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  1. So you're saying that in the squad training I can make players improve heading for exemple? Because I didn't find a way to do it yet.
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody else has been frustrated with this years individual training, I've been. You can't make a player work on the majority of his attributes, and some of them are important like heading, jump, etc. I like how you can work on various attributes but at the same time most of them are left out. I don't know if they'll change that in a next patch but it's really frustrating me at the moment.
  3. Hi guys, not really adding anything new here, because from what I've read so far all my issues were already mentioned, I just hope they don't take the FC Porto U-23 team away because we don't know if this team will exist next year(2019). At least leave an option for this team to appear on the second season if we want to.
  4. That's not the problem because we don't know if FC Porto will have one next year, the thing is that "Liga Revelação"(U-23 League) only happens during the first season. At the beggining of the second season I was asked if I wanted to be in that competition and I said yes, after that nothing happened and I'm already in December and left a great U-23 squad, that I made after buying new players, without matches.
  5. Thank you for your help. I'm going to try that. Happy holidays!
  6. Hi, I've encountered a problem in my save, I'm playing my second season and didn't had any problem until now. I don't know if it has anything to do with your latest update, but first I had a "18.2.0f1050224 (staging)" error, which I later found out many people was having it too, and I think I was able to stop it, and now two crash dumps after the same match. I'm FC Porto manager and Portugal Nacional team as well(AA and u-21), and after playing the u-21 match I have to play the AA team match right after it, I talk to the players and then the crash dump occurs. I've attached both crash dumps pictures(they're in portuguese, sorry, but I think the important thing it's understandable). I hope you can help me because I can't play it anymore. If you need something more I'll be happy to send. I'm sorry if I misspelled something but I'm portuguese. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.19 23.02.46).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.19 23.27.53).dmp
  7. My save isn't from the demo, that was another person that talked about that, I'm the one that made this topic... My save's from the full game, and still doesn't load, I'm starting to lose faith.
  8. I save manually and exit separately, my only anti-virus is the one that comes with the computer, "Windows defender", when I shut down my system I click Start -> Power -> Shut Down. I'm really sad because I invested so much time with that save and now this happens...
  9. I saved my game normally yesterday, but today it doesn't load. It says that it can't be loaded!! Help!
  10. Hi guys, i had this problem when i first started playing FM 2015, it was fixed with you help, but now, all of a sudden it started again... I'm managing FC Porto and Portugal's National Team, and every time i click on "squad" button of Portugal it crashes and say's the text i just put on the title. Please help me, i already deleted the "preferences" folder, cleared cache, but it doesn't stop... P.S.: I'm Portuguese, sorry if i misspelled something.
  11. Do i need to send you my save for you to see what is wrong?
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