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  1. I have to recommend Maximus Tainio to those of you that are managing teams in National or League Two. He has followed me on my save since National League and we are now fighting for promotion in Championship. Been absolutely insane in the regista role!
  2. @Jogo Bonito Great to see that you picked The Hamlet. I'm currently in Championship after 4 straight promotions. Danny Mills was immense at top for me the first season, scored 37 goals on 32 appearances. I made three signings the first season Brad Watkins(GK), Tobias Hayles-Docherty and Devonte Aransiba. Hayles-Docherty was so good, worth keeping an eye on. Edobor are still going and contribute in Championship. Haven't spend any money on transfers before the Championship season, but I'm pretty happy that we managed to build up our youth system quite a bit. Looking forward to see more from your save.
  3. I'm managing Dulwich Hamlet now, it's so much fun. Take a look at these links about The Hamlet: https://www.theguardian.com/global/2015/aug/23/dulwich-hamlet-londons-most-hipster-football-club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR9LiGB_yHs I'll try to watch a Dulwich Hamlet match next time i'm in London. Looks like a great club.
  4. Yeah it was quite busy, but it had to be done. I had a very thin squad and some old guys in Michael Rose, Kyle McFadzean, Liam Kelly, Mriko Boland had to go. They were so far away from Premier League standard and started to regress. Yeah pretty crazy that Dasilva is the top earner, but he was the most perfect fit for our style of play. The fact that he was English as well was a big plus as I try to get UK players if it's possible and they suits our philosophy. Our wages are still very low and to be fair, Dasilva is a beast of an wing back . We are currently playing 5 players that played for us last year and Hiwula is now worth £17m and doing great.
  5. @10Sammo10 Great work on Forest Green, unlucky with the playoff. You'll get it next year. @karanhsingh Looking good. Congrats on promotion! Looking forward to see how you use that transfer window. @Jogo Bonito I was close to starting with Bolton before I started with Coventry, great to see you build them up again. Got some bright young prospects and Eddie Brown looks like a valuable asset already Transfer window is now closed. Pretty amazing window. We added Mandzukic, Thompson and Shea on the last day because we lacked some depth. Mario Mandzukic will probably get some playtime since Gelhardt is still young and Mario still got some football in him. I just hope we don't get injuries on our center backs, we only got Sam Hughes and Louis Thompson as backups. The only reason I loaned Dalot is because Dabo got injured, 3 months We also secured another wonderkid for a pretty decent price. He is perfect to our style of play and will be a great asset for the team over the years to come. This is how our team looks like in our first season in Premier League. I'm pretty confident that we will avoid relegation. We are dead last salary spendings and our highest earner is Jay Dasilva on £38k a week. So I would say we have a bright future ahead here in Coventry City.
  6. Yeah, I couldn't belive my own eyes when I saw him on the transfer list and interested to join Coventry City.
  7. Season 2: After our promotion to Championship we hoped that we managed to avoid relegation. Which is pretty accurate if you look at our wage budget after the transfer window closed, we had the second lowest wages in the league. And we kept most of the League One squad that helped us climb the ladder. I had no imagination of promotion because I felt we lacked some quality in some areas and we didn't have much depth everywhere. But wow, what a sick season. I think our good start of the season was the key when we smashed Cardiff 6-1 at home in the first game and Newcastle 4-0 at St. James'Park a couple of games later. We came to the quarter finals in the EFL Cup after beating Cambridge, Newcastle, Tottenham, Southampton before we lost to Reading on penalties. In the FA cup we lost to some railway workers called Crewe in the 3rd round.. We didn't have much money to spend in the transfer market, but we had some space in our wage budget so I once again tried to get young quality players that would fit our play style. Pretty damn happy to get Gavin Bazunu from City for a very small amount and we added some experience in the German, Mark Boland. We also managed to cash in on some players that I wanted gone, so it was a pretty good window. I felt like I had a squad that would avoid relegation with a good margin. Herbie Kane(7.50 avg) and Fankaty Dabo(7.35 avg) above everyone else this season, another huge asset was Zain Westbrooke who scored 10 goals. Our loan soldiers, Brewster, Connolly, Østigård also played a key part to our success. The whole team went massive. It's going to be a massive job to survive in Premier League, we need to add some quality and I don't wanna go crazy on wages. It' all hands on deck at the club to find transfer prospects, we already have our first player signed. It's the former Coventry player Tom Bayliss who is on board for only £105k. But our second signing is the sickest transfer I've made in terms of value for money and such a big name to a little club like Coventry. What a day for Coventry City! Frustrating that we had to accept £34.5m release fee to clubs in Champions League.. Sun is shining in Coventry City and we are working non stop to secure more deals before the whistle blows again.
