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  1. I've played every incarnation of CM/FM probably nearly every night of my life, as I get older though I find myself doing funky stuff - anyone else? I'm a Brighton fan, so always start a new version with them and always find after 3/4 seasons I can win the Prem / Champions league etc... so I tend to then do weird stuff. Not about the challenge or the difficulty etc, but more I suppose, about creating my own little world or narrative. At the moment I have 2 saves going.....1 on FM19 with FC United of Manchester and the class of '92 plus legends, the other is on FM20 and a historical legends team. (see below screenies) I win every game (but play lovely football lol) but for some reason I really enjoy it. Anyone else do this type of stuff?
  2. Ok thanks, didn't know that (I'm a Brighton & Hove Albion fan - world club cup is not on my radar!!) So who qualifies? only the team that wins it in year 4 or all the teams that have won during the 4 year period
  3. I've won the champions league twice and not been involved in the World Club Cup, does reflect reality? has it been discontinued?
  4. @Krysler76 - brilliant thanks as always! do we need to do the same as you posted previously for the backgrounds? client object and match... from before?
  5. @Krysler76 seems to be a problem with the Dev Centre too? No player names or action boxes
  6. Same happening here, not a big issue but think it might be one nonetheless
  7. that was my problem.... thank you!
  8. @Krysler76 do you have the file like the above to have the background selector option in the normal page too. Love the update, but I was using your skin fine with the selector too and just changing when needed.
  9. That's what I've been using and doing very well.... enjoying how it works and the football I see with it
  10. So helpful. Thank you!
  11. Having built up a squad of good passing and dribbling centre backs I got frustrated with them never breaking forward enough to support an attack. Started playing one centre back (ball playing cover) with my other 2 cbs as DM (ball winner defends) in front of him and it's working a treat so far. i always play with my two wingers at wing back to get them back to defend. So essentially a 1 - 4 - 3 -2 . Get some beautiful familiarity lines in all of that too anyone else gone 1 or even 0 traditional defenders and had success?
  12. Were there more changes than publicised with the match engine in yesterday's update. The difference between pre patch and post has been huge for me - majority of penalties missed - lack of goals from open play - strikers not scoring - So many unintelligent shots from crossing/passing positions The release version of the match engine was great, it feels like it went back to the first version during Beta overnight. Happy to bet proven wrong but thought I'd raise it and see if others were noticing a big difference
  13. Would be a lovely touch to have a guard of honour animation for matches when the you have already won the title. Reflects real life, and would just be a nice, warm, celebratory thing to see
  14. Correct, I play the game with the opacity at 70%, then when a match starts just quickly go back to home screen and change it to 0% Not ideal, but it works
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