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  1. Thanks for the continued interest, guys! It's really encouraging. The last goal of the Avrilian league season was scored by 35-year-old veteran Gary Lewis for Strayton vs. Marwell Rec. in the National Play-Off round. The four teams promoted to the Pro Leagues were Strayton, Dovestream, Union and Springhill, all from Sakatar province. I remember creating Lewis as the top striker in Avrilia at the height of his powers with Bluestripes in 2010. Things didn't quite work out that way, but he's still plugging away at third-tier level and it was nice to see him have one last hurrah. We're now in the lull between the end of the promotion play-offs and the start of the Christmas Cup. Most of the action is in the East, where the regional plates for the northern and southern halves of the province have reached the semi-final stages. The Mellick Honour League is also the only one of Avrilia's major Park Leagues which plays into the winter. The Parks Leagues are the top level of amateur football, and all fixtures are played at the city's major parks (Parks Leagues are not part of the league pyramid). This season, there's been a renewed interest in the Parks Leagues due to TTV's weekly magazine programme The Love of the Game, which has married highlights with colourful human-interest stories from around the amateur leagues. It's been a godsend for people disillusioned with the increasingly earnest nature of professional football. The Love of the Game achieved huge ratings for its final episode, which featured the climax of the Aroa Parks League season, when leaders Hillround took on second-place North West Telephone with the title at stake. North West Telephone took the honours with two late goals in a 3-1win. Aside from being the only Parks League played over the winter, the Mellick Honour League is unusual in awarding 5 points for a win and 1 for a draw. This is because the north part of East province is based on my brother's influence over my life. When we were teenagers, we used to play the mediocre PC game Striker, and my brother would score our games by ranking goals on aesthetic quality (e.g., a good goal could count as three or four). The only way to replicate this in FM is to award more points for a win.
  2. Two significant recent events in Avrilia: Chris McGillen became the first man in the history of Avrilian football to win a Cugador Medal for scoring 50 goals in a season. McGillen achieved the feat in Sakatar City's league season-ending 6-1 win at Ballynoun. The game took place just four days before the cup final against Picavella Strollers. With McGillen one booking away from suspension, he wasn't risked in the starting XI, but was given a place on the bench at his own request. With City leading 3-0, McGillen was sprung from the bench. A composed one-on-one finish brought him to 49 goals, breaking his own record. Then, in the third minute of stoppage time, McGillen strained to meet Luke Williams's cross and head home his 50th goal of the season, an astonishing feat. More history was broken four days later, as Sakatar City wrapped up the fifth leg of a possible sextuple. Third-tier Picavella were no match for the champions, who led 6-0 at half-time, with Kevin Roberts (tipped as McGillen's successor) scoring a hat-trick which secured his own Fehador Medal (for 20 goals in a season). The final score of Picavella 0-7 Sakatar City was a record margin of victory in an NFA Cup Final. Sakatar City will now enjoy a five-week break before beginning their assault on the Christmas Cup, and the sixth leg of their quest for a clean sweep. Ballinglin City will face F.C. Freistadt in the Pro League Premier relegation/promotion play-off, while the final round of regular-season third-tier games will take place on Saturday, followed by three rounds of knockout play-offs. The Eastern Football Association Northern Plate and Eastern Football Association Southern Plate continue throughout the break, with Malternan looking to celebrate their promotion to Pro League Premier with a seventh consecutive EFA Northern Plate title.
  3. A quick update on Avrilia: Sakatar City are on course for an unprecedented sextuple, with Pro League Premier, Sakatar Grand Provincial, Municipal Cup and ForceSport Super Cup trophies already glinting coquettishly in the trophy cabinet. They face NPO (third-tier) side Picavella Strollers in the NFA Cup Final at the end of September, with the Christmas Cup kicking off just after Halloween. City have a fairly easy Christmas Cup group. They'll face cash-rich, fan-poor Port Sunday, fallen Northern yo-yo club Clifton Town (both just relegated from Pro League First) and Terecuda City, who, as predicted above, are safe from Premier relegation with one round of games still to play. One of the more baffling events of the season was the revelation that NPO side Insford Rail are to move to a new 56,000-seater stadium next January. The stadium, part-funded by the municipal government, will be the biggest in Avrilia by some distance. Bear in mind that Insford Rail are an historic but tiny club with average attendances of about 1,300. The stadium build is part of the municipal authority's City II strategy, which aims to position Insford - just 30 miles from the capital Sakatar - as the second city of Avrilia. While the stadium will primarily be a concert/event venue, the Insford Rail move is more than a little bizarre. The club, originally a railway works team, is perhaps the sixth-biggest of Insford's eight senior sides, and last featured in the Pro Leagues in 1983 (although they're on-course for the convoluted promotion play-off this year). NB: The above is my rationalisation of the stadium move. I have absolutely no idea why a club which can't fill a 1,400-capacity stadium is building the largest ground in the country. One of those delicious FM 10 quirks that keeps this save interesting into its eighth year!
