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  1. Glentoran F.C. SEASON 2038 / 2039 Last season provided a watershed moment for the club as we won the DBP for the first time since the 2008/2009 season and managed to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. In order to continue the upward momentum we generated we should be looking to replicate those achievements. League Table - We had to break our record points total to see off the challenge of Knockbreda but we managed to retain the title by the narrowest of margins. This was a lot tougher than last season and Knockbreda really made us work hard for our win. Going into the split we was 2 points ahead with our destiny in our own hands. We opened the split with a vital 1-0 win at home to Larne which kept the advantage with us going into the game at home to Knockbreda. Had we dropped points in that match we would have needed to beat Knockbreda to stay top but that result took some of the pressure off knowing a draw would be enough for us to stay top. The Knockbreda manager tried to play some mind games going into the match saying we were overachieving but that didn't seem to phase the players as they put in a great performance to beat Knockbreda 4-1 with Ioannou ST scoring all four goals. This gave us a nice 5 point lead going into the final 3 games although our goal difference was inferior. Then we went to Windsor Park and took a 2-0 lead which had me thinking we had established control over the title race but then we allowed the lead to slip ending the game in a draw and allowing Knockbreda who won to close the gap to 3 points. This had me worried as our two remaining games were away at Glenavon which is never an easy place to go and win while on the final day we were away at Ballymena United. Owing to our inferior goal difference any slip up would prove especially damaging to our title aspirations. It then came as a great shock to me when our best central defender Rebai decided to go AWOL partying to the early hours of the morning the night before the Glenavon game meaning he was unavailable for selection. I was livid with him that he would show such a flagrant disregard for the club at such an important point of the season. As a result of his absence, I then had to play an unfit Mazzarelli DC which had me concerned as to whether we would be able to get the win we needed. In the end, we managed to win, just, ending the game on the right side of a 4-3 thriller with Mazzarelli scoring a goal. As Knockbreda played their final fixture before us I knew what we had to do going to Ballymena United. They had comfortably won away to Ballymena United which meant that we needed a draw or better against Ballymena United to win the title given our goal difference. Even though Rebai was available for selection I decided to drop him from the squad completely and stuck with Mazzarelli who had impressed me in the previous game. It was a gamble but it paid off in the end as we emerged with a 2-1 victory to seal our title win. It was a thrilling campaign and one which I'm delighted to have emerged from as the victor. Pleased to see Coagh United win the Danske Bank Premier Europa Conference League Playoff with a penalty shootout win in the final against Portadown to give them their first taste of European football. Cliftonville also managed to stay up with a massive 8-0 win on aggregate in the relegation playoff against Ballinamallard United. UEFA Champions League - We did what we needed to do and qualified for the group stage once again but drew a nightmarish group and couldn't repeat our exploits of last season. I was a little concerned after the first leg of the playoff with the lack of an away goal but a professional performance at home saw us emerge comfortable winners. We went into the final game of the group stage in 3rd knowing that if we could match the result Inter managed against Man City that we would be in the knockout stages of the Europa League. In the end, Inter managed to pick up an unlikely draw in Manchester which consigned us to 4th after our heavy defeat in Paris. It's clear to me that we aren't anywhere near competing with the quality of opposition we faced in the group stage and will need to strengthen the squad significantly in order to start closing the gap. Domestic Cups - Aside from the win in the Irish Champions Cup we had a lousy season in the cups. The only positive to take from it being that we could focus more on our league campaign but even still I would like to do a bit better next season. Reserves - Awful in the cups and relinquished their hold on the reserve league title to Knockbreda, overall, a fairly disappointing season from them. Under 18s - The quality of the youth team seems to be diminishing rather than improving which is a concern. Admittedly, a number of players were loaned out from the squad but they were still poor. Squad - A bit of a mixed bag this time around when it comes to analyzing the squad. On the plus side, we significantly improved our performance in the DBP. There are still a few bright prospects in the team which developed well. The dressing room was also rather harmonious throughout the season with only a few players complaining which I feel was helped with my new playing time ranking system. 