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  1. Thanks guys! Transfer window just closed and we signed 10 players, no one older than 20. So it's a big challenge ahead of us. Great to see some other saves up as well. Best of luck @beechy85 and great work @Gungner !
  2. Season 4: We had a really tough task ahead after three straight promotions and still not a lot of money to spend. There was no chance that we were changing our tactics to a more defensive minded. Our most important job is to please all the fans, so they can enjoy some entertaining football at The Hive. I still couldn't believe that we were in Championship! The media expectation was 23rd but I thought we had a good chance to avoid relegation even tho the squad needed some improvements. We needed to bring in a quality striker and I had one young prospect in mind, Jack Clarke, I tried to get him on loan every year but this year Leeds finally thought our squad was good enough. All our money was spent on Ryan Kent who played really well last season. Transfers: I was pleased that we managed to get Pedro Pereira on loan. He was a perfect fit for my tactic, unfortunately we only had a 6 month loan deal and they didn't wanted to extend it further. So Deameaco Duhaney was the only RB half of the season. He did really well and luckily only had like a week of injury. Adli and the regan Udo added some creativity to the midfield and the rest had a backup role. Jack Clarke is a monster! I can't believe it! We played so well at the start of the season but we had some struggles around gameweek 28, but the team showed great character and got it rolling again. We managed to beat Wigan 6-0(3-0,3-0) in the first playoff matches and then we met Crystal Palace, a team we didn't win any of out games against in the playoff final. We were lucky that Milivojevic was injured, because he doing really well against us. We had a really great game, I focused on set pieces, tactical training and wow, we delivered so good. Such a great and dominating final match to secure our spot in the Premier League! Jack Clarke finished the season like this: Above all expectations. One thing I'm not that pleased about is our youth intake. The last two intakes have been really poor. But we can start to make improvements towards youth facilities and coaches. Jeez, the whole club needs improvements after 4 promotions in a row. The plan now is to get some players that are out of contract and bring in some great young talent to build the team around. Wow, we got plenty of money to spend if we want, and we probably need to do so as well. Next goal is to survive and then we are taking over London!
  3. Barnet FC - The Bees are back in town The Project: I have always had an FM crush on Barnet. Barnet relegated to Vanarama National League last year and is one of the favorites to get up. My goal with every team is to play attractive football, why? Because football is supposed to be entertainment! We want to climb the ladder without taking huge financial risks, so we need to be smart with the transfers and build a good fundament. We are going to build the team around young and hungry players that we can develop. Season 1: We had a great season and we finished as number one. We had some great loan signings and the signing of Ruben Bover, who played here before they got relegated, was really contributing to the great season. We didn't do any good in the cups but we played with a lot of backup players because the league was the only goal this season. Transfers: All of these transfers are players who can play at a higher level, so I was really pleased that we were able to get that kind of quality. There was no doubt in my mind about promotion after we secured these class players. We did it! The Bees are back in the League! It was a great season and we what was expected of us. The new signings did great and I would really recommend Alfie and Adam May if anyone else is playing in Vanarama National. Wrexham gave us a little fight but it wasn't really a big one. We were just far too superior at this level. Season 2: After the great first season we had a mid-table prediction if we could strengthen the squad with some quality additions. There was going to be a lot more games and we needed to add several players so we could handle the tough schedule. Peterborough, Rochdale, MK Dons and Wycombe relegated from League One so I wasn't expecting to be able to fight at the top. But then came.... Transfers: WOW, just wow! Look at these signings After the window was done I was pretty sure that we would be able to fight for promotion. I was not expecting to be able to bring in so many quality players. Some of these are just on another level.. And guess what... Players like Sam Hart, Kane Wilson, Xande and Ethan Hamilton was just on another level. We were knocked out in the 3rd round in the FA Cup against Bournemouth so we had full focus on the league. We got most of the awards and the project was really going strong. Our tactic is just so good, we are really performing above expectations. Season 3: After two straight promotions we had a mid-table prediction. Even tho we took some huge steps pretty fast we did not change out playstyle. We are attacking and bringing positive vibes to the Barnet supporters. After the promotion we needed to strengthen the attack. We got some solid additions and I was hoping that we could get to playoff if we didn't get injuries on some of the vital players. Transfers: Once again I was really happy with our transfer window. We got some great technical and speedy players that suits our tactic. And WOW, they delivered so good..... Just take a look at the ratings. Insane season! Ethan Hamilton is such a legend, scoring so many beautiful long shots. We still haven't spent any money on transfers, pretty amazing if you look at that squad. Hart and Wilson were just tearing apart the oppositions with their offensive contributions. We started the season with two draws and a win before we lost to Dover in the Carabao cup, I wasn't happy about that one, but we played with our backup players and that wasn't our main target. We came to the third round in the FA cup but lost 3-1 against a far superior Arsenal team. Things have gone far above any expectations so far.