  4. Hi @MBarbaric! Terecuda are doing okay. They have the most passionate fans in the South by far, and some of the best displays in the country. Their average attendance is about 6,500, which is high for South province and for a small city. Terecuda City won Pro League First in 2015 and returned to the Premier after four years in the lower division. They stayed up fairly comfortably last year. At the half-way mark of the season, They're 15th (second-last and in the relegation zone), with just two league wins all season. But they have a strong defence and I think they'll be okay. They haven't done great in the cup competitions; their last cup victory was the provincial Southern Football Authority Elimination Cup of 2010, since when they haven't even reached a provincial final. Unusually, their manager Johnny Clancy has been in the job since I started this save seven years ago. Southern province, which, outside of Terecuda, is typically conservative, held an election to the provincial parliament (known as the Southern Governorate) in 2015. A left-wing coalition won power, which means that, between national and provincial government, the workers are doing pretty well! The results were as follows: Social Radicalist Party (national governing party, radical left): 30 seats Avrilian Independence Party (relatively new centrist party): 29 seats Southern Dockers' & Workers' Party (radical provincial left): 13 seats Progressive Autonomists' Movement (left-wing federalist party): 12 seats VoteSouth (right-wing party backed by Southern oligarchs): 10 seats Free Provinces Party (ultra-conservative federalist party): 3 seats Right-wing independents: 3 seats Left-wing independents: 2 seats Constitutional Justice Party (centre-left liberals): 2 seats Human Values Party (moderate left-wing technocrats): 1 seat National Welfare Party (left-wing, former ruling national party): 1 seat National People's Party (populist nationalists, dominated politics in 80s/90s): 1 seat The election resulted in a ruling left-wing coalition led by the Social Radicalists, with the support of the Southern Dockers' & Workers' Party and the Progressive Autonomists' Movement. The cabinet consists of the following (note the old-fashioned titles, Southern province being a deeply traditional society...) Note also that the SRP is divided into separate factions based on policy priorities and platforms, although they work together in relative harmony. PROVINCIAL GOVERNOR: Richard Dawson (37, SRP, Programme Faction) DEPUTY PROVINCIAL GOVERNOR: Hayley Moore (43, SRP, Liberty Faction) CHAIR OF THE GOVERNOR'S COUNCIL: Hugh Esteridge (47, SDWP) PROVINCIAL AUDITOR (ECONOMICS): Marianne Lewis (61, SRP, Programme Faction) PROVINCIAL REPRESENTATIVE (EXTERNAL): Arthur Richardson (41, PAM). GOVERNOR'S LANDSMAN (AGRICULTURE): Dónal Dempsey (52, SRP, Leadership Faction) GOVERNOR'S SEA CHIEF (NAVAL/PORTS): Roger Collins (57, SDWP) PROVINCIAL CULTURE SECRETARY: Maria Fallon (44, SRP, Programme Faction) @oriole01, I'll try and answer your question in a bit.
