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  1. The backgrounds work absolutely fine for me (other than the 3d pitch being too dark) but I can come out of the match and just reset the opacity selector
  2. Hi @Krysler76 I absolutely love this skin, thank you for your great work. There is just one thing that is hindering my enjoyment of it and that is the darkness of the 3d pitch. I need to apply the 70% filter as I play normally for it to look best but then this seems to make the 3d pitch unplayably dark. Is there anything I can do to specifically stop a cast over the pitch? Thanks
  3. Has anyone got a copy of the standard dark skin with the above added to get round the current problem with backgrounds and pitch not showing? All help appreciated.
  4. Apologies, I've been a right wally here.... I followed your instructions but moved FM19 into the full disk access no FM20!! Suppose I'll have to wait until the next update now to make sure it's working!! Sorry Neil, cheers for the continued support
  5. Hi Neil, just so you know the above didn't work with the new update.... exactly the same problem again. Now uninstalling and reinstalling as per the previous few updates. Is there any other reason you could think of as to why the launch path is completely ignored without a reinstall on every update? Thanks
  6. just seen Just seen this after my post... will try this again on the next update to hopefully avoid the uninstall/ reinstall. Thanks for the help, as always, Neil
  7. So... got it working again. I had to uninstall and reinstall FM on STEAM.... For whatever reason, after update the game is not reading the launch path at all. Once reinstalled it prompts the message "fm wants to access your ... folder" with the option to allow or not. Only at this point once clicked allow will it all go through again. I can't force the "fm wants to access...." message without a complete uninstall
  8. Exactly the same thing has just happened upon the new update. Not got it working yet, going through all the restarting, uninstalling / reinstalling .... so strange, this has never happened on any other incarnation of the game
  9. back in the days before the big comprehensive packs I'd even been known to go searching on Myspace for the face of some random Scandinavian kid I'd signed!!
  10. if this were to happen in a strict manner I would end up either stuck playing with this generation of players or even worse not playing at all. I love the game and have played since the CM days but this would be a killer.... I literally stop playing if I encounter a player with no face, a team with no logo / stadium/ kit etc... and won't continue until its sorted. luckily (thanks to a 30gb + folder) I don't have to do this very often anymore
  11. As much as this get's routinely dismissed, I do think it should be a fundamental area for SI to invest in - the direction of the game itself is recognising long termism from the user . As above, surely just importing stat data and statistics wouldn't be that hard if the will was there
  12. Why did this option get taken out... I used to officialy warn any of my players at any level that got under 6.4 in a match and it would improve their work rate. Gutted this has gone!
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