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  1. Just an update from Avrilia: Sakatar City completed the first ever clean sweep in Avrilian history when beating Gold Swords 4-1 in the Christmas Cup Final on Christmas Eve. Gold Swords took the lead with a free-kick from Chris Patterson, but a fine breakaway goal from Brett Davies levelled things up at half-time. Chris McGillen scored his 52nd goal of the season from the penalty spot, before assisting Lionel O'Connor for the clinching third goal and scoring a 53rd goal of the season late on (this took his tally over the past two seasons to 100 goals). For the record, Sakatar City's clean sweep consisted of: ForceSport Super Cup (pre-season super cup competition against national select XI) Sakatar Municipal Cup (cup competition for senior clubs in the capital city, Sakatar) Sakatar Grand Provincial (provincial cup) National Football Association Cup (main cup competition) Pro League Premier Christmas Cup
  2. I can confirm that none of the above is true, and that Eric Ellis's recent beating by persons unknown is entirely coincidental and being investigated with the utmost seriousness. Sakatar City have wrapped up their fourth consecutive title and have repeated last year's feat of winning the quintuple (ForceSport Super Cup, Sakatar Grand Provincial, Pro League Premier, NFA Cup and Sakatar Municipal Cup). They are now gearing up for an unprecedented clean sweep. With the regular season over for Pro League Premier clubs, City have a chance to charge their batters before taking their tilt at the Christmas Cup. It will be a tall order; although City have utterly dominated Avrilian football over the past nine years, they have only won two Christmas Cups in that period. A curious tradition attaches to the Christmas Cup; as a mark of respect and hospitality, the home team wears a modified kit which incorporates elements of their opponents' colours and design. These are one-off kits which aren't sold commercially, and stem from the days when Christmas Cup hosts used to actually wear their opponents' shirts or socks. See below for Sakatar City's modified kits for the group stage of the Christmas Cup, compared to their regular kits for the 2018 season.
  3. Hi @Minuy600, here are the current tables from Pro League Premier and Pro League First. Unfortunately, the third tier is separated into sixteen Qualifying Groups, so it's not really practical to upload them all here! Sakatar City, who are romping to their eighth title in nine years, just endured an incredible run of five games in five days. Four of these were Municipal Cup group-phase matches against lower-league opposition, which City navigated safely, setting a new Avrilian record of consecutive unbeaten games by defeating Omegans 1-0 at Bow End (by which time only a ragtag of youth team players were left standing). The last game in the punishing five-team run came against Northern giants Pearsons in an NFA Cup quarter-final. City left 2-0 inside five minutes, before Pearsons hit back to level things at 2-2 before the break. There were no further goals in normal time, but teenage striker Adam Walker was unleashed from the bench to score a magnificent hat-trick, a remarkable game finishing 6-3 to Sakatar City. Sakatar City should beat Lakeley Newtown in the semi and face Picavella Strollers, who overcame F.C. Freistadt 1-0, in the final. City trounced Picavella 7-0 in last year's final, and the third-tier Southerners have shown remarkable resilience to reach the final again in 2018. Just a reminder that I've been playing through this save in real-time since 2010, and am posting from my fourth different residence since the save began!
  4. Hi, @Smkx_Muldoon. I open up FM 10 every day and advance it to the end of the current day, taking note of all the games and results, and major news stories. Depending on how many games are played, it takes me from 30 minutes to an hour per day (unless my own team have a game, in which case I play it through on full). Sometimes the game skips ahead more than one day if there are no matches to be played, and sometimes I'll miss a couple of days and catch up if I'm particularly busy with work or away from home etc.
  5. Never seen this before. I watched the highlights, and all four penalties were struck low to the keeper's right. Nice quadruple bluff there, Alex...
