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  1. Trippier and Maguire been fantastic for England.
  2. They wouldn't have even qualified without Messi. Take Messi out and they're one of the worst teams I've seen at the World Cup.
  3. The decisions are still up to the referees. At times it has been great but it shows up which referees are absolute ****s.
  4. Argentina just had no midfield. They were trying to play out from the back but nobody was coming to collect the ball so it lead to long balls being the only option. Tactically they were awful. Need a Nigeria win today I'd say.
  5. Ronaldo put in a good performance without a shadow of a doubt. He is a man for the big occasion. However I get what people are saying, him and Carvalho gave the ball away between them and he just stood there like a petulant child instead of moving 3 feet to close down the ball. Pretty sure Spain scored within about 60 seconds of that without Portugal regaining possession. Also, Isco was sensational, best player on the pitch by an absolute mile.
  6. It gives us something to watch between the semis and final. Normally produces an entertaining game.
  7. One of the finest minds is Sol. Blokes an utter bell.
  8. Hart said he knows what he brings to the team. Either he's admitting that he's made mistake after mistake even in an England shirt or he's even more deluded than he seems.
  9. Has anybody suggested them over Hendo? Think the main argument is that they should be in the squad. We don't seem to have a Plan B in the squad, it's all players that do 1 job then people that play multiple positions as back up. If we're struggling to break Panama down after 60 minutes I'd rather bring on Shelvey or Wilshere than Delph or even Cahill with Stones moving into midfield.
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