5* or 4.5* CA - Star Player 4* or 3.5* CA - Important Player 3* - Regular Starter 2.5* - Squad Player or Impact Sub 2* - Fringe Player 1.5* - Emergency Backup 1* or 0.5* - Surplus to requirements Having the structure laid out like this helped to prevent players coming to me asking for first team football. On the other hand, however, there are a lot of negatives. The incident with Rebai was unpleasant and has me doubting whether he will be a long term player for the club. We had another season plagued with injuries, Goni MR spent over 2 months on the treatment table with different injuries, Piquionne MC broke his lower arm which had him out for almost the entire run in, only returning for the final game against Ballymena United, thankfully, his absence didn't cost us as Gabitashvilli MC stepped up. We also had a lot of niggling little injuries (colds, sprains etc) which had a lot of players miss games. I also see that the average age of the squad has crept up with only 2 players 21 or younger in the first team which is a concern. This is a big problem as that means that the players aren't going to be developing much more which isn't going to help us to close the gap in Europe as even our best players aren't great attribute wise in comparison to the sort of players at clubs like PSG or Man City. For e.g. Ioannou's finishing attribute is 12, that may be good enough to see him finish top scorer in the DBP but isn't going to help him to score many goals in the Champions League. Finally, I don't like the direction the board are taking the club with the addition of signing high profile players to the club culture. I don't mind the insistence on attacking football or even play for set pieces but having to bring in big name players is the very antithesis of what I'm trying to create here. I want to sign young cheaper players, develop them with first team football and sell them on for a big profit. We can't afford to be signing ready made players at a club like this and even when I tried to negotiate that part of the club culture out they rejected changing it which leads to be believe there is trouble ahead when I refuse to follow their vision. Transfers - I spent big as I felt we needed to invest in the squad and overall I'm pleased with the quality that was brought in. Not shown on the screenshot was the free transfer signings of Piquionne MC from Everton and Woodards MC from Spurs, both players did exceptionally well in their debut seasons. A few players will be leaving at the end of the season and I will once again be looking at the list of released players from the bigger clubs when looking for new signings. I don't think we can spend as much next season and I will be trying to only spend what the club brings in through sales. Marios Ioannou - ST Average Rating: 7.42 A very good player which has served us well but not of the standard we need to really start making progress in Europe. There is interest in him and he has a high market value so I'd be willing to part with him for the right price in order to try and bring in a striker who I feel can develop into a player more suited to the high level of competition in the Champions League. Benjamin Afriyie - MC Average Rating: 7.08 He didn't play a lot of games but when he was expected to step into the team he was impressive. He will remain a rotation option unless Woodards decides to leave. Finances - From rags to riches and in the space of a season back to rags again. A huge loss this season which can't solely be attributed to the money we spent on players. It's arguably more important that we make the Champions League group stage again next season or we could be in big trouble. At least we will no longer be restricted by the low capacity of The Oval so that should help bring in more revenue through ticket sales. Perhaps riskily, I'm continuing to invest in the facilities with the hope that we will make it into the Champions League group stage, I hope the players repay the faith I've shown in them and deliver the goods, if they can't then we are likely to need to perform a fire sale of our best players to keep us afloat. Facilities - Average attendances were up even in a vastly restricted capacity which is good. We also made a lot more season ticket sales which is sign of the growth in the size of our fan base. I've continued to invest in the training and youth facilities but they are still well below par and will require investment for a long time to come. Youth Intake - A poor intake with the only positive being a potentially decent looking goalkeeper in Hanna which I like to have as it helps me with European squad registration to be able to select a HG player. Outside of that, however, dire. League Reputation - Until we start troubling the later stages of the Champions League I don't expect to see much movement here. Holding position is what we should be seeking to do for now. Club Domestic Reputation - Knockbreda still clear at the top, for now. Club European Reputation - We actually fell down the table this season which isn't great, at least next season that poor year should fall of the calculation. Here is how the other N. Irish teams performed in Europe this season: Knockbreda - Knocked out in Europa League 1st Knockout Round by Real Madrid after 4-0 defeat on aggregate - Well, to be expected really. Larne - Finished 3rd in Europa Conference League group - They might have done a little better given their group but they are still punching above their weight so too much shouldn't be expected from them. Linfield - Knocked out in Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifying Round by Club Brugge after 2-1 defeat on aggregate - They are really struggling to get past this round, at least this time they lost to a better quality of opposition but still disappointing as we need them to do better to help the coefficient, hopefully, they will do better in the Europa League. Glenavon - Knocked out in Europa Conference League 1st Knockout Round by Aberdeen after 5-3 defeat on aggregate - Did well in the group stage but were outclassed by the Scots.