  6. A unique event in Avrilia this past week. In the first round of the NFA Cup, Pro League First side Sandcombe recorded a 4-0 win over Eastern village team Londale F.C. Nothing so extraordinary about that - except that all four goals came from penalties scored by midfielder Alex Walshe. I had a look at the highlights, and all four penalties went low to the keeper's right. In other news, third-tier Insford Rail continue to attract crowds of 53,000+ to their brand-new stadium. The stadium, part of the municipal authority's CITY II initiative, is the most impressive in Avrilia. However, the mammoth attendance figures are slightly misleading. The stadium also hosts the most luxurious, state-of-the-art entertainment complex in the country. The Museum of Football is a particular attraction, along with a major art gallery, five-star hotel and spa, a huge number of performance spaces - currently hosting residencies by some of Avrilia's top stars - and a rideable, outdoor model railway which circles the stadium and features mock-ups of every city (and station) in Avrilia. There's also the opportunity to play five-a-side against a rolling selection of Avrilian football legends. These heavily-discounted attractions are only available on match-days, partly explaining the mammoth attendance figures, which include tourists flocking from throughout the country. Again, the above is my attempt to rationalise quite why tiny Insford Rail are pulling in such enormous crowds.
  7. Thanks for reading, deecee110! The new season is underway in Avrilia, with three trophies already awarded. The New Year Cup (for the four senior clubs in the Northern city of Collington) witnessed a shock, as Eppeshall beat giants Pearsons on penalties in the final after a 1-1 draw. In the city of Insford (Sakatar province), Bluestripes continued their customany dominance by defeating Insford Town 2-1 in the final of the Challenger Goblet. This tournament also witnessed a somewhat baffling milestone in the history of Avrilian football, as 54,568 people - a national record - turned out to see Insford Rail beat Capelprice in the quarter-final. This was Insford Rail's first game in their new 56,000-seater stadium. Quite why so many people trooped in to witness one third-tier team beat another 1-0 (with a penalty) in the last eight of a municipal cup competition is beyond me - see the post below for the full, bizarre backstory. Sakatar City defeated the Avrilian national selection 5-2 on aggregate to win the season-opening ForceSport Super Cup. All six provincial championships are now underway, along with Pro League First. The Eastern Premier Trophy was the last provincial championship to kick off (it started this Sunday), but has already produced a doozy of a feat, as Mablonda's Keith Engel had an eventful morning against Port Sunday, scoring an unusual "hat-trick" which consisted of his own side's opening goal and two own-goals in a 2-2 draw.
  8. The Avrilian season has now ended. Just to round up the results for those interested: Sak = Sakatar province, Nor = North province, NW = North West province, Sou = South province, Wes - West province, Eas - East province. LEAGUE COMPETITIONS Pro League Premier Champions - Sakatar City (Sak). Relegated - Enverdale United (Sak), East Allen Sports (Nor) Pro League First Champions - Malternan (Eas). Promoted - Yluf Argan (Eas). Relegated - Clifton Town (Nor), Port Sunday (Eas), Otteldam (Sak), Southstown Blues (Sak). Ballinglin City (Wes) beat F.C. Freistadt (Sak) in the Pro League Premier/Pro League First promotion-relegation play-off. Qualifying Groups Promoted - Union (Sak), Dovestream (Sak), Strayton (Sak), Springhill (Sak) NATIONAL CUP COMPETITIONS N. F. A. Cup Final Picavella Strollers (Sou) 0-7 Sakatar City (Sak) - National Football Stadium, Sakatar, attendance 