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  1. Has this stopped working for anyone else with the new patch. The video ads work but nothing else.
  2. Hi all, Before I upgrade to the new Mac operating system are there any known issues with FM? I seem to remember problems occurring with something similar in the past
  3. Mac 1680 x 1050 here too. This looks great, can't wait
  4. Something that is completely missed out of FM that features heavily in real life is the post match analysis and watch back of the game. All managers talk about how important it is to watch a game back and learn from mistakes... I would also love this as a manager and to create specific instructions based on what I see For example In my last game, despite having "prevent short gk distribution" unticked 3 of of my attacking players were converged on the edge of the penalty box for a goal kick. Needless to say keeper played it over them to the wings and automatically 3 players have been
  5. Apologies @michaeltmurrayuk, one further question please. How do I extract the necessary file? I'd assumed I would find it within the panels subfolder - I'm hoping to do it within your FM21 Base dark skin EDIT - Since asking I've found your really helpful how to guides and have extracted the panels folder, once I've done the necessary edits and to play around with the sizing can I copy the file into your FM21 Base Dark skin folder for it to take effect or do I need to copy over the master folder in my steamapps>sports interactive folder? Should have looked thro
  6. @michaeltmurrayukThanks so much for these, really helpful every year. Is there a simple way to increase the size of player faces on the attribute screen. (or throughout) they are so small by default and there is so much lost space. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Is there a simple way / line of coding that could just resize the player face pics - they seem so much smaller in this year's FM. Also is anything available yet for a base skin with background support? I like to play the game how SI intended for the first few months before experimenting with other skins but really find the experience diminished with the faces being so small or no backgrounds Thanks as always,
  8. Hi Kyle, I do appreciate that, strangely I have got the game working again. I got rid of the launch path and moved the entire custom graphics folder (25gb worth) across. to the default one... the game now loads and works fine so whatever prevented it opening must have been a non graphic file (saved game, view, tactic, etc..) Never had that before and have always used the same path for every version of the game. I was playing fm19 more recently than fm20. Could it be that a saved tactic or something similar in a previous version caused the issue? should I use a completely separate
  9. Hi, My FM20 will no longer start having worked since day 1. It crashes back to the desktop every time I launch before reaching the menu screen. The only change since the last time I opened it was that I updated my MAC to version 10.15.7 (19H2) this morning - is there any known issue on this? I do use a lot of custom graphics etc and can launch the game when the path is not pointed to those, however I haven't changed this since the last time I played and I can load and play FM19 with all custom graphics etc which would suggest nothing is corrupted in there? Any ideas ? I hav
  10. Hi there, I have two suggestions request that I believe would improve enjoyment. 1. Being able to have players swap with an unmanned position rather than solely with another player. For example right now I can make 2 players swap positions at points in the match. I would like the option to make a player do the same but with an unmanned position for example start the game with 2 x SC but have one of the strikers randomly swap to be an IF 2. I'd love to be able to tag a quick note on a player that shows up as an icon. Eg a player is a yellow away from suspension, a quick right click an
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