  2. I don't think I've missed the point. As I understood it, you were implying that you couldn't influence what was happening on the pitch with your tactics because of the ME. I disagreed with this notion as in my experience with FM20 I can see the result of tactical changes I make on the way my team plays. My experience with the game doesn't correlate with yours, if what you're observing is the result solely of ME issues then it should be affecting everyone and it doesn't. For e.g. the one on one issue and wide players taking shots from rakish angles did impact my game (although with patches has been reduced significantly) whereas I don't score long shots with the frequency you do. You can play the game however you like, if you want to reload that's your prerogative, I'm not judging. My point was that playing the game in that way is only going to leave you feeling frustrated. It also doesn't teach you anything about how to overcome difficulties faced during a game irregardless of whether your team is being successful or not. The reason why your team could be scoring all those long range shots could be a result of your team exploiting the only space they get when attacking teams (in the golden zone). If the opposition doesn't engage your players in that area because they are being pinned back by your attacking midfielders and strikers then that will grant space to your central midfielders. If there are no viable forward passing options for your central midfielders they will have a shot and if they are at least partially competent at doing that then there is a fair chance that one of those shots during a game will hit the back of the net. Cheers
  3. When you say works, what are looking for from the player you want to play in AMC?
  4. If by defensive you mean à la Atletico Madrid's performance against Liverpool in the Champions League yesterday then yes that is entirely possible in FM. It is however high risk football (contrary to popular belief) as you are depending on being able to stifle the opposition for the whole 90 minutes and survive wave after wave of opposition attack. In order to pull it off you need the right profile of player which is entirely different to the sort of players you would want in a more adventurous style of play. They need to be determined, hard working, mentally strong and positionally aware. If your players lack concentration and don't put a shift in then you can easily be exposed playing this way hence why you concede goals. Isn't that how a lot of teams operate in real life. They line up near or on the half way line as opposition players can't be offside in their own half. Sitting deeper would concede ground to the opposition for no real purpose and potentially give them more space to run into should they recover possession. I haven't had a similar situation occurring in my save of conceding regularly from my teams set pieces. For my corners, I leave back my two fullbacks and if needed my defend duty central midfielder. That way if the corner comes to nothing the 3 won't come charging forward as they are already near their defensive positions. Additionally, the fullbacks tend to be the quickest players in my back line so a lone striker would find it very difficult to beat them in a foot race.
  5. To coin a word you used, you have a completely arbitrary way of playing the game so it comes as no surprise to me that you have become disillusioned. Lose a game...reload until you win it. See your players doing something you don't like in the ME...ME must be broken. If tactics were meaningless as you suggest in FM20 then I wouldn't have been able to make tactical changes and come back from 3-0 down to draw a game 4-4 to take my team through to the Champions League group stage. If tactical changes made no difference then I wouldn't have been able to beat vastly superior opposition in the qualifiers after watching the game and spotting how my opponent was playing and exploiting their weaknesses with tactical tinkering. The fact that you believe that changing to a more attacking formation would be enough to get past a parked bus speaks volumes to your approach when it comes to tactics. Piling men forward and hoping for the best isn't a strategy, it's desperation. Also, by switching to a more aggressive formation you realize that you are leaving yourself more open defensively and if your team isn't troubling the opponent that the quality of chance the opposition will be able to create against you will be better when they have possession as you will be giving them more space. All that reloading