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  1. Bradford City Season 10 (2029/2030): I continue the evolution of the team, trying to rely less on loans and more on good young players from wherever we can get them. This is easier for some positions than others, my old-fashioned 4-4-2 with wingers doesn't have that many options without having to retrain someone from attacking wing positions, there being very few natural midfielder right/left players. Man Utd and Ben MacKenzie agree for him to stay another season on loan which is great for the right wing. Pacheo on the left, seemed like he was going to come on, but another red card t
  2. Bradford City Season 9 (2028/2029): Thought I would post the team I used for our first Premiership season: Goalkeeper and defenders: Rafael Mejia: a free end of contract signing from Colombia. Cameron Sharp: £350k from Chelsea, signed for centre back, has had to fill in at right back this season. Achraf Dari: another end of contract signing, but a mature player with leadership skills that we needed. Kim Sung-Jin: came in January to replace Rhys Bennett. Bargain buy for £1m from South Korean side Jeonbuk, Demanding in contract negotiations but worth it. James
  3. Oh yes. I've remained faithful to the formation but tweaked it from what we started off with. We go Cautious away and Balanced at home setup like this. I'm 10th after 11 games in our 1st season in the premiership with this. The only real players left are Rhian Brewster, Elliot Watt and Achraf Dari (I do a customised database with the major teams from all regions loaded about 55,000 players).
  4. Bradford City Season 8 (2027/28): Transfers: Our reputation has been nudging up with each successive Championship season, and good youngsters, within reason, will be agreeable to loans. Beckles is a quality deep lying forward to partner Brewster. Thomson is a left back with excellent mental and physical attributes and I change my tactic slightly to left back attacking for extra support up front. Travis Clark, an American an Bayern is a decent right winger and will interchange with Dusty Burke, his compatriot we signed last season as a striker and have converted. Bambo Diaby, one
  5. He's looking good for the Championship, but since leaving Liverpool no one made him first choice so he's suffered a little, doing very well for me in my new season.
  6. Bradford City Season 7 (2026/27): Transfers: In the summer I make a decision, the important first team players are getting older and not producing enough results for us. I can't improve upon them without a clearout, and are they holding back the development of the youngsters I thought were going to overtake them? I embark on an attempted purge, Faupala, such a monster in leagues one and two, still getting 20 goals a season leaves us on a cut-price deal back to France, others like Joe Lumley, don't get bids other than loans. It seems that with over-performing and decent contracts, the
  7. Bradford City Season 6 (2025/26): Transfers: Still without a right winger, I go for the highest value loanee I can get, Joe Haigh from Fulham, without any other option, Cleary, who we had last season too rejoins to give some depth. I find myself concentrating on the 'promising' description, assuming that those players will develop rapidly and become better than their more mature positional counterparts. Coming into the transfer window, based on the league performance, I start spending some money on players who are still young, but closer to first team readiness. I'm happy at the
  8. Bradford City Season 5 (2024-2025): Transfers: Right winger Simon Power left us after we couldn't agree a new contract, his wage demands being unreasonable for his ability, coming into a new season, we therefore had no natural right sided midfielders. The solution was Cleary and Shotton arriving on loan, both promising youngsters from premiership teams. Rhys Bennett, whom my scouts tell me has premiership potential, is snapped up after his release from Man Utd. In my head I am building some kind of link between Colombia and Bradford. So another Colombian prospect joins to
  9. Certainly with the Papa John I fully rotate out but for the Carabao and FA Cups I treat them as important for financial reasons while in Leagues One or Two. Now I'm in the Championship, I'm going more the other way, promotion is tantalising the league games trump everything else, but at the same time, I can afford to have some depth. Towards the end of the season I do see any positions where I've only got one real first teamer see issues with jadedness. I'm actively trying to recruit towards at least a 1st choice and prospect in each position so if nothing else, the prospect being rotate
  10. Bradford City Season 4 (2023/2024): Transfers. Big news, we spent some money on a player. I signed scout Juan Echeverria who had been released by Man United, coming with full knowledge of both England and Colombia, I started seeing Colombian youngsters in my scout reports, despite being outside of our range, I took a punt on newgen striking duo Harrison Polo and Jhonnys Pitre, potentially a new advanced forward, deep lying forward combination for years to come. That's presuming work permit issues are resolved, Polo, with the cooler name, is granted one on signing, while Pitre, a Colo
  11. Bradford City Season 3 (2022/2023): Transfers: Things are starting to calm down with the turnover of players. I need a new creative forward alongside Faupala, as Will Keane almost left and isn't up to Championship level. Both left backs left on contract expiry which is a real priority too. I think we do well enough to secure enough quality to keep us safe. I've also got Man City's U23s to draw on still too. Thomas O'Connor looks quality at this level at least. As expected, the opposition are a lot tougher in the Championship, but we pick up wins enough in the first 6 weeks
  12. Bradford City Season 2 (2021-2022): Transfers: we continue to keep the purse strings tight, despite the board offering up a £150k transfer kitty following the promotion to League One. In my view we just can't afford it, and there should still be plenty of free bargains to be had, plus we have parent club Man City to raid for loans. O'Donnell finally leaves along with a couple of the weaker signings from last year. Because he was available Will Keane was recruited in early June and doesn't show as a new season signing. Expecting a season of consolidation, our early form is promis
  13. I'm kicking off a Bradford City save (well, since full game release I've kicked off 4 disasters with them before getting a successful 5th one going). Perhaps it's replacing legend Stuart McCall and the effect that has on the squad in place, but results were woeful, the match engine showing as if players were ignoring tactics and just doing their own ineffective thing. Attempt 5's success I think is down to wholesale changes, which I don't like to do usually but there seemed no option. Onto season 1 of what will be my save attempt: After some scouting recruits aimed at increasing
  14. That's not a games industry issue, it's probably across all of IT/Software jobs as we have the same issues recruiting in cyber security. So anyone worried about robots taking all the jobs, train into software development. Not that I've looked often but I've never seen any project management type roles advertised at SI, one of the glassdoor reviews explicitly says there isn't any, so there may well be an element of working smarter with what you have that's needed (isn't that an option in media interviews?) rather than just trying to get more people in. I'd have loved to try project managin
  15. If you think this version is buggy you didn't play CM4. I'm more casual towards playing nowadays but I don't see any major issues that justify it being called broken. As others have pointed out, theres some real life economics working where SI need to get a new annual release out to sustain the studio, if it starting making losses I'm sure SEGA wouldn't keep it going for the love of football. So yeah, it's kind of exploiting my loyalty to the brand so I have future versions to play but given the hours logged, it's a pretty good deal. Keep in mind these forums are a minority of player
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