  5. Let's agree that we're both a little weird! If it wasn't for my aversion to fantasy-based milieux, I would have been right there with you. My first attempts at playing out the adventures of Avrilian football happened with similarly epic levels of editing of the Striker PC game c. 1995. I also learned how to programme in QBasic in order to simulate the Avrilian cricket league when I was about 15. Thanks for taking an interest, Marc! I didn't, but I just checked it out now. High praise from the high priest of FM-based obsessiveness. In answer to the other question above, we (Sakatar City) got trounced 0-4 by Gold Swords in the Christmas Cup final, after conceding in the first minute. Then my PC basically exploded, and I proceeded to have a crappy few months which robbed me of any motivation to fix it. However, things have turned around lately, so, after managing to repair my machine, I got back to Avrilia and just today caught up on the time I'd missed (the game-date is now 18/05/2017). As much as the whole fantasy-world, high-level editing aspect seems to have intrigued a lot of people on this thread, to me, it's the fact that I play in real-time that creates the most interesting outcomes. For example, Sakatar City legend Eamonn Pollard just retired in-game, aged 33. He was a stalwart of my team for years, playing in the hole behind the strikers and lashing in goal after goal from long-range. There was nothing more exhilarating in the game than watching Pollard pick the ball up 30 yards out and knowing he was sure to hit the target. In recent years, he's drifted out of the team; the player we replaced him with, John Cox, is a much better all-around operator, but the visceral thrill of watching Pollard burst the net was special. His finest season in the amber and black was 2012, when he won a Fehador Medal (20+ goals in a season) from midfield. Again, because I play in real-time, this was literally five years ago. I remember him netting a hat-trick of long-range screamers the day Fabrice Muamba had his brush with death at White Hart Lane.
  6. So the season is finally drawing to a close with the Christmas Cup final on the 24th; worryingly for some, it will be the two super-clubs of the modern era who face one another at the National Football Stadium in Sakatar. Sakatar City - champions six times in the last seven seasons - will take on North Western giants Gold Sword. City cruised to the title and won the NFA Cup this year (along with the Sakatar Municipal Cup), while Gold Swords trailed in a poor second, but have been in better form than their opponents during the Christmas Cup. Tomorrow sees the annual 18th of December showpiece game, the traditional start of the Christmas festivities in Avrilia (see earlier in the thread for the full list of results over the years). In keeping with recent practice, this year's game will be a full interprovincial between North and East for the right to host next year's National Trophy (interprovincial cup). This has irked some traditionalists who prefer the December 18th game to be an all-star exhibition match rather than serious business. In further controversial news, the Altchan network has announced a major new football-related series for next year - The Fix. The programme-makers will take over an (unidentified, for now) Parks League team in one of Avrilia's major cities. Parks League are the highest rung of all-amateur football, outside the senior professional pyramid, but taken very seriously. The chosen team will be secretly tasked with producing a given result in each match, as a supposedly serious exploration of the art of match-fixing, although some fear a sensationalist trash-TV take on the issue. However, both the National Football Association and the players' union have given their approval for the project, to be run in conjunction with the General University of Sakatar. NB: I intend to achieve this by taking control of a Parks League team and seeing if I can produce defeats/draws/red cards etc to order.
  7. Hi Abu - I've been finishing off a film I was working on, so Avrilia fell into abeyance once the regular season finished (that, and my eight-year-old desktop PC is on its last legs). But, I have just finished the qualifiers for the National Trophy (the interprovincial cup which I play out in FIFA 13). They finished as follows: GROUP A 1: EAST (P: 4 W: 2: D: 1 L 1: GF: 5 GA: 4) 7 PTS 2: SOUTH (P: 4 W: 1 D: 2 L: 1 GF: 5 GA: 5) 5 PTS ===================================== 3: SAKATAR (P: 4 W: 1 D: 1 L: 2 GF: 3 GA: 4) 4 PTS This was a huge surprise, as East, with a squad stacked full of Pro League First and third-tier National Play-Off Round players, were expected to struggle. Instead, they beat both the favourites at home and won the group with two games to spare. Sakatar, the capital province with the biggest population and a star-studded squad drawn from all the country's leading squad, utterly flopped. Their players failed to cope with expectations and they didn't even manage a goal until the 84th minute of the 3-1 defeat to South in Terecuda which eliminated them from the competition. Former Freistadt manager Gavin Sherrard, now boss of the provincial side, is expected to be fired and replaced by the legendary Dr. Clarence Spencer, who won National Trophies either side of the great hiatus in interprovincial football (1994-2012). GROUP B 1: NORTH (P: 4 W: 1 D: 2 L: 1 GF: 6 GA: 3) 5 PTS 2: NORTH WEST (P: 4 W: 1 D: 2 L: 1 GF: 4 GA: 4) 5 PTS =========================================== 3: WEST (P: 4 W: 1 D: 2 L: 1 GF: 2 GA: 5) 5 PTS A group entirely decided by goal difference, with the decisive result being North's 4-0 win away to West in the penultimate round, which left West needing to beat North West by three clear goals (they could only manage victory by 1-0, through a late o.g.). North seem to have finally shaken off the problems that have reduced their provincial side to abject underachievement due to regional and club rivalries within the squad (most notably manifested in a 5-1 defeat to a seconds-tring Avrilian Universities XI in a 2013 warm-up game). East and North will now play-off for the right to host the four-team finals (due to be played in January) at the neutral Kohlerstadion in Kohlenburg, South province. Club football will now resume with the so-called "winter championship", as the group stage of the Christmas Cup gets underway.