you have done has taught you precisely nothing about how to change things when they aren't going your teams way. As a result, anytime you get into difficulty you just throw stuff against the wall and hope it sticks and if it doesn't instead of trying to learn the game and understand the reasons why you have an easy scapegoat in the ME so don't bother hence you make no progress. There are issues in the ME (I don't think there are many posters in this thread which have said any different) but they aren't severe to the point where the manager can't influence at all how his team plays through tactics. If your tactics and instructions aren't making any difference to the way your team is playing then there is something fundamentally wrong with how you are creating tactics. Also, I would caution against regularly making major tactical changes during a match such as formation changes if you aren't playing FMT as familiarity is a factor. If ultimately you choose to give up playing the game then more power to you if it's "ruining football" for you, no point continuing to play a game you can't stand. Best Regards
  6. In my view, to break down a parked bus you need a few key ingredients. - Good width In order to open up the channels in between the opposition defenders for your players to attack. If the defending team refuse to move out wide to engage the threat then that also works out as then your wide players will have a lot of time and space to pick out crosses. Your tactic - There is no width in the team at all and everyone is seeking to move into the central areas making it easier for the opposition to defend against you as they don't have to cover the full width of the pitch. - Good depth An often overlooked aspect but a critical one. You need a player who will sit back behind the ball when it's in the final third and offer an outlet should an attack fail. It allows you to sustain pressure on an opponent. For e.g. you attack down the left flank but the opposition block that path to goal, without a player sitting deep you have no means of switching flank or moving the ball to an area of the pitch where your players have space. You also need at least one player that threatens to run in behind at all times. Your tactic - You have no holding midfielder which means no consistent way of recycling possession in the final third and no depth, you also don't have any attack duties in your front 2. - Good variety Unpredictability is what real life defenders dislike the most. If your attacks are all one dimensional and the opposition defenders can anticipate what your players are going to do every time they can easily defend against you. It is the indecision which creates gaps and forces errors. Ideally, you want to create situations that whatever course of action a defender takes when confronted with a threat is wrong. For e.g. Say you are playing with a support duty IW infront of a attack duty FB. If the IW has the ball out wide and is dribbling towards the central areas the opposition fullback has a choice to make. He either tracks the IW or allows him to cut inside unchallenged. Where the overlapping fullback comes in is that whatever the opposition fullback decides to do is going to have consequences. If he tracks the IW that creates space for the fullback to run wide into, if he stays put then the IW is going to have space. Your tactic - Very little variety, all your attacks are through the middle. Also, you are getting your players to play very direct all the time which is in contradiction with the some of the roles you have for your players (DLF). - Good tempo Being able to move the ball around quickly gives less time for the opposition players to recover defensively. A balance does need to be struck though. If your attacks progress too quickly there isn't ample opportunity for players to contribute, conversely, if your attacks progress too slowly then it gives the opposition far too much time to get fixed in their defensive positions. Your tactic - You may be playing at too high a tempo. There are also other strategies you can employ such as creating overloads, smart use of substitutions, setting pressing traps and effective man management. Finally, I find it hard to believe that the majority of teams you face are all parking the bus. Setting up defensively, perhaps but parking the bus and sticking a load of men behind the ball (playing formations like a 5-3-2DM or 4-2-2-2DM) is somewhat different to that. Hopefully, what I've written can help you think about what you need to do to consistently beat more defensive opposition.
