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  1. As much as the Sun are scummy for showing the pics, you just know there will be loads of YouTube vids tomorrow of the incident
  2. Are the BBC the tv directors? See in other sports they dont control the cameras they just broadcast it ( although they can cut the feed)
  3. Its like whenever anything terrible happens everyone gets their phones out to record it. People have a morbid curiosity
  4. This seems to happen far more often than you would expect for elite athletes
  5. We were the better side the first half, they were the 2nd and in ET. Yea we didnt finish them off and take our chances, but its not like they walked all over us. Both had chances to win, they just took theres. Doesnt mean we arent evenly matched And its not fair to compare trophies as our team is alot younger so naturally wont have as many
  6. If we had lost to Brazil last night i dont think it would have mattered as much. But to lose to a team we're evenly matched with, to go 1 up quickly and dominate most of the 1st half, and to miss some easy chances to finish them off when they were struggling makes it worse
  7. Certainly in ET im sure Southgate was thinking they need him to stay on incase it goes to pens And taking off the top scorer in the tournament is never going to be an easy decision no matter how tired they look
  8. Did we though? Ok before a ball was kicked getting to the semis would have been a massive overachievement. But the way the draw played out, and all the other big teams failing to quality/get knocked out early then getting to the semis was probably the least we should have done. I hope getting to the semis doesnt mask the shortcomings we have it our team and tactics
  9. We were considered no hopers with the likes of Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain etc in it. Once they fell the mood changed and we had our best chance to ever reach a final. Thats whats more disappointing, so many "big" nations fell and with the side of the draw we got it was ours for the taking. Im not sure we will ever get an easier route (on paper) to a final than we did
  10. We certainly need to have a plan B and be able to change the system to suit the game. When things didnt go to plan in the Tunisia, Columbia and Croatia game we looked clueless. Its fine when things are going our way, but when not we dont seem to be able to change to the conditions
  11. Thats the annoying thing. It was our best ever chance since the end of the group stage to reach a final
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