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  1. We were considered no hopers with the likes of Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain etc in it. Once they fell the mood changed and we had our best chance to ever reach a final. Thats whats more disappointing, so many "big" nations fell and with the side of the draw we got it was ours for the taking. Im not sure we will ever get an easier route (on paper) to a final than we did
  2. We certainly need to have a plan B and be able to change the system to suit the game. When things didnt go to plan in the Tunisia, Columbia and Croatia game we looked clueless. Its fine when things are going our way, but when not we dont seem to be able to change to the conditions
  3. Thats the annoying thing. It was our best ever chance since the end of the group stage to reach a final
  4. Dont think there is anything wrong with critising aspects of a team when they lose. Its times when teams are under pressure that their true colours come out. Winning games mask problems within the team. There has been clear problems within the team even with the games we have won. We have done well for the squad we have
  5. So the 2 times we play Belgium in a World Cup, and both times it could be the reserve team playing them
  6. Trouble is whatever form a player has for his club, doesnt always translate to international form
  7. Always been the same with Fifa hasnt it? They claim they want to stamp out racism/homophobia, but dont do much to actually bother
  8. Probably get more than 50k in sponsorship to wear the socks of whoever the make was
  9. 3 games this WC we have conceded and had no creativity upfront. Tunisia we gave away the penalty and played poor in the 2nd half trying to get the winner. Columbia we gave up in ET after conceding, and tonight we played crap after their equalizer. Its like when under any sort of pressure they dont know what to do. The gameplay works fine until they concede, then it goes tits up. Southgate clearly doesnt like any of his subs either
  10. Its easy to get carried away but yea we do have alot of limitations. The lack of bringing on subs suggests he doesnt trust then. Kane's movement is non-existent but does score goals tbf. Sterling has great movement but is a greedy bastard who just loses the ball. Shame we cant combine them
  11. I dont watch much domestic football, but is Kane a statue for Spurs?
  12. One good thing to come out of this....no hangover Monday
  13. Its like we have 1 gameplan. And that gameplan doesnt involve the opposition scoring. So if they do they're clueless what to do
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