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  1. Ok, but I mean as if you even tried unbanning Russia or if you left it like that on purpose. Because as far as I know, Russia is completely banned form all the international competitions, and the only way to include it is to remake the whole competition. Also, have you set it so that the host nations play qualifiers as well? If they do, got any idea on how could I remove that?
  2. Man This is awesome! A couple questions tho, can I edit your file for my save in order to make my own changes? Like program hosts¿ nations for specific years, change the stadium rotations, etc. Is Russia unbanned from qualifying? In case you didn't edit it like that on purpose, have you tried to unban them so that they participate as well? Edit: I checked your qualifiers, I don't like the groups of 4 at UEFA, I might look into it and try to revert it to groups of 5 and add a second round to make it more interesting. Also, do the host nations play qualifiers as well? If that's so, you know how could I remove it?
  3. I think that the max year rotation is 100 Another idea that I have is that if I put more than 1 possible host nation for a year on rotation, will the game have a preset nation from the moment I create my save, or it will decide it after the previous World Cup ends. If it's the latter, that way I can save scum so that it chooses the nation I want. For example, if I put Japan and South Korea on the possible host nations list on the year 2002, with a 100 years rotation, so that it choses them for the year 2102, can I save just before the host nation is announced in game (after the 2098 World Cup), and reload the save so that the host changes every time? Sometimes it might chose Japan, and other times South Korea. Would that work? Also, it sucks that it won't let you choose a double nation bid on the "possible host nations" list, like it does let you on the "host nation" list above.
  4. If by any chance, they happen to patch this issue, would it affect ongoing saves or just the new ones after the update?
  5. I saw a post from this guy on reddit, who says he ran a simulation for over 10 years on FM23 and noticed that most newgens over 25 didn't reach their potentials. This shouldn't be rare, but the thing is that most of them didn't even reach 150 CA, and some even stayed at below 100 (WTF?), also all of them have 175 PA+. Has anyone else, who has the in-game editor to verify it, experienced something similar. As of myself, I've never seen these much newgens being underdeveloped on my FM21 save. Here's the link to the original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/z5z8hk/fm_23_problem_generated_players_are_rarely/ The pics from the guy's save:
  6. What do you mean? The thing is that the max year to set dates is 2100.
  7. How can I set a date beyond 2100? I'm doing a 32 teams World Cup and setting the hosts myself, but I can only do it til year 2098. Is there a way to set up host nations beyond that year?
  8. Could putting countries in the "possible host" section and adding an interval also work? But it would prioritize the ones I already have set on the "host nation" list above. For example, let's say I set Morocco for 2038 in the "host nation" list, and below at the "possible host nation" I put Mexico on 2038 with a 100 years interval (for 2138). Will the game read it as I prioritize Morocco for 2038, and Mexico will host on 2138? If it does, that way I could go until 2200 at least.
  9. I'm creating a custom World Cup with the editor to revert it back to 32 teams (the 48 teams is a **** idea itself, and the format is even worse), and I already set up a list of the host nations I want in the future. I admit I got a little bit crazy and thought about hosts up until the year 2430 lmao. But I noticed that when I set a host nation for a specific year on the advanced rules section, it won't let me go beyond the year 2100. Does anyone know if there's a way of setting this up without having to use the rotate nations option? Because I'd really like to set up Costa Rica/Panama 2110 lol.
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