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  1. Yes. I hope it gets updated. @Wazakii any possibility of an update?
  2. Previous commenters are right as I actually wait to purchase FMX until skins and other ad-ons are sorted out. If they never get sorted out, I'll never buy again. The generic version is just not any good without the mods.
  3. Thanks. Your updates are awesome. I did notice that Pribram's stadium pic is just another angle of Dukla's stadium. Do you have one of Pribram?
  4. Widnes... One of my fav LLM teams to manage. This one replaces the rugby pic you have. I also had to add a line into the config file as yours didn't have a line in there so your pic didn't show up.
  5. Here is a Vauxhall Motors pic. I'll keep adding them here as I remember what I put in there...
  6. I routinely add teams in my LLM saves. I will start sharing them with you. I should have all along. Some of the pics I have (Winchester above) aren't as high quality as you have in most of your pack though.
  7. Go into the config file that is included in the pack and rename your picture to match what's in the config file. It's typically just teamname.jpg. The file will have to be very high res. I always try to use 2560 x 1600 for mine. If there is no existing stadium pic you'll need to add a line to the country specific config file. Example. Take a line from an existing stadium and add in the proper number (club ID) from the game (bolded) by selecting . You can find the club ID by selecting 'Preferences' -> 'Interface' -> 'Show Screen IDs in Titlebar..." to see what the stadium pic name should be. The quoted "central-coast-mariners" part will have to be consistent. <record from="central-coast-mariners" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/425030/background"/> The picture in your file in this example would be "central-coast-mariners.jpg". Sorry if this post is confusing. I drafted it over the course of 2 hours while spending time on several different Zoom calls. ;-) There are definitely smarter people in here than me that can describe how.
  8. The Winchester pic I posted with the Holiday Inn advert is the City Ground which is currently used by both Basingstoke and Winchester. Basingstoke should be all set for their new ground, Winkleberry, by summer '22.
  9. @stevemc The picture you have is Basingstoke's old ground. It's being converted into condos I think. The picture I put in there is actually the real City Ground. Basingstoke is using Winchester's ground for now, but will move to Winklebury in '21. The picture in your pack is the now abandoned Camrose Stadium which was abandoned by Basingstoke. More detail in this video...
  10. I probably wans't clear. It's Winchester's stadium that isn't in the pack. They are not in a ground share. I have added the pic that I currently use (it's not as nice as what's usually included in the pack).
  11. @stevemc Thank you for updating this pack. I just installed it today for my Winchester City save and unfortunately the Camrose Ground for Basingstoke is shown for Winchester instead of The City Ground. Maybe some numbers got mixed up?
  12. I'm still playing FM20. Can I just drop this on top of my existing FM20 pack that you made? Or are there differences?
  13. This is really cool. I hadn't heard of it before. Can I use this for FM20? or is there another version for it?
  14. Heffem is the best skin by far. Waiting for the background selector before I invest in FM21. Amazed to see early versions out already.
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