  8. Unusual incident in Avrilia this week; in the NFA Club Challenge (a cup competition for third-tier clubs), Yluf Argan's Rob McMahon managed to get himself sent off in both legs of the final, surely a unique achievement. He served his automatic ban in a league game that fell between the two legs. Yluf Argan still managed to win 3-1 on aggregate, however.
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Here's one only the 90s kids will get.
  10. Mainstream attention is on the Interprovincial Qualifiers, with East and South making surprisingly strong starts in their respective groups (I play out Interprovincial games in FIFA 13 rather than FM, for a touch of one-off glamour), but back on the club scene, things are pretty tight at the top in Pro League First: Surprise leaders United Deschen have stunned everyone this season. They come from Unzar, a small minority-language (Deschen) town in the west of Sakatar province. The town is laid out as a series of nested squares, and colloquially known as The Barracks. Just making it into the Pro Leagues was a huge achievement for them, and after narrowly avoiding relegation last season, everyone expected them to finally succumb this year. By contrast, Ballinglin City and Mablonda Youth are two traditionally big clubs vying for a return to the top flight with relatively youthful squads. At the other end, Merlan are rooted to the bottom of the table. A well-run and fairly wealthy club from the compact, isolated and relatively prosperous Western town of Merla, they've been expected to break into Pro League Premier for the past decade. With relegation back to the third-tier Qualifying Groups now a distinct possibility, manager Trevor Milford (a former coach of the South interprovincial team) must be nervously feeling his neck.
  11. I just assigned the relevant teams to each provincial cup in the pre-game editor (back in 2010).
  12. Interprovincial football returns this week. Players will put club loyalties aside for the greater good, in the second running of the National Trophy since its revival. This season's competition features a rather needlessly complicated structure, with the six provinces divided into two groups of three, playing four matches apiece over the course of the spring. Group A comprises North West, West and South, Group B contains holders Sakatar, North and East. The top two in each group will qualify for the finals tournament this summer. North West were heavy favourites in last night's opening fixture against West at Galanta Hall, Aroa. West played a canny game, however, holding onto possession, spreading tension and disquiet in the capacity crowd, and then eventually taking the lead in the 89th minute, when Southern Sports Club defender Zack Pollock crashed home a header from Harrison's corner. Seconds later, however, Harrison's Amergina team-mate Trevor Ellis smashed home a remarkable volley from an acute angle to give North West an ill-deserved point in what was a thrillingly tense affair. Attached is the first page of the teamsheet from last night's game.
  13. Stockport for me too, about 02/03, I think. Had Schmeichel in goal, Andrew Mainwaring and Erik Nevland up-front and Ritchie Partridge and Brian Laudrup on either wing. Awesome side. Reached the Champions League qualifiers but lost out to Beitar Jerusalem. Lost heart after that. My best underdog result overall in FM was defeating Australia in Melbourne with the Cook Islands (around CM4). Can still picture that breakaway Niki Te Miha goal. Would have reached the play-offs but for an agonising defeat to New Zealand in a game we dominated. Missed out on the subsequent campaign because of ludicrous weather conditions in a qualifier against New Caledonia, where freak winds caused every ball on the right-hand side of the pitch to blow over the touchline (guessing that was a bug, not a feature).
  14. FM1886 is a bloody brilliant idea and still needs to happen.
  15. feeling guilty

    Yeah, only one real choice here, Starby. Play the game one last time and abide by the result, whatever it is. You know it's the right thing to do.