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  1. Parmie

    [Spain] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Uploaded file name B team staff job bug.fm
  2. Summary: I noticed Lionel Messi was on international duty for his own testimonial game. When I checked what he was playing in he was selected in the Argentina U23s to play in the Olympics. I'd expect the player receiving the testimonial would be available/at least in the country for it Game file uploaded 11:14 13th November.
  3. Parmie

    [Spain] (Official) League Specific Issues

    B Team job adverts are not receiving any applicants. After end of season one with Barcelona I released many of the B Team staff, I've had Ass Man, physio, sports scientist, data analyst and coach adverts for at least 2 months and no responses. Staff are willing to join if I do manual searches and filter for B Team realistic, so I can work around it.
  4. I have had great success with a possession based 4-2-3-1 (wide) formation. I used team instructions to maximise that - play out from the back, work ball into the box, retain possession. One of the keys to this though is making sure the goalkeeper distributes to your defenders, or he'll generally hit it long. As you had, I had one central midfielder defensive to stop counter attacks, usually Elneny, the other set to support and usually a shuttler, so between those two, they pick up any clearances by the opposition and we start again. I also had both full backs overlapping. Because your strikers are small and quick, low crosses are better. High tempo is conflicts with keeping possession and control, you want a slower tempo so that your players have the time to pick their passes.
  5. Season 3: The vision is realised. Player partnerships established all over the pitch and the possession based tactic resulted in an unbeaten league campaign, the invincibles have returned. Domestic Cups were nothing to write home about, Man Utd fielded a full strength first team against us in the quarter finals of the League Cup, and Liverpool knocked us out of the FA Cup in only the 3rd round. We did however, get to the final of the Champions League, going toe to toe with Real Madrid, finishing 2-2 after extra time, losing on penalties when we missed all three attempts. The league season produced a host of awards, Iwobi swept up Footballer of the Year, Players' Player and Young Player of the Year. Wilshire scored the goal of the season. Transfers were busy again, PSG tried to sign Bellerin repeatedly but after failing to unsettle him, they came in for Zappacosta with a £37.5m bid, I accepted this although it left me short, being after the English transfer window closed. Elneny went to Liverpool for £24m, Monreal to San Sebastian for £9m. David Luiz was listed by Chelsea, and with his leadership qualities and only three first team centre backs, I signed him for £9.75m. Cech had retired at the end of last season and Everton seemed happy to get rid of Jordan Pickford, I signed him for what seems a bargain at £13.75m. I went through with my plan of signing a bigger centre forward Moise Kean arriving for £25m. Being short at both full back positions, I signed Douglas Costa as a stop gap for the left back, and Alvaro Odriozola's £32m release clause was activated in January. We had a series of injuries, but our league form held up, all the squad getting a decent amount of games as fringe players came in as cover. The closest we came to a loss was Chelsea away with an equalizer in the last 10 minutes. Reiss Nelson won his first England Cap, scoring a hat trick on his international debut. Looking forward, the squad could do with a bit more depth but I'll probably look to long term development to replace the 30 somethings in the team.
  6. Season 2: Another long league war with Man Utd, however, they only lost 1 all season and were impossible to keep up with. I lost a few away games against lower opposition I would normally have expected to beat. Perhaps I should have kept Koscielny as one of my few senior players. I also made first team changes on the left and replaced the central midfield, maybe the time to make those partnership relationships impacted on results. I made a decision to ignore my preferred approach and blew the transfer kitty, I have a vision of the 2 central midfielders in my 4-2-3-1 being technically good but physically imposing, Xhaka and Elneny had been fulfilling this in the first season but I felt they could be improve upon. I also needed improving at left back and cover for right back. So I spent £21.5m on Kieran Tieney from Celtic (mentioned above under season 1), Bakayoko was listed by Chelsea so bought for £22m, Sergej from Lazio for £54m and Zappacosta, also listed by Chelsea for £25.5m The excess weight in the club was shifted out, Chambers, Martinez, Holding, Mavropanos, Lucas were all went to mid table premier league teams, Xhaka made one complaint too many about his contract and departed to Atletico Madrid, Kolasinac left in January after falling out about losing his spot to Tieney, the only offer on the table was Bournemouth's for £23.5, but with Monreal still as cover, I took it. The Champions League campaign was decent, we finished behind Real Madrid in the group but progressed through to the semi-finals, beating Barcelona in the quarters but going out to eventual winners Bayern. My hope of a trophy was the FA Cup, reaching the final against Leicester, but we didn't perform and they sneaked it 1-0. Mitchell Webb has been steadily improving and I gave him some first team opportunities when games were safe. Other than that Lacazette was far better than Aubameyang this season although it feels with both of them I need someone better in the air, the number of heading sitters they miss was staggering, even switching to low crosses doesn't make much difference.
  7. Parmie

