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  1. I don't think it's right to characterize the reason why Atlético Madrid won La Liga as being because Simone's played a low mentality throughout. Against teams which he perceived to be better or competitive against his side he did play more conservatively but he didn't when he thought his team was stronger which feeds into my point that playing low mentalities (without alterations) every game doesn't lead to success in the long term. Additionally, when his team has the ball they play a far more progressive attacking style than is offered by a low mentality. His team doesn't really play route on
  2. @TaPele I think the problem is that you have become attached to the idea that there is a 'defensive tactic' which is causing you problems as in reality there isn't such a thing. You need to change the way you think about the game. There are 4 phases in football, 1) On the ball 2) Off the ball 3) Losing possession transition (when ball is in play) 4) Gaining possession transition (when ball is in play) All that mentalities do is determine how you go about each phase of play. On lower mentalities, all phases are done more passively. Your players defend from dee
  3. Unión Minas SEASON REVIEW - 2032 Continue to dominate domestically and attempt to win the title without a need to play in the playoff. I'd like us to go a step further in the Copa Libertadores and get into the final. League Table - We were ruthlessly efficient in the opening stage and won that easily but a few slip ups in the closing stage allowed Cienciano to finish top necessitating the need for a playoff. We aren't quite good enough to fully rotate the squad from midweek continental games and win the following weekends league
  4. Season 2032 EL FINAL EL LUGAR The home of Brazilian football, the Maracanã, will host the showpiece event this year handing home advantage to Brazilian giants Flamengo for the final (as if they needed any further help) even though they have been allocated as the away team. Being hosted in their home country means they can expect to get the majority of the 78,383 sell out attendance with estimates of as few as 3,000 Unión Minas likely to be in attendance. Our squad Their squad Our squad is
  5. Season 2032 Since the last meeting of the two sides in the final of 2029, the Brazilian giants have picked up a further Copa Libertadores title having managed to retain their title in 2030. The class of 2032 looks to be even stronger than it was 3 years ago and their Peruvian opponents know they are in for a tough game if they hope to win. They are the most decorated team in the competitions history and have a total of 8 trophies to their name. They are odds on favourites to make it 9 but if there is a slight weakness for Unión Minas to take encouragement from
  6. Season 2032 Appearing in their 2nd Copa Libertadores final in 3 years, Unión Minas will go into the final as heavy underdogs once again as they look to make history and become the first club from Peru to win the biggest prize South American football has to offer. Having established themselves as the pre-eminent force within Peruvian football having won the last 4 Liga 1 titles in a row, their loyal fans will be hoping they can cap off a remarkable ascent from amateurs to the top of South American football within the space of 12 years. They were drawn into Group E
  7. I don't agree with that. Defending in a low block isn't easier it's just less energy intensive than playing a pressing style (which I agree isn't nearly punishing enough). Defending passively in a low block requires a completely different profile of player to carry out effectively. You could argue that it's far easier to get players which suit the attribute profile to carry out a more pressing style of defending than you can for a more passive style. All you really need to press is to have a team that has relatively strong physical attributes, there is also a great degree o
  8. I think I have gone over this with you previously, the point of mentality is to act as a simplification for the AI and user. I agree that the way some are set up is flawed and that could be improved but removing them entirely doesn't actually solve the problem. Instead it creates far more problems, how would the AI cope when it already struggles with mentalities? Lower mentalities aren't useless, it doesn't matter how many times people keep proclaiming them to be so, it doesn't make it any more true. Of course there aren't any on the T&T forum because those tactics are all about scori
  9. Playing on a low mentality isn't pointless at all. Just don't expect to be successful with it as it isn't designed for that purpose. If you allow your opponent to progress unchallenged into shooting positions on a regular basis they are unsurprisingly going to take a lot of shots, that's just common sense. The fact that there is less space in your final third as you correctly identify actually encourages them to have more shots not less. If there is no forward pass available to progress their attack as everyone is marked then if the opponent is close enough to goal they are going to
  10. The reason why I can see your AMR and AML not performing well is because the tactic encourages your team to play through the middle. The 2 playmakers in the centre are acting as ball magnets. As a result, your wide players are going to see the ball much less than they would otherwise especially since you are instructing your players to look for short passes. If players you expect to attack aren't getting on the ball then how are they supposed to perform well? The solution therefore is to get the ball to them more regularly with them in space and let them do what they do best.
  11. I agree with the suggestions others have made. What is your reasoning for setting things up the way you have? I can't understand why you would go all out to try and win the ball back as soon as possible only to then do nothing with it once you've regained possession. Why is it important that the striker is involved in the buildup when you have 3 creatively minded players behind him? If I were defending against your team I would congest the central areas as that would severely blunt your attacking threat. If you are one of the better teams in the division, I think that a lot
  12. No argument from me, you're completely accurate in what you say.
  13. I think the problem here lies in using the same metrics to define success in a higher mentality tactic and a lower mentality tactic. This kind of thinking is exactly the problem. Of course a lower mentality based tactic isn't going to outperform a higher mentality based one. One seeks to create chances to score more than the other. It would be utterly bizarre if using a lower mentality resulted in a tactic that was more effective at attacking than a higher mentality one. Ultimately, the whole purpose of football is to outscore your opponent so therefore I don't understand why it
  14. Can you name a successful team IRL that parks the bus every week? I can't and the closest example I can think of is Greece when they won the Euros in 2004 but that was a cup played over 6 games. My point is that being passive defensively and barely attacking doesn't lead to success IRL over the longer term so why would it be successful in a game that is supposed to be simulating football? Contrary to popular belief, I actually think playing on a lower mentality is far riskier than a higher mentality. Being passive and allowing your opponent into dangerous areas of the pitch unchallenged e
  15. Every so often this topic gets raised and emanates from a lack of understanding caused by an unintentionally obtuse tactical creator. The natural and logical conclusion is that defensive mentality = defensive football based on the descriptions given in the tactical creator. As a result, a user would expect that lowering the mentality would make them more solid defensively. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. It also leads to the incorrect notion that the lower end of mentalities are useless when players find their team actually becoming less effective defensively while sacr
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