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  1. How to you analyse your performance collectively? i.e. which part of the pitch assists have came from / opposition assists etc. I can only find how to analyse a single game Also how do players analyse their teams performance statistically? I don't have time to watch individual games (wouldn't want to either to be honest) but would like to be able to analyse better after a group of games
  2. Is the above not pretty normal though and happens in real life football? I have similar issues in that I can take a team from the 6th tier in England to say The Championship fairly comfortably but then it takes a couple more years of building before I'm ready to make the jump again as most sides have better players. I usually try and tighten up defensively, rely on set pieces and have a couple of out balls to hit on the counter. If I know i am a weak team I often go for players who have good mental and physical abilities over technical (to a degree) then replace with better as I get more established in a league I would imagine most sides that got promoted twice from 3rd tier to first would struggle when in the top league unless they had a lot of money to spend or made some tweaks tactically to combat the higher quality opposition
  3. It's not a complaint but there probably should be a definition as 'entertaining football' is fairly subjective. For example I'd imagine a lot of people would put tiki taka and entertaining football together but it bores me to death and I much prefer direct / target man type football
  4. Since i posted this the wheels have fell off for the 2nd season in a row at around late december. Cant put my finger on why at the moment
  5. After noticing the 2nd balls / CMs being too deep I changed to 4132 wide with a BWM ahead of a DM(D), no other changes to TIs or PIs (although I do occasionally turn on counter and counter press when chasing a goal) and I'm now top of the league, 12 unbeaten and haven't conceded a goal in the last 6 games. Tactical setup is pretty much exactly how I want it now. Thanks for the feedback, putting my own ideas across then looking at / actioning your feedback has lead me to something I'm very happy with As I type this I've gone 2-0 down within 15 mins at home to Braintree haha
  6. 3 games since tactical change and I've won, drawn and lost although quite happy with performances in all 3 games. I've noticed 2 things I would like to address - Playing with 2 DMs looks to be inviting too much pressure onto us and I'm not picking up enough 2nd balls as they are both deep - I could do with a player to help me keep the ball a little better Potential answers to this are changing the right sided DM into a BWM(s) or moving the right sided DM into CM and playing him as a DLP
  7. I like the look of that, just played a game away from home and drew 1-1 and added the following TI's - Lower line of engagement so we have a little more space to break into when winning the ball - Play for set pieces although I'm unsure on this as we have a poor record when it comes to set play goals - Shorter passing to try and balance out the number of long balls up to the target man I've added cross to TM to the LB (WB) and cross from deep and cross to TM to the RB
  8. 4222 wide as i feel that will protect the defence better, 1 defending and 1 supporting role (although not sure what)
  9. Can someone offer a description for the different types of compactness? And when they may he used i.e attacking, counter attaching, possession heavy etc
  10. Thanks for the help, all looks logical. Couple of things though, do you think it would work with an IW and normal winger with maybe deeper central midfielders? Asking as my 2 wingers have good attacking attributes so i want to set up to get the best out of them Also with the target man in attack leading the line? Current target man can jump, head, is strong and hard working but thats pretty much all he can do ha
  11. Hey, massively over achieved in my first season finishing in the play offs but my form fell off a cliff in the final 3rd of the season, if it continues into season 2 I will be looking at relegation form. Im writing off my current tactic as it must not have been good enough as massive dip in form has coincided with the latest update I have a very limited target man and a decent AF / PF. 2 more defensive minded midfielders and a decent to average back 4. My best 2 players are my right and left wingers who can both play either side Any ideas on a 4-4-2 with a target man type player and wide men for a side most likely predicted to finish bottom 8
  12. I've always thought it was a clear opportunity to score. At the moment I think the balance is wrong in the ME, CCC's are to easy to create as balls over the top are far too effective but then the % of the CC chances that go in is far to low. There should be less CCC's in game but the conversion rates should be higher in my opinion Most of my goals come from other means, set pieces and long shots etc.
  13. Hello, looking for a new desktop for FM20. Im not really bothered about good graphics card etc just want it to be able to load A LOT of leagues / players and still run quickly Budget is up to £1,000 but could maybe go a bit higher if needed Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. @Experienced Defender Do you see anything wrong with the above. I'm trying to create a style of play that can mix it up a little, can get the ball forward quickly when it's on or build up slower to create crossing opportunities for wing backs high up the pitch I've changed my front 2 to AF(A) and PF(S) and taken off stay on feet recently but no real change to how we are playing Oh and I have no PI's at the moment
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