Finances – What a difference a season makes. Even though the wage bill is still astronomically high the selling of players enabled this balance. If the club could continue to pull off one big sale per season we should be able to build up the finances and make the club capable of servicing the wage bill. We also need to build up the balance for next season because of the exciting development which I'll highlight in the next screenshot. Facilities – We're leaving Windsor Park!!. This is a significant step in the right direction and I'm hoping that the message stating that the planning permission will be granted at the end of next season is correct. 37,000 is a good start which I'm hoping can be expanded to around 60,000 or more. We will max out the training facilities next season giving us state of the art facilities across the board. Youth Intake – Not the best of intakes but Higgins ST looks to have good potential, don't really like his personality though. I decided to bring in a new HoYD who has a Perfectionist personality but that didn't really influence the intake very much. League Reputation – We've established a nice little cushion over Scotland and hopefully we can begin to close the gap on Germany now that we have three entrants into the Champions League. Club Domestic Reputation – There have been developments made at other clubs in N. Ireland. Limavady United turned professional last season and are seeking planning permission for a new stadium even after relegation. I hope to see more of that in the coming seasons as part of what is holding the nation back is the poor ability of the clubs to increase their revenues. Ballymena United are especially in need of a new stadium with Cliftonville needing an expansion. Club European Reputation – If we can retain the Champions League next season we should comfortably reach the summit.
  7. pheelf

    Dilly-dallying with the Dollybirds

    ...Linfield's trophy room was already quite full when I joined. At this point, we could probably start a museum.
  8. pheelf

    Dilly-dallying with the Dollybirds

    Linfield F.C. Season 2056 / 2057 Season Expectations Could we make it a hat-trick of wins in the Champions League? I'd like to try as that would really establish us as a European football superpower. League Table - Another comfortable victory with Dollingstown once again missing out on Champions League football, it was also gutting to see Crusaders relegated. UEFA Champions League - It was sweet revenge against Lyon after they deprived us of a perfect record in the group stage. We fought hard throughout the knockout stages and deserved our bit of luck along the way but were convincing in the final to claim the hat-trick of wins. FIFA Club World Cup - We certainly have enjoyed our visits to Mexico, this time around it was an absolute cakewalk. UEFA Super Cup - A very entertaining early season spectacle which we managed to win thanks to Uprichard and his brilliant saves in the shootout. Domestic Cups - We were cleaning up nicely until we were drawn against Cliftonville in the first round of the Irish Cup we enter which resulted in a repeat of last season. Reserves - They weren't great in the cups although you can understand given the lack of players in the team. An absolutely crazy attendance against Cliftonville's reserve team in the Steel & Sons Cup though. Under 18s - We really are lacking quality in our youth team which is reflected by our poor performances on the continent even though we dominate domestically. Squad – Ristic ST is missing off the screenshot. As you can see the squad has become rather bloated once again and needs to be trimmed. The difference in quality for the players is also rather alarming as we have one world class central defender in Plachot DC and the rest are average meaning that an injury can significantly weaken us which isn't a position I like to be in. A similar problem exists up front with only Alfinete ST considered world class. In terms of improvements, the club looks like needing to bring in a right fullback as Dimitrijevic had his release clause triggered. A left midfielder will be needed as McCartan doesn't look like developing enough and Escoda needs a player to rotate with. The coming summer transfer window could be very busy as we look to move on players such as Bulatovic DL, Duncan MC, Jurcic ST & Wright ST while bringing in quality replacements. Transfers – Marc ML was an attempt to solve the left midfielder issue but I'm not entirely convinced whether he has developed enough to come into the first team after spending the season on loan. Alfinete ST as a replacement for Silva ST looks a good deal as he suits the 4-4-2 much better. Amrani ST wanted a new challenge which I was happy for him to take. I didn't feel that I adequately replaced Kuznetsov MR at the time but the performance of Marambio MR showed that he was more than capable of stepping in. Deadline day buy Kranz DL looks good although I really only signed him as I thought Stanex DL was leaving but in the end, it looks to be a good bit of business. A slight loss was made in the transfer dealings but nothing to be concerned about. Player Of The Season German Marambio – MR - Average Rating: 8.15 The way in which he performed was almost enough to make me forget about Kuznetsov altogether. He is likely to leave given all the interest in him and the fact is he 27 years old and likely to attract a good fee but what a great season to bow out on if this is his last at the club. Young Player Of The Season (U21) Tony McCartan – ML - Average Rating: 7.71 The fact that the accolade goes to him I think says more about the squad aging than anything else. He put in good performances when he played but doesn't look like having the potential required to develop into anything special. Finances – The club ended up passing the FFP but this concerns me a great deal. The wage bill has been rocketing of late with players constantly requesting wage rises meaning we have an eye-watering outlay each week of over £850K, if we add staff wages into that we are probably looking at close to £1M. This is completely unsustainable for a club with such modest means and had we not won the Champions League the club could have been looking at a massive debt. The club is almost finished with the facilities upgrades but the expenditures in that direction aren't done with yet. We need to be ending the season with a far healthier balance than this as the next step is a new stadium which is likely going to cost in the hundreds of millions. Facilities – All the facilities are being upgraded although the option to request a stadium expansion to bring the capacity up to its maximum of 28,000 isn't there. We still aren't really filling Windsor Park in the way that we need to for the board to consider a new stadium viable although the average league attendance has risen drastically nearly doubling in a season to ~70% of capacity. If we could raise that to over 90% of capacity then we would have a reasonable argument to support a request for a new stadium and start the ball rolling with seeking planning permission. Youth Intake – I signed them all but the quality of the intakes in recent seasons have been really poor. League Reputation – This was a really nice improvement which gives us back our 3rd Champions League place from the season after next. It was unexpected but after seeing the great performances of the N. Irish teams in Europe this season it became possible. Having 4 teams compete in the Europa League group stage allowed us to overtake Scotland with both Cliftonville and Dollingstown making the 2nd Knockout Round. The advantage is wafer thin in terms of coefficients but if we could repeat the trick the country might just be able to hold on to 6th. Club Domestic Reputation – It is truly remarkable that Cliftonville was able to finish above Dollingstown again when you consider how great the disparity is between the sizes of the two clubs. Next season should see us rise to the top in terms of season ticket sales. Club European Reputation – On the rise but nowhere near the top. We need another couple of bad years to fall of the coefficient then we will be mixing it at the top end.
  9. pheelf

