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  1. Few questions need answering by Southgate 1 - Bringing on pen takers isnt a bad idea, but why bring them on so late that their only real touch of the ball was the penalty? Give them some feel for the game first 2 - Why did none of the senior players step forward (apart from 2) to take one? 3 - Rashford never looked at the ball once during his run-up or kick. He was only concerned with the way the keeper was going. We supposedly practice pens all the time. That cannot be a planned tactic surely? No one trains someone to not look at the ball
  2. Hes so frustrating. Gets passed a few men and gets in good positions, only to be a selfish bastard and not pass it
  3. Its weird how people treat it differently when its the national team. I doubt many Man U, Man City fans etc would care if that penalty won their team the CL and complain its soft
  4. Sterling is either amazing or awful when he gets the ball. No middle ground
  5. Hardly a save from Casper. All he had to do was stand their and it hit him
  6. This is what i dont like about England just passing it around at the back like they do. One **** up and you could be screwed
  7. Annoying thing is, if this was a qualifier match we would easily beat them. Can guarantee if we do it wont be as easy as that
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