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    Played CM in the late 90s and stopped around 05. Getting back into the game after a siesta.

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  1. Enos

    Young Regens

    Just for fun, I saved a game before regen day and checked to see what the youth intake would look like. It was all over the map despite my save only being made a day before youth intake. I usually only got about 2 players who clearly had 1st team potential each season.
  2. Enos

    Training new position

    I've had little success retraining players to new positions, but I frequently play a central midfielder as a fullback. His attributes are perfect for a fullback and he routinely gets 7s and above so I don't really know why I should bother.
  3. Enos

    Long range screamers

    Funny thing is that after I wrote my post yesterday I had a Champion's League match against PSG and they beat me 2-1 on a last minute screamer from 30 yards! I hadn't seen that yet. I set myself up for it.
  4. Watch this video. It will give you an idea where you can find the stadium editing elements. There is also a field for 'build date' on additions or new stadiums. You'll want to use that. You have to make the changes and put them in your editor data folder before you start a new save.
  5. I believe SI have changed their criteria for CCC and half chance with FM19. Either that, or I just don't create as many as I used to in FM18. I still score loads of goals, but my CCC and HC production is down nearly 50% from the previous version. I see my opponents have the same decline so I assume it's SI.
  6. I think you can go into the editor and see which teams are planning on building new. You can use the list provided above to start from.
  7. Enos

    Long range screamers

    I haven't seen that many scored against my team, but I have scored a few more than I would have suspected. It's obvious to me that it happens when my opponent is sitting back with a deep defensive line. I usually tick the box on my B2B midfielders to take more shots as well. I get about 12 shots 20 yards out or further a season. That doesn't seem out of the ordinary quite yet. I almost never surrender them, but my midfield has very good positioning, aggression, and acceleration. I also rarely play with a deep defensive line. I'm playing as Fiorentina in Italy and only in my 3rd season.
  8. Enos

    FM19 Crowd Chants

    I have no skills to help you SpiderJu, but I'd love the soundpatch you propose.
  9. I have an Italy save going too. It's tricky and I can only know for sure what's happening when I make a transfer offer. What's really puzzling is Abdu Diakhate. He's a non EU player, but the game counts him as an EU player anyway. I can only guess it's because he was a youth academy prospect? He's Senegalese only...
  10. Interesting. My banners are always showing, but the ads only work about half the time. I wonder if deleting that subfolder would help me too...
  11. You'll be better off in the Skinning Hideout with this question.
  12. If your team is already part time it seems doubtful that you'd get any training benefit. I also believe that a player on a youth contract can sign a pro contract with any team so you can, maybe prevent another team from poaching a good young player. I haven't played LLM in a while so I don't recall exactly.
  13. Youth contracts are part time and pro contracts are usually full time... I believe. Should give them more time to train.
  14. This happens to me all the time. Even with players who just got a new contract within a year. Needs to be tweaked.
  15. Just replying to say that I've downloaded this update and I'm using it on FM19 with OK success. The banners all show up and the ads only come up about 1/3rd of the time. Horrid BidStack is up 50% of the time. Nothing like playing matches in Italy with UK ads up. Either way, this patch makes things a lot better. I hope someone is able to discover how to fix the issues. I've tried the obvious stuff to no avail.