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  1. I've enjoyed a first season on my Villa save. Finished a respectable 10th using a 4-5-1 and battling away for most games sneaking wins and on the receipt of an occasional heavy loss. However, Randy hates the club so much by the end of the season he's sold to a consortium led by none other than Massimo Cellino, and with a bad start in the 2nd season, my days could already be numbered to provide a fuller update.
  2. My save is still going, the rate of progress has slowed due to starting to play Eve online. But....my slow burn is now progressing and last season we qualified for the Champions League in 4th place. We didn't get past Napoli however, to get into the competition proper but are so far 4 points off in the league and progressing in the Europa League. The Youth Academy is now beginning to pay dividends, with a goalkeeper slowly taking over from Krul but also backup to Joe Hart and an AMC starting most games. When I get time I'll screenie them.
  3. Youth recruitment

    If you're a conference club you should be looking for a parent, not a feeder, you probably can't afford it and even if you could the quality would be very poor. I would say theres not much point below the top tier.
  4. Youth recruitment

    In my same Newcastle save I bought 6 west African players for a combined total of £2m, all 3.5 stars, as an experiment to see if I could turn them around into money makers. One looks poor and hasn't progressed, the rest are turning into internationals and showing as 4.5 stars now. This is after a loan spell at Steaua.
  5. Youth recruitment

    and the other thing is, your coaches can be wrong in their assessment, under estimating as well as over estimating their potential, so check the staff report of at least one high judging potential coach to check any variance.
  6. Youth recruitment

    I'm assuming by everything being top notch it includes the youth coaching budget and youth recruitment as well as facilities? I've got everything maxed at Newcastle and would say I'm getting one prospective first teamer per season, no more and a little less than that on average. (6 seasons in with 5 prospects really) The youth recruitment news item implies the number of youths recruited is influenced by your head of youth development. So it may be worthwhile getting a very high reputation one in to get a couple more, I've not really seen much impact of this directly though, the players the news item mentions specifically as being attracted by my staff aren't high quality.
  7. I have 7 clean sheets from 16 competitive games so far in my current season. It does sound like a mix of tactical knowledge, managing the roles in the team, how good your players are and when to switch mentalities. I have a 532 and I was leaking goals at corners, I took the full backs out from the posts and put my playmaker and little poacher on them, while telling the wing backs to mark small players. Little things like that need to be thought about.
  8. The board are useless for finding affiliates, I've found it best to wait it out until they let me pick my own. I've invested in my own academy so the purpose of my feeders now is for first options or marketing.
  9. I thought 2018/2019 would be my breakthrough season. My first game of the season was away to Arsenal, so I switched to a non-too pretty direct counter attacking play with my paciest strikers both playing as poachers. We got away with a clean sheet despite 31 shots on goal and sneaked one in, this, followed by a good home win against Chelsea set us up for a title battle for most of the season. The away tactic earned me draws at all the other big sides. My lean squad couldn't cope with an injury crisis in April combined with 3 players being called away on international duty, we fell away and were even overtaken by Chelsea and Arsenal to finish 6th. The FA cup run was better this season, going out to Chelsea on a replay. Ultimately the plan remains the same, develop through the youth academy and feeders although no one good coming through the academy this year. Current youth setup costs are around £13m a year so it needs to pay for itself. Mike Ashley eventually sold up towards the end of the season to a consortium lead by a guy from Telford who floated us on stock exchange. While we got rid of that massive chairman's loan, they took an interest bearing loan out for £30m. No change to my transfer budget.
  10. That's a lot of goals for Stu. Well done on manager of the year too. And unlucky Shorty. That's a really tight end of league. Clearly I need to improve my mid table mediocrity!
  11. Your 'Youth Level' is driven by the coaching staff you have at that level, so try recruiting an U18 goalkeeper coach, more U18 coaches, some U18 physios, a manager/assistant if you don't have them already. Also try including developing your own players within your vision and then the board should always agree to those types of improvement requests.
  12. Another season completed - 2017/2018 I slipped back down the table this season - finished 10th, we had a bad start of drawn games, at one point I was 1W 7D 4L with Steve Harper sniping through the press. We turned it around with a few wins but with my young squad, we're still inconsistent. I suspect the cause of the bad start was my experiment to sign 5 players for just over £500k in total from West Africa, they all went straight out on loan to Steaua but knowing FM, I think the arrival of so many new players knocked morale. As a money making scheme it appears to be working out ok, they now have values of £3.5m but they aren't getting games. The academy is churning out some really good prospects now. The key for me now with some 19 year olds is finding the game time for them. Transfers: In (the Africans are all FREDs so not much point naming them), Adrien Rabiot £2.1m, a Swedish FRED striker for £1.8m and Kingsley Coman again on loan. Out - Anita £5.5m to Cardiff, Tiote £1.3m QPR, Ben Arfa £8.75m to Stoke. Lascelles and Joe Gomez (now rated as a wonderkid) both made their international debuts for England this season. Annoyingly I had a power cut after getting past Chelsea on penalties in the league cup to get tonked 3-0 when I reloaded, they had an easy run to the final and won it.
  13. Manager/Chairman chats on how the team are performing, progress against other vision targets. A visible description of the relationship with an invisible score, I guess a bit like a player/manager relationship. Ultimately this should effect your sackableness (I invented a word!) or job security, a good relationship means the chairman more reluctant to sack you, a bad one more ready to. It should be possible however to maintain your job with a very bad relationship, perhaps with success and a high fan confidence rating this could protect you. This would probably require some development of chairman personalities, patient/impatient ones, loyalty, interference (trying to get you to pick a favourite player of theirs).
  14. The Transfer System

    I should report you for that accusation, if I were a banker I'd have bought Sergi for £15m and sold him for 2.4.....
  15. The Transfer System

    I think the AI is just playing the supply and demand game, players you list aren't going to get their value. You would be better off not listing them and setting an asking price at their value to encourage bids. I have bought Sergi Roberto for £2.4m when he was listed by Barca for my Newcastle side and sold him on for £15m to Juve before the start of the next season, so it's more about how to play the market.