    Dilly-dallying with the Dollybirds

    I'd like to be able to leave a legacy which will allow the club to remain competitive in the long term. That would mean staying until a new stadium is built and possibly expanding it to its maximum size which could mean another 6 or 7 seasons at the least. I'd hope to top the Hall of Fame by then also as I'm currently 2nd with only Mourinho left above me to topple. I would like if the league reputation and ranking developed naturally as I build up Linfield into a dominating force after it dropped slightly while I was away from N. Ireland. After the new stadium is built then who knows, I want to keep my options open and see where my journey takes me. I have been seriously tempted to leave in recent times though. Firstly, when Dollingstown offered me an interview and also when the Bayern Munich job became available as they have become an also-ran team in Germany with a huge new stadium but no European football to grace it and it would be nice to restore them to their former glories but I passed up both opportunities.
  10. I agree that in a gung-ho, hell for leather setup coming from the Kevin Keegan school of tactics you may see a team field two attacking wingers in a 4-4-x but for the defensive setup that the OP says they want you wouldn't which is why I gave it as an example of a real-life concept which actually translates correctly in game. If the advanced wide player doesn't contribute to defending the flank with the fullback behind him then you turn a strength of the 4-4-x shape into a weakness both in real life football and in the match engine. I've always advocated for the tactical creator to move toward a more visual representation as that would help people to build more coherent tactics without having to spend time in the match engine trying to figure out exactly what their tactic does but I also appreciate that this is the system we have and that we need to make the best of it until it changes. That is why I directed the OP toward the tactical section of the forum where he could get help with translating his real-life ideas into the ME. Surely that beats coming on here and being frustrated with what you're seeing especially when you are causing the problem for yourself because you don't understand what your instructions are actually doing.
  11. Setting up a basic 4-4-2 isn't hard at all. I can say that with confidence given that I have done exactly that and had great success in FM18 and I'm no expert. I also don't see the value in telling the OP that setting up a basic 4-4-2 is a task that even Stephen Hawking would have struggled with. If you want real life reasons as to why the tactic he posted won't work. 1) No team would play with two wingers solely focused on attacking in a 4-4-x 2) No team would play as passively with closing down in a shape such as a 4-4-x when there are such huge inherent gaps between each stratum. 3) No team would adopt a playmaker without building the system around that player I understand that the game has difficulty in translating real-life concepts into the game and that issue has been identified clearly in this thread but I'm not hearing any suggestions of what would be better.
  12. You don't need to be a genius to create a solid tactic. There may be a plethora of options available for roles but I fail to see how that impedes any player from creating a good tactic. Instead of worrying about what the difference is between roles X and Y you should be asking yourself the following. How do YOU want YOUR team to play? If you start from that premise and are willing to compromise based on the capability of your players then you will be successful. I'd also question whether this is actually a tactical issue at all (although the tactic posted looks unbalanced). Going from a 5 game winning streak to losing to one of the poorer sides in the SPL 7-0 as Rangers sounds more like a man management issue than anything else but because you have provided no context nobody can say for sure. You stated that the types of goals you scored/conceded through crossing were horrible but you have setup your system with two attacking wingers. What exactly are you expecting? How are you going to prevent opposition crosses when you only have one player tasked with doing it especially when you've instructed them to stand off and not engage opposition wide players? You state that you have set up defensively and that poor defending is why you are conceding so many poor goals but if you look at the tactic you aren't set up to play defensively at all. Being good defensively is more than just where you place your defensive line and what mentality you choose. The confusion is understandable given that the nomenclature used in the tactical creator isn't the best. Counter mentality =/= Counter attacking football, Attacking mentality =/= Attacking football. All mentalities give is a style of play nothing more, nothing less. You can be great defensively on the Attacking mentality and great offensively on the Defensive mentality. There are admittedly match engine issues with defending but what your experiencing isn't that. Also, why do you want to play defensively with Rangers anyway considering they are one of the best teams in the division who will likely come up against one parked bus after another especially if they are doing well? Isn't that kind of playing right into the hands of the opposition? You also need to consider whether you have the players capable of making that sort of setup work. You complain about 'zombie' defenders but if you tell your team to follow your instructions to the letter (Highly Structured shape) and that they shouldn't press the opposition and stand off them. Of course, you are going to concede loads of shots and chances. You are inviting the opposition to do that. My best advice to you would be to head over to the Tactics section of the forum and post your tactic and be willing to LISTEN to critique.
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    Dilly-dallying with the Dollybirds

