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  1. I don't think they deserved to go through. Normally the team that finishes 3rd goes out. Stupid format.
  2. Rubbish. No team attempts to draw all 3 games. They scraped through the group, relying on the results of other teams. Every team wants to win in 90 minutes. Portugal obviously didn't set up to draw and win on penalties. Did Ronaldo purposefully miss 50 opportunities because he didn't want to score against certain teams in case it meant winning?
  3. And the group stage is a league format. A league in which they failed to win a game.
  4. Too much money going to players, not enough going to coaches and too expensive to take the badges.
  5. In fairness they don't really get outclassed, Higuain just loses his bottle.
  6. What? How exactly? Amazing that having an awful tournament with 1 or 2 good games and 1 in which he showed managerial qualities has put him on a pedestal. Messi started a tournament injured, still got the most goals+assists and only just lost out on penalties. Messi in the Copa America > Ronaldo in the Euros.
  7. He gave everything for 10 minutes, before crying and going off.
  8. 3. Really quite poor. A team that finished 3rd in their group has won it.
  9. What were the tactics? They were non existent. And when we didn't blitz Iceland off the park like Roy expected he just threw strikers on. Was pure Sunday League management. The game was crying out for Barkley.
  10. Yeah Scholes definitely wasn't as good as a lot of people say he was.
  11. Apparently Dier was nearly ruled out with illness and he still wasn't feeling great at half time. For me he was arguably our player of the tournament, I'd actually give him the captaincy.
  12. Kyle Walker was actually really impressive in this tournament, very good player. Wales have completely embarrassed England though, fair play to them. Every English person should be cheering them on in the semi final.
  13. IWWROCKS Vs Noob21 Gorando Vs Andyh21 Harryseaess Vs RickyButton Baptista_8 Vs Whoopy D
  14. Wales without a doubt.
  15. The problem doesn't have to be the same every time. We've had the Gerrard/Lampard problem. The left midfield problem. The injured players problem. The Seaman/Robinson/Carson/Green/Hart problems. This time it was mainly the Roy problem.