  7. I think the latest tactic you posted is actually a step backwards from what you had before. The tactic is very demanding on your AMC as you expect him to be your main goalscorer (only player in your front 4 with an attack duty) and also to be your main provider (only playmaker). That might be too much to expect as he can't perform both roles well simultaneously. What I suggested was based on you changing the AML to a winger (attack) and keeping the ST as an advanced forward (attack). Changing the role of the striker while also putting the AMC on an attack duty completely changes how the team will attack. I don't see why you added the 'Play for Set Pieces' TI. I suggested that you try: AF(A) W(A) AP(S) IW(S) CM(S) CM(D) FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) FB(A) GK(D) TIs - Higher Tempo (although this is tentative, if your attacks are too quick they give fewer opportunities for your AMC to get involved, it is something you would need to watch to see if he is contributing) PIs - AP - More Roaming and possibly Get Further Forward if you find him too deep during transitions to offer close enough support to the AF Swap position for AML / AMR and maybe for the MCL / MCR if they are both capable defensively. When I say swap positions I mean have them setup to do it automatically periodically during a game by going into the player instructions and selecting the position from the drop down menu under swap positions. If you were able to create coherent balanced tactics in previous versions of the game there is no reason why you can't do the same in FM20. The main problem you have is that the tactics you've posted haven't been particularly balanced. Also, I wouldn't underestimate the importance of selecting the right players for the right roles. For e.g. using a player in the central midfield (defend) role who has conflicting PPMs or has poor defensive attributes isn't going to work well. Even though Brekalo might not be as good as a winger (although he should still be fairly competent) it's important he plays that role in your system. In a system with a False 9 up top for example then maybe an IF(A) would work better but then you would have to change the role of the AMC to account for that. All the best
  8. This is a very broad and open ended question which often tends to result in conflicting advice which might not necessarily be helpful. I'd suggest that you don't treat the different phases of play in isolation as all three are interrelated. How you defend depends a lot on the profile of player you have at the club. If you have a lot of hardworking, energetic players (relative to the level the club is playing at) then perhaps a more proactive pressing style would be better with a top heavy formation. If on the other hand you have more mentally strong players who make better decisions, can concentrate and know how to position themselves then maybe a more passive style would be better with a bottom heavy formation. The likely reality is that you have a mixture of both and therefore a split block approach might be best with a more neutral formation. Also, you say that you are giving up a lot of shots but you gave no context. I'd follow what @permanentquandary suggested and post your tactic but also maybe post the profiles of some of your key players also.
  9. Based on this tactic here's what I would change. 1) I think the roles you have setup are fairly decent but I think the BBM is too attack oriented to be a part of the double pivot in a 4-2-3-1 which has to be more defensive in nature. I'd choose a role which can provide a link between your no. 10 and holding midfielder such as a central midfielder (support) or a ball winning midfielder (support) for e.g. which is more secure defensively and operates more in the central midfield zone. I'd also put the defend duty central midfielder on the same side as the attack duty fullback so he can more easily provide cover when the fullback gets caught high up the pitch and you lose possession. 2) Your strike partnership is your no. 10 (AP) and no. 9 (AF). That makes the use of an IF (A) slightly problematic as he needs a player ahead of him drawing defenders out of position to create space for him to run into the channels which an AF won't provide as he wants to run into those channels himself. Maybe change this role to a winger and the wingback role to a fullback. It may not be the best role for the player but the movement of running wide with the ball will help create space for your central players by drawing the attention of the opposition fullbacks which should help open up the channels for your AF. 3) I would axe using Shorter Passing as I see no reason to restrict the range of passes available to the players. It may result in having lower amounts of possession but having more possession shouldn't be the objective of a tactic. If you are one of the best sides in the division then you are likely to see teams being passive against you and they will be happy to let you have the ball which will result in higher possession anyway. Removing that instruction should mean that your players are more willing to attempt more direct passes to unlock the defense (balls over the top for your AF to chase, cross field passes to switch the emphasis of an attack). 4) I'd also remove the Pass Into Space for the same reason I gave in 3). Besides, I wouldn't want everyone attempting risky passes. You already have in your tactic a sweeper keeper, ball playing defender, advanced playmaker and inside forward who will all be attempting risky passes. I think that's quite enough as it is. 5) I would get rid of Work Ball Into Box because one of the main reasons to play a 4-2-3-1 is for its wide play and ability to stretch defending teams over the full width of the pitch. Using that instruction in the tactic nullifies one of the major strengths of using the formation. In order to pass your way into the box you need to be coming up against a team which is giving your players space which most likely they won't get against teams of a lower standard who will play on a lower mentality. 6) I also don't see the reason why you would want to attempt to play out of defence given the roles you have chosen and the formation. Ideally, you want to get the ball into your front 4 as quickly as possible. Messing about with the ball in your defence doesn't help that objective and allows the opposition time to recover into their defensive shape. I'd also question why you would want to use a Sweeper Keeper on support with a Ball Playing Defender if you aren't going to want them to attempt long passes from the back. The two ideas kind of contradict each other. 7) Finally, if you haven't already I would encourage the AP to roam from position and get the AML and AMR to swap positions during the game maybe even the two central midfielders also if you want to create a true double pivot at the base of your midfield triangle. That should make the AP more difficult to mark out of the game which is vital for your system. If he can't influence the game because he isn't receiving the ball then you are going to struggle to create in the final third. Making the AML and AMR swap positions is all about disrupting the oppositions defensive rhythm, ideally, you want to have either footed players for those positions to create the most confusion. Maybe even experiment with giving the AP the Get Further Forward PI to get him to offer closer support to your AF. Good luck
  10. You are perhaps ascribing more significance to having loads of possession and shots than is warranted. The only statistic that matters in this game is the scoreline and on that metric you was unsuccessful. I don't seem to suffer from this 1 on 1 conversion issue nearly as much as others. I use a very basic tactic and I score some and miss some but nothing extreme like a lot players report. It was definitely worse in the earlier ME builds but has been improving with the patches. I would be interested to see a .pkm of that game, what is reported as a clear cut opportunity is often wrong. Apologies if you felt I was lecturing you. It's just that a lot of players that experience this issue are often very quick to apportion blame solely to the ME without considering the impact of their tactic or what players they are using. That is why I mentioned about using the gegenpress with a 6th division team. The default tactics aren't very good, the fact they may 'pad' the statistics doesn't change that fact.
