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  1. I've ended up at West Beach, a team based in the fourth tier of the league setup, the Non-League Premier. They've had a catastrophic start to the season and find themselves bottom of the table, deep in the relegation mire at the halfway stage. Nine points off safety, with a game in hand on the teams out of it but having played more than all the other nearby teams. Initially predicted 8th in the league though, a couple of good players so hopefully this is doable! We're out of the FA Cup already, but the Non-League cup hasn't started yet so still a chance in that. I'll upload a bit mor
  2. Welcome to my Fictional Caribbean Island adventure. Allow me to introduce my fictional nation of St. Cecilia based in the Caribbean Sea. I've done this as a bit of an escape, also to get me through the current lockdown situation- what better than jetting off to a Caribbean island, all set up in my head, featuring my own database and footballing world. Let me give you a little more information. I've devised this territory to have 100 clubs; split into the following leagues: All-Star Premier: 14 clubs First Division: 14 clubs Second Division: 16 clubs Non-League
  3. LewisQ I've just read all the way through- this is fantastic! Not only am I impressed the the fictional nation, clubs, maps etc but also your backstory in terms of politics, language, ethnicity etc. which makes it that much more relatable and easier to imagine. I think you've done an incredible job and I feel very inspired! I do like to create fantasy databases, but these have all been much more timid, such as merging the Malta/Gozo leagues or a database where East Anglia gained independence from England to start a new nation. I also made a Game of Thrones db but that didn't work too well
  4. Can't post a screenshot yet as I'm trying to work and not open FM (!), but one of the leading wonderkids on my game is from Liechtenstein. Maybe it's because I am working in the Swiss leagues that this has happened, but this kid started at lower league Eschen/Mauren (not even Vaduz) and now plays up front for Dortmund. He's about 23 but I think has over 50 caps+30 goals already. I think Liechtenstein are doing quite well now because of him, up to about 120 in the world (in real life they are 186th right now). If I remember I'll upload a screenshot later! And as an aside, in an old game a
  5. It seems I have a highly schizophrenic fanbase...
  6. 2033 on FM11, although I did start that save game 3 years ago and still going. How on earth have some of you reached some of these years!
  7. He's only been here for 6 days and already wants out!
  8. I know I've posted it elsewhere, but it's so unbelievable I think it definitely warrants a place here. Keeper sent up with 10 minutes to go whilst 2-0 down. The cross comes straight for him. He tries to score a Maradona-esque "Hand of God". It doesn't go as well as he might have hoped.
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