  8. Wow, what a mess! What a way to get screwed over, feel your pain @warlock
  9. Congrats on promotion @warlock. Looking forward to see who you bring in. BTW, how do you get your screenshot that big in the forum?
  10. I would have gone for Rochdale. It's so many young prospects to build the club around, Rathbone, Matheson, Camps, Morley +. Actually a pretty decent squad with a lot of potential.
  11. We are back at The Ricoh Arena @Jogo Bonito. Probably why we're overachieving, players are so happy to be back from Birmingham Good luck with the rest of the season @warlock, Stoke is an interesting rebuilding project. I had Ngoy on FM18 and yeah, wow what a player. That speed...
  12. Thanks @warlock, @Gunner 101, @10Sammo10 and @Jogo Bonito . I'm now 26 games into the season and I'm mind-blown. We had a little struggle recently with 5 games without a win in the league with 4 draws, 1 loss and lost 2-0 to Crewe in FA Cup(with reserves), so I thought we might have landed the ship after our space trip. But no, we actually managed to beat Fulham 2-0 on Craven Cottage and whoops..top of the league again. I had no imagination of promotion when we started this season, now we actually got a chance. Zain Westbrooke and Fankaty Dato have been amazing for us so far. It's January now and we got some space in our wage budget so I might get another player on loan. Haven't decided if we're going for a center back or a right wing yet, probably center back.
  13. I did it on my Fulham save. Was extremely good at age 19. My advice, get him!
  14. Coventry City FC - Sky Blues back on track? From The Guardian: Coventry is now playing in League One and got some decent home grown players to build around and a great history, which always motivates me on FM. So my vision was to build up the club without doing anything crazy that would jeopardize the finances. My goal is to play attractive football on our own permissions and deliver entertainment back to our fans. Season 1 I had my eyes on Playoff before the season and wow, the players really didn't disappoint. I did very little on the transfer front, with only Aaron Connolly joining from Brighton as I felt we needed some quality up front. We got knocked out early from both of the cups, so we could focus 100% on our mission in the league. To be fair, I was trying in the FA Cup but Wycombe absolutely destroyed us 4-0. The loan soldier Liam Walsh was just on another level with his 12 assists and 8 POM. Aaron Connolly proved to be a great addition.. When I saw that we were competing among the top in December I decided to add some more young quality and depth to the midfield and at center back, because I really felt that we had a chance if we could stay fit and get some more depth in case of injuries. We manage to add some great additions that made a great effort to securing the title. James Garner had an average rating of 7.42 with 13 caps and Max Kilman 7.19. Couldn't ask for more.. Season 2 We got no money to spend on with the new transfer budget and just under £100k a week on wages, so couldn't exactly go crazy. But it was fine, I want to build slowly and build up the economy to be healthy. At the same time I was a bit unsure if my style of play would be a little overambitious in Championship. I'm pretty happy with our transfers and got some great young players that is adding some quality to our side. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get Liam Walsh on free, he went to Bristol City. Tried to get a couple of other guys but they all chose other clubs that could pay them better. So now our highest earner is Jordy Hiwula on £6.5k a week and highest paid loan player is Østigård and Kane on £10.25k, a little high but that quality is worth it. We also manage to sell some players to get some money in the bank, so all in all, great window. Our goal this season is to avoid relegation. Can we compete in Championship? Well, I kinda think so after that start! What a start.. Demolishing Cardiff 6-1 at home and beating Newcastle at St. James' Park, wow! Kinda frustrating that we lost a game against Swansea that we should have won. Can't wait to see what we can achieve this season, I have no big ambitions so all over relegation is a bonus. The Sky Blues are back on track!
  15. Great work @Fubz. Seasons like that makes FM wonderful to play. All the emotions and passion really comes forward at those moments. How was your tactical approach in PL?
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