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  1. A month into the new season, three trophies have already been handed out: PEARSONS won Collington city's New Year Cup again, beating United Athletes 6-2 in the semi-final before overcoming Eppeshall 4-0 in the final. In Insford city, BLUESTRIPES won a sixth consecutive Challenger Goblet, defeating hosts Insford Rail 2-0 in front of 53,000 fans at the Insford Rail stadium. Meanwhile, the Forcesport Super Cup, the traditional curtain-raiser between the champions and an Avrilian XI, once again went the way of SAKATAR CITY, who triumphed 7-3 on aggregate. Forcesport, the cable
  2. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to do this, it's amazing! Gives me a new perspective on this monster I've lived with for a decade! Also amazed that my team (Sakatar City) has scored 724 league goals, and slightly embarrassed that we've only conceded five goals fewer than Gold Swords. Never a dull moment. 208 of City's 724 goals were scored by Chris McGillen (in 247 league appearances). He's scored 341 in 402 overall. And poor Kohlenburg! One season in Pro League Premier is a poor record for their overall performance in Pro League First. Lots to chew over here, thanks again!
  3. The last day of the season saw Gold Swords defeat their deadly historic rivals Bluestripes in the final of the Christmas Cup. In a tetchy, bad-tempered game, Bluestripes hit the front early when a brilliant pass from Anthony Schwartz put in winger Alan Weiss on the right . Weiss's superb finish to the top corner was cancelled out just moments later, when Gold Swords striker Sam Allen slipped between the centre-halves to finish to the near post. Bluestripes had way more of the play in the second half, but Gold Swords had the better chances. Gold Swords had playmaker Chris Bush sent off for
  4. In further news, a controversial new proposal by Minister for Sport & Recreation Edward Casey (Social Radicalist Party, Liberty Faction) is set to be debated over the close-season. The Minister proposes a completely new and unique format for Avrilian football, to take the emphasis off the Pro Leagues, which utterly dominate the footballing landscape. Under the Minister's proposals: All 144 senior teams (32 x Pro League, 112 x NPO) would be required to field women's teams, youth teams and community teams (amateur) in parallel leagues The overall National Football Championship wo
  5. Just to flesh things out, as the tenth year of the Avrilia save comes to a close: For the first time ever, the Christmas Cup final will be between deadly rivals Bluestripes and Gold Swords. Sakatar City thumped Mablonda 8-1 away (a record) in the last sixteen, but then shockingly lost 2-1 away to Pro League First side Province F.C. in Tarviho (North West province). In the semis, Bluestripes narrowly saw off Pro League First outfit, Whitealley Heaton, a small club from inner Sakatar city who have enjoyed great success over the past 5-10 years. Veteran playmaker Simon Forde made the
  6. That'd be great! Posted them below the spoiler tag. Note that it shows the seasons as e.g. 2009/2010 rather than just 2010 for some reason, even though the Avrilian season runs February-December.
