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  1. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2029 Last season saw us reach the summit of Peruvian football with the Liga 1 title and make progress into the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores for the first time. I would like to build on that and see if we can also do better in the Copa Bicentenario and make the final. This board seem a lot more ambitious than the previous one and demand at least a top half finish which should be easily obtainable, although our sights are set much higher, if we don't compete for the title again it would be a huge disappointment.
  2. Season 2029 EL FINAL EL LUGAR The Estadio Centenario in Uruguay has been the scene of many an extraordinary game including hosting the final of the inaugural World Cup in 1930 and will host this fascinating David vs Goliath tie. The majority of fans in the 60,235 capacity stadium have made the trip from Brazil with the Peruvian underdogs only able to count on just under 7,500 fans. Our squad Their squad Their squad is terrifyingly strong and we are going to need them to have a off day to have
  3. Season 2029 A team which has emerged as a dominant force within South American football, Flamengo go into the final as the overwhelming favourites to make it an incredible 3 wins in a row after winning both the 2027 and 2028 editions of the competition. They have 5 titles overall in their history having made the final on 9 occasions. They are without doubt the strongest team in Brazil having won the Brazilian league title every year since 2019. A team festooned with sought after internationals, they have a strong squad and huge fervent following. They are also one of the w
  4. Season 2029 A story almost akin to that of a fairy tale, the story of the rise of Unión Minas has been a remarkable one. It is amazing to think how in under a decade the club has been transformed from an amateur club scraping an existence in the Peruvian third division to being one win away from becoming the best team in all of South America. It has been an incredible journey so far and one which all fans of Peruvian football will be hoping to see have a happy ending. They arrive into the final as only the 3rd representative from Peru to contest the final in the competitio
  5. Season 2029 The dream continues as we move within one step of reaching the final. To claim our place we will have to beat one of Santos, Flamengo or San Lorenzo. Looking at those three I think I'd probably like to face San Lorenzo although there is a strong argument in favour of drawing Santos having faced them in the group stage and beaten them in the home game. Whoever we get drawn against is going to be a tough ask to beat, I'm just happy to be here however knowing we can play without pressure as we are expected to lose. Who did we draw? Sa
  6. Season 2029 CONTINENTAL SEASON EXPECTATIONS After managing to navigate our way through an interesting looking group we then had to face Argentinian giants Boca Juniors. I fully expected to get knocked out but an incredible performance by Gil in the 1st leg of the 2nd Round saw him score 4 goals to give us a comfortable 4-0 win. Even though we lost the 2nd leg narrowly 4-3 that was enough to book a place in our first ever quarter final. I don't expect us to make any further progress from this point but perhaps I'm underestimating us and maybe with our home advantage we migh
  7. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2028 We are still massively overachieving according to the board given they still only want us to avoid relegation. I feel we should be looking to continue our run of qualifying for the Copa Libertadores as that is the key to closing the financial gap that is growing between Alianza Lima and the rest of the teams in Peru which means top 4 minimum. I'd like to make the group stages of the Copa Libertadores but know that a tough draw will likely see us out and scrambling for a spot in the Copa Sudamericana group stages. I'd al
  8. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2027 The board still feels we will be involved in a relegation scrap but we are a far better team than that now. How much progress we are able to make in our debut season in the Copa Libertadores will determine how the club develops over the next few seasons. Reaching the 3rd Qualifying Round guarantees group stage Copa Sudamericana football which will be the objective, we need luck to avoid any of the Brazilian or Argentinian teams to stand a chance. League Table - Even though it's a decline from las
  9. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2026 The board don't appear to have much confidence in the teams ability and would be happy as long as we avoid relegation. I feel we should be aiming a lot higher but I'm not upset that I don't have the pressure of having to improve. Perhaps the financial situation and reduction in wage budget is playing a part or maybe we are just seriously overachieving. We would do ourselves a great favour on the financial front if we could win the preliminary round of the Copa Sudamericana and reach the group stage which while difficult
  10. Still using it, I fully expected it to flop playing in a country which favours formations which exploit the weakness through the middle but it has been very resilient. That is quite remarkable considering the issues with fullback ratings and how important they are to a 4-4-2. In the next season review you'll see that it's actually becoming more effective as I improve the quality of the players at the club. Cheers
  11. Season 2026 CONTINENTAL SEASON EXPECTATIONS There is one two legged qualifier to get through in order to reach the group stage. The fact that we are guaranteed to play another Peruvian team does give me some encouragement as it will mean that I will go into the tie with some knowledge of the opponent. I'd like to get to the group stage as even though it wouldn't clear the debt it would go a long way in alleviating the financial problems at the club. I sense it's going to be difficult whoever we draw but I'm hoping that home advantage can help us to get through.
  12. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2025 Expecting a season of struggle, I was pleasantly surprised to not be involved in a relegation scrap last season. I would like if possible to build on that and clinch a spot in the top half for the coming year. To achieve that we will need to improve our away form which last season was abysmal. Having a good cup run would be welcome bonus. League Table - A significant improvement which will see us for the first time compete in the Copa Sudamericana which is a huge achievement for the club. We sta
  13. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2024 I'm delighted to have made it into the top flight but now comes the really tough ask of trying to stay up. We need to be better than 2/20 teams over a 38 game league season which on the face of it doesn't seem that difficult but when you consider the clubs finances and reputation, I sense it's going to prove challenging to find affordable players willing to sign for us that are of the required standard. Survival is all that matters and if possible I'd like to put in a decent performance in our debut season in the Copa B
  14. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2023 Given the amount of strengthening that has been done to the first team, I'm rather disappointed with the expectations from the board and the media prediction. The media still has us down as one of the favourites for relegation while the board just want us to battle bravely against relegation. I have much higher aspirations and would like to at a bare minimum participate in the playoffs. If we don't get promoted soon I sense it is going to become more difficult as I feel that the club could get crushed under an ever incr
  15. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2022 We are 500-1 favourites to win the league according to the media and are odds on to get relegated in last place so it would appear to be a slam dunk that we will finish in the bottom 3. Looking at the caliber of player I can attract with our reputation, I'm beginning to anticipate a season of struggle. I'm hoping that we can somehow build a squad that can at least compete at this level which I'll have until May to assemble when the league starts. League Table - This completely went against the pe
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