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  1. Back in FM15 I created a tactic that used wing backs to provide overlaps to a shadow striker that would arrive late in the box. Since then I have tried to implement that same attacking combo in my tactics, but not getting it to work at all. I have tried it using several different formations and several different tactical setups in order to recreate it but I am unable to do so. I just end up with no penetration what so ever. I realize that crossing from full backs in FM15 was probably overpowered, but even so. It should still be possible to create a tactic that utilize this to full effect. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get this to work?
  2. I have two tactics that I use. A 4-1-2-3 DM against big teams and a 4-2-3-1 AM against small teams. When I play with a DM (DPL-S) his job is simply to to protect the DPL so I play him as a severly limited B2B with pass less, shorter passing, drible less and shoot less. When I play with an AM his job is to be the link between defence and attack. So I play him as a CM-S with the same limitations as the B2B role. He is my perfect Ander Herrera.
  3. That would depend on your PC specs.
  4. I am really proud of the youth prospects I have developed in FM17 and I though it would be funny to see the fully developed youth prospects that you forum members are most proud of. I want to see the youth prospect that you developed from his meager beginning in your youth team into the world beater that he is now. The criteria is that he he has to be a newgen from your youth intake. (No real players and no purchases.)
  5. It is leagues that you can manage in, but added leagues also affect how active the AI is in the transfer market and how good they are in competitions. If you for instance load only the English League then teams from other nations will be less active and you will come to see that english teams tend to dominate the Champions League, The Europa League, The World Cup and the European Cup. You will also have less players to choose from.
  6. Since we are talking about value here, I have to add that three players accounted for £190 mill out of the £195 mill. The rest was youth prospects bought cheap and carefully developed over a period of 10 years. I am a big fan of the Ferguson approach to the transfer market. Buy a few big big signings and mix them in with cheap purchases and youth prospects. The players I broke the bank for was: Adam Mazurek (DC) (£75 mill): Arne Posipal (SC) (£78 mill): This was of course just an excuse to show off my players. Look how good they are!
  7. Why? @herne79 isn't making an argument he is simply exploring a possible contributing reason as to why there is a shortage of ready made IF's after a while. Please note that he is not saying that this is the reason. In fact he is specifically pointing out that he has no idea if it have any effect or not. He is just saying that a change like that may contribute to the problem. If it was as simple as "After a while there is a shortage of ready made IF's because of X" this would not be an continuous problem because it would be easy to fix, but this is not that. This is "After a while there is a shortage of ready made IF's and it may be because of x,y and Z is causing knock on effects that contribute to the issue.".
  8. What a coincidence. I just beat Napoli in the Champions League as well. A 1-0 victory with an injury time winner I love FM! My starting XI value was a staggering £195 mill though, so you beat me there! (And thats just what I bought them for).
  9. You can say that. In the end you have to decide for yourself if you want to follow the suggestion or not. Just remember that you have final say on all matters and that most of the time you are a lot smarter than the AI. So even if the team report tells you that you are short up front when you have 3 strikers that compete for 1 starting place you know that the team report is wrong, but if you play with two strikers and you only have 2 strikers then the report is correct and you either need to change system to suit your players or you have to explore the transfer market in order to strengthen in that area. You can also create a backup system with 1 striker to use if one of your two strikers gets injured and you don't have cover. The important thing to remember is that all the feedback the game gives you is suggestions only and it is you who have to decide if you want to act on them or not.
  10. The AI is smarter and will change his tactics around more based on results. If you take the lead he may go attacking against you to try and equalize and if he takes the lead he may go defensive to prevent you from equalizing. (Please note that I am not saying that the AI will learn your tactic over time! That is NOT the case!) Also in FM15 the ME was biased towards High pressing, High D-line tactics, if you play like that in FM17 then the AI is much more likely to punish you.
  11. I would say no. You should instead look for players that are versatile and fit your regular tactic. Like in your example, if you do not use wingers but you use a AMC. I would then look at players that are at natural AMC's but also at least accomplished as AML/AMR. (ML/MR) (<-- You can also retrain your current players if they have the attributes to play as wingers) That way you you can adapt to play with wingers in certain games without having to use your budget on wingers that will hardly play.
