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  1. They are the same version atm, so you dont have to opt out to play the new Match Engine
  2. Both, the ball never goes to 1 of my full backs. Im playing 2 DC, 2 IWBs, 1DM, and the ball always goes to the DCs or the DM. Sorry just noticed the reply (not much on the forums)
  3. if you need specific instances let me know, but its literally happening every single time and every game. It's not game breaking or anything, but it kinda ruins the build up a bit
  4. Well what you can do is filter your squad. Just to show Defenders/Midfielders/Attackers. That way you know what the different players are.
  5. a Full Back is a Defender, a DM a midfielder (Defensive midfielder), an AM is an attacking Midfielder
  6. So what View are you using to get all the attributes in? Like im looking but i only see options of partials. and the screenshot in the spoiler is way too small
  7. yeah but NEW stuff isnt what keeps people interested. A working game does that. The Match Engine has been the problem child year in, year out. Why not have a dedicated team to REBUILD/REVAMP the Match-Engine or just build a complete new one. Everyone acts like the 1vs1's are new, 1v1s have been horrendous for several years. The 1 thing SI sadly never did is try to go a different way. I dont need FIFA graphics, I dont need a manager on the sideline. What i would love to see is a solid game of football when i play the game, without animation errors (I would have thought 6 years of
  8. all i can say about the 1 on 1s , when were they better ?? I think im actually scoring more 1v1s this year then for a long time. Do i miss a lot yeah, but its not really bad. Now keep this in mind when im saying this look at the whole thing from the other side. If every 1v1 would be a goal and you would win each game 10-5 how long do you think its gonna be fun?? SI has to balance things somehow to not get those ridiculous scores. If this is how they do it, so be it. Clear Cut Chances, yeah i wish more would go in, cause i literally get 10 CCCs per games sometimes and i barely score t
  9. its def. one of the most common ways in every single game that the opponents get chances.
  10. I have my GKs set to distribute to the Full Backs, but every highlight instead of going to the full backs the gk goes to the central defenders.
  11. Looking for someone thats able to make me a League with 30-50 National teams. That can play eachother. Has to be 1 league (will be used in Versus mode). If you have any questions let me know Would love the 24 countries from the Euro's + 6-26 countries from around the world Each team have 25 players. Dreamtrip Hope someone can help me !!!!
  12. I dont think u can get through a whole year in 10-12 minutes IF you would actually play. Even holidaying it would make it hard to go that fast. So getting to 3345 is nice but if you dont play it means NOTHING at all.
  13. Japan-Lithuania-India-Singapore-Ghana-Bolivia (Lithuania is a maybe as i dont see it in the list)
  14. Apparently there are several leagues that dont work with the 16.3 update.
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