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  1. That's not a games industry issue, it's probably across all of IT/Software jobs as we have the same issues recruiting in cyber security. So anyone worried about robots taking all the jobs, train into software development. Not that I've looked often but I've never seen any project management type roles advertised at SI, one of the glassdoor reviews explicitly says there isn't any, so there may well be an element of working smarter with what you have that's needed (isn't that an option in media interviews?) rather than just trying to get more people in. I'd have loved to try project managing an FM release but I've never had any interest living near London
  2. If you think this version is buggy you didn't play CM4. I'm more casual towards playing nowadays but I don't see any major issues that justify it being called broken. As others have pointed out, theres some real life economics working where SI need to get a new annual release out to sustain the studio, if it starting making losses I'm sure SEGA wouldn't keep it going for the love of football. So yeah, it's kind of exploiting my loyalty to the brand so I have future versions to play but given the hours logged, it's a pretty good deal. Keep in mind these forums are a minority of players, you may think it's too buggy to play, SI will have steam stats saying theres thousands of people playing the game merrily enough. They'll consider that when stopping work on the current version and working on the new one.
  3. Are any of the west country clubs compliant? I remember the board forking out £2m for undersoil heating at Valley Parade when I was promoted, I assume to avoid postponed games for TV. That said, I doubt currently Port Vale would be either but that deep into a save maybe they're up there too.
  4. I might come back to it but I reached 10 seasons with my Bradford save and struggling for consistency still, I'll try something different for a while.
  5. If it's a board that's spending big on players without going through the manager, they should have cash to pump into the club when needed.
  6. Bradford City 28/29: I call the close season a success by improving the critical central midfield positions. My thinking is Sissoko's defensive mid position is ok with him for now, it's the Mezzala and deep lying playmaker positions in front of him. I think I'm messing up my scouting packages, I get very little from my scouts on senior players or just the usual search function, however, we find 2 exciting prospects in Brazil without outrageous release clauses and they'll both get permits. Seki is more of a squad player, he's got versatility between defensive mid and central mid, and I think it may help Murata, the Japanese centre back I signed last season. Tie is beginning to reach his limit, which is that of a lower quality premiership level. Holguin is a more mature signing at 25 and goes straight in the first team, adding to my two Mexican centre backs. Tie starts to get unhappy at losing his place so I accept an offer let him move on. Peter Kennet had also peaked at a Championship level, and there is further interest in youth teamers who my coaching team say don't quite have premier potential so I let them go with chunky % sell-on clauses. I'm still using loans for depth, Moulin returns from Chelsea and we get a Norwegian from Napoli to help cover for Jardel. Glaucio: Luis Gastavo: Holguin: Seki: Our league form is inconsistent, stringing no more than 2 wins together, punctuated by runs of 2-3 losses. It's disappointing but still not that surprising, with more players in key positions needing to settle in, however, I was expecting some improvement but come season end, we finish in 14th again, just 3 more points than last season. Tactically I've messed around a bit trying to find a consistency with the new midfield, trying a flat 3 central mid, which seemed to work well against some teams but the majority not. My conclusion is that I need a more cautious approach away from home and against bigger teams at home and then start looking to get/develop players that will fit into the tactics rather than tweak them to fit the players. Even with the transfer outlay, we're still making a profit and I'm still trying to turn the academy into something more special to keep some local influence within the team. Towards the end of the season, I do give several substitute appearances to some promising graduates despite their current ability being poor. The season ahead is more about tactics than recruitment for the first time since I started managing Bradford. A nod to the tragedy of the Bradford City Fire, the anniversary passed yesterday and I can still remember seeing it on TV as a youngster.
  7. Yes. The real players left are: Nicholas Tie: Goalkeeper Ryan Astley: Centre Back Brandon Fleming: Left back/winger Ibou Sissoko: Defensive Midfielder
  8. Bigger Kabeya. Being touted as the next Michael Owen, now aged 19 in my save he's picked up the wonderkid description.