    4-2-3-1 struggles

    Without just feeding you answers, here are some suggestions: Cut back on some of those team instructions A control mentality but a highly structured shape feel like they conflict rather than complement Have you got the right balance of individual player mentalities for Control? I always think of a wing back as the only wide player on that flank, switch the left sided defender to a full back.
  8. This guy came through our youth system and looks an exciting prospect.
  9. So I started an Arsenal save..... This is post update, so Walcott, Alexis etc have moved on. My style is that I develop my tactic, mainly based on the personal philosophy of "good" football but accounting for the playing staff, preferring to develop younger players, so call me a bit of a Wenger/Pep hybrid of a stubborn one tactic manager not spending big bucks. My expectations were in line with the board's, getting back into the Champions League would be success. For the first time I think I worked out tactics a little better than I do usually, I stubbornly stuck to a 4-2-3-1 wide. my eureka moment being to keep both the 2 central midfielders quite defensive while basing everything else on a short passing game, building from the back and working the ball into either Aubameyang or Lacazette. This created a tactic where I would mostly draw the opposite team onto my players in my own half and high up their own half, while passing around them, stretching their midfield and leaving their defence isolated. The result was an exciting season of exchanging the lead with Man Utd, overcoming an early 1-5 drubbing by Man City to running into an horrendous April run in of A Spurs, A Man Utd, A Chelsea, A Liverpool with a Europa League semi final against Celtic thrown in for good measure. At that point we almost become unstuck as I messed with mentality to try to eek out some points, getting just 2 points from those 4 games and giving Man Utd the chance to go top with their game in hand. Luckily for me, they unexpectedly lost away to Brighton, leaving the title to the last game of the season, they were away to already relegated Huddersfield and me at home to safe Crystal Palace. Man Utd started coasting to victory in their game, while I was struggling with a 0-0 until Aubameyang banged in a 68th minute winner to clinch the title. That left us with a Europa League final against AC Milan. Learning from my league games, I went with my Control/Fluid mentality and shape that I used in the majority of games, playing to my strengths, and we came in easy 2-1 winners. Player highlights were Aubameyang beating Thierry Henry's league goals record by one to get 31 from 35 games, and Welbeck being a major contributor, weighing in with 12 goals from an inside left position. As others have mentioned in their saves, Ozil seems largely average, with just 2 assists from 21 league games, he lost his place to a rampant Jack Wilshere who added goals from the AMC advanced playmaker position. Transfer activity was light, with only Ajax's Matthijs de Ligt purchased for £15.75m as a long term replacement for the retiring Per Mertesacker before the season started, with Daniele Rugani bought in January for a cut-price £26.5m following his transfer listing by Juve. This leaves me in the off-season of 2018/2019. Man City/Paris SG/Barcelona are permanently interested in half of the first team, who all want new contracts. Most of whom I would quite like to leave on over-inflated prices but the interest hasn't turned into meaningful offers other than for Welbeck who couldn't agree terms with Man City and Koscielny who has gone to Real Madrid for £26.5m (I thought a good price for 32 years old). Kiernan Tierney has joined from Celtic for £21.5m pending the departure of one of Monreal or preferably Kolasniac for around £52m if PSG or Barcelona can muster a bid. Otherwise I am left eyeing up targets that I would quite like Ozil's wages and fee to pay for if anyone would take him, which they aren't
  10. One my annoyances with FM is the number of Continue clicks I need from the one match to the other. My suggestion would be that individuals get a choice over what to stop processing for and what not to. As an example in my current save, the below was required to get just 24 hours further on within the game: Click 1 - 2 inbox items, Post Match Analysis + Ass Man player progress report Click 2 - no inbox, some league fixtures due I am not directly involved in Click 3 - 1 inbox item, facilities upgraded notification Click 4 - no inbox item, 12pm league fixture result Click 5 - no inbox item, 4:15pm league fixture result Click 6 - 1 inbox item, B team result Click 7 - no inbox item, 6:30pm league fixture result Click 8 - 1 inbox item, league result round-up notification Click 9 - scouting report on next opposition Click 10 - Pre-match analysis on next opposition Click 11 - not sure why, seemed to shift to Leagues in Focus Click 12 - league fixture I am not involved in Click 13 - result of that fixture Click 14 - team of the week notification So If I were given options I would probably not want the game to stop processing for.... Player progress reports AI vs AI league fixtures Facilities upgrade notifications B team/reserve team result messages League round up notifications Whatever the reason for the Leagues in Focus was about Team of the week notifications ….that would make 11 of those clicks not required but making them selectable preferences would let managers with a different playing style get more pauses to do to stuff. I know a starting preference is to not move fixtures for TV which would save several of these but I like having them that way. Does seem a bit of clean up could be done anyway, give me next opposition scouting and pre-match analysis at the same time for example.
  11. My save is still going, the rate of progress has slowed due to starting to play Eve online. But....my slow burn is now progressing and last season we qualified for the Champions League in 4th place. We didn't get past Napoli however, to get into the competition proper but are so far 4 points off in the league and progressing in the Europa League. The Youth Academy is now beginning to pay dividends, with a goalkeeper slowly taking over from Krul but also backup to Joe Hart and an AMC starting most games. When I get time I'll screenie them.
  12. Parmie

    Youth recruitment

    If you're a conference club you should be looking for a parent, not a feeder, you probably can't afford it and even if you could the quality would be very poor. I would say theres not much point below the top tier.
  13. Parmie

    Youth recruitment

    In my same Newcastle save I bought 6 west African players for a combined total of £2m, all 3.5 stars, as an experiment to see if I could turn them around into money makers. One looks poor and hasn't progressed, the rest are turning into internationals and showing as 4.5 stars now. This is after a loan spell at Steaua.
  14. Parmie

    Youth recruitment

    and the other thing is, your coaches can be wrong in their assessment, under estimating as well as over estimating their potential, so check the staff report of at least one high judging potential coach to check any variance.
  15. Parmie

    Youth recruitment

    I'm assuming by everything being top notch it includes the youth coaching budget and youth recruitment as well as facilities? I've got everything maxed at Newcastle and would say I'm getting one prospective first teamer per season, no more and a little less than that on average. (6 seasons in with 5 prospects really) The youth recruitment news item implies the number of youths recruited is influenced by your head of youth development. So it may be worthwhile getting a very high reputation one in to get a couple more, I've not really seen much impact of this directly though, the players the news item mentions specifically as being attracted by my staff aren't high quality.