    Linfield F.C. Season 2055 / 2056 Season Expectations Last season was brilliant with the club lifting its first Champions League trophy. The aim has to be to repeat that and become World Champions. League Table - This was a lot more comfortable than last season. It was a bit disappointing to see Dollingstown slip to 3rd. This could be the watershed moment in becoming dominant domestically as Dollingstown look to be on the decline rather than capable of closing the gap. UEFA Champions League - The group started badly but we won the rest of the games giving us top spot. We showed exceptional resilience to come back from first leg deficits in every knockout round and a shift of mentality down to counter in the final allowed us to soak up pressure against Manchester United and hit them twice on the break to win our 2nd title. FIFA Club World Cup - We went to Mexico and became champions of the world easily. UEFA Super Cup - No difficulty this time as we win at the second time of asking. Domestic Cups - The draws were unkind which resulted in premature exits from both the League Cup and Irish Cup. Had we won them we would have lifted 9 trophies in one season, a feat which I don't think I have ever managed. Reserves - No trophies this time around. Under 18s - The chances of winning the UEFA Youth League are looking diminishingly small. Squad – The strength of the team is very good although there are still areas which need improvement. We could do with shipping out some of the older players such as Rybak DC, Wright ST, Amrani ST & Jurcik ST. I'm also a bit lost with regards to what I should do with Silva ST. He clearly has a lot of potential but he doesn't really fit into the 4-4-2 even after long periods of time spent training him as a Deep Lying Forward. He doesn't perform well when playing in that role and I don't want to change the whole tactic to accommodate one player so he could find himself out of the club. I'm also considering looking for another quality defensively minded central midfielder as Smith DM seems to be the only player who can perform the Central Midfielder (Defend) role well. Transfers – There were some good signings in there but nothing overly special in terms of current ability instead they are high potential players in need of development. Player Of The Season Peter Duncan – MC - Average Rating: 7.72 He did very well and outperformed what his attributes may suggest he is capable of. I would have hoped that Mrksic MC would have been better but his poor performances in Europe really weighed down heavily on his average rating. Young Player Of The Season (U21) Tony McCartan – ML - Average Rating: 7.76 The most consistent player in the squad although I would like to see more assists from him. Finances – A lot lower than this time last season but the upgrades were a lot more expensive this time. Facilities – The option to maximize the capacity of the stadium wasn't there so that will have to wait although everything else will be getting upgraded. Youth Intake – Williamson ML looks decent but the amount of poor personalities being generated is becoming a real issue. I may need to look for another HoYD and to stop going along with his recommendations of who to sign. League Reputation – Completely flatlining, not good enough to rise further but not bad enough to fall. Club Domestic Reputation – Dollingstown's reputation has fallen off a cliff. If they carry on like this it is only a matter of time before both Cliftonville & Ballymena United catch them. Club European Reputation – Still nowhere near the summit even after two Champions League wins in a row.
  14. Thanks for your responses. The attendances issue seems to be linked to performances in N. Ireland as when I win the title the attendances rise but when I don't they remain flat or fall. I'm glad to know that AI teams have the possibility of buying their grounds. With regards to the TV money, I do get around £110K at the start of every season but that isn't really much of a TV deal as hardly any games get televised.
  15. pheelf

    Rising stars in Portugal - Lusitano FC

    I've read the whole career and this has been seriously impressive especially when you factor in the restrictions you placed on signings. Congratulations on the quadruple.