35,000. Christmas Cup Final Yluf Argan (Eas) 0-1 Pearsons (Nor) - National Football Stadium, Sakatar, attendance 35,000. PROVINCIAL CUP COMPETITIONS Sakatar Grand Provincial final Julianastrasse 1-5 Sakatar City - Julianastrasse Stadium, Sakatar, attendance 1,782 (sell-out). Northern Championship Trophy final Ferres Town 1-2 National Sports Academy - Civic Ironworks, Ferres, attendance 12,000 (sell-out). Western Provincial Football Combination Cup final Fontana 98 0-1 Ballynoun Comrades - Brigade Park, Fontana, attendance 3,700 (sell-out). Southern Football Authority Elimination Cup final Picavella Strollers 1-0 Holmgrove - Valepark Arena, Picavella, attendance 4,000 (sell-out) North West Province Gold Cup final Gold Swords 2-1 Province F.C. - Galanta Hall, Aroa, attendance 26,000 (sell-out) Eastern Premier Trophy Malternan beat Yluf Argan 2-1 on an aggregate. REGIONAL CUP COMPETITIONS Eastern Football Association Southern Plate final (East province) Yluf Argan beat Fishermen 5-4 on aggregate. Eastern Football Association Northern Plate final (East province) Northlands beat Malternan 3-2 on aggregate. Four Villages Cup Final (North province) Trotleigh 3-0 Skarmwell - Trotleigh Paddock, Trotleigh, attendance 1,200 (sell-out) THIRD-TIER CUP COMPETITION NFA Club Challenge Doncada (Sak) beat Lakeley (Sak) 5-1 on aggregate. CITY CUP COMPETITIONS Municipal Cup final (Sakatar city) Chevaliers d'Avril 0-1 Sakatar City - Victoria Castle, Sakatar, attendance 5,400 (sell-out) New Year Cup final (Collington) Collington Carpentry Works 0-3 Pearsons - The Workshop Fields, Collington, attendance 3,000 (sell-out). The Challenger Goblet final (Insford) Centralians 1-3 Bluestripes - Amenity Ground, Insford, attendance 3,000 (sell-out). OTHER COMPETITIONS Forcesport Super Cup Sakatar City (Sak) beat Avrilia 5-0 on aggregate Midnight Football Festival final Codicilians (Sak) 0-0 Julianastrasse (Sak) - Codicilians 5-4 on penalties - Advent Corner, Sakatar, attendance 500 (sell-out) Services Trophy final Army Sports Club (Sak) 4-0 Naval Veterans & Recruits of Sakatar (Sak) - National Football Stadium, Sakatar, attendance 9,934 Parks Shield (Sakatar city) Cathcoate beat Prince's 4-2 on aggregate.
  9. I'm still playing FM 10 and I can confirm that the player who wins the penalty is credited with the assist, unless, I think, he then scores the penalty himself.
  10. I have, probably a couple of years ago at this stage (it will be further up in the thread, though the link will have expired). Also included a players' guide. There'd probably be limited interest in it now, given that it's an FM10 save.
  11. Great to hear that, @Geordieboy52! Particularly in comparison to such a brilliant thread. There's some suggestion this year that the Fehador Medal for twenty senior goals in a season is losing its lustre, given the number of players who have reached that milestone. There was a time when thirty goals in a season was something only achieved by the greats - this year, Sakatar City's Chris McGillen almost made it to 60 (albeit that he's an outlier and the greatest goalscorer in Avrilia history). As you can see, the silversmiths and engravers of Avrilia have had a bumper year. Of those knocking on the door, Ben Lee, Daniel Hamilton and Steve O'Flanagan are still involved in the Christmas Cup and could yet reach 20.
  12. Sadly, there will be no historic sextuple for Sakatar City this season, after Michael Hatzke's 71st-minute goal condemned them to a defeat at home to Pearsons in the round of 16, in a contentious game which saw Lionel O'Connor's first-half goal chalked off for no good reason. Westcourt, Ballinglin City, Port Sunday, Northwest Junior, Chevaliers, Yluf Argan and Amergina (who won 5-3 away to S.S.C., having been 1-3 down) are the other teams through to the quarter-finals.
