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  1. Hi, sorry if this is obvious but just would like a little help. Im managing York in NLN, the players seem unhappy with the amount of strength training they are doing? Just wondering what quick fixes Iv got apart from adding more Physical- Resistance training onto the calendar? Thanks in advance
  2. Promoted through the playoffs. Missed out on 2nd by goal difference. Currently under a transfer embargo due to a take over.
  3. Fantastic, just caught up on your save progress. Great to see after the terrible time Wigan are having. Im very tempted to do a Wigan save, ive seen a few successful ones on here and youtube. Defiantly seems a challenge, especially financially! Will see how my Sunderland save goes and decide.. Good luck in the Championship. Where have you got your skin from? With the stadium in background?
  4. What a turn around... made a few decent loan signings, got a few out on loan to reduce the wage bill!! But has anyone ever seen a league so close?? 15 teams separated by 9 points!
  5. Yes thats what I thought. When I got to the end of 90 minutes, I couldnt use my extra sub (available due to extra time) to bring a player on inplace of the injured player. So yeah had to bring a player off who was already playing and played extra time with 10 men
  6. It was the English FA Cup, doesnt say anything in the rules on the game
  7. Everton - Just finished season 4, a great season, winning the League, Euro Cup (after finishing 3rd in a tough Champs League group) and the Community Shield. Lost the FA Cup final to my bogie team Chelsea. My big money signing Haaland defiantly paid off, scoring 42 goals in 46 starts in all comps. But all the front/attacking players had amazing figures. I scored an incredible 109 goals in the league, and only kept 9 clean sheets, defiantly a fun season. £45 mil to spend so think I need a CB.
  8. Hi, just had a player forced off through injury in the 92nd minute of a final, I had no subs left, but as the game has gone into extra time, at full time is it right that I cant bring the extra sub on in place of the already injured player whos left the pitch? I have just never had this scenario and not sure on the rules. Im having to play extra time with 10 men now. I just presumed I could use the sub in place of the injured player and go back up to 11 men?
  9. Haha, certainly made the start of the save more interesting.
  10. Hi All, I was toying with a Sunderland save, but decided to start unemployed, holidayed for a few months and look what I came across, Sunderland bottom after 16 games, and a job vacancy, so I applied and here I am. I had transfers in first window turned off, so the squad is the same. So my Sunderland save just got a little bit more interesting. Having not managed in League 1 since the salary cap, I noticed Dobson and Matthews arnt registered. So ill have to have a reassess at the first opportunity.
  11. Thanks, pleased with my wheeling and dealing, its a relatively young squad aswell. Gibson nothing special. Gordon played abit last season and did very well as an impact sub and cup games, scored a few. He just wasnt going to get any game time this season due to the strength off the squad, so hes out on loan. Branthwaite has developed well, hoping to give him some game time this season and possibly ship Holgate out as backup.
  12. Start of season 4, and iv gone and got the big gun... Haaland signs, DCL to play on the left wing. Happy with the transfers in and out, I have built a very strong, young squad so hopefully we can challenge again, and keep the fringe players happy. 6 games in and doing well, only defeat was away to city. Tough Champions League group with Inter and Real Madrid, alongside Galatasary. All the front 3/4 firing well together. I brought in Antony last season on the RW to replace Richarlson and was unimpressed but he has started this season on fire.
  13. They didnt really complain, he just didnt do it for me, I was playing him LW or RW as an inside forward, only got 13 goals and 17 assists over 2 season. However soon after he went to Man Utd they also bought Sancho and Lee Kang-In so he only made 2 (5) league appearances and is now on loan at Roma, in hindsight I should have put a buy back clause in his deal.
  14. Hi, Just wondering if there is a way off setting corner routines up for specific players rather than just positions, similar to how you can have a player fixed to playing a specific role. I aim to the front post, but depending on who is playing, its either a centre back, or specific striker attacking it, but the striker plays centre forward or lw, do i have to change it for each game or can I have that player attacking near post whenever he is playing in either position. Sorry for the long winded message, just hard to explain and get my point across.
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