  7. An update from Avrilia, as my save approaches the end of its tenth year. I'm still playing through in real time. 2019 HEADLINES Sakatar City's total domination continues, as they pick up their 9th title in 10 years. However, they (we) won't repeat their 2018 clean sweep of available trophies, having lost 0-1 to city rivals F.C. Freistadt in the Municipal Cup final. They did, however, win the Forcesport Super Cup, NFA Cup and Grand Provincial Cup in addition to the league. They're now in the last sixteen of Christmas Cup. Sakatar City striker Chris McGillen, the greatest goalsc
  8. Just an update from Avrilia: Sakatar City completed the first ever clean sweep in Avrilian history when beating Gold Swords 4-1 in the Christmas Cup Final on Christmas Eve. Gold Swords took the lead with a free-kick from Chris Patterson, but a fine breakaway goal from Brett Davies levelled things up at half-time. Chris McGillen scored his 52nd goal of the season from the penalty spot, before assisting Lionel O'Connor for the clinching third goal and scoring a 53rd goal of the season late on (this took his tally over the past two seasons to 100 goals). For the record, Sakatar City's clean
  9. I can confirm that none of the above is true, and that Eric Ellis's recent beating by persons unknown is entirely coincidental and being investigated with the utmost seriousness. Sakatar City have wrapped up their fourth consecutive title and have repeated last year's feat of winning the quintuple (ForceSport Super Cup, Sakatar Grand Provincial, Pro League Premier, NFA Cup and Sakatar Municipal Cup). They are now gearing up for an unprecedented clean sweep. With the regular season over for Pro League Premier clubs, City have a chance to charge their batters before taking their tilt a
  10. Hi @Minuy600, here are the current tables from Pro League Premier and Pro League First. Unfortunately, the third tier is separated into sixteen Qualifying Groups, so it's not really practical to upload them all here! Sakatar City, who are romping to their eighth title in nine years, just endured an incredible run of five games in five days. Four of these were Municipal Cup group-phase matches against lower-league opposition, which City navigated safely, setting a new Avrilian record of consecutive unbeaten games by defeating Omegans 1-0 at Bow End (by which time only a ragtag
  11. Hi, @Smkx_Muldoon. I open up FM 10 every day and advance it to the end of the current day, taking note of all the games and results, and major news stories. Depending on how many games are played, it takes me from 30 minutes to an hour per day (unless my own team have a game, in which case I play it through on full). Sometimes the game skips ahead more than one day if there are no matches to be played, and sometimes I'll miss a couple of days and catch up if I'm particularly busy with work or away from home etc.
  12. Never seen this before. I watched the highlights, and all four penalties were struck low to the keeper's right. Nice quadruple bluff there, Alex...
  13. A unique event in Avrilia this past week. In the first round of the NFA Cup, Pro League First side Sandcombe recorded a 4-0 win over Eastern village team Londale F.C. Nothing so extraordinary about that - except that all four goals came from penalties scored by midfielder Alex Walshe. I had a look at the highlights, and all four penalties went low to the keeper's right. In other news, third-tier Insford Rail continue to attract crowds of 53,000+ to their brand-new stadium. The stadium, part of the municipal authority's CITY II initiative, is the most impressive in Avrilia. However, the m
  14. Thanks for reading, deecee110! The new season is underway in Avrilia, with three trophies already awarded. The New Year Cup (for the four senior clubs in the Northern city of Collington) witnessed a shock, as Eppeshall beat giants Pearsons on penalties in the final after a 1-1 draw. In the city of Insford (Sakatar province), Bluestripes continued their customany dominance by defeating Insford Town 2-1 in the final of the Challenger Goblet. This tournament also witnessed a somewhat baffling milestone in the history of Avrilian football, as 54,568 people - a national record - turned ou
  15. The Avrilian season has now ended. Just to round up the results for those interested: Sak = Sakatar province, Nor = North province, NW = North West province, Sou = South province, Wes - West province, Eas - East province. LEAGUE COMPETITIONS Pro League Premier Champions - Sakatar City (Sak). Relegated - Enverdale United (Sak), East Allen Sports (Nor) Pro League First Champions - Malternan (Eas). Promoted - Yluf Argan (Eas). Relegated - Clifton Town (Nor), Port Sunday (Eas), Otteldam (Sak), Southstown Blues (Sak). Ballinglin City (Wes) beat F.C. Freistadt (Sa
  16. I have, probably a couple of years ago at this stage (it will be further up in the thread, though the link will have expired). Also included a players' guide. There'd probably be limited interest in it now, given that it's an FM10 save.
  17. Great to hear that, @Geordieboy52! Particularly in comparison to such a brilliant thread. There's some suggestion this year that the Fehador Medal for twenty senior goals in a season is losing its lustre, given the number of players who have reached that milestone. There was a time when thirty goals in a season was something only achieved by the greats - this year, Sakatar City's Chris McGillen almost made it to 60 (albeit that he's an outlier and the greatest goalscorer in Avrilia history). As you can see, the silversmiths and engravers of Avrilia have had a bumper year. Of those k
  18. Sadly, there will be no historic sextuple for Sakatar City this season, after Michael Hatzke's 71st-minute goal condemned them to a defeat at home to Pearsons in the round of 16, in a contentious game which saw Lionel O'Connor's first-half goal chalked off for no good reason. Westcourt, Ballinglin City, Port Sunday, Northwest Junior, Chevaliers, Yluf Argan and Amergina (who won 5-3 away to S.S.C., having been 1-3 down) are the other teams through to the quarter-finals.
