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  1. How do I set the qualified teams for a tournament with advanced editor?
  2. Indeed, I want to recreate the U-17 WC but since the game doesn't allow U-17 NT, I'll do it with U-18 NT plus a -2 year offset (which gives the effect of an U-17 NT). So far, I've managed to do the South American, North American and Oceanic U-17 (U-18) Qualifies but I'm having a hard time trying to recreate European, African an Asian tournaments from scratch. I really need some help in terms of rule creation and everything that lays with it, so if you are interested on helping me out, I'd appeciate it for sure. Oh, and tested the SA, NA and Oceanic tournaments and now the game s
  3. Indeed, I am dumb Another thing, can the original tournament be changed for another one? Let's say, we have the U-19 Asian Tournament as the original tournament, is it possible to change it for the U-16 Asian Tournament? Oh, and how do I delete two nation rules for two different tournaments in the same Notepad++ file? Is it the same as deleting just one rule (as stated in the pic above)? Apologies for these questions, I'm hooked up with this discovery :P
  4. Apologies for more questions, but I followed the instructions as such trying to export the European World Cup Qualifiers and with Serbia (as displayed in the pictures above) and when converting to advanced rules, it doesn't load the Euro WCQ at all. I don't know if I'm missing a step or that I'm dumb 😂 but I tried this with China and South Korea to have the U-19 Asian Qualifiers and also failed :/
  5. How do we do this but as to get the U-20 Qualies and U-20Wprld Cup files?
  6. Just fixed CONCACAF Qualifiers, but for the European U-17 says that there are no qualified teams from the first round into the actual final tournament, that it doesn't recognize it for some odd reason. I'll try to re-do the rules from scratch in order to pin point where's the actual issue. Two other rules that I'd love to add are the following: The host of the tournament skips the qualifiying rounds and go to the main tournament (European U-17, Asian U-16, African U-16) or the host of the U-17 World Cup qualifies instantly. Seedings based on the coef. At least, I've got 3
  7. I've been trying to arrange the qualifiers for the U-17 World Cup that I'm currently doing and I have some issues with advanced international rules. For now, I've tested CONMEBOL's and OFC's qualies and it does seem to work perfectly; however, UEFA's and CONCACAF's qualies are giving me a hard time (different issues that I don't know how to fix). Anybody that can lend me a hand in this matter?
  8. Any chance that this is possible with advanced editor?
  9. Certainly, but I don't know how to arrange this in the editor.
  10. I was wondering if it's possible to have an international cup (U-23 v U-23) but the players that get called up are only playing in their local league/country. For instance, that the US picks an U-23 squad of all MLS/USL players leaving American players abroad out of the cup. To my knowledge, someone has told me that it is possible but he didn't tell me the jist of it. Again, if it's possible, do let me know
  11. Hey there! I've got a question related to club's continental competitions. Is it possible to set, for instance, that teams from 3rd to 4th in a certain league qualify for a continental competition? And also, is it possible to restrict that, a team that won the league and national cup, does not play two continental competitions? Thing is, with the last question, that we would like to that, if the winner of both league and national cup, the spot for the cup winner goes to the best non-continental qualified club of the league. If anything I'm open to here back from you as
  12. This is was I was talking about. The age date check is the catalyst for us to work with the U-17 international levels. I'll do some testing with the U-17 Southamerican if it works or not. Obviously, I'll make sure that no U-20 overlaps with the U-17 ones.
  13. I'd have to check, then. But I suppose there's a way for us to make U-17 competitions. In Switzerland there are 2 or 3 U-17 leagues or something, surely it can be possible to create U-17 NT qualifiers and the World Cup itself. Tomorrow I'll check if the db I created works or not.
  14. Weird cuz I recently acquired FM 05 and 08 from a mate and it runs 10/10 on Windows 10.
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