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    Played CM in the late 90s and stopped around 05. Getting back into the game after a siesta.

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    Great Falls, VA

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  1. Enos

    [SKIN] TCS '19

    Will it be compatible with the cut out faces too?
  2. Enos

    Goalkeeper height

    Nobody is talking about wingspan either. You can be tall with shorter arms and narrow shoulders or short with long arms and broad shoulders. It's an important factor that basketball people use. I assume it's taken into consideration by GK coaches too.
  3. My thoughts are that the only way for you to get your CBs that far up is to play with a 'high defensive line' combined with your opponent playing with a 'very fluid' shape combined with a 'low defensive line.' You would probably also need to be playing 'Fluid' or 'Very Fluid', maybe 'Flexible' to create a compact shape. If you are Structured your defenders will probably still hang back for any balls over the top. Probably a situation where your opponent is playing a low block and you want to camp in their attacking end.
  4. This has been inconsistent for me. I've signed several players to renewals who were on my payroll pre-Brexit. All, but 1 of them still don't count as FGN for some reason. The 1 that counted as FGN was under 21 so that may have something to do with it.
  5. These sorts of things sneak up on me quite a bit. I'm not paying attention to details as I should. I wish there was a feature where I could prompt a dialog box to warn me on negotiations when certain clauses pop up that I usually exclude. Both on contracts and transfers.
  6. Enos

    CB-s miss a lot of headers

    Jumping, bravery, aggression, strength, and a little bit of off the ball. I think jumping is the most important of them all. Can he get there? Aggression and bravery -- will he try? Strength helps him muscle off defenders as he tries. Off the ball -- does he know where to be to make the header attempt?
  7. Enos

    Regen Facepacks

    Here is another one that's pretty cool. Main site: https://twitter.com/wtforkgaming https://t.co/8cw5Sc8khh https://t.co/a9AYa9KWlP
  8. Enos

    help with work permits

    @Henry ShepherdYes. He was a starter for Serbia and I had signed him for a high enough transfer fee/salary that he got the required point total for a WP. Go to your League main page and click on 'Overview' then 'Rules' to see the point system.
  9. Enos

    help with work permits

    Brexit likely hasn't happened in your league yet. If you look at the league rules it will tell you in detail how to get a permit. I signed Radjkovic in the 2018-19 season and he got a work permit just fine. After my soft Brexit he just counted as a foreign player upon executing a contract extension.
  10. He did have an 4 week injury, but when he came back, he was never the same. The AI had adjusted to my tactic and started bunkering against me. I can only guess that's why.
  11. Well, I fixed the name of the folder, but I had already properly named the files. It still doesn't work. I must be missing a step. Any suggestions?
  12. I had a striker score 23 goals in the first 22 games and then didn't get another one for the rest of the season.
  13. I managed Ross County in Scotland to a Champion's League title and my star midfielder, Michael Stewart, a ManU reject, wanted to move to a bigger club. I sold him to Galatasaray, but started training him as a GK before he officially made the move. Because of a bug in that older version of CM his training continued at his new club and he was relegated to the bench as a GK for the rest of his career. This was probably CM01/02 or thereabouts.
  14. Thank you. I made both mistakes. Looking forward to fixing it tonight. :-)