  19. CHRISTMAS CUP UPDATE The group stage of the Christmas Cup has come to a close. Sakatar City's quest for an unprecedented sextuple will have to pass through Northern giants Pearsons, against whom they were drawn in the round of 16. Although Pearsons finished 30 points behind Sakatar City in the league and qualified 2nd in Group F behind Pro League First side Westcourt, it's as tough a task as the champions could have asked for, albeit somewhat cushioned by the home draw. Elsewhere, crisis-ridden Gold Swords were the only one of the big four to crash out at the group stage. Gold Swords
  20. Thanks for the continued interest, guys! It's really encouraging. The last goal of the Avrilian league season was scored by 35-year-old veteran Gary Lewis for Strayton vs. Marwell Rec. in the National Play-Off round. The four teams promoted to the Pro Leagues were Strayton, Dovestream, Union and Springhill, all from Sakatar province. I remember creating Lewis as the top striker in Avrilia at the height of his powers with Bluestripes in 2010. Things didn't quite work out that way, but he's still plugging away at third-tier level and it was nice to see him have one last hurrah. We're n
  21. Two significant recent events in Avrilia: Chris McGillen became the first man in the history of Avrilian football to win a Cugador Medal for scoring 50 goals in a season. McGillen achieved the feat in Sakatar City's league season-ending 6-1 win at Ballynoun. The game took place just four days before the cup final against Picavella Strollers. With McGillen one booking away from suspension, he wasn't risked in the starting XI, but was given a place on the bench at his own request. With City leading 3-0, McGillen was sprung from the bench. A composed one-on-one finish brought him to 49
  22. A quick update on Avrilia: Sakatar City are on course for an unprecedented sextuple, with Pro League Premier, Sakatar Grand Provincial, Municipal Cup and ForceSport Super Cup trophies already glinting coquettishly in the trophy cabinet. They face NPO (third-tier) side Picavella Strollers in the NFA Cup Final at the end of September, with the Christmas Cup kicking off just after Halloween. City have a fairly easy Christmas Cup group. They'll face cash-rich, fan-poor Port Sunday, fallen Northern yo-yo club Clifton Town (both just relegated from Pro League First) and Terecuda City, who, as predic
  23. Hi @MBarbaric! Terecuda are doing okay. They have the most passionate fans in the South by far, and some of the best displays in the country. Their average attendance is about 6,500, which is high for South province and for a small city. Terecuda City won Pro League First in 2015 and returned to the Premier after four years in the lower division. They stayed up fairly comfortably last year. At the half-way mark of the season, They're 15th (second-last and in the relegation zone), with just two league wins all season. But they have a strong defence and I think they'll be okay. They haven't done
  24. Let's agree that we're both a little weird! If it wasn't for my aversion to fantasy-based milieux, I would have been right there with you. My first attempts at playing out the adventures of Avrilian football happened with similarly epic levels of editing of the Striker PC game c. 1995. I also learned how to programme in QBasic in order to simulate the Avrilian cricket league when I was about 15. Thanks for taking an interest, Marc! I didn't, but I just checked it out now. High praise from the high priest of FM-based obsessiveness. In answer to the other question above, we (Sakatar
  25. So the season is finally drawing to a close with the Christmas Cup final on the 24th; worryingly for some, it will be the two super-clubs of the modern era who face one another at the National Football Stadium in Sakatar. Sakatar City - champions six times in the last seven seasons - will take on North Western giants Gold Sword. City cruised to the title and won the NFA Cup this year (along with the Sakatar Municipal Cup), while Gold Swords trailed in a poor second, but have been in better form than their opponents during the Christmas Cup. Tomorrow sees the annual 18th of December showpi
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