  4. Welcome to The Non-League thread A lot of FM-players is starting from the bottom and trying to build a dynasty. This is for the hardworking, passionate and dedicated people who aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty. It is a lot of sunshine stories about non-league players who climbed to the top tiers, but do you got what it takes? Non-League football describes football leagues played outside the top leagues of a country. Usually it describes leagues which are not fully professional. The term is primarily used for football in England, where it describes football played at a level below that of the Premier League (20 clubs) and the three divisions of the English Football League (EFL; 72 clubs). The term non-League was commonly used well before 1992 when the top football clubs in England all belonged to The Football League (from 2016, the EFL); all clubs who were not a part of The Football League were therefore 'non-League' clubs. The term can be confusing as the vast majority of non-league football clubs in England play in a type of league. Currently, a non-League team would be any club playing in the National League and below and therefore would not play in the EFL Cup. We already got a Salford thread but I think it's time for a more general thread of the beloved National league and below.
  5. I would recommend Ruben Bover who is a technical beast and Alfie May who is a great lower league striker. A little off topic: Is it really no Vanarama League "club" thread?
  6. Here you see my heatmap and positions away from home against a better team(on paper). The whole idea is to patiencly move the ball until we find the gap and don't give away the ball unnecessary. As you can see we do play wide even tho it might not seem like that. This is causing the opposition to stretch out and giving us space. So don't get to focused about that I have picked more narrow, it's kinda like Man City with Mahrez, Sterling getting narrow and Mendy, Walker is holding out wide to stretch the opposition. And yes you can easily change the F9 to a complete forward. The problem with having Martial/Sanchez/Lingard/Rashford staying wide is that there will be so few players trying to attack the penalty area because neither of your central mids is going forward trying to help Lukaku enough.
  7. Sure: The idea is to play attacking possession based football but at the same time take the counter attacks when it's possible. If we lose the ball the objective is to try to get it back as soon as possible. In offense the AML/AMR get's narrow and the wing backs is stretching the width. Last season I think I had 64% average possession and something similar the first year. But if you try it out, you should remember that it takes time before a team gets used to a new system. I don't have time to explain it all now, but just ask questions if there is something you wanna know.
  8. Because you asked the team to play the ball through 3 playmakers rather than exploiting other opportunities. And you asked if there was an issue with 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation, no there isn't any issue with it. Works even better than last year IMO.
  9. To be fair, this is just some ******** thread. You are winning your games, got one draw and still complain about an unlucky 1-0 defeat. But i'll give you some reasons for why anyway: 1. You got 3 playmakers, so much of your focus is to get all of these players involved in the play before/when you attack. 2. You got 0 attacking duties 3. What's going on out of possession? As you say you meet teams who sit back and park the bus, so why would you have 3 central playmakers that slow down the game? You also have "work ball into the box" so this will make your players more patient. And what's your goal and idea behind this? Is it to play beautiful possession football or what? Whether you like it or not it's your tactic that is the problem.
