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  1. Two Wayne Rooneys, there's only two Wayne Rooneys!!
  2. Queen's Park are semi-pro now. This is reflected in the current SI update. They will also be leaving Hampden ant the end of this season and playing all future matches at Lesser Hampden.
  3. One small wee change required; Montrose Roselea's main colours are now blue/white and the away kit is green/white as seen here. Home ground is now Links Park with reserve/youth matches being played at Broomfield Park. They have even adopted an adapted version of the Montrose FC badge to reflect the closer links between the 2 clubs
  4. I've had a few oddly named regens in the game like these. The second guy was signed from Downton Abbey! Post your weird and wonderful regen names here
  5. Great Stuff. Can't wait to lead Montrose Roselea to European glory!
  6. A version where the juniors can go all the way to the SPL pretty please?
  7. Hoping there will be an option where the junior teams can progress all the way to the SPL
  8. I agree that the stadium graphics definitely needs looking at. It would be nice to see the stadiums looking like their real life counterparts as much as possible. I'm sure game researchers could help with this. It would be even better if the stadiums could be edited within the pre-game editor (or a dedicated editor) and let the community design some masterpieces and release as stadium packs, much like what currently happens with kits & logos. And please get rid of the picnic tables and parasols - they just look silly in game!
  9. Sure. Do you happen to have a picture of this seasons away kit? Cant find one anywhere.
  10. Great work on the database so far. Looking forward to see how far I can take Montrose Roselea. Happy to help making kits if anyone can send me the pictures. Roselea ones are already done of course!
  11. lol it never crossed my mind that it would be the controller. That's it fixed now. thanks a lot
  12. Is there anyway to disable that virtual keyboard popup that appears ingame every time I want to type something? it's driving me crazy!
  13. That's definitely something SI should think about & it would also generate a bit more cash for future game development.
  14. As a lower league manager, I completely agree with this. Some of the stadium designs are just plain silly e.g. Berwick Rangers and Elgin City with picnic tables & chairs alongside the main stands! There is no way it would ever be practical to picnic during a Scottish league game in midwinter! I think the answer would be to make the stadium files editable outside of the game and let the community design stadium packs in the same way as the community designs logos, kits, backgrounds etc.
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