  13. CHRISTMAS CUP UPDATE The group stage of the Christmas Cup has come to a close. Sakatar City's quest for an unprecedented sextuple will have to pass through Northern giants Pearsons, against whom they were drawn in the round of 16. Although Pearsons finished 30 points behind Sakatar City in the league and qualified 2nd in Group F behind Pro League First side Westcourt, it's as tough a task as the champions could have asked for, albeit somewhat cushioned by the home draw. Elsewhere, crisis-ridden Gold Swords were the only one of the big four to crash out at the group stage. Gold Swords finished bottom of Group H, failing to qualify from the group stages for only the second time. Gold Swords were eliminated after a pulsating 2-2 draw with Pro League First Mablonda, suffering the further indignity of conceding from opposition goalkeeper Andrew Mahoney's long kick. The other first-round games are Westcourt vs. Sandcombe, Ballinglin City vs. Kohlenburg, Chevaliers vs. Ferres, Port Sunday vs. Mablonda, Yluf Argan vs. United Deschen, Northwest Junior vs. Bluestripes and S.S.C. vs. Amergina. SPORT IN AVRILIA Football is by far the most popular sport in Avrilia. More bandwidth is devoted to it, across all media and platforms, than almost anything else in Avrilian society. But other sports are played extensively. In order of popularity, they are: CRICKET: Unlike football, interprovincial competition is the bread-and-butter of the summer game. South has historically been the dominant province. Cricket has been contested at interprovincial level since 1966, when West took on South in a famous five-match series. The series was dominated by West's legendary batsman Hilary Thornton, whom many consider Avrilia's greatest-ever sportsman. Today, cricket is dominated by South, Sakatar and North. RUGBY: Participation in rugby is largely confined to the country's upper echelons, but it remains a popular spectator support at interprovincial level. Rugby has traditionally been strongest in the rural parts of West province, where it's played by all sections of the community. However, in recent years North and Sakatar have dominated the interprovincial scene. SNOOKER: Snooker enjoyed huge popularity in the 80s and 90s and still features regularly on sports channels. The sport has always been most popular in the cities of Insford, Sakatar and Collington. Insford is the game's spiritual home and its City League attracts most of the best players on the circuit. The three major annual competitions are The Independence (played in Sakatar in April), the Northern Open (Collington, September) and national championship the All-National, contested in Insford in December. The All-National rotates between Insford's three iconic venues of the Deck Club, Murrigan's and Leawood's. The North of the Line vs. South of the Line team event is also played in December and an immensely popular event on the Forcesport cable channel. BOXING: Enjoyed its greatest popularity in the late 80s and mid-90s. Still three or four major TV events per year. Falling participation rates due to government concerns over its safety - a ban on public funding and televised coverage of boxing was briefly in place from 2012-2013. BASKETBALL: Primarily a school and amateur sport, although the desire for content to fill broadcast slots has brought it to the nation's screens. The Pan-Provincial Basketball League was launched in 2014, and sees 8 teams from across the country compete for the national title (while still participating in their city's "gym leagues"). Saints' Cross of Collington defeated Black Knights of Sakatar (linked to the Chevaliers d'Avril football club) in last year's final. GOLF: Golf was a hugely popular televised sport for a time in the mid-90s and enjoyed a brief resurgence around 2010. However, the lucrative televised tournament circuit is long gone and public courses are abandoned and weed-strewn. The tour now consists only of four national tournaments, and the once-popular North of the Line vs. South of the Line series is no longer contested. TENNIS: Tennis is an almost entirely amateur and social sport in Avrilia. Most popular in the wealthy Southern city of Marwell, although the public courts of Collington and Sakatar also see some use. Martin Young of Marwell has dominated the sport over the past 15 years, winning 11 National Opens. ATHLETICS: Athletics is very seldom seen on television and exists mainly as a participation sport. However, the Sprint Series (an event of 500m eliminator races) has some profile, as does the annual Sand Race which takes place in the southern Sakatar province town of Shaw's Sands, and sees competitors race the length of the beach across a series of dunes and obstacles. CORNERBALL: An indigenous sport which most resembles a cross between handball and netball, cornerball is a niche interest with decent participation rates. The SouthEastern league is the highest standard, and has been dominated by rival Sakatar clubs City and Municipal since its inception (the two teams both once belonged to the single inner-city club where the game was invented). CHESS: Popular in the 90s and still a staple of early-hours sports TV. Strongest in Collington and the north-Eastern city of Mellick. CARD GAMES: Televised card games saw a huge spike in interest with the introduction of Forcesport's Card Night in 2008, a TV series which brought together some of Avrilia's finest players and proved an unexpected hit. Although interest has dropped off somewhat, the format remains popular. However, the show's popularity rests as much on the players' personalities and banter as the game itself. Fontana, a small town in West province with a seedy casino culture, is the epicentre of the scene. DARTS: Largely a social game, came briefly to national prominence in the first decade of the 2000s, but has since faded again. Social sports are played informally throughout the country. "Hall games" - the type of games suitable for community centres and social clubs - remain popular. These included "cueing" (a billiards-like cue-and-ball game in which players have to rebound balls off a back cushion onto marked circles of a small table) and "rubbers" (two players on either end of a narrow hallway pitch a small, irregularly shaped rubber object at one another, the aim being to bounce it off the floor and hit the opponent or the back wall). Racing sports (whether horse, bicycle, motorbike or automobile) are almost unknown.