  9. Lockdown helps, and I tend to change very little between matches so my saves are pretty much thrashing continue, that might explain why I don't do that well
  10. Bradford City 27/28: Transfers are busy again. Although I'm keeping some of the players who helped us get here, they aren't good enough, that said, as I approach season start and even play a few games in August, I wonder at why Mourgos is still 1st choice while rated as a league one player. Ibou Sissoko comes as a mature player at 29 for the half-back position. I don't want youngsters in every position so he adds experience, despite being rated as a leading Championship player, he's got his attributes in all the right places for me. Murata is a Japanese centre back with potential, as is Mexican Colin, rated as a wonderkid. I think pairing up Colin with another Mexican centre back wonderkid should do them both good, Ramos from the same club arrives too. This now gives me 3 good youngsters to work with Ryan Astley, and at least in the short term, central defence is finally sorted. Kozomora is a Serbian left back with potential as well, he'll be used as cover for captain Norman. Ntuli and Kone are both cheap free youngsters from African who need permits, because of the weird league timings in Finland, my feedback club FC Honka, have to loan them to and fro. Louie Barry is a good Championship player, but won't get ahead of Douglas so rather than make him unhappy, a bid from Swansea is accepted. An offer comes in for Moulden and given the troubles of last season I'd rather get a better replacement, but temporarily make do with an Argentinian prospect from Boca on loan to cover for Tie. I can't find reasonably priced playmakers for the deep lying and mezzala roles, so Mourgos carries on with an Arsenal wonderkid coming in on loan. Murata: Colin: Ramos: The season starts well, we only lose 4 in the first 14 games and sit happily mid table again. December starts with 4 losses in the league, and although we hammer Arsenal 5-1 at home, the bad form continues into January as we exit both cups, albeit against top teams, and get just 4 more league wins until the season ends. I am not too surprised at the form, an influx of young players fitting into the 1st team tends not to go well. I don't have any players working in tactical partnerships until February, and even a couple of those show as ineffective rather than positives. I don't doubt the midfield engine of my control possession tactic being a league one player, a championship player and a youngster Arsenal have loaned out, is a big factor. Drawing so many games keeps us well clear of the relegation zone, but we're lucky because no one below seems able to put a run together to overtake us. The league position line chart is a horizontal line at 14th from January to May. I'm not too disheartened, those youngsters will have improved, learnt the language and have more favourable team dynamics going into the new season, but I really do have to sort out central midfield this close season, no matter what.
  11. Crewe have a good rating in academy and recruitment, if you can get them maybe Hearts in Scotland would be an option.
  12. Bradford City 26/27: First season in the Premiership budgets are announced by the board, I have £32m to spend and a wage budget I can't possibly get close to with the current wages and that relatively small war chest. While thanking them for that, I'm also asking for every infrastructure and financial improvement I possibly can. We're in the honeymoon period of promotion so everything gets the rubber stamp and off we go. I'm guessing it's a premier league requirement to avoid postponed games so they also spend £2m on undersoil heating. For my part, I full intend on spending every penny but on quality. Jardel, one of my former loaners, is available for a relatively low price given Cardiff's relegation. I still can't resist another loan of Diallo, whom I moved forward slightly into the half-back role. Douglas was transfer listed by Barcelona at nearly half his valuation, he's on a pretty huge appearance bonus on top of his £48k a week, his main downside is that he's not accomplished at AMR, where I will need to play him: If you want a captain, go for Captain America, Norman had a £6m clause and the current left back options weren't going to be good enough for the long term. Greg Garcia bought himself out of his MLS contract and was available on a free, the problem was he couldn't qualify for a work permit like Norman, I signed him anyway and put him out to Angers SCO, where they generously granted him 5 substitute appearances. I'll have to try another loan next season and he'll hopefully start winning some caps. I'm still scrabbling around for centre backs, Montero is a loan from Barcelona, not great but I think will do. And Moulin is a Mezzala wonderkid from Chelsea that they know I'll give plenty of games to. We're quite erratic at the start of the season, I keep a steady balanced mentality home and away, which I start to adjust to cautious away and things stabilise, we're not doing anything spectacular, but we're floating around lower mid table clear of the relegation zone. Running up to January, we're doing fine and I particular enjoy this 1-1 draw away to Man City, parking the bus as Mourinho, the current City Manager, would say after Jardel is sent off for two yellows before half time, after which Louie Barry pops up and bags a goal from our only shot. Not long after the restart, Mourgos lunges in and gets a straight red. Antony equalises in the 76th minute but somehow we see it out. Nicholas Tie's heroics in the game herald his departure for another African Nations Cup. My only cover is still Moulden, rated as a decent league one keeper. Our form tanks through January and although we have games in hand because of the cups, which we also crash out of in Tie's absence, we slip into the relegation zone. Tie returns in February, Ivory Coast having been knocked out in the quarter finals. He sures us up, we recover some form and finish the season strongly. Bigger Kabeya, my youth prospect from the previous youth intake, starts being touted as the next Michael Owen. I'm giving him appearances off the bench regularly to help bring him on. I stay busy thoughout the season trying to recruit/improve on the staff. Notably, Eddie Howe as the U23 Manager and Aitor Karanka 1st team coach. As we'll know in this thread, for the newly promoted, the U23s without any players to fill it is a bit weird for a while. Heading off for the summer break, my priorities never seem to have changed, centre backs and central midfield are still problem areas.
  13. This is more a team dynamics thing than tactics. Even when on unbeaten streaks I tend to find morale starts to drop inexplicably, I believe this is probably a balancing thing to force the manager to keep doing something to prevent the game become just a click through fest. FM Base has a good dynamics tutorial on youtube, the key things I took from it were: do a monthly team meeting based on how you're doing. i.e. when in one of those winning streaks praise them, if you're 3 games into a losing streak do the keep your heads up option etc. Praise and criticise the players named in training reports. Even if a player isn't doing anything spectacular, do an occasional praise conduct interaction. I've just done this on my bench keeper and he's gone from fairly good to really good. It might be something along the lines of as you get deeper into a season, is an influential player (and by that I mean within the social hierarchy not the attribute) getting concerned about playing time, even if not first choice you may need to play him occasionally. If you keep morale high up across the squad and take action at the start of the losing streak, you should recover and you can directly see the benefits on team cohesion and what that gives to your team, much like you say, poor cohesion will start to effect the way the team acts on the pitch and you can't just assume it gets high early in the season and just stays there.
