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  1. Are these teams already exist in db or you have created them? Is something wrong in their creation?
  2. Thanks for all the hard work Dan. In Hellenic League Premier Division , you must replace Oxford City Nomads with Virginia Water.
  3. Hi Dan , First of all congrats for your file and my respects for the effort you are putting. I have checked the file that you have released , and i noticed that the start date of the first season is set at 2nd of July. Is is possible to change it to 25/6? ( it is the option that the game has). Thanks
  4. what about inbox? Some of us do not use the social media feed.
  5. Make also sure , that when you sign a player on contract do not offer him a signing fee or additional bonus for caps/goal etc. You can save a load from this. But as it has mentioned before , the board quite sure will handle the debt , by either providing cash injection or taking loan. You should only make sure to be under the wage budget that they have made available to you.
  6. This is reply from Duncan Greenwood from the thread mentioned above: "Sorry to see you've been getting crash dumps but thanks for uploading it. I've taken a look and it's something we are aware of and looking to address in the future. Unfortunately that save is pretty much useless until we update the game with a fix for this issue but you should be able to play other save games without running into the same problem. " This is not speculation.
  7. There is an issue with the game for sure There are many threads in bugs forum with users facing unrecoverable crashes.SI has accepted that there is an issue and they are investigating ( see this http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/456638-Crashing-at-same-point ) However , the usage of EEE file somehow , seems that increases the possibility for this.
  8. You should take in account the squad depth , you will have 50+ games per season , so you can not count only in 14-5 players. You must also pay attention to the training schedules , the players are part-time so do not overload the intensity of the training , especially during the season with players palying 3 games per week continiously. Since you will always be with no or limited money , maybe it is a good idea to hire player-coaches. This will give you some extra squad depth. Do not concentrate on youth player development , you would not have the appropriate coaches/fascilities/network for that. Scout/ trial as many free player you can. Players at 18-19 who had just left professional clubs would be very good additions for your clubs. Success in FA cup and FA trophy is crucial , you are getting bonus for each win. If you will manage a good run in cups your income will get increased and maybe you will have the request for increasing the wage budget accepted. Try your players to be able to play in more than one position ,this will help squad depth . Try to renegotiate contracts with existing players by removing appearance/goal bonuses etc . Remember that all these bonuses are taking place in your wage budget , so if you do it succesfully you may find some extra cash available.
  9. If both files are dealing with the same competitions then it will be very possible that you will face that.
  10. i have noticed that for some clubs you are only allowed to offer non-contract deals to players but for some others you can also offer part-time. Is it something that you have define per level/competition ? I had also faced some serious crahsed , not able to continue the game after this. @magicmastermind , do you need names of competitions or clubs to check?
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