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  1. Straight back up! A lot better than expected as the media predicton was 4th. Also managed to keep the best players after the relegation. Transfers: Didn't spend too much. Gotta try to save the total budget for the challenge to the PL. Wasted 300k on Mannsverk as he didn't get a WP, let's hope he gets one later on or make a decent profit.
  2. Here we go with Coventry. It's been twenty years since they got relegated from the prem, so I feel kinda lucky with the club I got. Regarding the players it looks like Callum O'Hare and Gustavo Hamer is the pick of the bunch. Hopefully they will stay at the club for several seasons. I've also got what looks like a megatalent after the youth intake. Does that count for the player points?!
  3. Thanks mate! A big challenge, no doubt. I may have been lucky with new owners, and managing to keep the best players the first season. Good luck with Sunderland! I found both the skin and backgrounds in the "Skinning Hideout" part of the forum. Try the FM21 Base (FM20) version, the backgrounds are better there. Links: Skin Backgrounds
  4. I did a long read yesterday and discovered Dorking Wanderers. Never heard of the club before, but it's a fantastic story so far. I therefore decided to put my Wigan-save on hold and start a save with Dorking. I haven't tried the non-league in years, so this will be fun.
  5. 2021/22 season part two As mentioned in the last post the season started immense and a lot better than anyone could demand or even expect. We've gone from victory to victory and score goals for fun. Averaging around 3 goals per game, and to be honest it almost feels like I'm cheating. I'm taking the promotion as given and have started planning for Championship next season. Went early out of all the cups, so all the focus have been on the league, that could have affected the results a bit. This is the most used eleven so far this season. Charlie Brown left for Derby on de
  6. @Jogo Bonito Absolutley. Really satisfied with the players I brought in. Been scoring for fun so far, and if it continues it could be fun season. Fingers crossed!
  7. 2021/22 season part one After a decent first season and some impressive results, reinforcements were still needed If i want to kick on and challenge for promotion or play-offs. Manage to get the board to invest in Junior coaching and Youth recruitment, it's still adequate and the latter are average. Still better than it was, and I think it's an important part of the clubs future. Would love to get at least one academy graduate promoted to the first team every season in the long run. As expected I didn't get a big budget, but I managed to sell two of the talents I brought in for
  8. Aah. I didn't take the reference.. Great humor! @goonergezWow. 30 of 45 points is fantastic! With that tempo you could finish even higher next season. Good luck!
  9. @goonergez Thanks! Feel I've could've done better after 4th place after the first 10 games, but I guess I have to save that for next season! @Jogo BonitoThanks! Haha, payed good for him! And will be paying more when he scores more goals
  10. 2020/21 season part three Had a good hope of reaching the play-off, but the last 10 games ruined it. I would still say it is both a successfull season and more than we could hope for before the season started. After all the media predicton was 24th. I'm fairly confident that with the right reinforcements the play-offs should be in reach next season. Also made it to the fifth round of the FA Cup and won at St. James Park on the way - major win! All in all a good debut season. Charlie Brown delivered one hell of a debut season, and ended the season on 25 goals in all t
  11. @Jogo BonitoDefinitely! I'll be more than happy with a mid-table finish. With a flying start the expectations start to rise, but a good finish this season and play-off in season two should be possible. @warlock Maybe it's more realistic, but as I said I can understand it if the players plays out of position not when the role is different. I'm not a big fan of loans myself as I prefer to develop my own players and maybe turn a profit. Edit: Not a master of the quote function here, so please bear with me
  12. 2020/21 season part two After a flying start to the season where play-off seemed to be an easy task to achieve, we've hit a incredible bad run of form and dropped like a rock down the table. Despite the bad run of form I still have a feeling of overachievement when sitting 12th after 26 games. Just 8 points up to the last play-off spot, and bigger wonders than that have happened before. Didn't have much money to play around with in the transfer window, but the squad needs strengthening in almost every position. Southampton called back Kayne Ramsay from loan because he
  13. A little update on Wigan: The transfer window's closed, the transfer embargo is a closed chapter and I've gotten new owners that also refinanced the debth. Despite the lack of quality and depth in the squad, we've hit the ground running and are currently sitting 6th in the league(just 4 games played) and reached the third round of the EFL cup. Managed to both strenghten the squad in some key areas and bring in some talent. Found some, hopefully, hidden gems for free in Netherland. Ramsay(not Ramsey) will be a key member of the squad and Charlie Brown seems to be my main man up front. Jo
  14. After I got tired of my Sunderland game and nothing really seemed to catch my attention more than a few months in-game, I've read through almost every page in this thread today. My hope was to find some inspiration for a long term save (new lockdown here in Norway started yesterday...). I've looked at every team that some of you guys have mentioned here, and after a lot of back and forth I've landed on Wigan. It seems like one of the toughest challenges in league one at the moment, but at the same time they have some similarites to Sunderland. Anyone played with Wigan this year? It was qu
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