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  1. Great thread. I really enjoyed it. Did you keep much shorter passing for all of your players or did your DLP and CM-A have direct passing as well? Some of the individual instructions would be interesting to know. It seems like you would struggle to score goals with broad based short passing for all players.
  2. Glad to see an F9 working as a lone striker. I've always struggled with it as I couldn't get my SS or IF to attack the space consistently. Gonna try it out when I get the right player attributes. I typically pay LLM so it's a little harder to find those skills.
  3. I've never seen a header count as a clear cut chance by SI. I usually follow Daljit's tips and look for shots inside the box using the analysis tools provided by SI. I only wish those tools allowed me to remove shots from set pieces. That said, I do include clear cut chances and half chances on my in-between-highlights window and use them as an in game barometer of how well I'm doing (in a qualified manner).
  4. In previous versions of FM I have always put a man out to close down the corner taker because so many clearances end up going right back to the taker. If I have a player there with creative abilities to intercept I can break out on the counter attack. Unfortunately in FM20 when I have that player set to close down the corner taker he stands on the wrong side of the goal line. Has anyone else experienced this? I guess I should upload a screen shot. I suppose it could be very poor defensive positioning too, but my guys are OK.
  5. I did it and it still worked fine.
  6. Thanks so much for putting this out there!!!
  7. Is your zoom set at 95%? That might be your issue.
  8. Oh that's too bad. I was able to adjust to zero prior to matches and it worked fine. Hopefully it will make a return at some point.
  9. I've had the exact same issue on TCS19. I found this stopped happening as long as the last graphic I loaded with the skin itself. When I installed updates to the cut out player face pack this happened to me every time until I simply re installed TCS and made sure it was always last. I hope that makes sense.
  10. Thanks! Update: It worked for me too.
  11. I'm sorry. I just don't have an idea of how hard/easy a problem this is to solve. I'm not a skilled skinner so please don't take my questions as complaints.
  12. Is this the only skin out there that supports stevemc's background pack and a 3d match engine? I'm really at a loss to find some Skins that still allow me to use background packs.
  13. So are you saying that if you simply reset opacity to '0' prior to a 3D match, you can still play without any issues?
  14. I had this issue with TCS skin during FM19. I found that if I added other graphics (like updating my player face pack) that this happened a lot. If I made sure that the skin was the last graphic I added (cleared cache, refreshed, and played) it always worked fine. As a result anytime I updated some graphics I had to reinstall the skin too. Hope this works for you too.
  15. I'm having the exact same problem with the TCS skin (which I love). I'm going to have to either stop using background pictures or find another skin as I cannot seem to get this to work for me in FM20.
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