  11. Take a tactic which is unbalanced to begin with then get a 6th division side which has no business playing such a style to use it and then plug that into a ME which has issues with 1 on 1 conversion rates. Is it any wonder you end up with such ridiculous outcomes? The default templates aren't meant to be the finished article, they are simply a persons interpretation of how they think it should work. Much like anything in the tactical creator though they lack any form of context and don't take into consideration the players you have. You said that you watched the game in full match mode, when you saw your side missing chance after chance what did you do to change it in order to attempt to score? A significant aspect of good management is the ability to know how to change things when things aren't going as planned. Simply throwing your hands up and hoping for the best is poor management in my view, you might as well stick a scarecrow in the dugout in that instance.
  12. @Sanel What are you hoping to achieve by going around insulting people? It doesn't strengthen the veracity of your arguments, all it does is puts people on the defensive and more likely to reciprocate with hostility of their own towards you. If the game was as bad as some people on this thread are suggesting then SI would be observing the exact opposite trend, year on year they would be seeing fewer and fewer players buying and playing the game. Having a monopoly in a genre of computer game is completely different than say being the sole grocer in a remote village. Nobody is forced to buy the game, just because it may be the sole football management title out there means nothing in the grand scheme of things when there are so many other ways that people can spend their free time. People are buying the game because they WANT to and playing it because they WANT to, flaws and all. To argue otherwise is nonsensical.
  13. I think @forameuss covered this point very well in his post. Competition is a double edge sword which I think is something which is often overlooked on this forum as people always seem to espouse only the positive aspects of it. At its best it can make the relevant parties innovate and accelerate the rate of progress knowing that you have to fight for customers. At its worst it can lead to cannibalization of each others market share which leads to lower revenues for both and thus less ability to invest in their respective products. Was the rate of innovation that much better when the FIFA Manager franchise was still going? I'm not sold on that and if anything the demise of that series has actually led to more innovation in FM as they adopted some of the aspects of that series which were good (for e.g. squad dynamics). As for where this mythical new contender is going to emerge from well I don't know given that LMA Manager, FIFA Manager and Championship Manager (after the split) have all been gone for years. I wouldn't rule it out but it's going to require some deep pockets for sure considering how much ground they would have to make up. I understand it's a way of life for many people and I feel the passion when people talk about this series but ultimately it's only a game and if you're not enjoying it then that kind of defeats the point of playing it, wouldn't you agree? If you don't like this version of the ME then play a version which you do like.
  14. That has been done to death already (just look in the feedback thread). If SI aren't aware of the issues in the ME by now considering that there has been constant daily reminders for months now then I don't know what to say. Keep repeating the same things over and over isn't going to make any difference. Yes, ultimately improving the ME and addressing bugs is what we all want to see but what's the point in playing it in its current state which he states he's not happy with and then complaining about it, it's a waste of time in my view. Just don't play it until your happy with it and if that time never comes then don't buy it anymore especially if getting value for money is a consideration.
  15. He's perfectly entitled to complain but what I can't get my head around is why anybody would force themselves to play a game which they see as the worst ever (ME).
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