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  1. Can someone help me ant tell me how do I access to the advanced rules section as it appears on the bottom picture? The upper picture is how I have it and I want to know what do I do from there.
  2. How do I change the World Cup advanced rules if I want to add more hosts? I can't seem to find them in the advanced rules section. I'd apprecciate if someone would tell me step by step how to access to them. Also, could I program multiple hosts for a World Cup year? Let's say, Argentina/Paraguay/Uruguay 2030.
  3. I´m looking to setup my save so that there are more diversity in the WC host nations. However, it won't let me access the advanced rules after I do this (the screenshots are ordered according to the steps): 1. I add international rules, change it to advanced rules and add the World Cup in the competitions window. 2. I select the World Cup, open edit, and click on add advanced rules characteristics. 3. After I do that, a message pops up asking me to select a competition although I did that. 4. When I go to the "list" section, I can only see the option "international competitions", when I try to add a new competition to edit (in this case, the WC), the editor inmediatly crashes. I need help to set this up, as I've seen in this video below how a guy modifies the rules, one of the options is add new hosts, which is what I want. But he never shows how to access those options. Also, I'd like to ask if somehow I could program the editor so that I get to pick the year where each host appears? Also if I could set up multiple hosts for one WC? Let's say: Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguay 2030, or Italy/France 2034.
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