  10. Yeah, I tried but I couldn't find what I was looking for without paying any wages. But I got some great loan signings in Lookman, Bielik and Jay Dasilva. The club is making money now so I just need to be patient and wait for the January window. Our weekly wage budget is £90k.. I'm doing the first team training myself based upon Control tactics. And I tweak it to fill in what I want pretty often. Make sure that the person in charge are good if you let your staff do it and have the same prefered playstyle as you do, or close. Edit; I must have been asleep, the club is definitely not making money -£3.2m is the prognosis at the end of the season.
  11. Thanks! We couldn't get all the help we needed. The very low wage budget is holding us back. The transfer window is just finished and we only got 2 CBs, 1 RB, couldn't afford a new striker and have a very thin squad. To loan players we need to pay wages I pray to god that we don't get injuries in our defense. And BTW I have no problem with developing players, so it might have something to do with your training(?). @XcilPersion Great job!
  12. I have no problem playing the way you say you want to play. I have the same formation and it works great! Upload a screenshot of your tactic and i'll help you and tell you what might be wrong etc.
  13. Make Coventry City great again - 2019/2020 season review We were so close last season and this season playoff was our target. With Sheff Wed, Bolton and Rotherham joining the league after getting relegated from Championship we knew it would be a tough task. I took a little chance this season, we only had four pre season games(one got cancelled) and an intensive training to get ready for the new season. I was in doubt about that strategy after the friendlies. Was it the right choice? Was it a stupid experiment? Transfers: We needed to strenghten the team significantly and we still had no money to spend on the transfer market, so we had our eyes and ears open for 8 months to identify bosman targets that would give us the needed help. Several interesting targets was on the free transfer market and we did really well to get some of our transfer goals. I was really happy after we managed to sign Grimes and Randall. To great additions that would improve our squad significally. I was actually really happy with our window, we had great cover in midfield and up front. I wasn't that happy with our center backs and the lack of back up for Randall but Kerbie could be used as a backup RB. I was sad to see Willis go in January because he played really well but he was complaining a lot because we couldn't give him another pay raise, and we had to get some money to pay our bills. We got a great addition in Konsa so it turned out good. League table: Wow! What a season! We are in Championship again! Like I said I wasn't to sure about my pre season experiment and we started a little bumpy and giving away unnecessary points even tho we played pretty good. Our central defenders proved to be our weak spot at the start but we stayed in reach of top two all the time, so I had faith! We had an incredible second half of the season, we played great football and our new players really showed their quality. What a season! We also won the Checktrade Trophy and almost knocked out Leicester from the League Cup 4th round after losing on penalties (0-0 FT). We played with reserves in the cup games and they did really well. Top goalscorer: Jordy Hiwula, 24 goals Assists: Matt Grimes, 13 assists Best average rating: Matt Grimes, 7.39 avg Biggest surprise: Once again I have to give it to Brandon Mason. He had 7.22 in average rating and 7 assists this season. Playing great as a wing back! As a club with big financial struggles we need to develop young players. Nothing would please me more than an academy player growing into the first team and we got a really great talent in James Hayward. And a couple of other decent regens that can develop into something. We really needed that great season becuase or finances isn't in a great shape. -£1.7m is the hard truth and we still can't spend any cash on the forthcoming transfer market. Thoughts about the next season: We have an initial wage budget of £4.36m p/a and £127k in transfer budget. The lowest wage budget in Championship this season was £8.57m p/a... But we know our limits and it's still possible to get a good deal or two on the free transfer market. Even tho we are going to be the biggest underdog and going to meet better players we won't compromise on our DNA, our attacking possession based football style. We are going to win the peoples heart and fight like never before. Stay tuned for more news..
  14. @Gunner 101 & @Jogo Bonito Thanks guys. The takeover is a reallity but our economy wasn't affected so we still need to be really smart on the market. We got £50k in transfer budget, but our wage budget got a little bumb. Some great signings are done and I will make a post tomorrow when the window is closed.
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