  12. It may be that there just is not any youngsters for him to tutor. How the game determines who is avialable to tutor and who is able to tutor is based on several different factors, where age and squad role is just two of them. I am not sure what the other criterias are, but I do believe that playing position is one, and personality is another. (I may be wrong)
  13. Two words: Youth development! I always work towards having my entire squad having "home grown at club" status. Its not always possible to get that, but to try is always enjoyable. Developing your own players also makes you more attached to them. They stop being numbers on a page and become something more. I still remember my wonderkids from previous versions with fondness. There is Iskender Sener, The Turkish GOD (!!!) that carried an entire team in FM10/11 (not sure which). Then you have Mads Grimm on FM15. The best shadow striker I have ever seen. Oliveira the brazilian beast in FM13. Think Vidic and Ferdinand combined into one insane DC! In FM17 I have Phillip Frangen: And Andreas Eilers: (Not fully developed yet, but he is going to be one insane player when he reaches his potential!) Alex Howard: (Also not fully developed yet) How can you not keep motivated when you get to see players like this develop from prospects into world beaters?
  14. What you have to remember is that SI caters to all sorts, and that you realism fanatics are probably in the minority. I have of course no data to back up that statement, and I may be horribly wrong of course, but would you bet against that? Would it make business sense for SI to implement you suggestion to please a few players at the risk of upsetting a larger fan base? I would think not, and I can assure you that I would go mental if I have to spend millions of my transfer budget in order to purchase a guy that do not fit my tactic just because it happened in real life! There is also the issues that @CFuller mentioned. Imagine the outrage in this forum if someones top scorer is the subject of a future transfer to another club. Say you have a good season managing Everton and in december you are top of the league. Then in January Man Utd/Chelsea/Man City/Whoever purchases Lukaku from your team without you having anything to say about it. Maybe the buyer club has a poor season as well. Say City are 10th (I wish) and buys him. Thats not realism. There is no way that City would be able to purchase the league leaders top scorer in January while they find themselves in 10th. If this happened to someone in the game, there would be riots in the streets!
  15. you won't. It's the same budget as the one you have. You only get a new budget for the summer transfer window.
  16. As a guy that don't even buy players that has been tainted by City and Liverpool I could never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever manage any of them! I also enforce a City/Liverpool transfer tax when I sell players to them. If they want one of my players they have to double what everyone else has to pay. Man Utd on the other hand get a transfer discount. If they want one of my players I will usually settle on a reasonable price. I also allow United to purchase players that are not for sale at any price to other clubs, but in those cases United has to break the bank in order to get them. One example from my current save is a wonderkid striker I had at Middlesbrough. I sold him to United for £110 mill. There is no way I would have let him go if it were any other club.
  17. Stolt oransje og blå, ja vi elsker Aafk! First thing first. The AI does not learn your tactic. It will play more or less aggressive against you based on your reputation and standing within the game. If you overachieve it will be more defensive, if you underperform it will be more attacking, but that's it. However one of the reasons that you are failing the second season may be that your tacic is good against teams that attack you. When you overperform the first season teams will be more conservative against you in the second season,and the spaces you used to exploit just isn't there anymore because the AI has started to play more defensive against you. If you go to the tactics forum and post your tactic in as much detail as you can then the guys there will hopefully point you in the right direction. You can also PM me with the details and I will try to help you. Link to tactics forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/
  18. I sold this guy: If I remember correctly his value was around £15-16 mill when I sold him.
  19. Compared to FM15 and 16 I find that 17 is more of a challenge because the AI is more "intelligent", but it is still not that hard. What I have found though is that it is much harder to dominate if you use the more aggressive mentalities (Control, Attacking, Overload) all the time like I used to before. Using control or attacking against a better team is usually I fine invitation to get slaugtered. What I found helped me a lot was a tip I got from Bustthenet on youtube. The tip was to redefine mentality to risk instead. So instead of seeing counter as counter attacking play style I now see it as "Less risk". Then I becomes like this. Contain (No Risk) - Defensive (Much less risk) - Counter (Less Risk) - Standard - Control (More Risk) - Attacking (Much more Risk) - Overload (Risk everything) Having redefined it like this I found it was easier for me to switch between them based on the opponent I face. This has completly changed how I play. I used to play the same way no matter what team I managed and who I faced. I still did ok in FM17 playing like that, but now that I have adapted my play style to be more tactical I find that my results has improved immensly. In my save I'm 12 years into the game (2029) the first 10 seasons I played the same tactic against anyone with any team. The last two season I have adapted my style based on who I face. The first season playing like this was a little varied because I was still getting used to playing like that and kept making a few mistakes, but in the second season my results improved dramatically. I am now in my third season playing like this and I am loving FM more then ever!
  20. Just seemed like a weird place to put eels, but to each his own I guess.
  21. Ok I will bite. Why is your hovercraft full of eels? <<-- Google translate.
  22. Also mutual termination means that you have offered to terminate his contract for less then he is entitled to if he stays untill it expires. I doubt he is that desperate to move back home
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