  14. Thanks for the continued interest, guys! It's really encouraging. The last goal of the Avrilian league season was scored by 35-year-old veteran Gary Lewis for Strayton vs. Marwell Rec. in the National Play-Off round. The four teams promoted to the Pro Leagues were Strayton, Dovestream, Union and Springhill, all from Sakatar province. I remember creating Lewis as the top striker in Avrilia at the height of his powers with Bluestripes in 2010. Things didn't quite work out that way, but he's still plugging away at third-tier level and it was nice to see him have one last hurrah. We're now in the lull between the end of the promotion play-offs and the start of the Christmas Cup. Most of the action is in the East, where the regional plates for the northern and southern halves of the province have reached the semi-final stages. The Mellick Honour League is also the only one of Avrilia's major Park Leagues which plays into the winter. The Parks Leagues are the top level of amateur football, and all fixtures are played at the city's major parks (Parks Leagues are not part of the league pyramid). This season, there's been a renewed interest in the Parks Leagues due to TTV's weekly magazine programme The Love of the Game, which has married highlights with colourful human-interest stories from around the amateur leagues. It's been a godsend for people disillusioned with the increasingly earnest nature of professional football. The Love of the Game achieved huge ratings for its final episode, which featured the climax of the Aroa Parks League season, when leaders Hillround took on second-place North West Telephone with the title at stake. North West Telephone took the honours with two late goals in a 3-1win. Aside from being the only Parks League played over the winter, the Mellick Honour League is unusual in awarding 5 points for a win and 1 for a draw. This is because the north part of East province is based on my brother's influence over my life. When we were teenagers, we used to play the mediocre PC game Striker, and my brother would score our games by ranking goals on aesthetic quality (e.g., a good goal could count as three or four). The only way to replicate this in FM is to award more points for a win.
  15. Two significant recent events in Avrilia: Chris McGillen became the first man in the history of Avrilian football to win a Cugador Medal for scoring 50 goals in a season. McGillen achieved the feat in Sakatar City's league season-ending 6-1 win at Ballynoun. The game took place just four days before the cup final against Picavella Strollers. With McGillen one booking away from suspension, he wasn't risked in the starting XI, but was given a place on the bench at his own request. With City leading 3-0, McGillen was sprung from the bench. A composed one-on-one finish brought him to 49 goals, breaking his own record. Then, in the third minute of stoppage time, McGillen strained to meet Luke Williams's cross and head home his 50th goal of the season, an astonishing feat. More history was broken four days later, as Sakatar City wrapped up the fifth leg of a possible sextuple. Third-tier Picavella were no match for the champions, who led 6-0 at half-time, with Kevin Roberts (tipped as McGillen's successor) scoring a hat-trick which secured his own Fehador Medal (for 20 goals in a season). The final score of Picavella 0-7 Sakatar City was a record margin of victory in an NFA Cup Final. Sakatar City will now enjoy a five-week break before beginning their assault on the Christmas Cup, and the sixth leg of their quest for a clean sweep. Ballinglin City will face F.C. Freistadt in the Pro League Premier relegation/promotion play-off, while the final round of regular-season third-tier games will take place on Saturday, followed by three rounds of knockout play-offs. The Eastern Football Association Northern Plate and Eastern Football Association Southern Plate continue throughout the break, with Malternan looking to celebrate their promotion to Pro League Premier with a seventh consecutive EFA Northern Plate title.
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