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  1. you just need to open the file in the editor and Test/Validate the rules. works OK after it.
  2. Hi Messi , excellent work as always!! Is there a possibility that you will add awards in the file?
  3. Hello Dan , Excellent work as always. I am trying your file now and I notice that clubs below Level7 can not loan any player ( the option is greyed out). Have you check this? Is anyone else has the same problem?
  4. LOL , it was meant to be stuff , as i say very often to my friends " my English are not well , but they get weller in the future "
  5. Thank you for your effort and time that you are putting to create quality updates like this!!!
  6. Hello Sh@rk , Nice work , thank you ! I just noticed this in your skin. somehow , the Physical Condition Related images , have been replaced by old nice fashioned numbers . Is there a way that you can create some kind of a view that will contain this info? Thanks
  7. So many of us creating updates , in order to have more accurate roasters for the teams , especially for Lower League Levels. We are not cheating as you may think.
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