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  1. Hello, looking for a new desktop for FM20. Im not really bothered about good graphics card etc just want it to be able to load A LOT of leagues / players and still run quickly Budget is up to £1,000 but could maybe go a bit higher if needed Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. @Experienced Defender Do you see anything wrong with the above. I'm trying to create a style of play that can mix it up a little, can get the ball forward quickly when it's on or build up slower to create crossing opportunities for wing backs high up the pitch I've changed my front 2 to AF(A) and PF(S) and taken off stay on feet recently but no real change to how we are playing Oh and I have no PI's at the moment
  3. My 3rd season with Barnsley got me thinking whether I was still doing a good job or not. I think my first 2 seasons are pretty straight forward, 1st season promoted as Champions of League One (slight over achievement) then 2nd season beaten in the Championship play off final (massive over achievement) Then we get to my 3rd season. Selling a couple of first teamers and replacing with slightly lesser players then sticking with the same tactical setup led to what I thought was a disappointing first half of the season. The football we were playing got stale and I was scoring less goals so I binned the game off to work on a new tactic but should I have stuck with it? Patchy form had me in the bottom half which made me think I was getting things wrong but if looking at things in context I'm not sure I was. 3rd lowest in the league for wages paid and predicted to come 4th bottom in the league so was I still slightly over achieving? Did things look worse than they were due to the previous seasons over achievement? Anyway it got me thinking how do others rate the job they are doing at a club and what results are they happy with? There are other factors that would have an affect on how people rate the job they are doing such as selling players on for profit, bringing youth players through, cup runs and turning round a clubs finances etc
  4. After some testing I've settled on a setup that has my team playing pretty much exactly how I want them too. It helps massively that Barnsley have an almost perfect squad for this set up and that they are one of the favourites for promotion. I've only ever used a Target Man to support rather than lead the line but it's working really well GK = SK (S) RCD = BPD (D) CD = CD (C) LCD = BPD (D) RWB = WB (A) LWB = WB (A) RCM = CM (S) CM = CM (D) LCM = CM (S) LF = PF (S) RF = TM (A) Mentality = Positive In Possession Play out of defence Play for set pieces Higher tempo In Transition Distribute to centre backs Distribute to full backs Distribute quickly Counter Regroup Out of possession Higher defensive line More urgent Prevent short GK distribution Stay on feet Use offside trap
  5. Thanks. I know what you mean with seeing how it plays out I just wanted to see if there was anything glaring in my set up. It's a good point with the using tighter marking with a lower defensive line, it is something I hadn't thought of The overlap left/right is an oversight as the initial formation was 4-5-1 with 2 wide midfielders, the wing backs have no one to overlap I just hadn't taken it out
  6. Hello I'm creating a tactic for Barnsley, League One, Season 1 and would like a little feedback. I'm a little unsure on my mentality (as we are one of the favourites for promotion), the roles of my front 2 and my in possession instructions feel a bit overkill but feedback on any part of the tactic will be greatly appreciated. I'm going for a fairly simple fast paced tactic with hard workers / allrounders in the middle and plenty of wing play. Gone for wing backs as I like 3 in the middle and 2 up front GK = GK (D) RCD = BPD (D) CD = CD (C) LCD = BPD (D) RWB = WB (A) LWB = WB (S) RCM = CM (S) CM = CM (D) LCM = CM (A) LF = TM (S) RF = AF (A) Mentality = Balanced In Possession Slightly more direct passing Pass into space Play for set pieces Focus play down the left Focus play down the right Overlap left Overlap right Higher tempo Wide In Transition Distribute to centre backs Distribute to full backs Counter Out of possession Lower defensive line Lower line of engagement More urgent Use tighter marking
  7. Has anyone mentioned the frequency of long balls over the top of the defence leading to goals? Every lower league team seems to have a Xabi Alonso type quarter back midfielder who can ping a perfect pass over the top off the defence (no matter how deep they are) which will lead to a clear cut chance. I understand this happens in football but it happends far too often in FM19 for me I've been testing the last few days playing the first 3 games of the Conference North season with different defensive lines / mentalities and the ball over the top happens far too much in my opinion
