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  1. Dulwich Hamlet season 2022-2023 What an incredible season! My new DoF brought in a striker from Denmark and the guy proceeded to score an average of 2 goals a game. We would have easily won the league if my board hadn't sold him for peanuts (speaking of - where is the option to protest when your board does that??). If this hadn't been a challenge game, I would have resigned. I didn't though - and we improved and some loan signings from parent club Man City helped pave the way to second place. Promotion meant we lost that player avenue though, so I have no idea how I'm going to properly add to my threadbare squad. If I can just survive a year with the premier league money, I'll have a chance...
  2. Dulwich Hamlet season 2021-2022 Another awesome season. Better loans this year due to a switch from Ipswich to Man City for parent club. Finances are crap but at least I'm still getting promoted.
  3. Thanks! Had to sell my "perfect fit" midfielder - board accepted the offer on my behalf. It's tough when you go straight up the leagues and Dulwich is a small team! God luck!
  4. Dulwich Hamlet season 2020-2021 Great season. Started off super inconsistent. Finally settled on a more defensive tactic and we went on a great run, but AFC Wimbledon was too much for us. We are improving our youth facilities (finally), but the cost of those unfortunately led to a canceled training facilities improvement. Now for another total rebuild of the squad - have been lucky to have really good luck with loans from my parent club Ipswich. Hopefully that can continue into League 1.
  5. Dulwich Hamlet season 2019-2020 Great season. Started off hot and just kept going. Small blip at the end of the season almost cost me the title. On the last day I had to win (because Notts County was blowing out Guiseley) and we secured victory in the 88th minute. Similar late game heroics won us the FA Trophy - backup striker beats offside trap after an opposition corner and scores in the 90th minute. Exciting, awesome season. We went professional and expanded our stadium, but the cost of those unfortunately led to a canceled youth facilities improvement. Now for another total rebuild of the squad!
  6. Dulwich Hamlet season 2018-2019 Crazy first season. Started off hot, then couldn't win a game to save my life. Snuck into the playoffs and beat Billericay on penalties. Lots of squad turnover coming and finances are precarious. If I can stay up, I'll be happy.
  7. Things starting quite nicely for me in east London...what a difference 3 strong, fast strikers can make!
  8. I couldn't get any games up and going, so I decided to take the plunge. Going with Dulwich Hamlet - screenshot of profile to follow (alt f9 isn't working for some reason!) edit: (got it..i think?)
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