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  1. Hi, just thought I would share my save, started off with my team Wigan to see if I could do any better than in real life. Had a very surprising first season, just missing out on the playoffs and reaching the carabara cup semi final, loosing 5-1 on aggregate to Man City Currently in February in my second season and challenging for the title, had a little lead at Christmas but a poor January has opened it up. I always turn the first transfer window off so not much transfer activity in the first season and only brought a few players in this season. A major blow was selling Kipre in January, but he didnt want to sign a new deal so cashed in before he left on a free. God knows what will happen if I do get promoted with little funds to play with. . I did cheekily apply for the Leicester job recently as they are struggling in the prem with very much the original squad, got an interview but wasn't successful.
  2. Just had the most dramatic finish to the season ever, winning the league on goal difference in the 90+3 minute... my first season in the Bundesliga with Dortmund, over performed and in with a chance of winning the league on the last day. It was a three horse race on the last day. I was playing Leipzig who went into the final fixtures at the top of the table, knowing a win might not guarantee me the title. Wolfsburg where 1 point ahead so a win away at already relegated Frankfurt would possibly give them the title. An unbelivable day with Leipzig pegging me back twice..... Alcacer missing a penalty.... Leipzig going down to 10 men.... Wolfsburg losing.... I go all out attack..... Alcacer with the winner in the 90+3rd minute.... UNBELIEVABLE!!! The title was mine on goal difference!!
  3. Hi all, just a very quick question, leading up to a match you get an opposition report giving you information about the up coming team, I have noticed that the set piece report part at the bottom right is often blank not giving me information on where they usually deliver corners etc to... just wondering what I can do to get this information. Many Thanks
  4. Thanks, what determines the detail on the opposition report? some times in the set pieces analysis, it is blank or just says they rarely take short corners.
  5. Mostly conceding from within the 6 yard box. Do people sucessfully zonal mark six yard area? Or prefer man marking, marking tallest etc...
  6. Hiya, basically I cant defend a corner for the life of me! Im managing Leeds, 3rd season, 7th midway through the season. Playing very well, just a very high percentage of goals conceded are from corners. I have tried different corner set ups, alot of training, defending corners, aerial defence, defending wide with no improvement. I have nick pope in goal who has a command of area 19, Is there any corner set up thats bomb proof. any other advice? thanks
  7. thanks, thought it must have been, are they in the process of sorting it? I had a bug on the last version when i disabled the first transfer window.
  8. Hi, just wondering if anyone has managed Sunderland, started the game with transfer activity disabled, approaching January and ive noticed I have £27 million to spend, is this normal? not complaining.
  9. Hiya, sorry but I'm sure this has been discussed before somewhere! Im considering getting a new laptop, just wondering what you do to get FM on it, do you just download steam and download FM on it like normal? How do I get my current saves? Thanks
  10. Hiya, just wondering what makes you decide who is your captain, do you just choose the player with the highest Leadership? my current captain has the highest leadership but is now 34 and not going to be a first team player this season, does this usually go into consideration? Am I just thinking too much into this? thanks
  11. Hiya, just had one of my greatest comebacks on FM, and got me thinking whats everybody else's greatest comeback.. could be an interesting topic! Mine was away to Mansfield, a shocking first half saw me 3-0 down at half time, to come back and win 4-3, albeit they had 10 men, but they where only 1-0 up at the time, and still went on to score 2 more before halftime!! Still think its a good achievment, especially away from home!! Discuss....
  12. Hiya, just a quick question, do you know the pop up that appears once you click submit team, well I accidentally clicked 'don't show me again' is there anyway to get it back? I just like the second chance. Thanks
  13. I always turn off first window transfers to make the game more realistic. Im managing Wigan and never got given any money in January, thought it was strange but never thought any more about it with managing a league 1 club, I'm approaching the end of the season so will see what happens in the summer window! Anyone else experienced this??
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