  8. @Mr U Rosler Have you used that tactic in the first post all the way through your 3 seasons? Have been waiting for you to create a tactics thread since release as all I can get working to a good level in the lower leagues us 4-4-2 wing play Think I'm also going to copy your training schedules, I am also Stockport. 2nd season in Conference National, I will be looking to bring youth through but I have no restrictions on signing players so it is much easier for me
  9. Look forward to seeing it mate. I usually agree 100% with the ideas behind your tactics (no faffing about with the ball / direct football / plenty of hard work) but with my current Souchaux save I've actually developed a slow tempo, working the ball into the box, use a playmaker type tactic. It's pretty much against how I like football to be played but it is working well I think this new tactic you are creating could go quite well with it when I'm wanting to change things up
  10. Are your players tiring? Are the other sides changing tactics leading to the come backs? What I generally do is put my full backs on defend and change a couple of roles so that my players aren't wandering from their positions much. It's quite hard to find the balance though as if you go too defensive you could invite them on and struggle to get out of your defensive third I would just experiment and try and find something that works. If it's happening often though there may be an underlying problem with your tactic or that your players are flagging too much. It could also be worth checking where the attacks are coming from, for example if a right winger has started tearing you apart then man mark him / double up on him etc
  11. Always like to test a @Mr U Rosler tactic as they are the only ones I ever use bar my own. Had a small test save as Barnsley and it worked fantastically well. Tried it on a test save with Souchaux in France and it was completely the opposite with me getting hammered a fair few times and not scoring many at all I've actually started a new Souchaux game and I'm using my own 4-5-1 tactic for now but look forward to using this one again, if I manage in England, or any new ones @Mr U Rosler comes up with
  12. We are a decent pick / challenge this year due to being in the Championship. Quite a few of our players are over rated and the board only want play offs. Challenge comes from the dire financial situation but promotion goes a long way to fixing that You can raise a decent amount of funds as well by selling players such as Cattermole, Jones, Rodwell and Kone and replace them quite easily with much cheaper players
  13. @Cleon Little bit of advice if possible. Started a test save last night as Barnsley to try out a tactic before starting a proper Barnsley save and got somewhere close to what I think will work but need a little advice on the wide players I've got the central players throughout the team sorted I think but have had mixed results when using the wide players Anyway the only TI I have on is play the ball out of defence as the starting positions are deep and, formation is standard and fluid GK (D) RFB (S) CD (D) CD (D) LWB (S) RDM (S) LDM (D) RW(S) CM (A) LWM (S) DLF (A) I’m fairly happy with the right hand side but I’m struggling a little with the left. I can’t seem to find a balance between defensive cover and helping out attacking wise but think the above combo probably works best after finding an IW and WB on that side left me too open even with the DM (D) sitting. I was creating an ok amount of chances but conceding too much mainly down the left hand side I do understand I’m going to concede goals no matter what I do as I’m ranked worst in the league but do think I’m onto something with the above after reading through the thread
  14. Not FM related but he came off the bench earlier in the season against us, didn't have long on the pitch but you could tell straight away he had something about him. I've not seen an awful lot of him but I'd predict he should have a real decent future in the game Hopefully he will stay where he is while he develops and move to a bigger side once he is ready, doubt that will happen though the way modern football is now
  15. I try to keep my tactics and formations quite simple, the 352 offers a lot of flexibility during games if my initial set up isn't working. My TM doesn't set up a great amount of goals with headed flick ons but he is almost always involved in goals whether it be taking part in the actual move receiving and giving the ball or attracting players to him which allows others to be free. I think if I just looked at his stats at the end of each season I wouldn't get the full picture as he may not have enough assists or key passes but he is often the pass before the assist etc. I also find having him on support allows a decent amount of room for the AF to run into in behind him.
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