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    Played CM in the late 90s and stopped around 05. Getting back into the game after a siesta.

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  1. Really like that. What are the folders for that in FMNATION? I’d like to try and add to the Heffem skin I’m using.
  2. Hilarious! I have actually seen a lot of skinny pitches in my save, but nothing like that.
  3. I can't wait to test this out when I get home tonight. I've been creating loads of 1on1s. I suspect that it will be harder to create those easy chances after the adjustment. I've been looking forward to this update for a long time.
  4. I get a pretty large amount of goals from through balls, but I tend to play a narrow 4-4-2 with a playmaker on the wing and a DLF. WP and DLF my typical assist men. I get around 30-40% of my goals from through balls.
  5. #13 is always the player on my team with the weirdest/most disruptive personality. I always yell, "Demand More!" just before important defensive corners. #31 is always my back up keeper.
  6. Has anyone in the public beta noticed if this is fixed. It is an insane bug that drives me crazy. Along with some other issues, it's making me consider going back to FM19.
  7. This worked perfectly on my Mac. Thank you for the great mod!!!
  8. I never pay attention to this characteristic. I had player who dreads big matches get a hat trick in the FA Trophy Cup final recently. I guess it was luck.
  9. Good ideas. I'll give the wide midfielders a shot.
  10. This is the best advice I've ever found on set pieces for FM. https://mrkeysirensie.wordpress.com/
  11. Like you I came back to FM after many years of not playing. The game has improved a ton and I really enjoy it. Daljit @Rashidi(not sure of his handle here) has a website/patreon set up that really helped my tactical understanding of the game. Check him out at "Bust the Net." He already has a bunch of free videos on Youtube. You are asking the right questions so I think you are off in the right directions. The best advice Daljit gave me was to visualize what you want your tactic to do. It sounds too simple, but indeed, that's its charm. When I do that I simply build it into the tactic. Copying famous clubs' tactics is a great way to start. After you have built your dream tactic you will need to make sure you have the player attributes to perform the roles and duties associated with that tactic. All of this has made my enjoyment of watching live matches even better as well. Enjoy!
  12. I've been running a 4-2-2-2 in an LLM save with a really good stretch. I'll play narrow or wide with a low/high line of engagement depending on the opponent's style. I tinker a good bit for each match basaed on opponent. Mainly based on mentality (player and team) and passing style. My DLP and AP are always set to direct passing as they have great vision, first touch, teamwork, anticipation, etc. My P and DLF-S have pretty good first touch to receive the passes. ------------------SK-S WB-S---CB-D---CB-D---WB-A ---------DLP-D---CM-S AP-S-----------------------IW-S ----------P----DLF-S I'm in League 2 right now and my IW was just poached by a Championship team after getting promoted twice. The season is about to begin and I've been unable to find a satisfactory replacement. I do have a young player who is listed as a CM, but who I've played in the AMR slot as an AP with good success. He has been understudy to my current starter. He doesn't have the technical abilities to be a winger (low crossing, work rate, and speed) but he's been great at AP on the right. Is it too much to have a an AP on each wing? I already have a DLP as well? will I create confusion in the team? I don't have a pre season to test things out as my IW was just sold by my board 4 days prior to our first League 2 match.
  13. This always bugs me as it's so tedious to create unique views for my shortlist vs regular player search, vs my own squad views...
  14. Here is my PKM of the same problem.Boreham Wood v Guiseley.pkm
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