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  1. @goonergez Hey, I'm in a similar position, went to play other saves and have come back to delve into reloading hell. Was just about to quit for the night when Cray showed up for me. For whenever you're keen on 'em, save file should be uploaded here! https://www.mediafire.com/file/acodo4ddy1masny/cray.fm/file
  2. I believe someone above was looking for them too, but if Taunton happened to come up that would be excellent. Really like their look for my first real shot at this challenge. Good luck with your hunt for R&D!
  3. @Jogo Bonito That's always how FM goes, isn't it? One day your squad is the healthiest on earth and the next half of them are in the amputation ward. Wonderful finish though, that league position chart is downright awing in its rise. The Championship will be a real test, but if nothing else you'll have a bit more financial flexibility to be able to continue the overhaul. Those Shrews though... pretty good team there! @TottenhamBoi90 I remember signing Gribbin for a save over in Portugal a couple years ago, real class player back then. Seems like you're in the same boat as one or t
  4. Shrewsbury Town F.C. ~ 2020/21 Winter (Player pics are a bit late but nobody new has really taken a huge leap forward in training or anything. The squad was worried about depth after a winter window twist, but that's been solved. Some players aren't happy that I'm not giving my 4th string CB a huge raise after Blackburn came in for him under his value, though...) Transfers: The step up meant we had a lot of work to do in the market, and for once I went in with a clear strategy. I had two targets in mind immediately, and by good grace both of them were transfer listed as soo
  5. @Parmie Keepers can be real rough to find for sure, yeah. Really dig the recruitment there though, Portugal is always a gold mine and it just seems like a good diversity, with a couple names I was looking to sign myself. Phenomenal job in the league too, even with what looks like a rough run of form to close out the season. Here's hoping you can keep that up in Championship Year 2. @Fubz Damn, Odubeko looks immense and then some, no wonder you're mauling every division you enter! Sucks that his value's skyrocketed so much, but at this rate you might be able to pick him up anyways after a
  6. @Fubz Great business there with Paye, and heartening to see Notts on such sound financial footing! Hopefully you keep that group effort up with the goal-scoring, but that cushion over 4th and below is mighty nice. Kinda got my fingers crossed Aldershot stay up there too, would be insane to see both promoted clubs do the double up to L1! @warlock Will do! Netted my main transfer targets to boost the attack, so it's just a matter of bringing it onto the pitch. I feel like this year I've seen Sunderland either crush L1 or completely falter with hardly any in-between... which somehow makes se
  7. First time I've ever really felt hooked with an EFL save, normally I either go straight to the Prem with a midtable club or I take on the lower tiers elsewhere. Been looking at this save for a while though and finally got into it this season after seeing the transfer business they did this past summer. They've got a lot of potential, but not a lot in the way of attention this year! Shrewsbury Town F.C. ~ 2019/20 The starting squad is... interesting. The main issue is a dire lack of wingers, which definitely didn't fly with my preferred 4-3-3: Even after bringing in a l
  8. For those who don't want to start in the top division but want a team with a lot of growth potential, Brescia is a fantastic shout. Sandro Tonali is of course the pick of the bunch as the ultimate young regista, but you have a deep group of young mids beyond him to work with as well. You have some other phenomenal youth products all around and a team that's pretty much set to go up upon first asking, but your CB situation needs touching up (esp. if you make the early leap) and I felt forced into a narrow formation because of their lack of wingers (luckily they have solid wingbacks at least).
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