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  1. That's the key part unfortunately. It's not a fun game and has no likeness to football whatsoever. My advice if you like to pass and play football is to play Career mode on a decent but challenging difficulty. Sure you'll have to deal with some dodgy scripting at times but it's less obvious than on UT and isn't just a competition to see who has the fastest players.
  2. It looks clear to me that gechal isn't being serious
  3. I voted for McCoys Thai Sweet Chilli because I'm guessing you meant Thai Sweet Chicken.
  4. Odd choice. She may play a completely different character on Countdown but she's got some way to go to shift that reputation.
  5. This thread is fantastic, some great stuff mentioned. tomtuck is the one I remember most vividly (she's 19 and doesn't like pizza!)
  6. This was the first time I've watched in a while, she looks huge. She's always been overweight but she's gained a lot more. Honestly not sure how she still has a job.
  7. You'd hope it causes them to do something about the hackers.
  8. I get why they've put Nattie at 30, it takes the pressure off of them having a big name there. There's so much pressure on it to be someone huge and then for that person to do something.
  9. Unfortunately not on WZ. At this point I just insult anyone that kills me with a MAC-10 or DMR. Or by dropshotting or jumpshooting.
  10. Some of those sound quite annoying but some sound brilliant. I've heard about the 'no upper body' glitch, seems a bit weird. So far I've not had any of those issues, I'm sure I'll get some in the future though and that's when the game gets retired for the year. I normally play a lot of Pro Clubs but we've only played once since it went next gen, it was just so blatantly scripted with how bad the AI was.
  11. Really? What were they? Yeah it said a lot that UT and Volta were the only game modes that carried your data over to the next gen consoles.
  12. I started a Career mode the other day. Much more enjoyable gameplay than UT.
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