  14. Bradford City 25/26: As time ticks away through June, I am targeting some depth in midfield and central defence. Loans are great but it leaves us exposed. Sidnei Tavares is running down is contract and accepts an offer to give us some cover. I still can't find suitable permanent recruits on the cheap, so we're back to loans. Liverpool provide a central defender able to pass and dribble. Gomes and Diallo join yet again and by the end of the season they are both over 120 league appareances for us. With my Austrian striker arriving who is a 22 year strong prospect, I can't do any more on the wage limitations. Relative disaster then strikes with Burnley coming in with a contract releasing bid for Charlie Wiggett. It was one thing to sign up a player on a free who looked good, it's something else to have a full season, know he's your only permanently signed first team central defender that you were counting on. The money gives me some wiggle room though, another long time loanee, Louie Barry has finally been listed by Villa, Ryan Astley is comparable to Wiggett for current ability but doesn't show the same promise. However, he's listed by Everton and relatively cheap. I also draft in yet another loanee centre back. I refuse more bids for Tie, as no one quite meets his release, when the window closes, I sign him up to a new contract with extensive haggling over what his new release value will be - £12.5m. We make a storming start to the league, going 11 unbeaten. A few losses here and there isn't enough to stop us staying permanently in the automatic promotion slots. We go out of the Carabao Cup early, drawing our pseudo parent club Man City in the 3rd round. We hold Everton at home in the FA cup 3rd round to lose on the replay. It's an old cliché, but fewer games helps everyone stay fit. Promotion is confirmed with 4 games to go, leaving just a battle with Bournemouth for the championship. Again it comes down to the last game of the season, but we're ahead and just need to match their result. We get a 2-1 win at Ipswich to clinch it. A moment to be proud of, I don't think I've ever got into the prem other than through playoffs. I already decide that I can't gut the team and go for high potential youths, I tried that before and ruined a save. So it's going to be about having trust in these players and trying to build up again, taking account for we don't own several of them. Glenn Payne continues impressive development in mental and physical attributes, if not technical ones. The youth academy has reported a golden generation, although I think that's relative to what has graduated before with the exception of Payne, however, Bigger Kabeya does look good if we can improve his finishing. I am elevated to club icon!
  15. Bradford City 24/25: Our first season in the Championship was as much about fighting the expectation of losing every game as it was the opposition. It did make post loss match team talks predictable with the 'we were unlucky' option. I wasn't sure what I could do with the transfer budget coupled with the low wage budget, after spending relatively big on a left back, I adjusted the budgets to maximise it to wages and again looked at the loan market and free transfers. In the last season's update I hadn't mentioned Paudie O'Connor being bought for his release clause in January, so I had a few gaps in the team again. Having done an OK job, David Titov was released at the end of his 1 season deal, and although he's done a great job throughout League One, Stobbs's mental attributes aren't strong enough for the Championship with Barry ahead of him, so leaves us too. Thinking I know what they can do, Barry, Dallio and Gomes come back on loan as clearly have the quality needed. Charlie Wiggett seems a bargain and even when signed seems undervalued at £450k. Kennett is a decent newgen for the left wing. I intended to keep Jake Reeves as a club stalwart but he asked to leave to pursue a new challenge. I consider us in good shape for the season ahead. We did have an exciting prospect emerge from the academy in 2023 (while we were in League One) who the staff think has the potential to play in the Premiership. A local lad from Bradford too. I keep with the control possession style and 4-1-4-1 formation, which keeps us in control of a lot of games. We have two sticky patches in October and April of 4 losses in a row each, but otherwise steadily clock up the points well away from relegation. The highlight of the season came against Wednesday, although only 5 goals in a game is still short of the 7 scored against Tranmere in 1929 by Albert Whitehurst. Although we didn't score in the next game, Ennis put another 4 past Boro in the game after that. Our cup form is very good, reaching the quarter finals in both cups. Losing 0-3 away to Wolves in the League Cup and 0-2 away to Man City, where both Gomes and Dallio are loaned from and can't play. This season the money doesn't totally bleed away, and for the first time, we end the season not overdrawn. Although somewhat annoyingly, the board are very cautious about approving any facility improvements despite it being obviously relegation has been avoided. With the team becoming a known force, it feels like theres a flock of scouts circling over every game. By the end of the season, Wiggett and Tie are being tracked by a number of teams. I negotiate Payne's contract twice to fend of interest in him, turning down multiple bids throughout January, the highest of which was £6m. Another season beckons although for the first time, the scouts haven't given me any clear targets to go for on contract expiry, That said, from my significant shortlist of anyone they say has the potential to play in the Premiership, there is an Austrian playing at Salzburg who agrees a January offer to join in the summer. Perhaps I need to start looking abroad.
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